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 Proving Grounds, Practice Battles
Posted: Feb 20 2008, 02:19 AM


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** So this isn't a battle turned into story. I don't like doing those since they may not be representative of what would occur fluff-wise. This is something I made up as I started posting**

The blasted Greenskins trampled through the bush, raising hell as they went. Occasionally, one would fire a shot into the air in excitement while others swung their choppas to and fro, hacking and slashing. Mostly it was the jungle's foliage that suffered from these wild blows but once in a while, the smaller Greenskins, the Grots, would fall victim to these errant blows. If indeed one of the Grots was felled, its soul or whatever it had that counted for, if it had one, had best hope for a quick death because if it fell wounded, the larger Boyz wouldn't pay it the slightest attention. They would simply have stomped and cheered right on top of it as the small Warband continued on its way south to link up with the larger Waaagh!! now assembling.

'They're past the first marker. All units, hold fire. Azra, I want those Heavy Bolters sighted again! Then, check your flank's position. Otto, you do the same!' Captain Konrad, of the 59th Havakim, muttered softly into his helmet's vox unit. The entire company was spread out in a large "U" shape to receive and enfilade the approaching warband. Thus far, the Greenskins had only marched in a straight line, right for the Waaagh!! and Konrad had monitored them for six days before deciding that they weren't going to change path. They just kept marching in a straight line.

'Second marker, charge weapons. Hold fire,' Sergeant Azra heard the words, understood their meaning and acted automatically. The soft whines of charging packs were inaudible of the screaming Greenskins who just came crashing forward. His squad, along with Sergeant Finch's, were positioned on a slight crest of eastern bend. Squad Hokan was to his right, when the Orks were past, they would close the "U" along with Squad Flick on the western end. 'A little closer, lads, a little closer...' Sergeant Finch whispered to no one. The tension was still rank, with the Greenskins this close, they'd be able to get close to use their choppas if any of the units failed to kill properly.

'Third marker, all units, open fire. Repeat, it's open season.' None of the troopers rose from their cover, none of them bothered to wait until the order was finished. They simply sent torrents of superheated light and explosive bolts into the densely packed green wave approaching them. Those on the peripheries of the column ceased to exist as recognizable creatures whilst those in the centre sought an enemy. 'Move and shoot, all units, move and shoot!'

True to form, most of the surviving Greenskins charged forward expecting to put rusted steel to flesh. What they hadn't counted on was that the Havakim had opened one end of the "U" and closed the other. Now, the dumb brutes were being from the flanks and rear.

Of course, not all surged forwards. Others went after the places where they'd see fire erupt from. Three surged up the crest where Azra and his squad with such speed that they had little time to react. A trooper screamed and his leg was slightly battered from his body whilst another dropped headless, his neck spraying dark blood onto the green undergrowth. What the Greenskins lacked in stealth, they certainly made up for in sheer brutality and force of arms.

Azra turned to face the oncoming trio, he shouldered his hellgun and fired a burst at the hate filled eyes bearing down on him. What was once a face became cauterized and burnt flesh as the superheated lasers burned away whatever the Ork had for brains. One of the Greenskins had become distracted as two of the troopers seemingly played with it, circling and firing at it at the same time. But the final Ork seemed intent on finishing what the first had started until it suddenly exploded in a spray of burning flesh. 'Emperor Almighty, Aven, do you have to shoot it with a grenade launcher when its this close to me?' he exclaimed to one of his grenadiers. 'Well, sergeant, I know how much you love the fireworks on Imperial Day so why wait?' the wily trooper replied, firing again at the main body.

The last Ork that had charged his squad was dead but the main body was still alive, if bloodied. In the distance, Azra could see Finch's squad purging the foul beasts with holy promethium. 'Havakim, to the hunt!' Captain Konrad's call echoed in each helmet as the fire directed at the Greenskins and fury of said Orks increased.

Even as the Ork slugs whizzed through the air, striking trees and foliage, Konrad emptied clip after clip of bolter into the beasts. Besides him, Troopers Amantine, Jervan, Kaim and Jaller added their fire. The two hellguns and meltas incinerating any unfortunate Greenskin. But firepower is never enough to stop a frenzied Ork and just as every other position, some got past. The first one to Konrad's position fell backwards the remaining bolter rounds perforated its body. Another appeared, swinging a vicious choppa with serrated edges, forcing Konrad to retreat a step before he could draw his power sword. The Ork would not have given him the time needed if not for Jaller and Kaim who had rushed beneath the huge beast and thrust their bayonets into the bowels of the monster.

Their actions were rewarded by being swept aside by the furious Ork. Kaim was sent flying into a tree, the force of the impact snapping his fragile human neck. Jaller, meanwhile, had landed on softer mud stunned but not seriously wounded. But the precious seconds the two had bought were enough for Konrad to bring his sword to bear and cleave the Ork. 'Who's next!' he yelled, looking around for more.

'Captain, beg to report, all squads are unengaged. Repeat, enemy is dead. Permission to proceed with purgation protocols?' Sergeant Finch said over the vox. Konrad looked around again, the battle haze lifting. The dead and wounded were scattered but the Orks had been wiped out. But at what cost? 'Permission granted. Do. Do we have a tally of our casualties?'

'Yes sir, Squad Azra lost Trooper Beliz and Trooper Gorran is seriously wounded. Squad...' Konrad interrupted Sergeant Otto, 'Sergeant. Tell me when we get back to camp. Just burn the xenos filth. May the Emperor embrace those who died for Him here.'
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