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Hello and welcome to Swan Song! We are an advanced Supernatural roleplay set in season five. We have an awesome member base, a friendly staff, and are always eager to greet guests and new members.

This community is rated R, as such all members must be eighteen and over to join. Please read over the plot and the rules before joining.


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 Rescuing the Joker, :: Leah & Ang's Plot Timeline
Posted: Mar 28 2012, 02:46 AM

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In the darkness I will be your guiding light

--------- WARPLOT INFO
Just so everyone knows, this takes place AFTER the warplot, the whole point of Heaven stepping up its game with Gabriel is because someone is MIFFED OFF that the archangel finally chose a side, and it was THE WRONG SIDE. So, when posting, please keep this in mind, Gabe helped the brothers, and someone up there wants to put a stop to it.

Gabriel was discovered as helping the Winchester’s learn that to defeat War, they had to get his ring to break his hold on the town. The following threads start from most recent after the War plot, and progress further away as you read down. Naturally at first these threads will be based around Castiel or Sariel, as I personally play them, if you’re thread isn’t listed but it is involved in this plot line please tell me where to edit it in so people involved elsewhere know what is going on and what options they have. I will try to keep an eye open, but it will help greatly if you tell me where your threads take place, that I am not involved in, since I might guess wrong otherwise.

------------------Creating ADDITIONAL threads
Just because the threads are there doesn’t mean we have a solid unchangeable plan laid out, this is just what is planned, either active or in the works. Things marked with ‘to be posted’, are of course not yet started, so open for some edits, also to add or remove folks from it.

------------------THE TIMELINE in these threads
Because the timeline of is a little awkward to keep track off, it is rather vague, as mentioned earlier, so I will attempt to identify changes in the day from *MY* point of view, to try and help sort things out for others trying to figure our what is going on when.

[x] There are - a n g e l s - on the rooftops tagged with Elijah & Castiel
[The Day War was Defeated] • This post is directly after the War plot (Cas is taking time out to think over it while others are celebrating in their own ways). Elijah is stepping forward, and about to get involved with more then he perhaps realized, Castiel’s attempts of warning off the younger sibling were ignored, so Cas is trying to steer him in hopefully a safer direction. Elijah however intends on spying in heaven to figure out what is going on.

[[URL=]x[/URL]] ??? tagged with ??? • I am pretty sure someone else has some aftermath thread going on, I just can’t remember who, so if that was your plotting a thread with someone, please prod me with the details!

[x] Preparing for Battle tagged with Sariel & Vitani
[DAY BEFORE SARIEL MEETS GABE & OTHERS] • The return to Earth is an adventure in itself, and Sariel has time beforehand to play a little before his big day throwing some false punches Gabe’s way. Sariel finds Vitani interesting, and ponders if she could be entertaining to keep an eye on during his ordeals with Gabriel. She may or may not be dragged into the plot somehow, so this is here in case she is.

[x] A Reunion; OUR LØVĘ WILL SET FÍRE TO THE FIELDS tagged with Gabriel, Sariel, Cas & Anna
[DAY 1] • Possibly involving Anna & Nate as well, Sariel appears with three angelic goons in order to assess just how things might turn out in a confrontation with Gabe. This means that Sariel has very little invested towards winning this fight and primarily wants to see who shows up and how far they’re all willing to go, this information will help Sariel down the track, also show those who might help that he is there, it’s their chance to back down or suffer.

[x] EASILY CALCULABLE PROBABILITIES tagged with Sariel & Gaiana
[DAY 1 – EVENING FOR SARIEL & GAIA]• Needing to find a place to unwind and think over the information he obtained from the previous set up with Gabriel and his rebellious group, Sariel finds himself meeting up with a strange other worldy woman.

[x] Watch your step: Salvaged Hope tagged with Tyrael & Castiel
[DAY 2 – MORNING FOR CAS] • In one last effort to get Castiel to back off, or captured, Tyrael is sent to deal with the renegade while still recovering from the previous day’s fight.

[[URL=]x[/URL]] Reunion with Remy: To be Posted tagged with Remembrance & Castiel
[DAY 2 – AFTERNOON FOR CAS] • Upon discovering Sariel is on Earth, Remy goes to Cas after he stood up against Sariel to try to convince him to warn the others to back down and not get involved. Perhaps expressing her concerns at Sariel’s orders to deal with any and all angels that attempt to stop Gabriel’s return and endanger the mission at any cost.

