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Dean Winchester - November 19, 2010 11:37 PM (GMT)

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All rules should be read before you register and post your application. Please do not post anywhere in character until you are accepted by an admin.

<p>Please register with your character's name, properly capitalized. For example: Dean Winchester. If you make a mistake, we can fix it for you, but we would rather not have to. One account per character, please.

<p>Character Creation. Please fill out the character template completely, and wait for approval from the staff before you post anywhere in character. You are free to take certain liberties with your character, as this is an AU site, but please don't go over-board or be ridiculous about it. When in doubt, ask on the c-box, or PM an admin.

<p>Canon Claims. If you plan to claim a canon character, please be prepared to commit to the site. We don't want someone who is going to take a character that is important to our plot, and then abandon us half-way through. If you don't think you can give us a certain level of commitment, please don't claim a canon.

<p>Original Characters. They are welcome here, as long as they are well-thought out and fit into the world just as well as a canon would. We’re sure we don't have to say that we don't want any Mary-Sues here. Please note that Original Characters are not allowed to be related to Canon Characters unless an admin clears it.

<p>Face Claim. When choosing a PB for your character, please don't use random people from networking sites. If you have a well-known canon, then use the PB from the show, but feel free to pick and choose if you're playing a more obscure character. Angels and Demons give you a little more freedom, since they can change vessels, but please remember that it is a difficult process, and most of them will probably be more inclined to stay in the ones they’ve chosen where possible.


<p>Post Length. We’re not going to put a set word count unless we need to. We’re all about quality over quantity, and we know sometimes you just can't get the creativity up for a long post. That being said, however, we would like you to at least try to reciprocate whatever is given to you. Barring all of that, however, at least give them something to work off of, that keeps the plot-line going steady. If we see an influx of one-liners, we will warn whoever is doing it, and if it doesn't stop, we will implement a word count.

<p>Spam. Please don't spam the c-box, or the in character boards. Anything non-site related goes in the general discussion thread unless it is an advertisement, in which case it belongs in the ad board. If you’re a guest to our site, please respect the members and the site itself, and remember common courtesy. If you don’t have a legitimate concern, or problem, then please don’t post negative comments in our c-box.

<p>Writing. Please use proper English. We understand typos, of course, and no one is going to go all postal on you for grammar, or punctuation, but please at least try. Work on making your posts flow together, rather than being choppy or hard to decipher. Remember: spell check is your friend!

<p>Chatspeak. Don't use it. Anything beyond 'lol' 'brb' or 'g2g' I can't understand, and don't like to read. Even in the c-box, please don’t type sentences with words made of a single letter. Spell things out, people.

<p>Please keep note that the board is in liquid time, meaning that your characters can be in any number of threads at the same time. Just keep track of them, and keep them all active. If you happen to take on more than you can handle, just alert and admin, and we’ll put a hold on any threads you need us to.

<p>Please put a time-stamp on all of your threads. Everything begins in early November of '08. It helps us keep track of everything easily.


<p>The site rating in general is M for violence and graphic descriptions. Let people know the rating of your threads so that they don't accidentally stumble on something they would rather not read.

<p>Please save all drama for in character interactions because the rest of us don't want to see it anywhere else. If you get into a debate, keep it clean and don't make an admin have to get involved. While swearing is allowed, and expected, please don't use it as every other word.

<p>The role play level is intermediate and up. We don't expect novel length posts, but as we said above, we do expect you to post something your partners can work with. Beginners are welcome so long as you are willing to learn and take advice given by more advanced writers. While we’re not placing a certain limit on the number of characters you can have, you do have to keep them active or kill them off. We focus on character and plot development here; get deep into your character’s psyche, and find out what makes them who they are. Don’t hold back.

<p>Please post a link to your character's application in your signature so that others wishing to role play with you can find it easily. Also, as a courtesy to all members, please don't break the board layout with your graphics, or post a lot of images that make loading time slow.


<p>No power-playing or god-moding unless you have permission first. We understand that god-like characters are sometimes required, but they will only be played by experienced role players who will not abuse the privilege. If you are not experienced writers in the are of character development and plot progression, please leave the god-like characters to those who are.

<p>When it comes to shipping, I'm going to say keep it tasteful. I understand the occasional one-night stand, and whatnot, but I don't want to see constant threads filled with smut without plot. Come up with a reason for it, use it to develop your character, or advance their story-line. RATE YOUR THREADS, please. Keep an emphasis on development in your relationships; make them deep, and lasting, with meaning. Be mature, folks. This isn't a teen vampire novel.

<p>Note: while characters are allowed to have children, both parties must apply for them via PM’ing an admin.

<p>Please keep in mind that no character will win every fight. Keep it realistic, and give the other guys a chance to win. Even if you're up against a monster, you aren't going to win every time. No character is untouchable, not even an angel, and don't kill off a character unless you have the permission of their player.

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