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 Episode 8, Dream a Little Dream
Posted: Dec 14 2011, 07:36 AM

LG Recapturess

Group: Admin
Posts: 366
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Joined: 23-February 06

(This is just from my notes, so it's not polished or anything - in some places, there aren't even complete sentences. If you get lost, don't worry, Rei was lost too!)

Rei wakes up in sick bay of Rogue Queen; everyone else is there too, on their own tables, still sleeping. The Bay is darkened – like the lowered lights that are used for “night time”. There’s no medics, no clue as to how they got there
She starts checking vitals. Everyone seems to be okay for the moment; she has an odd taste in her mouth from the sleeping gas
She doesn’t have the stimulant to counter the sleeping gas and wake the others – she does manage to wake the captain with some slapping and cold water
Capt looks at her, “Is everybody okay? Are you okay?”
“I’m okay, but I don’t know how we got here, I just woke up.”
“Can I have something to drink?”
“You can have some water.”
“Is everybody okay?”
His tone is very sensitive – sorta like a school counselor; condescending a bit, quiet – and he doesn’t question her questioning him when he says he’s going to check the ship (she wants him to stick around)
He asks, “What’s wrong?” putting his hand on her shoulder

Rei, seeing how odd he’s acting, lets him go – he’s not much help as he is
She wakes Shinae up next – it takes a bit longer, but she eventually does; Shinae hits her, and growls, hisses, tail lashing, “What are you doing? Get away from me!”
“I’m sorry, I was just trying to help! Are you okay?” The only answer is growling and hissing
Rei suggests she go look for the captain; Shinae stomps off to do so, commenting “Worthless”

Rei tries waking Minh, Connor, Kaymir and Jesse. Minh and Connor won’t wake
Jesse seems cognizant when she wakes, but she’s kinda dreamy when speaking about the captain

Rei finally just settles down to babysit Minh, Kaymir and Connor. Minh rolls over when she tucks a blanket around him, and mumbles, “thank you, mommy”; Connor makes no move – she has to check the monitor to make sure he’s alive; Kaymir snores loudly enough to shake the bay

Jesse catches up with the captain, “hello, Captain,” she says in a sultry voice. They have a bit of conversation – the captain doesn’t know why she’s coming on to him, but she goes on about “what happened last night”
Shinae goes to get some food – everyone can hear what sounds like someone tearing apart the galley
Capt goes to wander around the hangar, with Jesse following; the doors won’t open. Capt looks for a crow bar, and finds one. Next to it is a chain saw too. He tries the chain saw

Rei goes looking for the source of the chain saw sound; she passes the galley and sees Shinae in the middle of a mess, tearing into a huge chunk of raw beef
She gets to one of the air locks and sees the captain trying to open the door with a chain saw – not making any progress against it; Jesse is standing near, looking at seductive as she can
Rei calls from where she is, not getting close
As she’s talking, Jesse says, “Hey, stay away from my man.”
Rei says, “You can have him”
Rei tries to explain that she thinks the crew has been drugged and they’re not themselves, including him
Jesse says she’s fine, very fine, especially after last night
Capt starts at something beyond Rei, screams and runs off
Rei looks – sees only darkness; light flickers on, and Shinae approaches – her mouth and fingers bloody. She licks her fingers, and just keeps on going after the captain

Rei asks Jesse for help with the door; Jesse says she has to wash her hair

Shinae catches up with the Capt cargo bay
“Watch out, they’re right behind you!” he shouts, and shoots – shooting Shinae in the chest; she is stunned, knocked unconscious
“Oh crap! Oh crap! Damn! Oh crap!” Capt drags her to med bay

Rei sees them, “Captain, what happened?”
“The aliens shot her!”
“Can you help me get her into the med bay?”

They get her into the med bay; as Rei grabs the sedative, Shinae wakes up
“You take care of her! I’ve gotta go get the aliens!”
Rei tries to keep him from going, Shinae yells at her not to argue with the captain

Jesse heard the shot too, but she keeps primping her hair, humming “Tonight, Tonight”

Shinae won’t let Rei touch her, and insists on treating herself
Rei calls the capt
“Who is this? I will kill all you aliens-“
“This is Rei”
“Oh. How are you?” he’s all sweetness and light
She tells him that she needs him in the medbay

The captain arrives in a military space suit – he thanks her, commenting that there aren’t enough thanks in this job
Rei tries to get him to take his helmet off, she’d planned on using a sleep grenade and knocking both Capt and Shinae out; but he doesn’t – he has to go fight the aliens

