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Holtor Flavian - February 10, 2008 10:33 PM (GMT)
Imperial Guard-Faith and purity swells at the heart of the every man and woman in the crusade. Chosen to help the Lamenters in their quest for redemption, the Imperial Guard regiments spread the word of the Emperor. With lasgun and faith shall they drive before them the heretic, the nonbeliever, the mutant, the traitor, and the fallen. By rights of the crusade many worlds may yet become the new homes of mustered out regiments, provided that they bleed for them..

Dark Eldar-Scattered after the failed coup in their dark city, the cabals that once served the handmaiden of pain, No'Akki, have been scattered across the galaxy. To regain favor they must return with a great many souls and material goods. A almost group wide sense has started to call to the cabals. Their craftworld cousins have gathered to preform the greatest of their rituals, something the dark eldar would be happy to prevent. So their task stands, bring back as many souls as they can, lead them screaming into damnation. They are to hamper their cousins as well, anything that can be done to stop the ritual should be exploited to the fullest.

Tyranids-As the last ships fled the doomed world of Medusa V, hidden on many refugee ships are the lictor strain beasts. They prey on the frightened humans, gathering information for the hive mind. One ship that fled into the warp was severly damaged and was forced to drop out of the warp, into the Dulrothian orbit. Now the lictoes are crying out for the Hive Mind, stirring yet another probe into Imperial space. This time though, it comes from the northern edge, an angle of attack many have not suspected possible.

Space marines-Drawn by visions of unclean to be cleansed, Captain Graw leads the 4th company of the Lamenters in their quest of atonement. For their role played in siding with the Astral Claws in their rebellion, the Lamenters now seek penitence for their past crimes. Remembering lore from the old days, Graw seeks to respread the light of the Emperor to the unenlightened masses of the North. Even if they should fall, they shall have the redemption they desire so.

Inquisition-traveling with the Lamenters on their quest, members of the Inquisiton see to the spiritual and mental well being of the marines. They are also there to seek and destroy any trace of the Arch enemy, should resistance prove to be great, they can call upon the might of the Ordos Militant. Some of the more pyskically tuned Inquisitors sense something, half hidden by the warp, that promises of great power.

Eldar-As the brightest star of their race lay dying on the Talisman of Vaul he foresaw the future. A god is stirring in the warp, hidden from the view of the chaos gods since the fall. With the passing of each eldar soul into the infinity circuit, Ynnead grows stronger, nurturing the dead. As the Blackstone fortress began to break apart, a single message flashed into the mind of Eldrad Ulthran's youngest apprentice Q'sandria. She alone possesses the knowledge to ease the birth of the god of dead. When the old ones fled from the Necrontyr onslaught they left behind their unfinished works. A nexus of such power was the planet of Dulroth, if certain locations are tapped, the rituals of unbinding are hastened. Such rituals will weaken Slaanesh and hopefully hasten Ynnead's awakening.

Orks-As warboss Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka rampages across the galaxy, one of his wierdboys is granted a vision by Mork(or maybe Gork) showing a place of untapped power. Drawn by this vision Snubs Grakka guides Warboss Magot Crusha' towards the humie planet of Duluthe', the lure of power drawing him onwards. As this splinter WWAAGGHH!!! spins towards the northern Edge, freebooters and smaller WWAAGGHHSS!!! hurry to join for a chance of plunder and glory in the eyes of Gork(maybe also Mork).

Tau-Driven from the Human planet of Medusa V, the Tau colonists reached the Northern Edge. They arrived battered and leaderless, their forces scattered by the forbidden use of warp drives. Though hurting, the Tau have one thing in their minds, the spread of the Greater Good. As conflict looms, the Tau gather to take part. They hope to spread the Greater good to not only the Humna planets, but also the many beings taking part in the conflict. Failure means the extinction of any hope of a Northern Empire. Yet if they succeed, then they have gained a foothold, one which will prove to be useful in spreading the Greater Good.

Necrons-Awakened from their eternal sleep, they move as with one purpose, the destruction of one of their hated foe's gods. If the various places of power can be blocked long enough to stop the ritual, then the C'tan's plans are fullfilled. The lure of so many souls also calls to them, as does the presence of a handful of untouchables, the basis of pariahs. Whatever their purpose of being there, it promises to be the start of the end for the galaxy.

