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 Kali, goddess
Posted: Mar 28 2012, 02:46 AM

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kali ,
“I like to think that I'm a pretty good kisser I like to think I maybe broke a few hearts I like to think I got it down to an art”
thousands of years old, but looks to be in early thirties Hindu goddess of destruction, cycle, time, and change unique
kalaratri, kalika (but prefers Kali)
India originally, but where ever she likes these days
Rekha Sharma
Hi! I’m KT back with my last charrie, I believe and lots of experience..And oh, yah, she’s up for mature roleplay!

Kali likes power. She likes being powerful and dislikes anyone or anything that takes away from that power. She views the apocalypse and the Judeo Christian front as stealing away her thunder. She’s the one that will decide when and how the world is to end. Not some archangels throwing a hissy fit.

She’s a tigress, dangerous and fierce with a maternal instinct that is rarely seen. That maternal side isn’t to be mistaken for weakness though. Otherwise, it can disappear faster than you can blink. She can be stubborn, but not to the point of foolishness or getting herself killed. She very opinionated and won’t take crap from anyone. Kali is graceful under pressure and doesn’t like to show any weaknesses. She’s not one to get all emotional or gushy. She’s more practical about them.

She’s beautiful and she knows it. She has a rather high opinion of herself, as you can imagine. So, vanity is a given. She is also easily offended and quite ill-tempered, but she likes to keep that temper under control as much as possible. She likes to gloat when she’s in control and to play with the emotions of men when they’ve been bound to her in blood. It’s when she feels the most powerful. She’ll be content and flirtatious in their presence if that is the case.

She doesn’t like it when someone doesn’t show her the level of respect she’s used to. She’s a goddess and a powerful one at that. It takes a good bit of control on her part to keep herself in check, but she does it most of the time. She does favor violence and bloodshed with a proactive attitude towards getting things done. It takes a good bit to reel herself back in, but she does it if she has game plan in mind. She will also protect those that call for her and put their trust in her. Not many will, but well, she’ll do it as that is part of her maternal side.

Kali knows what she wants and can be very determined to get it. She’s a driven individual and a bit of a man-eater. She doesn’t like to give men the upper hand. She prefers to be in control of things and though she has violent urges, she tries to limit them to restrained bouts of violence. She doesn’t go on bloody rampages and physical fights often or get to cut loose. However, she tries to reel it in as she can get carried away. Her violent side isn’t malicious though and she doesn’t like torture either. She also doesn’t like to use her blood binding powers often. It’s more of a way to insure she is two steps ahead of the next guy. And when she does use it, she doesn’t abuse her power over her ‘victim’. She doesn’t see the point in humiliating someone when they’re already in her thrall. The fact that her ‘victim’ is already in her thrall is embarrassing enough is what she figures.

(This history has been hammered out between myself and Leah and I have full permission from her for mention of Loki/Gabriel)

Kali was born from the brow of Durga in the heat of battle against demons. She was created to help combat the overwhelming number of demons that had started to overrun India. Durga’s people had called out and she had answered by going to war with the demons and their growing cruelty. So, as soon as she was born, she began slaughtering demons. For every demon she slaughtered, she took their head and wove them into a necklace around her neck.

The battle was brutal, chaotic. Within the chaos, she started losing control and began killing anyone and anything that started to come her way. Durga’s consort, Lord Shiva, laid in front of her and she stepped on him, causing her to come to her senses. Realizing that she’d lost control, she vowed that she’d do her best to stay vigilant against her blood lust.

In one particular battle with a rather powerful demon called Raktabija, she was in rare form. Durga, her mother, and her assistants, the Matrikas, were locked in battle with this particular demon. However, any time they wounded him, a clone would be produced and the more blood they spilled, the more of him there came to be. Durga called out for help and Kali answered. She saw the problem immediately even as they desperately fought each new form as it appeared. Kali destroyed the demon, Raktabija, by sucking the blood from his body and devouring his duplicates afterwards. It was a gruesome ordeal, but well, it had to be done in her opinion and she’d done it.

Drunk on the demon blood, Kali retired to the forests of Southern India and took up residence there. Her control began to slip from all the demon blood she’d drunk and she began to terrorize the surrounding countryside. A villager appealed to Lord Shiva to see if he would rid the forest of the destructive goddess. Lord Shiva agreed and sought her out. Upon seeing Lord Shiva, Kali threatened him, thinking he’d come to claim the territory as his own. He in turn challenged Kali to a dance contest. When she’s unable to perform a particularly energetic dance move called the Tandava dance, she is defeated and forced to regain control of her disruptive habits.

