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Hello and welcome to Swan Song! We are an advanced Supernatural roleplay set in season five. We have an awesome member base, a friendly staff, and are always eager to greet guests and new members.

This community is rated R, as such all members must be eighteen and over to join. Please read over the plot and the rules before joining.


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 SABRINA SCOONES [done], medium
Sabrina Scoones
Posted: Feb 29 2012, 03:33 PM


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Sabrina Anna Scoones ,
Are you, are you coming to the tree? Were the dead man called out for his love to flee.
twenty five Doctor Psychic
Brina, Bree, Breezy, Sabby
Born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Her mothers home city. Her father being from Miami Florida earned her duel citizanship. His occupation as an airline pilot also enabled lots of moving around, and many trips to various parts of the world. Her mather and father would take her along, as her mother was a co-pilot for her husband most flights.
November 16th (scorpio ♏
Ashley Benson
Hi, My name Is Alysha, I go by Aly Boo Boo. I am a twenty one year old Canadian. I have been rping since I was about ten. So far here Sabrina is the only character, Ihope to bring in more. If you want to contact me my email is pryingpandora666@gmail.com, I also have MSN with pryingpandora666@hotmail.com... And my AIM is Aly Boo Boo. I am open to mature rping. Im a big girl now. lol. I found you all through the rpg directory.

She is warm like sunshine, super nice and bright. Not afraid to give people a smile and talk to strangers. She is deeply compassionate and sensitive to other peoples suffering. She feels bad for others when the suffer and is the type of person who will reach out and see what she could do. She really hates to see people in pain, chances are this deep rooted compassion stems from all the trauma, physically and emotionally that she has had to fight through during her short life already. So she relates to the pain emotionally.

She struggles a lot with her inner demons, its understandable for all the trauma she has had to face emotionally and physically. She has had to face things that made her hate herself, feel disgusting and dirty. She has used tattoos to find strength within herself and to remind herself of who she is, and that she can regain controle over her life. That these things wont destroy her. That she can start over again.

Shes not weak and feeble, but strong. A survivor. She has been through great stress and pain in her life. Her family is well enough off. Not rich, not poor. The middle classers. But she had been beaten and rapped and left for dead. Stabbed multiple times in her abdomon. She managed to get to help in time. Though her belly has four jagged scars. Thats one reason she keeps her body well covered. She had to get massive surgery that ended up removing some of her intestine, so she cant gain weight. It also makes it so she is prone to being unhealthy, unable to get enough nutreints from her food.

She is frightened of the dark, it unnerves her, and every little noise seems to put her on edge. She is brave, and faces her fears, but she hates it. She draws strength from her tattoo of the eye of Horus, she got it as protection.

She has been getting better, but there are things that can set off panic attacks, usually nightmares of what happened to her, she sometimes ends up screaming and waking up. Or waking up to not being able to breath because of a panic attack. She is tormented and haunted by her past. But she is a fighter and tries to keep living as normally as she can.

Born on November 19th in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Her mother retired to be a stay at home mom, while her father brought in enough money to afford a very nice house and a comfortable upper middle class life from being an Air Canada pilot. She has grown up moving around a lot, though they always seem to go back to Vancouver. She has traveled excessively, her father always taking his family for trips all around the world. Her favorite place being Egypt, going to the monuments and museums always being the highlight of it. And riding across the desert on camels or Arabians.

She had a little bit of an extraordinary life because of the traveling, but something awful happened when she was thirteen. She been living in Edmonton, Alberta at this point in time. And had been in the large West Edmonton Mall when she ended up being forcefully taken and then moved to a gold course where she was beaten, raped, and left for dead after being stabbed four times. She had managed to find a security guard on the property before passing out. She nearly died from toxic poisoning from a puncture in her intestines. She had to have extreme surgery and some of her intestine track had to be removed. Thus she is now prone to malnutrition because she her body cant absorb as much nutrition from her food. She also is slim because honestly she cannot gain weight anymore. She has to eat copious amounts of food because her body keeps thinking its starving. She took a very long time to recover, and thatís when she got her first tattoo, it was on her left hip, the eye of Horus. A symbol of protection. And Egyptian. It was what she used to focus on to help her over come her anxiety and panic attacks. It was also when she really started to have her psychic abilities start unlocking. She thought she was going crazy at first as she communicated with, and saw the dead.

