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 Holtor Flavian and the Dorgasan 8th Regiment, My story, long. Comments? Praise? Insult
Holtor Flavian
Posted: Jan 28 2008, 10:51 PM


Group: Admin
Posts: 131
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Joined: 6-December 07

"Sergeant, get your squad over here in three minutes or you are here to stay!" Holtor bellowed into the microphone of the vox caster. It was still attatched to the back of the flayed piece of meat that used to be his vox operator." Standing up out of the crater that used to be his command bunker he surveyed the training ground. Spore mines were landing everywhere, nearly all his men had been on the parade ground when the first spore mines struck. Flaming vehicles were everywhere, screaming men, their guts spilling onto the ground thrashed insanely. The newly promoted Captain was torn away from the scene of horror by a crackling from the vox caster.
"Captain, my squad has been cut off, we can not reach the evac point." Color Sergeant Tathar Glutanan yelled into the microphone/
"Hold your positon for as long as you can sergeant! Me and my men will fall back to the evac point, hold them up as long as you can."
"Yes sir, wait, what in the name of the Emper-"
Holtor heard screams of "Incoming!" and then, he just heard screams.
He turned his vox caster to maximum broadcast area, and gave his final order to the trainees of the training station.
"Hold your positions, you can not make it to the evac zone, hold in the face of terror. Hold and punish the Emperors enemies, you know your duty, do it!" He grabbed a lasgun lying next to a pool of goo that used to one of his recruits and pulled himself out of the trench. He ran, across the cratered field that used to be the parade ground. He ran through the burning barracks. He ran, out of the base. He ran until all he could see of his base was smoke rising out of the distan

Holtor stood up, blood dripping off his family sword (Dorgasan Families, are somewhat like space marine chapters, each forming their own regiments, and each fiercly loyal to their family) the genestealer he had just slain lay twitching on the ground. He had escaped Training Facility 84XTB three days before, and from what he could tell, his planet was swarming with Tyranids. Five hours after escaping the training facility he had fired his last bolter round at a screeching hormogaunt. He had no idea where he was, all he knew was that the major Imperial cities were to the west of his camp so, he went west. He had met up with a squad of new recruits that had been out on RCS (real combat simulations) they hadn't lasted an hour after seeing their first tyranid. He had heard frantic lasgun fire all around him, nearly all day. But whenever he moved toward it, all he found was a dismembered pile of goo.
He continued running, the swarms were moving in his direction, not stopping for anything. In fact he didn't know why he was still alive. He scrambled up the side of a rocky hill, behind him he heard the screech of tyranids. He reached the summit of the hill, there in front of him was a half destroyed Chimera. The crew compartment had been melted into a thick gruel, however, the main gun seemed to be online. He crawled inside and moved up into the gunner's position. Half way up he stopped, there was a chest of a man still in the gunner's position, the rest of him was strewn around the compartment. Holtor threw the husk of a man out of the way in disgust. Suddenly, he heard a crackle from the Vox Caster in the Chimera, that had seemed destroyed.

"This is Captain Dexter Vultara, squadron leader of bomber squadron 67R, ground units below, make your way towards Beacon Hill. We are cleansing this area now."
Holtor stuck his head out the gunners hatch, six Imperial Wrath class bombers flew overhead. They spread out in a V formation. Holtor saw their bomb doors start to open, but nothing ever had the chance to come out. From the trees below, a huge black swarm of fleshborrer beetles enveloped nearly all the bomber squadron. Holtor saw four explosions come from inside the cloud. More static over the radio came in
---- After a loud series of crackles---- "Flavian, you there? Come in Flavian! We need supporting fire, these things are all over us. Dammit, Flavian where are you?!"
"Flavian went down in the cloud sir, so did Captain Vultara!"
"Who in the name of the Emperor is this, to much static!?"
"Tash. Sir we've taken hits, right engine, failing!" We are going down! Trying to land. In the name of the Emperor, there are millions of them! We are touching down no-----"
"Tash, come in. Tash! Sir, I lost them. Verex to orbital station, mission failiure, squadron destroyed, attempting to climb! Send evac teams imiediatly, get us out of here. Attempting to land on Beacon Hill."
"Acknowledged 67R, transports are en route. Stand by."
"Sir, sir, this is Tash. The rest of the crew, they are all dead! I'm the only one here, their feet, they are tearing the ship apart by just running over it. In the name of the emperor, they are throught the ceiling, Emperor forgive my failiu--- aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhgggggg!!!!!"

