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 competing over energy
Posted: Sep 9 2006, 09:16 AM

TSL Contributor

Group: Members
Posts: 90
Member No.: 6
Joined: 15-February 06

Example 1:
two people in a relationship, friends of mine;
an energetic pattern developed itself over time;
when one felt good, the other felt bad simultaniously..
and vice versa. not allways but many times.
when she felt good, the other suddenly came on the phone
stating that he felt not good and that he got 'her' negative vibes..
when he felt good, she felt not good at all and wanted to
share what she felt with him.
to keep it simple;
she wanted to be in unity, he wanted to have his privacy

She needed him to acknowledge her feelings,
He suppressed his own and didn't want to give it so much attention.
it allmost seemed that they competed over something.
one set his foot on the brake, the other on the gas..
So they broke up.

Example 2:
needy people, on all sort of levels.
vampire like. mostly not consciously. dependantly.
not relying on own strength. what is own strength if not from this world?
is there a line? is it not all shared? the problem of identification
or else: the problem of becoming conscious about it!
trying to retain ones own energy as one can describe this. blaming others to suck them out. and vice versa. the problems arises when one gets consciously involved, trying to manage this with his little mind and understanding, trying
to take this on its own shoulders.. only relaxation in this
seems to sort this out naturally(?)

Can people share their insights over this? how to avoid this? or master this?
I guess emotional and mental habbits are the links to leaking tapping energy..

We live together as Humanity, and we are human Units too, what is healthy?

Can someone relate on this more indepthly?

ONS Merijn

"The Fruit falls suddenly, but the ripening takes time"
Posted: Sep 9 2006, 05:47 PM

TSL Contributor

Group: Members
Posts: 178
Member No.: 7
Joined: 15-February 06

Yes this is to do with the power struggles of the manipura and swadisthana chakras (the lower self)... self mastery is the answer, easier said than done of course.

Too often we look to or for others to feel complete in ourselves,
our desires bring misery especially when we lose sight of this moment NOW....

the answer and this is only spoken thru my experience is to maintain dis interest...

that is to love and take care of our own well being so as not to expect another to take care of or provide joy to us..

dis interest in what the other chooses to give or do ( its their journey after all)
only and interest in what we give and do... to make valuable use of our time here on this realm- only we are responsible for maintaining our joyful state... and then sharing it forth

how WE behave is what makes the difference... maybe your friends will find joy if they surrender as you say (and relaxation too)...

sharing issues and problems etc can set a negative tone to begin with which is then difficult to make light of...

i dont know talking too much leads to problems especially if not done face to face where one may just need a hug to feel loved and acknowledged....

what do you think?

Tteja x

"Om Lokaha Samastaha Sukino Bhavantu, Om Shanti"
"Om may all beings in this world & in all other worlds be peaceful & happy, Peace"

Posted: Sep 10 2006, 12:28 AM

TSL Contributor

Group: Members
Posts: 90
Member No.: 6
Joined: 15-February 06

yes, i can relate to that!

I for myself can say that indeed when needs are the main motivation, life can be
very tough.. ;-)
dis interest.... I don't like the word but in the context you are putting it
it's not dis interest, it's compassion. ;-)

christ consciousness.....
being human..

well, i know I do have a long way to go under the light of comparitive

ANd to see people all around me opening up, coming together and such is beautifull! the proces seems so fragile yet, but unavoidable.
the little I has to go. to be anihilated.
and that's why it's such a hard time for me, when i find out that there is so much
me left, so much small 'me', thus not spontanious me, no flowing healthy me.
For as I feel it, the new We, the new I am as it can be as Christ-consciousness
shooks it all up.. and there are many dreams to give up in order to
receive and be with ease. There are many pains and sorrows to go trough.

I pray wholeheartedly that each and everyone may know his/her inner calling
and is able to surrender to it! -That we all may live the promiss of our hearts and that we all may be a blessing to this world.

There is much to be experienced before true understanding ripens sometimes.
but we all shall be redeemed.. None shall be excluded.
this I believe. the same as it has my fears sometimes ;-)

I would like to hear more about relying on ones own strength... what
is ones own strenght? what is my own?

