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 37th Issue, On the Brink
Posted: Mar 14 2010, 04:48 AM

LG Recapturess

Group: Admin
Posts: 366
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Joined: 23-February 06

During Sakura’s talk with Gauntlet, she expresses concern about Whisper, though she wishes to speak with Whisper before telling anyone else – which is why she didn’t bring up Whisper’s actions in the debriefing. She does confide in Gauntlet the action which concerns her the most, that Whisper had shot her brother. Very uncharacteristic of her, since she has been so driven to find and care for her brother.
Gauntlet trusts Sakura’s judgment, but advises her to seek help if it seems necessary.
After she’s done talking to Gauntlet, Sakura heads to the med bay to talk to Doque. After giving him a brief summary of what’s been going on, she asks him to keep an eye on Whisper, just to make sure she doesn’t hurt herself or anyone around her. She doesn’t tell him about the shooting.
That done, she grabs some food, then goes to see if Silverwolf wants to play Frisbee.

After the debriefing, Hardrock goes to the mess hall. When he’s done eating, he heads to the barracks and gets his guitars out.

When Whisper’s done talking to her brother, Doque checks in to see how everyone’s doing. She asks him to keep an eye on Kia and her mom. Doque agrees to do so.
Whisper heads over to talk to Physique to get pain medicine, since she’s decided not to do the bacta tank.
He asks if she’s made a decision. She says that she’d like to put the surgery off for now, she’s got some things to do.
He doesn’t seem too pleased, he would like to get her started on treatment as soon as possible. But, if she has stuff to take care of for her team, she can do that. He will talk to her superiors about her needing treatment ASAP if that’s needed. For now, he gives her some pain killers and anti-biotics.

Sakura heads to Silverwolf’s lab and rings in, letting Silverwolf know it’s her. Silverwolf gets into his vest with arms and pads out. Sakura’s eyes go glassy and she says:
Beware the red-haired devil. DO NOT trust him. I’m sorry that I haven’t been there for you.
She pauses, then goes on.
You have good friends who seem to care about you. I’m going to try and find your brother. Now that I’ve found you, I’ll never be too far away.
Don’t come looking for me and don’t ask any questions. I am leaving this message for you through your friend and she won’t remember any of this. I have to have faith that you won’t tell Gyrich about me. After he stole you away from me, he tried to have me put down. He failed the first time, and I escaped. I have no doubt that he would try again if he learned that I have found you. I’ll see you again one day.
Stay safe, and be careful, my son.

Sakura’s eyes un-glaze and she smiles at Silverwolf, “Ready to play?” She has no memory of the message she has imparted. Silverwolf can tell some heavy telepathy was used on her.
Silverwolf claims that he forgot to do something and has Sakura wait while he ducks back into the lab. In there, he takes the recording of the conversation that just happened and sets it in a safe place. Then he rejoins Sakura and they head out to play Frisbee.

