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Title: For my love Mika

JOHN MATTHEW MASTERS - January 16, 2011 06:49 AM (GMT)
    Castiel fell to the ground and moaned quietly. He had never actually experienced pain before, not really. Not in the physical way that humans do. But this pulling in his gut was as close to pain as he'd ever felt. Alistair was to blame. The demon had caught him off guard. Castiel had been trying to save one of his sisters. He had been caught in a trap set by the demon and had only just barely managed to get away.

    He had headed to the only one he trusted, the only one he knew would keep him safe and take care of him. The only one he loved. He just wished he could work out how to tell Dean how he felt. He was scared though, that the human would not love him back.

    He looked up from his fetal position, he was in a small run down looking motel room. He could sense Dean, smell the human and he took in as deeper breath as he could manage. There was a huge gash in his stomach that wasn't healing nearly as fast as it should have been. It had been made by an angel's sword. Which is why it wasn't healing. Castiel was just lucky that Alistair hadn't managed to do more damage.

    "Dean" he grit out and his blue eyes focused on the familiar head that poked out from over the edge of the bed. He saw Dean's eyes widen in shock and then worry as the human almost fell of the bed in his rush to get down to the angel. "Alistair" Castiel grunted in response to what he knew would be the humans first question. "Angel blade." He explained further.

    "Damnit Cas" Dean snapped as he pushed on the angel's shoulders and ran his hands down to the edge of his trench coat. Pulling it off his shoulders and pushing it aside, he tore open the angels shirt and grunted in shock at the wound on the man's stomach. "Fuck" he muttered as he moved to pick up the angel in his arms and place him on the bed.

    "Lay still" he said as he grabbed his duffel and pulled out some holy water, and a clean towel. He decapped the bottle and soaked the towel, he had no idea if the fact that the water was blessed would help but he figured it couldn't hurt and he needed to clean the blood away anyway. "This will hurt" he stated before pressing the towel to the wound firmly. He winced when Castiel hissed and he looked up at his angel, wanting to lean over and ran a soothing hand over his face, into his hair and petting him until he wasn't hurting anymore.

    He didn't dare though, so instead he used his words. "You're an idiot you know, you could have been killed. Then what would I do huh?" He ducked his head back to the wound , it seemed to steam a little when the water touched it and he noticed it trying to heal itself. He didn't know whether to be amazed or grossed out. He did however decide to just simply upend the holy water on it.

    He almost dropped the bottle when Castiel howled in pain and Dean felt a hand gripping his thigh where he sat beside the angel on the bed, he grit his teeth as the pain of an angel gripping him tight cut into him. He didn't stop pouring though and soon the would was almost completely healed.

    He wiped off the blood carefully before looking up at Castiel. "Sorry that hurt buddy" he said, as he got up and walked to the bathroom to wash out the blood soaked towel. Trying to ignore the worry and fear in his mind that someone he cared about so much could have been gone. He was sick of losing those he loved. And for some reason losing Castiel was even more scary than most.

    He jumped when he felt a hand on his shoulder and he turned around to find Castiel standing too close and staring up at him with a look that made Dean's core shake. He'd never had anyone look at him quiet like that before and for it to be Castiel... it stopped his breath in his throat. "Cas?" he asked quietly. "You ok"

    "Yes Dean" the angel replied in his normal deep tone. "Thank you"

    Dean huffed and looked away. "Yeah well don't go get yourself ripped apart anymore ok" he ordered.

    "I will endever not too" Castiel replied, and Dean raised an eyebrow at the smirk on the angel's lips.

    "Dude, was that sarcasm? Did you just make a joke?"

    Castiel smiled and then it was a second before Dean could work out what was happening. It wasn't until he felt a warm wet tongue pressing against his lips. Dean moaned softly and opened for his angel. "Cas?" he whispered, pulling back a little as the kiss really started to get interesting. Scared about what was happening. "What are you doing?" he asked, voice unsure and hopeful at the same time.

    "I would assume that would be obvious Dean" the angel replied before pulling Dean back in by the back of his neck and kissing him more firmly. "Do you not wish me to continue?" Castiel asked, and now he sounded unsure.

    "No, no I do, I want you to continue... Please" Dean murmured as he kissed Castiel, wrapping his arms around the angel and holding him close.

    "Why now" Dean asked when they broke apart again.

    "I almost died Dean, and I realised I didn't want to die without knowing what it felt like to kiss you, to love you. I wanted to tell you I love you, before it was too late."

    Dean sucked in a breath and buried his face in Castiel's neck before repling. "I love you too, but you are not allowed to die." he swore, "I won't let you, you're mine now, no one will take you away, you got that"

    Castiel smiled at him and kissed him gently. "I understand Dean. I will be with you always, of this I promise you."


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