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Title: The Crown and the Rose
Description: An AU Tudor rp Site

Henry Tudor - December 31, 2011 04:09 AM (GMT)
[center]The Crown and the Rose[/center]

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It is the year 1514 in England and a lot has changed in the past ten years. The young heir to the throne and Prince of Wales, Arthur Tudor, had passed away as a toddler from illness. Soon after, the current King of England, Henry VII had also died of old age. Now, the newly crowned King is the younger brother, Henry Tudor VIII. Henry is only 22 years old and he is desperate to secure his place as a King and ruler. He is searching for a wife but who will it be? Will it be one of many Princesses from Europe who are all hoping to be chosen as the next Queen of England. Or will it be someone from home? Who will be the next Rose of England? Join us as we re-write history itself. Start your own dynasty in Europe or join Henry's new and flamboyant court to fight for power and prestige. In a time like this, anything is possible. But in the end, where will you be?

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The Crown and the Rose

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