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Hello and welcome to Swan Song! We are an advanced Supernatural roleplay set in season five. We have an awesome member base, a friendly staff, and are always eager to greet guests and new members.

This community is rated R, as such all members must be eighteen and over to join. Please read over the plot and the rules before joining.


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 Band of Brother's Plot
Posted: Apr 17 2012, 08:10 AM

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In the wake of Warís demise at the hands of the Winchesters and company, Pestilence in fear of meeting the same fate as his beloved brother has teamed up with Famine. Famine whoís hunger is to feed on the souls of humans, while the chaos of gluttonous acts are created by his mere presence, while Pestilence brings with him illness and plague wherever he walks.

Pestilence by order of Lucifer was set forth to spread the seeds of the Croatoan virus, recent information has divulged that he plans on doing so by slipping the virus into Swine Flu vaccines and spreading it through the population that way, all to avoid conflict with angelís and do-gooders. The pharmaceutical company heís using to distribute the vaccine is located in a warehouse somewhere in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Famine whoís dedication to chaos is assisting in Pestilenceís plan by turning a large chunk of the city surrounding the warehouse into a frenzy, causing people to hunger after their deepest and darkest desires. The mayhem in turn caused by Famine creating a necessary defense for his beloved brother to carry out the devilís will.

In another part of the city Dean Winchester has just finished a fateful meeting with Death, the Horsemen who rides on a pale steed. Dean investigated his presence using a scythe given to him by the demon Crowley to slay the Horseman but unfortunately he merely played it right into his hands. Death spared Dean, informing him that he wishes to be free of Luciferís leash and has provided Dean with a ring and a way to defeat Lucifer. Unfortunately for mere mortals defeating an archangel can prove to be difficult, but Death provided him the ingredients to seal Lucifer back in his cageóthe Horsemenís rings and now with Deathís help they have two, they just need two more.

Now itís time to put Lucifer away for good and end all of this apocalyptic madness, while the Winchesterís meet up with the devil himself to do combat two rings still need to be retrieved. Good versus evil in a no hold bars match, will you be able to stop the Horsemen in time to deliver the rings to the Winchesters? If not, their fate along the fate of the world will be sealed under the heel and reign of the archangel Lucifer with no one to oppose him once in his true vessel. The final fight begins.
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