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Title: Harakon and other parts of my fluff

Warmaster Luthar Reak - December 14, 2007 03:20 AM (GMT)
31st Harakoni Warhawks the Helldivers

Leader-Warmaster Luthar Reak

Regimental Doctrines


Drop troops

Special weapon support squads

Carapace armour

Close order drill

The 31st hrakoni the helldivers are the best troops harakon has to offer, the 401st company is the honor guard of warmaster Luthar Reak himself a native of Harakon in command of Battle Fleet Ultrileus (My other forces), the forces of Which consist of The 1st and 2nd company’s of the ultramarines, The Fighting company Roland of the black templar, The last loyal (by current organization of astartes) company of iron warriors renamed the iron knights, The 22nd Elysian drop troops, 902nd Vardan Rifles, The now rebuilt 383rd Jouren dragoons, the Tantith 1st and only "Gaunts Ghosts" Ordo Xenos assault force tempest with an attached force of Deathwatch.

Harakon is a low gravity world the perfect environments for drop troops with towering hive spires that reach into the upper atmosphere.
Harakon is a mixed climate world it contains forests, deserts ,snow covered mountains and seas.
Almost every animal on harakon has developed some for of limited flight the most renowned of witch are the saber raven a large white and blue catlike creatures and vapourwyrms similar to the sting rays that in inhabit Terra’s seas with the exception it feeds off of vapor and can fly.

In harakoni culture it is a right of passage for a child who has reached the age of 10 regardless of gender to hunt and kill a vapourwyrm using a gravglider and las gun or auto rifle.
Harakon is a vary high tech world and produces almost everything there regiments use.
The cities of Harakon are not limited to hive spires (which are much different then a hive city as the city’s are actually built around the spire and resemble a futuristic 21st century city. the top of which is where the governor and warmaster live.) but also include levitating platform city’s (cough star wars cough ).
The harakoni are Democratic socialists which is why the worlds technology is so advanced. Unlike other imperial cities there is no lower class any people who can not survive are given government support until they can sustain them selves so no one is without supplies. This philosophy go's back to colonial ideals of the minute men that if you can show the people that there government really is with them the populace will be ready to stand up and defend it.

Harakon has a vary good agricultural economy and can afford to supply its military with vary good rations.
In Harakoni military tradition officers always lead the forces from the front and endure the same hard ships that troopers go through, receiving no special meal or accommodations instead the funds that would normally go into that is instead used to improve the quality of military supplies (one of the main ways harakon can supply such good rations to there men) Also unlike other imperial worlds there is no way to buy your self into the military. Wether you are the sun or daughter of the Governor or the a lowly worker the only way to become an officer is through field promotion and officer training which again is also available to anyone who meets requirements and can not just me given. This has proved to not only increase morale and bonding but also avoid potential mistakes made by unqualified noble officers.

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