Knight Owl heads off to clean up his gear after the debriefing, then he catches up with Whisper as she is leaving med bay with her medicine.
He asks how she is and if she can hear. She says she can.
“I was a little worried about you. What happened with your dad. He seems pretty subdued compared to his previous, uh-“
“I gave him the shot and it fixed him, but then something – he was reinfected. I guess he’s back better than ever, except that he’s supposed to be sane?”
They continue talking – time will tell how sane Obsidian is now. Whisper doesn’t seem too thrilled with the rest of the family situation, despite having rescued them from being hostages. She thinks her dad had reason for taking Kia that don’t seem like they were that insane.
“Have you seen Sakura?” Whisper asks.
“Not since the debriefing.”
“The dream that I had, that my brother had a crystal, basically, that’s what happened in the alcove in the cave. He gave my father another crystal that re-infected him.” Whisper comments very quietly.
“Was your brother trying to un-fix your dad, so to speak?”
“I don’t know. I’m not sure. My brother’s – attitude, I guess, is very naive, very innocent, I guess you could say.”
“I’m glad they’re all back in the light.”
“I don’t think he’s out of danger. I’d say he’s probably more in danger here than he was in the cave. I can’t believe I’m saying that.”
“What danger do you think he’s in?”
“Being manipulated, and used and abused.”
“By what? Our bosses?”
“At least by one particular person I can think of.”
“Were you watching anyone in the debriefing?”
“Gyrich did seem to be happy about the situation. More so than he usually is, anyway.”
“Yeah, he’s done some terrible things. Just look at what he did to Silverwolf.”
“What did he do to Silverwolf?”
“Basically, he injected his mother with a substance that kind of changed him. He used the same stuff that I came in contact with. The terrigen crystals.”
“Is that why he’s smart?”
“Probably, I would think so. But, it’s – I mean-“
“I know Silverwolf is our friend and all, but, it’s animal testing. We do that for shampoo. I don’t know that we can call Gyrich an evil man for animal testing.”
“Well, there’s humane testing and there’s things that are horrible. Basically, they were experimenting and they killed Silverwolf’s brothers and sisters. And he’s one who survived-“
“Were they smart too? If they were sentient beings that’s a whole different thing.”
“There was another who survived out of that. I don’t know what happened to him.”
“Well, I admit, I’d want to know more about that before I’d trust him with my family.”
“Unfortunately, I think I lead him right to my brother.”
Given that her brother is in the med bay where Doque can keep an eye on them, that should help. That’s Knight Owl’s thoughts anyway.
“And we can take turns if we need to. I know Sakura will throw in. We can come up with excuses to be hanging around.”
Whisper looks squarely at Knight Owl, “Do you think we can trust Doque.”
“Sure, he was one of our team, man.”
“Silverwolf was part of our team too, and I don’t trust him. He reports everything to Gyrich.”
“Well, he’s a goodie goodie. We can trust him to do the right thing, we just don’t always want him to do the right thing. That doesn’t make him a weasel.”
With that discussion, Whisper decides to trust Doque and they turn around to go back to the med bay.
When they arrive, Physique spots Whisper, “Well, that was quick, have you already selected a treatment?”
“I need to talk to Doque.”
Doque pokes his head around a corner.
“Social visit.”
“Come along, I’m making rounds. What can I do for ya? Seems like we just talked.”
“I know I asked you to look after my brother.”
“Yeah, like I said, we just talked, it hasn’t been that long.”
“There’s a reason I asked you to look after my brother.” She looks around, noticing the cameras.
Knight Owl, who’s helmet will keep the cameras from catching his lip movements, leans forward and speaks quietly, explaining how they don’t trust Gyrich, and Gyrich has been grinnin’ and rubbin’ his hands together since Kia arrived. They just want to make sure he doesn’t go gettin’ disappeared.
Doque doesn’t like Gyrich any way.
The conversation turns to Whisper and her treatment – she doesn’t want treatment ‘cause she wouldn’t be able to do anything if she were stuck in a bacta tank. Knight Owl had thought she’d gotten treatment, since she’d said she can hear – but that was because she’s using her power.
Knight Owl wonders if there is some sort of signaling device Whisper could use in the tank if anything happened. Though Whisper wouldn’t need a signaling device, people in the tank are generally put under so they don’t thrash around or accidently disconnect anything.
Looking around, Knight Owl notices there are a few more SHIELD agents wandering around than usual. He looks at Whisper knowingly, then back at them.
“Unfortunately, there are cameras. I don’t do so well with cameras.”
“hey, Doque, do you think you could get me in here.”
“Sure, right across the hall.”
“I mean like, admitted, for observation or something. Maybe some of these injuries need observation.”
“Let me take a look at your arm, looks like you took a pretty good hit there.” When Knight Owl gives him his arm, Doque tags a nerve, and Knight Owl’s arm goes numb. “Yeah, I think we can get you admitted and rest your busted wing.”
Before Knight Owl goes off, he whispers to Whisper, “Now you can get your ears fixed.” Once in the other room, Knight Owl moves the bed to where he can watch. He manages to do so without drawing attention to the fact that he’s staring into the room across the hall.
Whisper puts off the treatment still longer, though. She wants to go talk to Sakura. She goes looking for her, but can’t find her. Sakura and Silverwolf don’t see Whisper wandering around either. Whisper leaves a note for Sakura in the barracks, “In the bacta tank, talk later.”
Back in the med bay, Physique asks if she’s decided on a treatment yet.
“Throw me in.”
They get her set up, she’ll be in over night.

When they’re done playing Frisbee, Silverwolf and Sakura head to the mess hall for some sloppy joes. Hardrock tears himself away from his guitars long enough to go get food. Dinner is pretty uneventful.
Gauntlet makes conversation, commenting that it’s good to see Silverwolf out of the lab.
“Well, I like to get out of the lab now and then.” Of course, he’s still in his armor. “Why aren’t you at home with your wife.”
“They had a rough day, so I figured I’d have dinner with the team.”
“Though a good portion of the team isn’t here.” Sakura observes.
Silverwolf makes a bit of a mess with the sloppy joes, picking up the sandwich and shaking it. Gauntlet doesn’t look overly amused. He looks like he’s about to say something, but bites his tongue and towels off.
Sakura wipes the sloppy joe off her face, “You always were generous, Silverwolf. Thanks.”
Since Sakura hasn’t been back to the barracks to find the note, she heads to the med bay after supper where she learns that Whisper is in the bacta tank and Knight Owl has checked in as well.

Nothing significant really happens over night. Doque and some other doctors check on Whisper’s family now and then – periodic intervals. They also check on Knight Owl, just routine.