[[URL=]x[/URL]] Begging for Mercy: To be posted tagged with Remembrance & Sariel
[DAY 2 – EVENING FOR SARIEL] • Fearing that Castiel will not listen to her, Remy takes her chances at approaching her brother Sariel, knowing there had been times in the past he’d offered mercy and hoping to gain some leeway for her siblings.

[[URL=]x[/URL]] ???? tagged with Castiel has time in this period • If anyone else would like to get involved, now is a good time for Castiel to be wrapped up in some other threads that flesh this plot out.

[[URL=]x[/URL]] ???? tagged with Gabriel has time in this period • Want to get involved with Gabriel between this time period, he's hanging low and pretty open for some entertainment, though nothing that would get him noticed!

[[URL=]x[/URL]] ???? tagged with Sariel has time in this period • If anyone else would like to get involved, now is a good time for Sariel to be wrapped up in some other threads, though he will focused on preparing one way or another for Gabe’s trap.

[[URL=]x[/URL]] Turn that Frown Upside-Down!: To be Posted tagged with Sariel, Gabriel, Castiel (Possibly the Winchesters).
[DAY 9 – AFTERNOON FOR CAS & GABE] • Luring Gabriel to a rather derelict part of town, Sariel sets up a trap using bait Gabriel can’t ignore. Castiel, having been with him at the time, is told to stay put while Gabe checks out something and will be right back, however upon not returning, Castiel gets worried. Calling the winchester’s, Cas asks them to meet him, he’s worried something happened to Gabe, and if they don’t hear back from either of them to follow the GPS-thingy in the phone they are always on about. In an effort to put a stop to Castiel’s interference in Heavenly matters, without having to kill him again, Sariel does the only thing he can think of at a moment’s notice, and leaves Castiel powerless by ripping out his grace. At the end of this battle, Cas will be taken by an ambulance called to the disturbance along side the police. Generally the fight itself is not planned out too far, due to still waiting to find out who else will partake in the event.

[[URL=]x[/URL]] The New Home of the Candyman: To be Posted tagged with Gabriel & Sariel
[DAY 9 – EVENING FOR GABE & SARIEL] • Swooshing Gabriel to another location that had been properly set up and fine tuned as a hide out and prison, Sariel proceeds attempting to convince Gabriel to reconsider his choices, and if willing to do so, will be offered redemption.

[x] Adeste Fidelis tagged with Lark & Castiel
[DAY 9 – EVENING FOR LARK & CASTIEL] • Waking up in a hospital can be scary at best, especially for a guy who never needed medical attention and found it baffling why no one allowed him to leave. Castiel’s fuss on the matter gained him some unwanted attention, especially with protests about a brother being forcibly taken back to Heaven and needing help. With that attention, however, also came Lark’s, a young woman who had been hearing angels in her head for years. Originally there to figure out if she was crazy or if they could help ease the headaches, Lark discovers one of the voices who had vanished from her mind, was in fact sharing the same hospital. From there, the two start attempting to figure each other out, Lark isn’t entirely sure what is going on, but feels driven to help Castiel get out of their 72 hour forced surveillance.

[x] There’s an Angel in the Backseat: To be Posted tagged with Remembrance, Castiel & Lark
[DAY 12 – AFTERNOON FOR CAS & LARK] • Upon leaving the health facility, Lark and Cas make their way to Chuck, with Castiel convinced it is the best chance they have right now of maybe finding out some information on the matter of where Gabriel was. Bobby is informed of this travel, and advice will be asked regarding what else to do form there. Remy will appear after the phone call, and beg the two to stop their seemingly suicidal trip – Lark is familiar with Remy, but till regaining her memories had thought her human, this would be the first time Lark and Remy met with the fallen angel remembering who the angelic historian was.

[x] THE YEARS HAVEN'T CHANGED YOU tagged with Sariel & Lark
[DAY 12 – LATE EVENING FOR SARIEL & LARK] • After arriving at a motel on the highway, Lark gets Castiel to wait for her in the diner as she takes care of paying for their stay for the night, once Cas is away, Sariel takes the chance of popping in to speak with Lark himself, after having had a discussion with Remy. While not aiming to threaten his sister, Sariel does attempt to plea with her to back off, to go back to her precious human life she made, and leave the war alone. Not only had Sariel been involved with her previous banishment, being asked to convince her to step down from talks against the End of Days, or be punished, the Seraph did not want to have to see her punished further. He also warns her that Castiel died once standing against Heaven, and they should not risk the miracle of his return and waste it.