One of the last few large battles she had against demon-kind, she got caught up in the battle. It had been a long time since she’d been able to cut loose so freely with her blades as she cut through demon after demon without having to keep in mind if she was harming any mortals. It had been years since Lord Shiva had challenged her to that dance-off and won. She’d been true to her word and kept a tight leash on herself. However, she was still young and the bloodlust was very much still there as she cleaved a path through the battlefield. The other gods, remembering her birth and her bloodlust from then, sent out Lord Shiva once again. This time, he appeared on the battlefield as a baby and cried long and loud. Curious, Kali went to the baby Lord Shiva and regained control of her bloodlust before picking him up and laying a kiss on his brow. The lore says that she actually breastfed him, but she didn’t do anything rash like that. The battle was over and she handed him back to Durga where he promptly changed back. He was always trying antics like that though, so it didn’t surprise her one bit.

Over the next few centuries or so, Kali divided her time between wandering the Earth and fighting demons in India to keep them from overrunning the place ever again. It was during her wanderings that she met Loki for the first time. Well, Gabriel parading as Loki. She can’t precisely remember where they’d met that time. It could have been in Britain during the time of Roman occupation, or Gaul. All she could remember was that his antics were amusing even if she found him to be a bit tedious at times.

A century later, a meeting of the gods was called. This only happens either once every five centuries or for emergencies. This was a meeting to address the growing encroachment of the Judeo Christian religious movement upon the followers of the various factions of the pagan gods and goddesses. Kali was all for banding together to go to war against the Christians. The others were against that, saying that perhaps it was just a fad and that their followers would wake up and get back on the bandwagon after they became bored with it. They didn’t feel that this Hebrew God would draw in so many followers with his son, Jesus spouting such flowery things as love your neighbor and complete forgiveness without a sacrifice of a person or tribute of a goat.

Loki was one of the more adamant ones against going to war, saying they’d lose more followers than keep them and also that they needed to play this smart. He said that Christianity would appeal more to the masses and bloodshed would push more followers away from the pagan gods. His advice was to change their ways if they wanted to keep the followers they had or just step aside and try to ride it out as much as possible. In the end, everyone seemed to have a different opinion, but the general consensus was that it was best to observe and wait and see and not do anything so rash as start a war.

That night, Kali confronted Loki, angry that he’d thwarted her efforts during the meeting. They were at each other’s throats and something peculiar happened. Instead of ripping each other apart, they started kissing and one thing led to another and oh look, they were having hot angry sex. Thus started their crazy relationship. The rest of the meeting of the pagan gods and goddesses went on without too many upsets. Only three minor gods and two minor goddesses were killed over small offenses. All in all, it could have gone worse.

Things were hot and heavy for Loki and Kali. Kali hadn’t really had much experience in the romantic department. Mostly flings. With Loki though, he left her wanting more. He seemed to be one of the few people who could keep up with her. Though, she wouldn’t let him know that. It was hard to swallow, but she was finding herself falling for the Trickster. She did the one thing that she had scoffed at others for doing: she started to believe in a thing called l-o-v-e, love.

They were together for centuries. And in that time, she never knew of the other women he was sleeping with on the side. That is, not until the end. She heard snippets from a minor Celtic goddess of love, Achtland. Achtland had gotten drunk and when Kali ran into her, she let it slip her few hot and steamy nights on and off over the last century or so with Loki and that she wasn’t the only one. She named a few others (some of whom he’d had all at once). Kali flew into a jealous rage and slew Achtland as well as a few other minor goddesses she’d mentioned. She looked for him, but he seemed to have gotten wind of her killing spree and made himself scarce.

He did eventually come forward with a peace offering to her after she’d calmed down. However, it was too late. She could tell that he didn’t take their relationship as seriously as she had and she cursed herself a fool for thinking that he could. So, she broke things off with him and he was lucky she was feeling sentimental that day. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to walk away from her with his life had he caught her before she’d calmed down. Centuries passed and she only had flings and a semi-serious relationship with Baldur, but nothing as serious as she’d had with Loki.

Half a century before present day, Kali started hearing some odd whispers of something to do with Loki not being who everyone thought he was. It started with something said by Baldur that triggered her curiosity. She started asking questions of some of the older gods and it all seemed to be a bit of a far-fetched wild-goose-chase.