Holtor exited the Chimera, one lown bomber flew towards the ground he stood on. Its right wing on fire, it's left gone. Holtor jumped into a ditch as the bomber landed, it plowed through the ground at a speed not less than 500 kilometers per hour. Earth and rocks flew everywhere, the bomber plowed into the Chimera crushing it underneatht the bomber's massive hull. Holtor rose from the ditch and ran toward's the flaming bomber. A door on the side of the bomber burst open, and three men fell out onto the ground. Holtor ran up to them, and pulled on of them to his feet.
"What is your name crewman?"
"Verex, vox man." Get your gun out, is there anyone else inside?"
"No, I, I don't know sir, to much static, explosions. I don't think so, sir I just do not know. The Tyranids, they, we don't stand a chance!"
"Keep silent, remember the Emperor in the face of terror. You will not disgrace your family today, now get the rest of the men up! We will stand here until evac arrives or we are torn to pieces by those Dmned bugs!"
"Yes, sir!" The man turned around and pulled up the other crewmen as best he could. Holtor took a few staps away and turned to address what remained of the crew.
"You, have never heard of, or seen me. And I have never heard, or seen, you. But now the fates have brought us here to die together. And we will do so as brothers! You know your duty, put strength in your heart, the emperor rewards the brave, we will stand and bring down as many of these filthy xeno as we can! You do not need to know my name, I do not need to know yours. But now, duty calls, check your guns, we go to meet the Emperor!"
He drew his sword and turned to face the slope he had just climbed. The ground shook with the steps of Tyanids, the noise was nearly unbearable. As the first Tyranid head came into few the crew opened fire, it's burning red eyes disolving in a splash of blood. More heads apeared, Holtor raised his sword and ran toward them to meet his destiny. He had made it five steps when he felt a small explosion in his gut as a fleshborere slammed into him. As he fell backwards he supposed he was lucky, he saw hundreds of beetles fly through the air where his chest had just been. Then with a loud roar and a loud crackling sound, bullets rained down into the ranks of Tyranids, Tyranids shrieked and screamed as bolter rounds ripped their armour into pieces. Two fighters did a barrol role and moved in again, spraying fire down on the unprepared Tyranids.
Suddenly Holtor felt a strong pair of arms pick him up and he felt himself being carried backwards.
"We are going to get you to the medical ship sir, hold on!" As everything blurred into a combination of absolute darkness and bright light he recognized Verex's voice. The last thing he saw before everything went black was a medical transport landing near the downed bomber.

Holtor pulled himself out of bed. He had been in the Medicae Hospitlar facility for nearly a month. The battle on planet, from what he could tell, was a stalemate. The Imperial Gaurd driving again and again toward the Tyranid ship in an effort to stop it's spawing of more Tyranids. Eac drive being repulsed again and again. The battle in space was coming to nothing, the Tyranid ships destroying Imperial ships at the same rate Imperial ships destroyed them. He supposed he would be dead now, if it were not for his family's influence. They had helped him get a, new, metal stomach. It couldnt really replace flesh and blood, but it kept him alive. He scanned the room, men were lying everywhere, the wounded on the beds, the dead piled up in corners. A medical officer walked up to him.
"You have orders, we have judged you fit to command again, anyway, even if you arn't, we need your bed. Follow the gaurdsmen waiting in the hall." Holtor wrapped his belt around his shining metal hip, and slip his sowrd into the belt. He then slowly, awkwardly, walked toward the door. Pushing open the door he stepped into the dark hall. A gaursmen snapped to attention and saluted.
"Sir, my name is Thomas. The family was worried about you, I am a Porteous as well. They asigned me to gaurd you, they do not need one of their most promising sons being killed. So, until I die I will gaurd you. There are no senior officers to brief you about your mission, what I am going to tell you is all you are authorised to know. As you may have guessedm we have been holding the Degser mountains aagainst the bugs. We have a large amount of bassilisks there, if we hold them the Tyranids can not brake through. The few ways around the mountains are being held by nearly ten regiments. They can hold out. The trouble is, recently, a large tyranid assault broke through one of our mountain positions. The family wants you to take a company of men back up there and hold it. The family needs to come out ahead in this war, so, if we hold up their we will be noticed."
"So, are all these men of our family?"
"Yes sir, all of them."
"How do we get there? CXVIII transport. The company is boarding now sir, you do not have time to get anything but some new carapace armour. And, well actually that is already aboard your shuttle. So, we go now."
"Lead the way Thomas."
Holtor Flavian
Posted: Jan 28 2008, 10:51 PM