[x] We all have ~ { a p p e t i t e s } tagged with Castiel, Lark & Gaiana
[DAY 12 – LATE EVENING FOR CASTIEL, LARK & GAIA] • Unaware of Sariel’s presence, Castiel is waiting in the diner, tired and hungry, and alone until he is noticed by one of the other patrons, who decided to try and cheer him up. Unfortunately for the weakened angel, the nymph has even less appreciation for personal space then Castiel and his siblings, causing him to feel very awkward, despite her friendly attempts. This continues till Lark’s return, where she shoos Gaiana off, and gets down to business in regards to what is going on and what they need to do.

[x] ENTER SANDMAN tagged with Lark & Castiel

[[URL=]x[/URL]] Another day, another interesting story: To be Posted tagged with Lark, Castiel & Gaiana
[DAY 13 – MORNING FOR CAS, GAIA & LARK] • The morning seems remind them that few ideas outside the realm of desperation seemed to have been thought up, leaving the duo trying to figure out other angles they could approach this dilemma at. Unaware of Gaiana’s ears dropping, the two quietly discuss if ‘Loki’ would have any allies to involve in the rescue, though it is decided the risk is far too great and put aside. However Gaiana’s interest is peaked, since she has a history with the Trickster, the blonde Pagan Goddess decided to see what exactly they needed her old friends ‘allies’ for.

[[URL=]x[/URL]] Blockade tagged with Castiel, Lark & Meg Masters
[DAY 14 – AFTERNOON FOR CAS, LARK & MEG • A run in with Meg who has decided that Gabriel being dragged back to Heaven, or killed off, whichever, was a sweet deal she'd be happy to help out with by stalling (or stopping) the duo attempting to save the archangel.

[[URL=]x[/URL]] We need your help, father can you hear us?: tagged with Castiel, Lark (& Gaiana?) & Chuck (+ Other rebels into the thread)
[DAY 14 – AFTERNOON FOR CAS, LARK, CHUCK & OTHERS] • Finally having arrived at Chuck’s place, the group braves the risk of angering Raphael, who appears mockingly unbothered by their presence around Chuck, or so it seemed. It becomes clear that Lark and Castiel, even with Dean, Sam and Bobby, stood little chance to save Gabriel, and so pray out for other siblings they feel might be willing to listen. Of course, preparing the area to stop any unwanted guests first from stepping in.

[[URL=]x[/URL]] A return to Bobby’s / Random Safe Haven: To be Posted tagged with Lark, Castiel & others involved with Gabriel’s rescue
[DAY ?? – DEPENDS ON THREADS] • This thread’s destination depends on Sully, who wants a prod closer to the point to see if she has time to deal with the thread or not, if she does then we head over to Bobby’s, if not, we head elsewhere to set up as a meeting point, both for a start and a return after the mission is complete, successfully or not.

[[URL=]x[/URL]] Where realities Blur: TO be Posted tagged with Lark, Castiel, Sariel & others involved with Gabriel’s rescue, or Sariel’s support.
[DAY ?? – DEPENDS ON THREADS] • This is pretty far ahead, so as with some others, it’s vague, but even more so, obviously this is when everyone swoops in to save the day… or do they? The only way for Gabriel to be saved is if he has the support to stop the folks sent from Heaven to finally take him back. Gabriel’s motivation to stay or go back will depend on the influences in the story, as will Sariel’s actions be based on what happened to lead to this point. So, keeping it vague allows for alterations that seem more viable.

Please advise for updates or corrections!

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Posted: Mar 28 2012, 03:08 AM

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I would like to point out that between Day 1 and Day 9 Gabriel has a lot of time for threads. He will be laying extremely low, especially after the initial skirmish with Sariel, so he won't be doing anything that would draw attention to himself like smiting demons or being the Trickster but he is completely open for threads with anyone.

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made by the lovely Ang!
Posted: Apr 26 2012, 04:05 AM

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Group: Angels
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So the storyline between War and Band of Brothers is about a 2 month gap. So please take into account the timeframe during this plot ending and the Band of brothers starting, you will have about 6 weeks to do other stuff between. I will remind people who do those six weeks BEFORE the end of the Joker plot line that we have no idea if Sariel survives or not, so for sake of ease, I will just so those involved mention perhaps around that time that Sariel is presumed missing or just 'not around'. Regardless of what happens I am sure that won't be hard to work, so again, those involved with Sariel, please bare in mind he is missing in action at that point.

Again, there is a 5 week gap between the end of the joker plot line and the start of Band of Brothers! <3

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