Chaos-As the Lamenters forge their way across the stars with fire and fury, chaos is hidden in their wake. Renegades emerge to take advantage of the light garrisons left behind, as the more ancient traitor legions look on with intrest. In many a warband, it is whispered by the sorcerors that there lies a planet on the Northern Edge that the gods themselves desire. Left behind by beings of unimaginable power, the planet may be powerful enough to be a gateway to the warp it's self. Once chaos reigns in both physical and spiritual terms, then will it slowly tear it's self apart. A planet sized warp rift bears ill for all.

This campaign is being hosted by a member of the Crusade of Saint Carmine, looks like it is going to be average at best but Task Force Legion will be there! Prepare your troops for combat, report to your commanding officers, if you have yet to be assigned pm me for an assignment. Not only are we going to kick the hostile's arses, but we are also going to show the crusade of saint carmine that we are nothing to mess with! This campaign has no launch date other than the words "very soon" from it's creator.

doom_diver - February 11, 2008 04:58 AM (GMT)

Eldar Beil-Tan shall not fail.

Ork Tis Looksa Liksa a betsin.

Jedi1 - February 11, 2008 09:06 PM (GMT)
Is there an offical site for it we could look at.

Also all I have is a sentnal and the macragg miniturs so I won't be able to particapate. <_<

Holtor Flavian - February 11, 2008 11:20 PM (GMT)
not yet, still trying to smack the campaign's founder into giving a site to me, it isn't done yet.

Use the maccrage figures, play the macrage missions, and write some good fluff for em.

Jedi1 - February 12, 2008 07:03 AM (GMT)
Problem with that is I only have people to play with once a month due to lack of Games Work shop center within a few hours drive of me so the only time I can play is at with my gaming group once a month.

Holtor Flavian - February 12, 2008 04:09 PM (GMT)
ahh, that is a problem. No friend to play with?

Jedi1 - February 12, 2008 11:03 PM (GMT)
Yeh. I live on a dary farm and I don't know any one out side my gaming group who plays warhammer 40k and my gaming group only meets once a month.

Holtor Flavian - February 13, 2008 03:16 AM (GMT)
ahhh.... um, thats a problem. you can use old games if you want.

Jedi1 - February 13, 2008 06:59 AM (GMT)
Theres only one game realy and that wasn't even properly set up. We just got a bunch of SMs and Tyranids together and had a fight.

Holtor Flavian - February 13, 2008 07:54 PM (GMT)
You can use that.... just write a really good story for it and you will be helping a lot.

Holtor Flavian - February 15, 2008 03:56 AM (GMT)
campaign starts 1-2 weeks. Prep your troops.

doom_diver - February 15, 2008 04:00 AM (GMT)
Great. I have an Apoc tournament comin up.

Colonel Kevlar - February 23, 2008 06:47 AM (GMT)
I'll try to get some battles in w/ the Tau, but my other armies had a.... run-in with my dog. A Border Collie.You can see where this is heading. Also, can we use NEcromunda and =][= games?

Jedi1 - February 24, 2008 09:39 PM (GMT)
How much demag did the dog do?

Colonel Kevlar - February 25, 2008 05:07 AM (GMT)
It was a puppy. Quite a lot. Not sure how ALL my Tau got out unscathed, he must have been a tau mercenary! Off to sabotage my other armies 'cause I wasn't playing the tau enough!

Jedi1 - March 2, 2008 11:42 PM (GMT)
So how long till go time?

doom_diver - March 2, 2008 11:55 PM (GMT)
Hm. Since nobody's here. I say it starts today. Get your men prepared and go.

Warmaster Luthar Reak - March 3, 2008 04:25 AM (GMT)
No doom diver it is not go time as we are not ready to deploy. Say that again and I sick the commissar on you. :lol:

Jedi1 - March 3, 2008 08:43 AM (GMT)
Doom we can't o today because we don't have a link to the web site and there for can not singe up and organise for it.

Holtor Flavian - March 3, 2008 02:48 PM (GMT)
fraggin lazy b@astards arn't getting the campaign moving at all no matter how much I harrass them... stick around you all, the second I know the launch date I will post it.

Jedi1 - March 4, 2008 01:10 AM (GMT)
Thats cool. I may have some form of an army ready for opertion by the end of this month so I;m ok if we don't start for a while.

Warmaster Luthar Reak - March 4, 2008 03:21 PM (GMT)
Same situation as doomdiver as I may or may not be receiving a 500 dollar gift card for a warhammer store from a comp. Hello Battle fleet. B)

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