Group: Admin
Posts: 131
Member No.: 1
Joined: 6-December 07

Holtor followed Tomas down the long hallway. Screams of wounded men came from every room, Holtor quickened his pace. He had seen plenty of gore in his carreer, but, this was to much. Holtor followed Tomas down a staircase, the electricity had almost all been diverted to the defensive guns, he could barely see where he stepped. As Tomas opened the door to the main lobby Holtor fell on his knees and vomited. Corpses lay everywhere, the stench, was indiscribable. Doctors sat smoking on the dead bodies, wounded men were lain down to be taken upstairs, only to be mistaken for dead bodies and have corpses piled on them. Tomas pulled up Holtor and shoved him out the large door leading to the landing pad.
"That can't be good to breath sir." Holtor stood up straight and looked around, five transports had landed and a company of elite Dorgasans, aparently from an armoured brigade, were piling in.
"The Command transport is that one there sir, your command squad is in it already."
"Understood Tomas. Anybody to be careful of in it?"
"Sir, the commissar, is a little, over zealous in his work, but the priests are, comparitevly, mild."
"Good." Holtor climed the steps into the transport, two squads were sitting in the troop section of the transport. Holtor surveyed them. They were veterans, he could tell that much. They were decorated with war prizes, one of the sergeants had two Chaos heads attatched to his shoulders. With approval Holtor walked into the small command room. As he walked in his squad stood to attention. A priest walked up to him.
"May the Emperor's blessing be upon you Captain. How long has it been since you conffesed?"
"There is always time for that, the Emperor judges us by our scars, I have many, but I would rather get more than spend my time stating my sins." The floor shook as the transport took off. Holtor introduced himself to the command squad making special note to treat the commisar well. The last thing he needed was to be executed. Holtor then walked into a small room where he sat down on what could pass for a chair and opened a small packet in front of him.

Holtor Porteous, the below are your orders. You will follow them to the best of your ability. Failiure to follow these orders will result in your execution.
You are to land near the Trasyar Tombs and reinforce your regiment's 9th Company. The Tyranids have pushed the 9th back to their command bunker. You will deploy just behind it, rally the remenants of the 9th company and push the Tyranids back. The 4th company is on stand by should you need it. There are four anti air platforms stationed near the command bunker, they are inflicting heavy casualties on the Gargoyels. These are not to fall, if they go this mountain range will be overwelmed from above. You know your orders follow them.

Holtor stood up and walked into the command room, tapping a vox man on the back Holtor said.
"Get me my two liutenants."
"Yes sir." Seconds later Holtor spoke into the vox.
"What are your names?"
"Liutenant Viso Flavian Porteous sir!"
"Liutenant Greser Porteous sir!"
"What combat experiance have you had?"
"I served in the purging of Korda sir, as well as the purgin of Testo." Viso stated.
"Sir, I've lost track, I fought at the eye of terror. Korda, Testo, Hoxt, Rent, Blood Bowl."
"That is enough Greser. Now, I have never heard of, or served with you, I look forward to it though. Now, from what I can tell of our orders the Ninth Company is in trouble. Well, you have read your orders so you know the situation. Viso, you and your platoon will move imiediatly to the front line and hold until I arrive. Clear?"
"Yes sir."
"Greser, you take your men to the anti air platforms and hold them! I will take my platoon and rally the ninth."
"Yes sir, should you fall, who takes command?" Greser asked.
"Sir, I can see the mountains!" Tomas yelled.
"We are approaching the landing zone, good luck to you men and may the Emperor protect!"
"Thank you sir." The liutenants said in unison. Holtor walked into the command room and gazed out the window. The transport was flying through a mountain range. Below him he could see men fighting Tyranids. Craters littered the mountain passes.
"Sir, the landing zone, I can see it!" Holtor pulled on his carapace armour, loaded his las pistol and stood by the transport door surrounded by the men in his new command.
"Brothers, you will not disgrace your family today!" Charge forth and destroy these Xenos in the name of the Emperor." With a thud the transport landed, the door opened and Holtor jumped (jumping being difficult with a metal stomach) into the snow.

