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Title: Trainer Moderator position

Dragonfyre - September 4, 2006 01:19 AM (GMT)
Since there is only one Trainer Moderator currently I am opening up a position for another one or two, depending on the skill of the applicants. If you are a trainer you may not apply. I am sorry, but that is one of the conditions.

Below is a list of what you need to fill out and PM to me. I will be closing the applications by the 10th, unless there are not enough applicants and I feel the need to extend this period.

1. Previous Experience: Any previous experience you have had, if any, and the site address and your username, so that if I need to I can check it up.

2. Why you want to be a Moderator: A short statement on why you want to be a Global Moderator.

3. How much time do you have for Syrien Region: Basically let me know roughly how much time you will have per week to spend on Syrien Region.

4. Journey Reply: A reply to the following journey post with at least 3 sentences (each sentence should contain about 8-10 words):

Sammy wiped the perspiration from his forehead. The battle was difficult, no doubt about that. The first gym leader was not easy at all. He had expected to be a walk in the park, especially after he had trained his Pokémon hard on Sundry Path, but slowly he was being whittled down. Already one of his two Pokémon had fainted and Simon's was still on half health. He was going to have to do something drastic to turn the battle.

"Seedot! Try and see if you can hit Kabuto where Squirtle failed! Use a Harden to raise you defense and then use a Bide. Try and absorb as much damage as you can, but please don't get knocked out!" Sammy knew that Bide was a risky attack, but Seedot was at a higher level and should be able to withstand the damage, especially since it was just send out.

(Some information for your reply, since it isn't that easy for an inexperienced moderator, or member. Some of you may already know this stuff but it is here to help you.

Gym Leader Simon (A link to information on the gym leader)

Battle Update:
Seedot :male: Lv. 14 HP: 42/42
Kabuto :male: Lv. 7 HP: 21/21

The battle update goes at the end of the moderator's post and you should all have at least some experience how it works, otherwise look at the journey of a member who has already battled.)

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