Of the Norse gods though, the only one who had the longest memory turned out to be Odin. She caught him in a rare sober moment and he was able to answer questions about Loki in his early days. Surprisingly enough, the most helpful person happened to be Frigg. Odin was saying that he remembered when Loki showed up with a different face and Frigg said yes, she remembered that too because it was around the time that rumors had circulated that some Christian archangel had gone into hiding. When asked what the archangel’s name had been she’d snapped her fingers and had said it was something like Gabriel. Kali had excused herself from them at her earliest opportunity, her head reeling from what was so obvious to her and what wasn’t as obvious to them.

Shock and outrage flushed through her upon hearing this news: shock that she’d been so stupid to be so effortlessly fooled and outrage that she had been with him for so long and still hadn’t realized. She stewed over that snippet of information for a long time before she filed it away. She didn’t share this with anyone--she kept this under her hat, so to speak. Secrets were a powerful weapon; and she promised herself that she’d use this one to her advantage at some point in the future…And that she’d never let a man make a fool of her ever again.

These days, she spends her time traveling around the world. She has penthouses in various cities all over and enjoys the perks of being a goddess. She still will kill demons that dare lurk in India, but few try and cause too much ruckus in her part of the world. Still, she has heard whispers of the beginning of the Judeo Christian apocalypse. Right now, she is working to gather the pagan gods and goddesses together to plan on a course of action against the denizens of Christian Heaven and Hell to stop the apocalypse. After all, she is Kali the Destroyer and if anyone was going to cause the end of the world, then it was going to be her.

Style is forever. That’s what she always said anyway. If you had a certain sense of what you liked and stayed with it, then it didn’t matter what trend was going on. Watching the models strut along the length of the catwalk, Kali couldn’t help but wonder why these silly mortal designers went to such extremes with their presentations. Some used radical hair styles or make up. And others just seemed to use completely wacky designs. She enjoyed innovative designs, however, some were just too over the top to her.

Kali wasn’t just a sari-type of goddess. Don’t get her wrong, she liked them. She thought that they were beautiful. However, they also could be cumbersome in battle. Though, she did have more play time and spent less time in battle, she also was finding her old habit of choosing based upon battle readiness hard to break. Ah well, she was a goddess and she didn’t have to change if she didn’t want to.

It took place subtly, the appearance of the man beside her. One moment the seat next to her was empty and the next it held a very handsome brunette man in a dark grey tailored suit. She didn’t even acknowledged his presence, keeping her eyes on the runway as she said, ”Baldur..What brings you here?” Her voice was level upon greeting him, her tone soft but with a bit of an edge to indicate that she was still on the fence as to whether or not his presence was a pleasant interruption to her surveillance of the fashion show.

The handsome Norse god looked at the program he’d picked up from the seat beside him and followed her example, but kept his voice neutral as he stated, ”I was in the neighborhood, Kali. Thought I’d see how my favorite goddess was doing.” Kali cocked her head slightly to the side out of curiosity as she retorted, ”Well, you’ve seen me and I’m fine. Now what do you want?” She still had yet to look at him as she crossed her legs, the dark purple satin fabric to her dress sliding up her milk chocolate thigh. She laid her hand along the knee, her program still in hand as she leaned backwards into the cushion of the chair.

It took Baldur a moment to respond to her. It was as if he were picking his words carefully. This was, of course, something that would be smart to do in anyone’s case. Kali was known for her temper and a wrong word could set it off faster than you could blink an eye. < i>”I wanted to compare notes on the Christian apocalypse and possible plans of action,” he finally uttered. His words made the ends of her mouth pull up slightly as she finally turned her gaze upon him, intrigued. So, it wasn’t a call for pleasure, more of a meeting for strategy. She liked that. It meant he took her recent talks about stopping those Christian upstarts from tearing the world apart in a slap fight between siblings seriously. And that was incredibly sexy to her.

”Fine. Meet me at the restaurant down the street and we’ll discuss it over pasta after the show,” she drawled, ”My favorite designer is up next and I don’t want to miss her.” With that said, she turned her gaze back to the show, signaling that this interview was over. Baldur made a covert retreat while she enjoyed the rest of the show.

Posted: Mar 30 2012, 03:37 AM

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Finished, finally! happy.gif
Posted: Mar 30 2012, 06:22 PM

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After speaking it over with Arius we are in agreement that this character is entirely too powerful. You've basically made God in Kali's form with being all powerful, having no weaknesses, and being able to destroy the world on a whim. At this time we're not going to be approving any of these types of characters. There's no balance - even the angels have weaknesses - and it would be too easy for this character to god-mod and not have anyone be able to do anything about it.


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