Holtor pushed through the snow. He could hear the screams of the ninth company's men from just over a small hill. He led his platoon up the slope. He could see Viso leading his men around to Holtor's left and approaching the ninth from behind he had lost sight of Gresser and his men and wasn't going to look for them. As they came to the top of the hill he saw a terrible site. Thousands of bodies lay flayed in the snow, more were still thrashing as they were eaten alive. Trenches were filled with blood and corpses, tanks stood abbandoned in the pass, torn apart. The few men still alive were literaly in the command bunker, Viso and his men charged. The Tyranids were taken off guard and Viso and his men swept them back. He could hear lasgun fire to his right as Gresser and his men engaged. Holtor raised his sword in the air and brought it down his belt, with a battlecry he led his men charging down the slope onto the flank of the charging Tyranids. They punched into the Tyranid swarm, they went deeper and deeper into it cutting a bloody slash in the advancing swarm. Suddenly Holtor saw two of his men fly over his head, he wheeled around, a massive carnifex was roaring in triumph. The only men that had heavy equipment left had just been launched into the air by the carnifex, Holtor realized that their situation was doomed at best. The swarm had already completely surrounded them, soon the shear mass of bodies would trample them all. The command bunker was sixty yards uphill, Viso and his men were moving slowly down it pushing the Tyranids back.
"Fight toward the bunker men!" Holtor yelled. And with that he started hacking his way up toward the bunker. His men were still with him, firing randomly into the Tyranid swarm. Holtor wasn't really aware of it though, he was far to filled with adrenalin to notice, he cut down Tyranid after Tyranid. He lost track of where he was going, he heard screams over the shriecks of Tyranids, he kept fighting. Suddenly a hand grabbed his outstretched sword arm and pulled him uphill. Liutenant Viso dragged him back toward the command bunker, what was left of Holtor's platoon was already at the bunker firing into the confused Tyranid swarm. Viso threw Holtor to the ground near the bunker.
"What in the name of the Emperor were you DOING?" Yelled Viso over the shriecks of retreating Tyranids.
"You were fething standing out there, my men reached your men and got them back. Then when we got back up here you were not here, what were you doing!?"
"I, I don't know."
"You were just hacking down bugs out their like it was a walk in the training grounds!"
"I guess the adrenalin must have gotten to me."
"Well then sir you must have a very, very short life expectancy."
"What is going on?" Asked Holtor as he pulled himself up, (once again made very difficult by his metal gut)
"Aparently we scared em, but they could have killed us all and when they come back they will just run over us."
"Most of his men are dead and so is he, one of his sergeants has taken over. But they held."
"The ninth?"
"Nearly nonexistant sir, the few that were alive in the bunker are nearly insane and are probably safer to shoot."
"You find somebody with a vox and see if you can get us some support or evac."
"Sir." As viso ran over the heaps of bodies Holtor stared at his sword. It was barely recongnizable as the once great family heirloom it was, the ornate decorations were gone, the gold lining was gone. It was a pointy lump of metal. He heard a low humm and a squadron of bombers flew overhead, as they disappeared he heard explosions as bombs dropped into the fleeing Tyranid swarm. He doubted it would make a difference but it was nice to know that someone new they were alive.

Holtor hiked up the gentle slope, now not so gentle as it was choked in bodies toward the command bunker. He had inspected the line and his men should be able to hold off another few assaults, not to mention his engineers were throwing enough mines and other assorted explosives in front of the trenches to detonate Terra! Gresser's replacement was fortifiying the anti air guns as best he could with his remaining men and Viso was trying to smack some of the men from the ninth into line. As he looked up Holtor saw Viso roughly pushing a liutenant forward, his uniform was tatterd bloody and muddy, and he was spontainiusly thrashing his arms.
"Sir this is the last officer of the ninth company. He has something, interesting, to say." The man saluted with one hand while the other thrashed violently.
"Stop that arm or you lose it liutenant!" Ordered Viso.
"What is it officer?" Holtor inquired
"Sir, heh heh he, we were holding out oooo kkkk, till they came."
"Who came officer?"
"You from the slums or something, havn't learnt even basic gothic?"
"Sir, they came!"
"Viso shoot this man." Holtor ordered.
Viso aimed his laspistol at the back of the officer's head.
"NOOOOOOoooooo THEY came. They, we couldn't see em sir, they took out our big shooty guns! Blue flames eating up my men!"
"Viso, any ideas on what this wretch is saying?"
"Well, if we can trust this lunatic my guess is that either the Tau or the Eldar seemed to have attacked here."
"Was it the Eldar officer?" the man shook his head violently.
"Ok, was it the Tau?" He nodded violently and non ceasingly until viso smacked him on the head.
"Inform command that this are is unsecure and immpossible to hold, I want evac now!"
"Yes sir." Viso turned to leave when the man wailed.
"NOOOOOOOOOO, der was others!"
"Oh Emperor not this again. Who were "they"?"
"Describe their shots!"
"Red, like ours heh heh heh, but dey was painted wierd sar, and they were shrieking something or other bout phage, heh heh heh."
"Viso you better make it clear that this place can't be held, we have fething Bug worshippers! Now, is there anything else you want to tell us Liutenant?" The man shook his head violently. Holtor raised his laspistol and shot him cleanly through the head, the man fell onto the ground.
"Also advise command that they should bomb everything within five square miles of here. Understood Viso?"
"Yes sir!" Viso ran up the hill toward his voxman from behind him Holtor heard screams of