The next morning Whisper is pulled from the bacta tank before reveille to get her cleaned up and check on her hearing. Her ears are fine.
Doque goes by to visit Knight Owl, “Something more serious is going to have to happen to you before we can keep you for two days, so we’re going to have to discharge you.”
Knight Owl understands and asks that he keep an eye out. Since Whisper was gotten up earlier, she’s ready to go by the time Knight Owl is. Though, she does check on her family before leaving the med bay. The door is shut and the lights are out – she looks in, they’re in their beds, asleep.
Knight Owl and Whisper head toward the barracks and catch Hardrock and Sakura as they’re leaving the barracks.
“Hey, ya’ll come here. Before we go to the mess hall, we gotta talk.” He brings up how Gyrich was so thrilled in the debriefing about the Buckleys, and how he’s concerned with what happened to Silverwolf’s family.
“What happened to Silverwolf’s family?”
“They got killed only Silverwolf and one other puppy survived.”
“How do you know this?”
“Whisper told me.”
Sakura looks at Whisper for an explanation, and Whisper looks puzzled.
Knight Owl goes on, oblivious to this exchange. He figures they should keep an eye on the family, he hasn’t trusted Gyrich since he laid eyes on him. If he’s happy to see them, then he (Knight Owl) ain’t happy.
“We will keep an eye on things. It’s not as if we go around with blinders on. At least, not willingly.” Sakura points out.
“But, how are we going to get someone back into the medical facility?”
“We can just asked Doque to keep an eye out for us.”
“Yeah, but he don’t work forever. Once he goes home, things’ll be unwatched. You know that snake, he’ll go in in the middle of the night.”
“Why? He has the authority to just go in.” Hardrock points out.
There is some discussion about how sneaky Gyrich would be, since he doesn’t have to worry about answering any questions – it doesn’t matter that Whisper would want an explanation, Gyrich doesn’t have to give one.
“Whatever, I want to keep an eye out,” Knight Owl insists.
“I didn’t say we wouldn’t. We just have to figure out how. I don’t think getting injured is a good idea.” Sakura suggests that at least one of them express interest in getting medical training to be able to be in the med bay and keep an eye out.
“But, they won’t let us stay over night.”
“I don’t see why not. Someone’s gotta clean the bedpans, they’ll be happy to let a trainee do it.”

Training is pretty standard stuff for the day. Whisper focuses to hear her brother. There’s a standard tv show on, and he laughs now and then. He and her mom talk some.

After morning training and lunch, Sakura has a talk with Whisper, regarding everything that’s been going on. Whisper was concerned that, despite appearances, her brother may have been affecting those around him, that was part of why she shot him. That and she had wanted to see her father’s reaction – this concerns Sakura. However, since there was other logic, she is not as concerned as she had been. Another concern is what Whisper knew about Silverwolf’s family – Whisper doesn’t know how she knows or even how long she’s known. Sakura considers this a cause for concern. Whisper having this knowledge with no source, and Hardrock’s feeling that he’s forgotten something from the previous day, plus him having said “Piggybacker” – was someone besides Mu and the rest of the team in their minds?
Further concern is for Kia – if Gyrich wants to use him, what can be done? He shouldn’t remain on the Initiative base, that’s for certain, however, what can be done with him where he’d be able to receive care in case he is as unstable as Whisper fears he may be? Whisper doesn’t trust many people at the Initiative – Sakura asks if she’s even certain she wishes to remain.
Finally, the two decide that Tony Stark may be able to help – he seems opposed to whatever plans Gyrich has. They go to see Gauntlet to see if a meeting can be arranged.
Gauntlet agrees to work on setting up a meeting, however, he cautions them against making accusations they can’t back up.
Whisper starts saying she has no proof against a certain red headed individual, but – then she asks if her father is still on base. There have been no prisoner transports off the base as far as Gauntlet knows.
Whisper asks if she can see him.
“It would depend on what level of security has been placed on him. It’s not my call to make.”
“How do I get clearance, or permission?”
“I can pass word along to War Machine that you’d like to see your father before he’s shipped to number 42.”
“I appreciate that.”
With that wrapped up, Sakura explains her concerns about the possibility of someone tampering with the minds of the team. Gauntlet asks if she’s talked to Mu, but Mu hasn’t had much to say lately.
Gauntlet suggests the possibility of Trauma helping. Most of the world’s great telepaths are X related and the Initiative are not on great terms with them.
Gauntlet asks if the team has come to any sort of decision regarding whether they should remain together. Sakura replies that there really hasn’t been time for anyone to think or discuss.

Sakura gathers the team and explains what her concerns are, then takes them to see Trauma.
They explain the situation, but Trauma isn’t able to help. Like Gauntlet mentioned, the strong telepaths are with the X Men, and they’re not on great terms with the US government.
Sakura suggests maybe Silverwolf, since he can detect when a power has been used. Silverwolf doesn’t answer the door when they arrive at his lab, though.