Jesse heads to the bridge in a lacey little bit of nothing, then pages the Captain, in a sultry voice, saying he’s needed on the bridge
He gets there- she’s lounging in his chair; he drops his gun and takes off his armor…

Before Capt goes off to the bridge, Shinae had asked where the aliens were – he said everywhere; she goes off to get her stuff. When she’s done, she goes to the bridge, but finds it locked. Leaving the captain to his business, she starts checking the ship for signs of the aliens. Something smells off – she heads to the med bay to see what Rei has done to the air
Rei sees her coming and locks the door – Shinae tries by passing the lock, but can’t (only the capt and first mate have the code); so she starts rigging some plastique
Rei opens the door; Shinae asks what she’s done to the ship – proclaiming that the whole ship stinks
Rei asks her to help clear the air, she doesn’t know what’s wrong

Jesse accidently hits the intercom, so the sound of what she and the capt are doing is heard through the ship

Rei goes to engineering to see if she can figure out how to cleanse the air, but isn’t sure she wouldn’t make it worse, so she goes back to the med bay

Shinae perceives it as the sound of battle; she heads to the bridge, not being able to open the door, she blows it up – the capt and Jesse are there naked;
The capt had fallen asleep; the explosion woke him up
“You could have knocked” capt
“This is awkward” Jesse
Shinae turns on her heel and stalks off

Capt goes back to sleep. Jesse gets dressed (such as she can) and heads to the med bay – she asks for a morning after pill
There aren’t any in the med bay; Rei tells her so, then contacts Shinae and asks if she should put O2 breathers on everyone
Shinae grunts, mumbles that it might – she’s still trying to find the source of the smell

Rei had suggested to Jesse that she go out and get some morning after pills on the station; and there is a conversation about leaving the ship – that the door should just open
Jesse had told her that Reni had told them that the aliens were taken care of; the capt was sleeping it off, Rei is not to touch him

Rei tries calling security, but gets an out of order message; tries again and gets Carlos at Joes Taco Shack

Rei puts an O2 mask on Connor; then heads off to find the capt and Shinae and give them masks
Rei wakes Capt up and tells him to put an O2 mask on, the aliens had put something in the air; starts powering up the ship – he puts the mask on as instructed; though he doesn’t really take the idea of Reni smelling something funny seriously, she always smells funny
Rei tries to talk him out of going for a ride; gets him to agree to wait five minutes – she had tried luring him out of the bridge (so he can’t take the ship on a joy ride in his condition) by telling him there was an alien in the lounge, but he sends Reni to check it out
She finds Shinae, but Shinae refuses help from her, she’s trying to find the source, what is Rei hiding?

Rei finds Jesse in the cargo bay, knocking on the door, yelling “Hey, let me out”
She tries to get her to put an O2 mask on, but it won’t go with her outfit, and the strap would mess up her hair; Jesse does agree to hold it

“broom broom” sounds over the intercom (captain)

Rei calls the captain over the intercom, and asks for 10 more minutes, Capt says he’ll give her 5

Reni doesn’t find an alien in the lounge, she tries tracking, but finds no sign

Rei calls Shinae to see if she knows how to clean the air; Shinae tells her to ask Minh

The ship takes off, Rei calls the capt and says he’d promised 5 minutes; he says 5 minutes is up

Jesse has changed clothes (she had changed from the negligee to clubbing clothes, now changed again) she’s now in her mech piloting clothes; she cleans up her mech and starts painting flowers on it – the ship lurches, splattering paint all over her

The capt has hit a rock – he says “Oops” over the intercom

A hole is ripped in the side of the med bay; Rei manages to hold on, but Connor, Minh and Kaymir get sucked out
Rei calls the capt and tells him they need to pick up the others

Then she wakes up
Capt is rude, as usual; and she’s thrilled and goes on “I love you! Thank you for being mean!”
Reni asks if she’s alright, Rei asks her if she’s okay, since she’d gotten shot in the chest – Reni looks at herself, then at Rei, “You had a nightmare. I’ll get you some tea”

Everyone had actually woken up in the medbay, Tom and some security guys had actually been there – Rei was actually the last person to wake up, and Tom was gone by that time

Tom’s security guys took the group to the Rogue Queen, and said they’re locking down their docking station, thanks for the help, you were hit pretty bad, get your heads together before doing anything
Docking fee is waived for the next year in thanks for the assistance given
Ship is secure so the group can rest; Matt got away, which has pissed Connor off to no end

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