Her family moved soon after the rape and attempted murder, back to Vancouver. She was never really the same. Its really what triggered her to get the tattoos. She needed something to help her cope, to deal with the pain and self loathing. After being raped she felt filthy and dirty. And it disgusted her to look in the mirror. First was Horus. Then was a large tattoo of Anubis over her right side. The Egyptian Jackal headed god that represented mummification and the afterlife. She got it to symbolize the death of innocents. But also has a deep meaning for her. Mummification was done in Egypt in expectation of the afterlife, of a new life. So, to her this tattoo means that through the death of innocents, she would find a new life, a new start.

She lost lots of weight after that, and became freakishly thin. Unhealthily so. She struggled with her image, and how disgusting she felt, like a withered up image of her former self. Unhealthy and sickly. Like an angel with deformed boney wings. And thatís when she got the wings on her back. It might seem morbid and hopeless. But it strengthened her to go on. That though she had fallen, she had wings. As deformed or disfigured as they may seem for wings. That she couldnít think of things skin deep. After it she managed to gain weight and get a little healthier.

Her life had changed, the meaning of it changed. Life wasnít just something that was. It was given, and it could easily be taken away. And she knew it too intimately now. She had died in the hospital. Her heart had stopped. A year after the horrible attack she drew out all her fears, all her nightmares. And put them in a wicker bird and burnt them. She also got a tattoo of a phoenix on her left upper arm. The symbolization of how all the horrible nasty things could just burn away. That she could burn them, get past them. Turn those huge daunting things to a pile of ashes.

So all her tattoos have a meaning, they give her strength and power to overcome. Not like some actual power. But just a reassurance from her inner self. She got through her schooling on top of her class, because she couldnít do sports she devoted herself to studying. Distracted from time to time by the odd ghost, and odd clip of some persons life before they died. She managed to look normal enough. She in fact did so well that she graduated collage early to become a doctor, and even aced her Advanced Trauma Life Support training program, something that hadnít really been mandatory. She is skilled, and able to deal quickly with life threatening injuries.

After traveling around for work, she connected to another psychic and was relieved when she found out she wasnít going crazy, she wasnít the only one who communicated with the dead. Thatís when shit really hit the fan in her life. A hunter contacted her for help in two strange murder investigations. And thatís when things like demons and vampires became all too real. She helped out, demanded to know what she was seeing after she drew out the image of a vampire killing a teenaged boy, and another of the demon she saw stripping skin off the back of a middle aged man. She wished she never asked. Because after that she realized there was much more to the world than the living and the dead. But good and evil.

Now she finds herself moving around restlessly, because he parents vanished four months back. No trace. The rest of their family gone or cut off from their life as it was, it left her alone. She thinks it has something to do with supernatural things. But she isnít sure. She has no evidence or proof. Between searching she works at hospitals in the cities and towns she stops in. She also has been becoming a sought out Ďdoctorí to help the hunters when they need some under the table mending.

The crisp air nipped at her face as she exited the new black car and looked out to the cold stone building, the hospital, it was where she worked. Sighing she pulled her coat tighter against herself, attempting to shield against the chilled breeze that nipped against her. Her cat like blue eyes narrowing into the dark. It made her uncomfortable to step into the pooling dark shadows. The lights in the parking lot were minimal and it never failed to unnerve her. But the closed and trapping feeling of the parkaid was worse. A least here she felt she could make an attempt to escape if something came up. Her eyes shifting over the darkness that spread out down to a set of doors were the staff could enter in.

She played with the cool keys and a light jingling cut the thick silence as she managed to force her frightened body forward. Her eyes shifting wearily around the parking lot. It was bad enough what had happened to her all those years ago at thirteen. But now that she knew so much of what was really out there. That so many people didnít know about. Those people blessed with ignorance. What she knew was out there was frightening. More frightening and strange than seeing the dead.

A sigh of relief escaped her lips as she made it to the door. Her work key fitting into the lock before she turned it, followed by the door swinging open. With hast she pulled her key from the lock and closed the door. It locked instantly behind her. She walked with a purpose to the change room, got in her hospital garb then walked out and signed in. She checked up on a few patients, seeing how they had been recovering from surgery. All was well. All was rather flat and boring. She was snacking on a pile of kitkat bars when the door opened. An eyebrow lifted at the bloodied figure. She recognized them as one of the hunters. ďWell, well. What do we have here? Need some patching up?Ē she said, a teasing sarcasm in her sweet as honey voice.


Posted: Feb 29 2012, 10:00 PM

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