Sakura asks Whisper if she needs some time to think, or if she’s ready for the discussion. Whisper indicates that she is. Sakura reminds everyone what it was that Gauntlet wanted them to discuss.
Knight Owl comments that it was a family matter, everyone gets fuzzy on family matters.
“It was a matter of her family’s safety, and being able to help them in a timely matter.” Sakura points out.
“We’re all young, we make mistakes.” Knight Owl insists.
“It’s a matter of trust. If we can’t trust each other, we can’t work together as a team.”
“It wasn’t a matter of trust, it was a matter of experience and learning from mistakes.”
“It was a matter of trust,” both Sakura and Whisper put in.
“Whose side are you on?” Knight Owl asks Whisper.
“Well, I’ll fight beside you.” Knight Owl gives her a light punch on the shoulder.
“That seals it for me.” Hardrock says, coldly.
“So, Knight Owl, you’re fine with all of us working together. Hardrock, it sounds like you’re not.”
“No. ‘Cause there’s no guarantee she wouldn’t do it again. If her father went insane again, or if her brother does. How do we know she won’t choose her own side again?”
“How do we know you won’t go crazy again like you did in the cave?” Whisper asks defensively.
“He didn’t he already told us that. He was providing a distraction.”
“How do we know?” Whisper pushes.
“Because I haven’t lied. I haven’t with held information- I put my life on the line, trying to-.”
Voices start getting raised.
“Enough!” Sakura cuts in. “You’ve proved the point.”
“Yeah, you’ve cast your vote,” Knight Owl comments. “What about you, Mu?” Mu remains silent. “Sakura?”
“As it stands now, the current structure of this team cannot remain.” Sakura starts.
“Alright, you’re all fired.” Knight Owl interrupts.
Sakura actually smiles, but shakes her head. “Some decisions need to be made.” She looks at Whisper, “I know you haven’t had much chance to think about what we discussed this morning.”
“No, but it’s pretty clear that this team is not going to be a team with me on it. And I have, as Knight Owl pointed out, family is one of those things that you can make mistakes with. Well, I’m going to continue I guess, in that same vein. I’m going to go back to my family and do what I can for them.”
“You mean you’re dropping out?” Knight Owl is shocked.
“I don’t think I’m cut out for this life.”
“Oh, come on, you’re really good.”
“I do think you could do a great deal of good. But, your family does need you. And they’re a distraction for you – I mean, your heart’s with them even if you’re not physically with them.” Sakura comments.
“It’s like I told you earlier, they’re my first priority right now.”
“And that’s understandable. Are you sure that’s what you want to do and it’s not a reaction to things that have just been said.”
“So, what am I supposed to do? There’s a member of the team who won’t work with me.”
“You don’t understand. If you want to stay and they want to work with you, then I would leave.” Hardrock adds in.
“So, it’s an ultimatum?” Knight Owl seems offended.
“No, I’d go to another team.”
“The two of them cannot work together,” Sakura says, “so, either way, one of them would have to leave. Not the Initiative, that’s not what Gauntlet intended. There are other teams. Whisper’s family does need her, they’ve been through a traumatic experience, and, if she leaves to go be with them, we’ll continue our training and likely be in the field by the time she returns, if she decides to do so. Hardrock has not been here long, and it was unfair to him to place him with our team when we’ve been here so long, there may be a team with a better fit. Either way, there are personal decisions to be made.”
“I don’t want to quit today. There’s too much going on, too much to figure out. And, if I can get my family to a safe place where I know they’re okay, I’d like to at least finish training. I don’t know when this. . .situation with my family is going to stabilize.”
“Yeah, you’d have to stay here to keep an eye on ‘em. As long as you’re here, you may as well train. An’ who knows, you may decide to stay.” Knight Owl comments.
“I feel like in order to help, right now with my family, that I really need your help too, if you’re willing to give it. Or to continue giving it.”
“Count me in.”
Sakura and Knight Owl notice a woman walking across the quad from the science building – she looks out of place in that she’s carrying a brief case. She looks rather like a lawyer. She has mousey brown hair pulled back in a pony tail, and is wearing glasses.
Sakura recognizes her as Jennifer Walters – She-Hulk in her non-hulk form.
Sakura looks puzzled and Knight Owl notices. “Who’s that?”
“Jennifer Walters.”
“Who’s that?”
“Seriously, She-Hulk?” Hardrock asks.
“Darn, I don’t have it on me.”
At the confused looks, Hardrock explains, “My autograph book. I usually carry it on me all the time.”
Getting the conversation back on track, Sakura tells Whisper that she’d like to be able to offer what little help she can, then she looks at Hardrock, “Do you think there is the slightest chance you would be able to work with Whisper?”
