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Title: enigma [ft]
Description: a supernatural rp

rose - April 28, 2011 08:53 PM (GMT)
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For many years, humans have lived along side those that are 'gifted', and those that are from the supernatural , basically different, from them without any issue. Things have been running smoothly, until a recent event, caused the tables to turn and turn those that are different, to rethink their position.

An orphanage with children was burned to the ground. All residents inside never made it out. The humans blamed the pyrokinetics for setting fire in the first place, but they denied causing the fire. The truth is a rogue started it. This particular rogue hated humans all along and thought they should never be allowed to co exist side by side. Now he had started a rebellion against the normies, or normal humans, and even called in the supernatural community. In retaliation, the humans sent all those that were unique to an asylum hidden deep in the mountains of California. Little do the humans know, that Nick has waged a war and vows to make them pay for what they have done and included the supernatural race.

Will you become one of the Condemned? Or will you fight?
  • Supernaturals welcomed!
  • short application
  • Friendly atmosphere
  • Intermediate/Advanced site
  • Low word count site
  • Staff Positions opened!


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