Holtor whirrled around and looked toward his forward line, snow was rising up in a huge cloud on the slope, he could hear the shrieking and chittering of the Tyranid swarm.
"VISO!" Holtor yelled at the liutenant talking into the vox.
"Get an air strike too, an air strike can you here me?"
"Sir!" Holtor spun around and ran to the forward trench. His men were spread thin, he aimed his pistol into the cloud of snow and fired, all his men did the same. Behind him three heavy bolters opened fire as did an autocannon, the Tyranids came on. Grenades flew into the clowd of snow, suddenly a sergeant standing in front of Holtor fell backward. His entire body had dimond hard spines sticking out of it, Holtor stared in disgust. The Tyranids came faster and faster.
"Fall back to the second trench! MOVE IT!" Holtor yelled. He then turned and fell back to the second trench they could see the Tyranids now, their terrible faces shrieking wildly. Suddenly fire erupted everywhere, mines, tanks of prolithium, grenades, auto cannon shells all exploded underneat the Tyranid swarm. They faltered and Holtor's men rained fire on them. The Tyranids dropped quickly but kept coming, they were over the first trench. Bolter shots tore apart the advancing Tyranids, lasgun shots tore holes in the bug's armour. In his heart, Holtor knew it was over, they were yards away now, his men were dropping at a terrible rate. Holtor stared in horror as he saw a Hive Tyrant charge through the line sending his men flying through the air. Holtor ran towards it firing, it whirrled around and roared at him, he stopped a yard away from it and stared into it's face. It raised it's massive sword, Holtor braced himself for a blow that didn't come, he opened his eyes, everything was happening slowly. A blue drop pod was slamming into the head of the Hive Tyrant, it's eyes were already dead, the drop pod punched through the creater's body sending blood and guts flying through the air. Holtor stared in awe as four Ultramarines charged forth from it raining fire on the advancing swarms. He turned, nearly twenty drop pods had landed in his line, Space marines were raining heavy fire on the confused Tyranids. Holtor started at the swarms of hormagaunts charging, he raised his sword and charged them, his men following close behind.