“No.” Hardrock says definitively. “I’ll be seeing you all around.” He heads off to go find Gauntlet. He sees him outside of the administration building.
Gauntlet pulls out his walkie talkie and calls Sakura, telling her he needs the team in front of the administration building. Hardrock doesn’t hear what he’s saying, but, he heads toward him anyway.
Meanwhile, Sakura gestures for the team to follow, “We are summoned.”
As they’re walking across the quad, they see a helicopter. It lands at the landing zone. The doors open and everyone recognizes Tony Stark stepping off the copter. He then reaches up and helps some ladies out of the copter – the team recognize Crystal and Medusa from when they saw them at the hospital when visiting Kia.
The group reaches Gauntlet.
“What’s up, boss?” Knight Owl asks.
“Well, I didn’t get a chance to call Tony Stark, because, apparently he was already on his way here. I’ll explain as much as I know. Apparently, those two women were promised visitation of your brother at some point and they’re here to collect. Knowing your concern, Director Stark wanted to at least give you the option of being present.”
Stark and the ladies approach. The ladies are not in costume, they don’t look like they’ve come looking for a fight. They’re looking regal as members of the royal family. Last the team saw them, they’d left in a huff, having wanted to take Kia off world for testing and been refused in that request by Tony.
The women look to Whisper and nod to her as they walk up.
Tony relaxes quite a bit at seeing the lack of fight so far.
“Ladies, if you would excuse me for a moment, I would like to take a moment to explain the circumstances to Whisper.”
The ladies nod and hang back. Tony gestures for Whisper to move to the side, then starts explaining – this isn’t the place for Whisper’s family to be. As long as they are on American soil, he cannot keep Gyrich away from them. While he knows that’s not the most desirable outcome, he also knows that those women are indebted to the team, and they know it. When the team had their adventure with the Psychoman, several of the beings they brought back were Inhumans who had been missing for some time. And the royal family is very grateful to have them back. This has made diplomatic relations easier – they see the government as being cooperative and even helpful. So, it’s never a bad thing to have people like the Inhuman royal family indebted to one. He has received guarantees, and, they may be many things, but they are honor bound. They have given their word that no harm will come to any involved in the transfer. It would just be her brother and her father – they have no interest in her mother, but, if she wished to go along, she could. The greatest benefit to this is that there are no greater experts to the effects of terrigen than the Inhumans and their Great Academy of Science. They are aware of Whisper, otherwise, they wouldn’t allow anyone to come with them when they see her brother, other than Tony.
Whisper observes that they didn’t demand she go along.
The requested it. But, while her father is in no position to argue one way or the other, nor is Kia. And Kia has been under ill effects from the crystal for some time and there is no one on Earth who will provide him with better care, or at least help him understand what is going on. If Whisper chooses to go with them, that is her choice. Stark would like to see her complete her training. She will be kept in the loop and in regular contact, and even be able to visit. He has every reason to believe their promises. This gets both parties outside of Gyrich’s jurisdiction.
“Alright.” Whisper says.
“I wanted to make sure you understand exactly what is being proposed, and I say proposed because nothing is sealed. As the, for all intents and purposes, the healthy member of your family, it is your decision to make. That was part of the conditions, that whatever happens be with your approval.”
“So, um, I’m agreeable.”
“Do you have any questions?”
“You said that they wanted to run tests on my brother. What exactly – do you know what that means?”
“Unfortunately, I do not, but, that is open for discussion between you and them.”
“I don’t know what their idea of causing no harm is.”
“You can certainly discuss it with them. My understanding is that part of their use of the terrigen, they have strict control over the exposure to minimize the effect.”
“And if they decided he was too dangerous?”
“I don’t believe that’s the kind of testing they’re wanting to do.”
“My understanding is that he would be a benefit to them.”
“To the Inhumans? As much as he would be a benefit to anyone, I suppose.”
“I don’t think it’s a benefit to us to have him create things that drive people crazy.”
“I don’t think that’s what they have in mind. They are not lacking in terrigen.”
“I think that’s probably the best place for him, and my father.”
“Shall we rejoin the group?” he motions for her to rejoin the group and falls in behind.

