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Title: General Rules of the Forum
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TheApothecary - May 11, 2011 02:35 PM (GMT)
General rules for Role-play:
1. No God Modding. This is rule number one because it is the biggest issue. Every attack is an attempt, and the attempt based upon skill of RP and character will determine if it succeeds. Good RP not God RP is the name of this game.

2. No killing. For the same reason of God Modding. You cannot kill anyone unless they have given prior consent to it for plot points. If this is the case then make the Staff aware of it beforehand please. On that note, your character can be incapacitated, knocked out, or faint. But they may not be killed without the approval of the player and for plot purposes.

3. PG 13 rules. That means generally clean with some sauciness mixed in. Keep it tasteful, if you must engage in naughty activities like all of them keep it PG-13. Wikipedia AMERICAN PG-13 guidelines for more help.

4. Amendment to PG-13 rulings, keep cursing tasteful. Adhere to the same rules as TSU CHAT regarding language.

5. Role-play cannot start until your character profile has been approved and put in the Approved Profile Forum. Posting before approval will result in removal of the posts and character.

6. No bullying, Trolling or Flaming. In character will be fine so long as the plot dictates, but bringing in personal issues or picking on another soldier will result in immediate and permanent removal from the game. No exceptions we are here for fun not a popularity contest.

7. You are limited to one character, with the exception of Game Mods, they will run the NPCs of the game. Game mods may not participate in their threads, but may participate in another mods threads.

If any of these rules are broken it will result in moderator intervention, it is left up to the moderator to make a decision on the issues. If you wish to dispute a moderators decision you may contact Captain Jack and ONLY CAPTAIN JACK. Contacting another mod in regards to an issue will result in immediate and permanent ban until Captain can review it.

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