"INCOMING!!!!!!" Liutenant Holtor wheeled around, they were back, chittereing slashing monsters.
"INCOMING!" Liutenant Holtor spun to his left, more of them, charging down the slopes of the mountain pass.
"INCOMING!" Holtor wheeled to the direction the voice came from. Roaring gigantic monsters ran down the slope to his left, sending boulders rolling down towards his overwealmed command center.
"Sir, we have to get out of here!"
"Sir, we've been outflanked!"
"Sir, my line can't hold!" The voices of Holtor junior's came in over the vox, they all blurred into nothing in Holtor's mind. Holtor felt a hand on his shoulder, he turned. A legion of men, covered in blood stood in front of him. Millions upon millions of souls, stared at him. A tall man walked up to him, he wore the uniform of a Family Head, his face was scared and bloody, his chest had been torn apart.
"Pull your men back,"
"Who are yo-"
"Does it matter? Pull back now."
"Yes, sir." Holtor spun around and faced his men.
"All units, fall back now, head for evac point four!" Holtor looked behind him, the strange men were gone, all of them, without a trace. A strange light glowed from just behind a boulder, Holtor ran towards it and looked down. There, on the ground lay a sword, a glowing silver sword. Holtor picked it up and looked at it, it was amazing, the light glowed, making the decorations on the sword stand out even more than normal.
"Something terrible is going to happen, this is yours." A voice in Holtor's head said.
"What? Who are you?!"
"Does it matter?" The voice awnsered. Holtor turned around, his men fell back, scrambling over the rocks and boulders in their way. Without really knowing what he was doing he raised his sword in the air, a burst of light came from the sword, spreading out through the pass. Tyranids shrieked and fled to darker places. Then as if possesed, and not really knowing what he was doing, Holtor bellowed.
"A new era is upon you Dorgasans, the light of the Emperor will shine from your souls, stand and fight, you are men, not cowardly Eldar. Your lives are the Emperor's, do not waste them." His men stopped running and cheered, the ground trembled as dirt and rocks began to rise and spin around Holtor.
"Nothing, will withstand your rage, nothing can be compared to the hatred of MAN! Your wills will change worlds, prove yourself worthy of being men. Now brothers, FOR THE EMPEROR!" Holtor was slowly elevating into the air, it appeared that he was being possesed. Then, when he was fifteen feet into the air a huge burst of silver light exploded from him, the Tyranids were driven mad with terror, lighting bolts flew from Holtor's body ripping apart the horrified Tyranids.
"There is no light but that of the Emperor's!" And with that Holtor fell to the ground, all the glowling light disappeared from him, his sword still shone out like a bright light in the darkness of night. Holtor's eyes glowed, bright silver, his pupils had turned glowing red. Holtor stood, and walked toward the Tyranids, his men were behind him, and that was all he needed, that was all he would ever need. He knew what was going to happen to his home, he knew that the rest of his life would be devoted to hunting Tyranids, but he was no longer the doomed officer into a mighty warrior, he was filled with power and purpouse. His men met the Tyranid line, he walked through it, not a thing touched him. He stopped at the feet of a huge Hive Tyrant and looked into it's eyes. It shivvered and screamed, Holtor looked deeper, he could feel it's mind breaking apart, it roared and then with a groan fell dead to the ground. Holtor turned and rushed into the Tyranid lines, his sword slicing and chopping, he grinned, whatever the future now had in store for him, he would be ready. He would walk alone into the Eye of Terror should the Emperor will it, nothing could withstand His rage made manifest.

"Sir, I have a priotity transmission from Dorgasan command."
"Put in on in my office."
"Sir." Holtor walked towards the small closet he called his office. He slid the door open, walked in, and sat down in his leather chair in front of a small screen. He was exausted from the recent event that was already legend amongst the Dorgasan Armies. After the Tyranid assault had been totaly crushed, he had lost whatever power he had. His eyes still glowed and his sword was still the most powerful he had ever seen. It hadn't been a nice feeling, but it hadn't been bad either, he felt as if he had transformed into a million men at once, and that he had been pushed aside. The screen lit up and a tired old man appeared on it.
"Sir!" Holtor addressed the head of the most powerful family, family Flavian, on Dorgasa.
"At ease liutenant."
"What would you have me do Flavian?"
"As you may or may not know there was a heavy Tau presence in the Treesh Jungles, a regiment of men was dispatched to crush them, they failed miserably. They were led by your friend, Captain Trier Tarashan, a Tau force slipped by our fleet and orbital staion and evaced the Tau on the ground. Tarashan led a force to bored the ship carrying the survivors of the Tau ground troops, after intense fighting Tarashan was caputured and fired out of an escape pod for reasons unknown to us. The Tau fired him toward the Ultramarine Strike cruiser in orbit, the Space Marines fired on the escape pod and vaporized Tarashan. This must be a sign of herecy, take a company of men to the Ultramarine ship and, speak, to their commander. I want him to pay for the murder of Tarashan, am I clear?"
"Yes sir, but, wouldn't that itself be herecy and treason?"
"Is it your job to question orders Holtor?"
"No sir."
"What is your job?"
"To serve family Flavian sir."
"And if someone attacks family Flavian?"
"They are to be killed."
"You have your orders, get to them Holtor."
"Yes sir." Holtor stood to attention and waited for the screen to turn black, he then walked out into the main room.
"Get me some transports here now! And have the reserves called up to the landing pad now!" Holtor walked outside, he surveyed the ground, the corpses of Tyranids were piled chest high, he beamed with pride as he realized what he and his men were capable of doing. The snow blew everywhere as a transport landed, he and his command squad stepped in, Tomas right behind him.
"Where to sir?" The pilot asked.
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