While Whisper and Stark are talking, Hardrock talks to Gauntlet, and lets him know he’s leaving the team. Gauntlet asks how that decision was made – Hardrock explains he can’t work with Whisper. Gauntlet asks if that’s what the team wants. Sakura explains that it’s clear that Hardrock and Whisper can’t work together and the choice was Whisper leaving to be with her family, which she was seriously considering; or Hardrock going with another team. Given how short a time Hardrock has been in the Initiative, placing him with a team which has not been there as long would be more beneficial to him.
“Sorry to see you go.”
“I’ll still be around.”
“Sorry to see you leave the team.”
“We’re all on the same team, honestly. I’ll see you around.”

Stark addresses the ladies, “The terms have been agreed upon.” He looks at Whisper, “If you have any questions, now would be the time to ask them.”
Medusa looks at her, her hair moving constantly.
“May I ask why you’re so interested in my brother?”
“Our interest began with the unauthorized presence of terrigen on the islands that you refer to Haiwii. Terrigen was stolen from us, and that is where it came to rest, though it has since been removed.” She goes on, detailing how they want to know about the effects and purity, and to see what they can do to aid him. Since they still don’t know the purity and origin of his infection, Director Stark has assured them that it was terrigen. She clearly doesn’t usually use the term ‘infection’, they view it as something else – she’s using a term Whisper will understand. “We are typically very selective in who among our people receive the gift of terrigenisis. The theft of the crystals from us was a desecration of our beliefs. We do not hold you accountable for what happened to you, the fact that it happened, somebody is responsible. And that person or persons will pay for their crime.”
“Alright. I hope that my father can maybe help you in that, maybe he knows where he came across the crystal.”
“That is our hope as well.”
Knight Owl speaks up, “I don’t suppose any of you are telepaths?”
Whisper asks about where they live. Medusa describes the blue side of the moon and about their society. They removed themselves from Earth to avoid the perpetual wars the humans seem to find themselves in.
Medusa looks a little sad at Knight Owl’s question. “There are.”
Knight Owl looks at Whisper, as if prompting her to ask further.
Tony looks around, “We should probably hurry.”
No one harasses or questions Director Stark as he leads the group into the medical facility.
Doque comments to Knight Owl over the walkie talkie. “There are some suspicious looking people coming in.” Knight Owl waves at him. “I see you,” Doque says, “you suspicious looking mother f*.”
Once they’re in the room and the medical staff have cleared out of it, Medusa walks over to Kia and stares into his eyes. Kia looks uncomfortable. She pulls out a little guage which quickly reads high levels. “Yes, I would say he is terrigen infected.” She checks Whisper’s mother – there is no reading. There is a stout one on Whisper, though.
“Well, that certainly answers that question. Should I explain, or would you prefer to?” she asks Whisper.
Whisper introduces Queen Medusa and Lady Crystal. “They would like you to come live with them.”
“But, why? Why can’t I just live here with you?”
“Because you can do special things and they would like to take care of you.”
“But, you can do special things too.”
“You’ve been sick a long time.”
“I got better.”
“You’re not quite there yet. And I think these people can help you, and keep you safe.”
Whisper looks at her mom.
“Where are they going to be taking him?”
Whisper looks at Stark and Medusa to see if it’s okay to tell where they’ll take him.
“They’re going to take him to where they live on the moon.”
“Cool!” Kia says.
“Uh, no.” Whisper’s mom says.
“You can go with him, Mom.”
“Why is this all necessary? I don’t understand!”
“You’ve got your son here, who is not normal. You’ve got me, you’ve got Dad. We’ve all been exposed to something which has changed them. And when that happens, they have to go somewhere where they can be helped.”
“How long would this be for?”
Medusa steps in and explains it can vary, and she has high hopes for Kia.
“This is all so far above and beyond – do you think this is the best thing, sweetie?”
“I do.”
“Okay, well…I’ve always enjoyed moon light strolls. Just another adventure.” She sounds, and looks, rather nervous and scared.
Whisper gives her a hug and tells her it will be okay.
Medusa tells her a little bit about their society and the culture. She shows some pictures, Whisper recognizes some from a dream she had a long time ago – at least, she recognizes architecture types and symbols. It’s a very technologically advanced society. There are normal looking people in the pictures, which calms Whisper’s mom down some.
Whisper sits down next to Kia, who looks excited at the prospect of going to the moon.
Uncle Dick is just kind of out of it – he’s on pain killers from all the beatings he took.
“When will the transfer take place?” Whisper asks.
“You are still recuperating. It would not be wise to move you in such a state. I am told the sooner the better.”
Tony nods, “The sooner we can pull this off, the better.”
Kia looks fine. He looks pretty healthy. Whisper’s mom is looking pretty frail, from the shock of everything that has happened.
“We could probably take this one today. And come back for you,” Medusa indicates Whisper’s mom, “when you have had time to recover.”
But, Jordan is not having any of that.
“We’ll give you a few days.” Medusa looks at Tony, “Is there any concern in terms of security?”
Doque nods.
“Well, there’s no way our mutual friend doesn’t know we’re here by now. He’s got this ward under surveillance. I’ll arrange for a watch.”
“I’ll volunteer.” Knight Owl offers quickly.
“Even better.” Stark says.
“What about my father?” Whisper asks.
“I would just as soon that our mutual friend not have any test subjects to work with. So, unless there are any objections, I would prefer that he go today.”
Medusa nods, “That can be arranged.”
“Um, is he going to still be secured?” Jordan asks.
“Oh, yes. We will be treating him more as a patient than as a prisoner, though. Our goal is treatment, not incarceration.”
Jordan doesn’t seem pleased, but relents, “Okay.”
“We’ll get to it then. We’ll leave you to discuss things with your son, and all my best.” They start out.
Whisper tells her mom that she wants to go say good bye.
Doque stops Whisper, “Does a family member a non family member to be present in the room?”
“Either one of these two can be present.”
“That’s all I needed to hear.”
Sakura arranges a time for shift change with Knight Owl, then heads off with the rest. Dark Shot shows up to help guard.