"The Fruit falls suddenly, but the ripening takes time"
Posted: Sep 15 2006, 09:48 PM

TSL Contributor

Group: Members
Posts: 90
Member No.: 6
Joined: 15-February 06

I can say, relate, that I'm on a journey now to be more with earth.
ofcourse this topic was on my mind because
there is allot to do for me regarding this it seems.......
mm.. the fun thing, after I did post this here,
allot of things happened in my life regarding this subject!

fun to notice again how things, seemingly seperated, work together as one.
Fun to notice the grace and mercy of this divinity in which all takes place..

difficult it can be to face fears and feel them.
difficult it can be to go hit bottom deep..

difficult it can be to really surrender when the heat is on,
difficult it can be to know when to fight and when to surrender,
difficult it is to let go of manipulating the proces trying to do the 'right thing'...

How good it is to have friends taking on them to care and support me out of themselves, in the mind of the motherfather..
how good it is to know that I'm not allone being small me. How good it is to
be in this proces. How I have cursed it when the pain was too much and such.

how insignificant it is, how valluable it is too!
it is a butterfly's nature to fly! he should not be sitting and such on the ground like the catterpillar.... allthough they share the same offspring, their nature is different..
I'm so many times like that butterfly, studying the sky and studying flying and such, but in reality I never took off... Who am I? I'm not the catterpillar anymore, but am also not the butterfly, i am the butter maybe without the fly ;-).

will I ever be able to take off and do what I love and be with love or whatever it takes? who can tell?

I will confront myself with myself etc.
relying on my own strength.. Up and down... on and on..

It is fun right? it can be... assurance. What fear have I? show me god.
I'll let go of trying to figure it out, let my life figure it out by itself!

May god bring all to me that I need to know, feel, do and go through. I cannot be
when I do not allow myself to be.

just sharing this with nothing and everything.
I do not have to be, I am.

"The Fruit falls suddenly, but the ripening takes time"
Posted: Sep 18 2006, 08:20 PM

TSL Contributor

Group: Members
Posts: 67
Member No.: 19
Joined: 27-February 06


What an interesting dialog.

I think the word disinterest was being used for the idea of detachment. Or dispassion.

So that you are focused within and on the Self and your own connection to Love and Peace, and not pulled in, or overly dependent on the reactions or actions of others.

This is to be Self-realized...this is the Goal...so it takes falling down and making mistakes and getting stepped on and so forth until we can remain in the center.

The idea of strength would relate to this, courage.....be willing to walk, talk and BE in your truth...in Truth in general.

This also relates to the topic of dispassion and non-attachment, as one needs to have complete Faith, and allow the Divine to Live through you and for you.

This is the whole process of becoming......

Your apparent strength would then come from God's Will, from God's Love. It is like dancing with God....and learning how to let God lead so that you can be in rhythm with one another.

The Divine Dance........ rolleyes.gif

Soulforce, I really liked your last open thought sharing...it has a grace and purity to it...a calling out to God for the Way.


This post has been edited by sunx2 on Sep 18 2006, 08:26 PM
  Posted: Sep 19 2006, 01:50 AM

TSL Contributor

Group: Members
Posts: 67
Member No.: 19
Joined: 27-February 06


I can also relate to I am the butter, but not the fly yet!!!!!!!

One life has ended, but the other has not fully begun. Or at least is not clear.


Such great insight and sharing, each word.

Thank you!

S ohmy.gif
Posted: Sep 24 2006, 09:13 PM

TSL Contributor

Group: Members
Posts: 90
Member No.: 6
Joined: 15-February 06


let the 'from here' be from here,
let the 'from there' be from there.

maybe I left a wing in my cocoon ;-))

why hurry the proces?

I got all the time in the world,
otherwise I couldn't be here.

but hey, why do things tommorow which I can do today?
why trying to do things today which are not yet to be?

I will take a look around me in my own garden and see what work there is to be done..


"The Fruit falls suddenly, but the ripening takes time"
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