Tony leads the way to the brig. In a highly reinforced cell area, Obsidian is sitting on a cot. He doesn’t look impressed at the crowd approaching, though he smiles when he sees Whisper. He looks a lot better groomed. He’s shaved, cleaned up, he looks presentable. He just happens to be humongous, wearing prison orange and an inhibitor collar.
“Wow. What’s all this?”
Stark steps forward. “Think of it as a patient, prisoner transfer.”
“Is it already time for me to go to, what is it I’ve heard it called? Forty-two?”
“No, we have something else in mind for you.”
Obsidian shrugs, “Okay, whatever needs to be done.”
He stands up, puts his hands on the circles on the wall. The guard goes in and uses the special zip cuffs on him.
“Dad, do you remember that thing you told me about Silverwolf?”
“What did I tell you about Silverwolf?”
“About his brothers and sisters being exposed to the crystal? They all died?”
“Technically they weren’t exposed. Their mother was exposed.”
“When did you tell me this?”
“I didn’t.”
Medusa looks over, “When was this?”
“I don’t know. About seven or eight years ago. I think.”
Tony goes wide eyed.
“Your exposure was thirteen years ago, correct?” Medusa asks Whisper.
“And who is this Silverwolf?”
“A dog.”
“Director Stark, what is the meaning of this? Animals, being exposed? What have you people been doing, Tony?”
“It wasn’t his people,” Whisper puts in, “It was Gyrich.”
Tony covers his face with his hand, then pinches his nose – the expression speaks volumes.
Crystal and Medusa both snap around.
“Director Stark, where is he? And did you know about this?”
“I had no idea. That’s not an excuse, I’m just saying, I had no idea.” He looks mortified for a moment or two. “Just a moment, please.” He pulls out his phone and hits the speed dial. “I have an unfortunate situation that has developed, regarding one of your secretaries. No, sir, not that kind of secretary. Gyrich has been a naughty naughty boy. No, sir, not with one of the secretaries. It would seem that Secretary Gyrich has been involved with animal testing with terrigen. No, sir, I don’t have any proof-“ there is some loud commentary from the other end of the phone, “However, I am here with two members of the Inhuman royal family” the conversation goes on – essentially, Gyrich will be removed from his post and placed under house arrest. Tony turns the phone over to Medusa.
“Yes? Your apologies are noted. But, they do nothing to assage the fact that this man, if he has been involved in the activities indicated, we shall want our justice. I understand that you have your due process. And we have ours. I will require that no fewer than two members of our own police force be involved in your investigations. He wishes to speak to you.” She hands the phone back to Tony who wraps up the conversation, then turns to a couple SHIELD agents, “Please, place Gyrich under house arrest. He is to have no communication. I want his phone lines disconnected. He is under investigation, and his assets will be seized.” After issuing instructions to the agents to take Gyrich to the brigg and process his house, he turns to Medusa. “You have our utmost cooperation in this. We want to get to the bottom of this- probably not as much of you.”
“We are a people of our word, Stark, this in no way affects the arrangements that have been made.”
Before they leave, Sakura’s communicator goes off – Silverwolf is in the quad and wants to play Frisbee.
“Silverwolf wants to play Frisbee,” Sakura informs them.
“He is here?”
Sakura answers in the affirmative.
“I would very much like to meet this Silverwolf.”
Crystal speaks up, “Cousin, I believe I had met this Silverwolf before. I was under the impression that he was a pet of the Fantastic Four.”
“Richards was in on this as well?”
“I don’t believe anyone knew where Silverwolf had gotten his abilities.”
“And you are?”
“I’m Sakura, the team leader. Silverwolf was on our team for a while.”
Stark calls Reed and tells him to get there quickly.
They all go out to meet Silverwolf in the quad – Silverwolf knows Crystal. Medusa checks with her little scanner- it shows negative.
“You are the one called Silverwolf?” Medusa asks.
“Yes. Frisbee? Everyone seems so serious.”
“He seems to be of humanoid intelligence.”
Silverwolf sits on Crystal’s foot and leans against her.
“Oh, yes. He’s quite intelligent,” Crystal says, “he used to work with Dr Richards.”
“Robotics is my specialty.”
Medusa comments, “this is an abomination.”
Silverwolf whimpers. Sakura pets him.
“No disrespect to you. Terrigen was never intended for use on animals.”
Silverwolf runs for his armor.
Whisper comments that it’s not his fault.
Medusa continues on, she’s pretty full of rage – she explains that she’s not mad at Silverwolf, but that he should not be.
She asks how he came to have his abilities. He explains, while hiding behind Tony, that he’s been this way since birth. His mother was a mutant. There were experiments; he was informed in a dream.
The label of abomination isn’t meant with ill will toward Silverwolf – he should not be, it is against the tenants of how terrigen should be used.
“Are you planning on rectifying that?”
Silverwolf relaxes, “If you found my mother, would you help her?”
“Is she in distress?”
“Probably. He tried to destroy her. He tried to dispose of her, and I’m slightly afraid he might try with me.”
Tony looks surprised.
“I may just be paranoid, but I’ve been told several times not to trust the man. Though, I’ve been told I can trust you.” He looks up at Tony.
“I don’t know who gave you that idea,” Stark comments, scratching Silverwolf behind his ears.
“Johnny says I don’t have breasts, so I’m okay.”
“You are one odd little pooch.”
“Would hyou help my mother?”
“What was done to her is a crime, her existence, less so. However, I do not believe she would be safe in Attilan. There are those who – there are extremists, even within our own religion, who would take greater offense.”
“What about you?” Silverwolf looks at Tony.
“Well, assuming she didn’t try to kill me or anything, is she a good doggie or a bad doggie?” Stark actually answers without humor.
“I do not know.”
“Then that’s a hard question. I would not seek to do her harm, but what help I could be would be dependent upon her actions.”

Across the way, the group sees Gyrich- and hears him – being lead to the brig. He’s shouting, but loses the wind in his sails when he notices the crowd. Seeing Silverwolf with Medusa, Crystal, Obsidian and Stark, he knows the gig is up. He stops resisting – safest place for him right now is behind bars.
The Fantastic car shows up, and Silverwolf takes off to see Reed and Sue, shedding the armor as he goes.
Reed gives a smile, “I’ll be back in a moment,” then he walks over to the rest of the group. “What is going on here?”
Tony explains that he has just placed Gyrich under arrest for possibly experimenting on animals with terrigen, with one of the potential results being Silverwolf.
“When did this happen?”
“Roughly seven or eight years ago, if this young lady is to be believed.”
“Where the hell would Gyrich have gotten- are you telling me that he cleaned out the caves? Well, I’d like to have seen the look on his face when he got arrested.”
“Reed? Did you know?”
“No. Queen Medusa, Lady Crystal, you have my sincerest apologies that I did not uncover this myself.”
“You have always been a friend to us, Dr Richards. I will take your word that you did not know, you have never given us reason to doubt you.” She turns to Stark. “We will be in touch in regards to how to proceed with this investigation. I look forward to working closely with your offices.” She composes herself, “Director Stark, Dr Richards, Miss Buckley,” she sweeps the whole group in her glance, “You have the royal family, in your efforts to rescue certain members of the family from the Microverse, you have our gratitude. Well, I believe it is time we were on our way.” She takes one of Obsidian’s arms, Crystal takes the other. Medusa gives a whistle and Lockjaw hops off the helicopter and heads over. Silverwolf stops his visit with Sue to come check out this new arrival. Lockjaw just looks at him.
“I have no idea how to talk like a dog,” Silverwolf says, “I was raised by Richards.”
Lockjaw gives a nod and a doggie huff.
“Oh, you’re busy. Bye!” he runs back over to Sue.
Lockjaw pads up to Crystal and gives a low bark. “I don’t think he’s met anyone quite like him,” another huff from Lockjaw, “He is quite energetic, yes.”
“Shall we?”
They take their leave of Whisper.
“Bye, Dad.”
“Bye, sweetie, I love you.” And the Inhumans and Obsidian disappear.

Tony sighs, “Wow. We just side stepped a nuclear bomb. I appreciate the honesty, but I wish you’d have warned me that you were going to drop that bomb on us.” He exhales. “This job, started the year almost at war with the Inhumans, managed to bring about a peace, and almost ended up in a war with them again. I think I’m going to go do something less stressful for a while, like fight the Mandorin. Anything else I can do for you folks?”
Silverwolf brings over a Frisbee.
“Oh, sure, why not?” He powers up his arm and throws the Frisbee. Silverwolf gets a jet pack and goes after the Frisbee.
Whisper asks about the significance of eight years ago with Gyrich. The significance is that the only batch of terrigen known to be on Earth was the one found by Whisper’s family 13 years ago. When it was investigated, it was gone, but there was evidence something had been there.
With it happening eight years ago, it means he must have taken it, and that he is continuing experiments which had been nixed long long ago.
Whisper asks about the original disappearance – the delicate situation is that the Inhumans had suspected the US government of having a hand in the theft, which the government has long denied. Since Gyrich is a government official, it proves the suspicions right; even if Gyrich acted without the knowledge of others in the government, he was nominated by an elected official. Despite this, the situation with the Inhumans is not as bad as it had been.
Stark takes off, using his Ironman suit. The copter pilot, not being needed, heads off to get a drink.
Silverwolf uses his jetpack to head to his lab, then comes back with the drive. Reed plays it, it’s the message Sakura relayed to Silverwolf.
“Oh, dear. That’s interesting.” Reed looks at Sakura who’s looking perplexed, “You don’t remember this?”
“I believe my mother is a telepath.”
“Not just in dreams, huh? Well, if she’s watching that closely, she’ll know where you are and she’ll find you when she’s ready. Certainly sounds like she has no ill intention. Though it sounds like she has no reason to trust folks like me. Scientists experimenting.”
“I’m a scientist too. Besides,” Silverwolf puts his head against Sue’s, since he’s still wearing the pack, and therefore floating, “you have Sue to keep you in line.”
“Tony always invites me to the most exciting parties.” Reed comments. “We should be going.” At Silverwolf’s disappointed look, he relents, “We could hang out a little while.”
They resume the Frisbee game.

A week passes. Karnak, Gorgon, Medusa, Crystal and Lockjaw return. Karnak and Gorgon go off with Tony to conduct investigations.
Sakura spoke with the folk in the med bay to get some training, since it would be helpful for someone on the team to have some medical knowledge.
Kia and Jordan arrive. Kia is very excited, Jordan less so. They have been talking more, and spent some time with Trauma, so she’s doing better. Her house is on the market, the proceeds will go to Whisper, since she’ll have no need for the money.
“You’ll come visit, right? Please, come visit.”
“If you wish to come now, just to see the accommodations, feel free.”
Off to the moon – at least for Jordan, Kia and Whisper. Jordan gets normal living quarters, Kia will be in a medical facility, but it looks like he’ll be comfortable. They bring Whisper back to Earth, and give her a way to get in touch in case she wants to come visit.

Time passes. . .
The group learns some information about what happened with the terrigen…(added as a file)
With Gyrich’s arrest, some folks his files implicate as being associated with his experiments disappear, including Baron Von Blitzschlag – along with his research notes, some DNA samples and the zombie head of Speed Ball.
Sakura’s sword can cut through any inorganic material; with proper technique and focus, she can put her sword through a thick, cinder block wall with very little effort.

What comes next?
TX, SC, AZ, ME – places available, highest priority in need of teams.
If the team wants to stay together as a team, they can all go to one of those locations. If they don’t want to stick together, they’ll be portioned out to where they’re needed.
Silverwolf is granted citizenship of the United States, he was represented by She-Hulk. He returns to training and finishes so that he can be able to support a team – and everyone knows that even the support staff gets dragged into the fights.
Sakura wants to stick around and be a trainer – this gives her a good place to keep an eye on things and see where her sword may be needed, and the ability to be able to care for her grandmother. She’s considered to be part of the CT team.
Hardrock will go where ever he’s needed – he ends up in SC. He fit in well with his new team, and the whole team moves on to SC together.
Whisper completes training, paying attention to the progress of Gyrich’s trial. He will be kept Earth side, but he’ll be in a maximum security for life. Then, she wants to go to the moon, so Stark makes arrangements for her to be an ambassador. The Inhumans had given their word that she could visit whenever she wanted, just because she wants to visit for a looong time… Whisper does receive additional diplomacy training before being granted a visa to the moon.
Knight Owl is eager to get going. His motorcycle is already packed. He’s had a dream, has to get to Chicago. He won’t have a base of operations, since he has to travel to follow his dreams. He gets a GPS and a communicator, so he can get back up if needed.

The End (or is it?)

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