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Hello and welcome to Swan Song! We are an advanced Supernatural roleplay set in season five. We have an awesome member base, a friendly staff, and are always eager to greet guests and new members.

This community is rated R, as such all members must be eighteen and over to join. Please read over the plot and the rules before joining.


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 Sadie Allen
Posted: Feb 13 2012, 03:10 PM

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sadie laurel allen,
eighteen none psychic
Sadie was born in Cincinatti, Ohio. She lived there until the age of twelve when her mother died. After that she went to live with her father who ended up shipping her to her aunt and uncle near Detroit. Now she moves all over, living on the streets and hitching rides from strangers.
march 23
kaya scodelario
Iím Mercy, been rping for a long while. I'm 29, and I am open to mature RP.

Sadie isn't a very chatty person, but it doesnít stop her from smiling and trying to spark conversation. She likes to meet people and make new friends when she can and not feeling awkward. Other times she likes to play a good video game, whether on a gaming system or the computer. That hasnít been something sheís done in a while, not since being out on her own. This is the old Sadie Ė the girl that was happy before her mother passed away.

The new Sadie is a very tough girl. She doesnít like to be stepped all over, and she does speak her mind. She can take things to heart, especially if she feels sheís not wanted in a given situation. It tends to hit harder since her father abandoned her then her aunt and uncle neglected her.

After running away from her aunt and uncle she has ended up on the streets, which isnít the best thing for a girl of her age. She has gotten into more trouble than she can count on her fingers and toes. She has begun smoking, drinking, and she has even found enjoyment with drugs, but this was only to make her stop feeling the pain of not being wanted, as well as her depression. Deep down she wants to change all of that. She wants to be the girl she once knew, and she knows her mother would not like seeing her like this.

Her sadness grows deeper when sheís abducted by a demon by the name of Nergal. She feels like the universe is pitted against her and finds it comical to see her life destroyed.

Sadie was not born from her mother and father, Betty and James Allen, but she was never told differently. She did not know that she was adopted by the two. Her father wasnít much of a prominent figure in her life, but little did she know that he wasn't comfortable with having Sadie in their lives, so he stayed gone. She found in her later years he was cheating a lot on her mom. Before she even hit the age of two her parents had divorced. It wasnít a life she knew, having two parents, but she never thought anything of it until she started school and saw the kids being dropped off by both parents. She barely even knew her father. He was what people would call a deadbeat dad. Her mother never even spoke of him much, as Sadie didnít know much about him anyway, except for when she asked her why she didnít have a father like the other kids at school.

Without many answers regarding her father, she began to push that aside and move on through school, ignoring the other kids that had normal families. It was about the age of ten that her mother became very ill with cancer. She watched her mother go through treatment after treatment, until she went into remission just before she turned 11. It was being there, taking care of her mother that made her grow up quicker than any girl of her age should have. She wouldnít change it though. Her heart broke each time her mother fell seriously ill, but she continued to stay by her side. It was to the point that she stopped going to school so she could care for her.

It was during the time that her mother became ill that she began to have premonitions. At first she thought they were nothing but dreams as they were so small and happened only when she slept. It wasnít something she was too concerned about, at first. Not until she had one that nearly knocked her off of her seat after touching something then recovered with a migraine that left her feeling sick and unable to do anything for hours. It was then she saw her motherís death, but she didnít want to believe it, and it gave her more drive to make sure she pulled through.

About six months later her mother came out of remission and grew even more ill than before. The doctors found that the cancer had moved into her bones. Sadie didnít understand what any of it meant, but she knew by their grave faces that it wasnít good. Now she was even more committed in trying to health her mother back. She didnít want to lose her. She was all she had, but it was not long that her motherís fight with cancer had finally ended. She watched her mother pass away, exactly how her vision had shown her.

It was after that day that her world went topsy turvy. The state handed her over to her father, who she didnít even know, and she had never been informed that he wasn't her biological father. He refused to go to her motherís funeral, which left her crushed and dispirited. She cried for a good week because she felt as though her mother would think she didnít care for her for her not being there.

Her father didnít want anything to do with her. He had her for a month. In the little time he did have her he was so disgusted with her being there that heíd abused her more times than she could count. She had felt so out of place and like she had done something wrong. Her father ended up sending her to live with her aunt and uncle, Arnold and Roxine. Neither of them wanted anything to do with her either, but they used her to clean their house and other chores. They didnít even give her a bed to sleep on. She slept on the floor each night. It was hard at first to get used to, but eventually she grew accustomed to sleeping on a cold, hard floor and grew even more depressed. She was starting to believe that nobody wanted her.

She did this for four years, living with them and taking care of their house. She was never enrolled back into school, though she was smart. She would read in her spare time, but if they caught her with a book they would throw it out and tell her she shouldnít be reading garbage.

During her four years with them she continued to experience visions. Being she had her first one that showed her her mother's death it happened during the night while sleeping. She had put it aside as a nightmare, until the scenario happened. She found while staying with her aunt and uncle that just by touching things she would have premonitions, sometimes it was about her or them. They were always short snippets of information, nothing she never quite could piece together. Other times it was about complete strangers. Half the time she didn't know what to do with the visions she had as they were only a few seconds long. Each time she had one she was left with a severe headache or a bloody nose. She then had a short snippet of a vision showing her on the streets, and she took it to heart when really she was putting herself into more trouble and danger by following it.

The final straw had been the time they found her sitting and looking at a picture of her and her mother together. Her aunt had yanked the picture out of her hands and tore it to shreds in front of her. She cried and tried to gather all the pieces up, but it was no use. She spent hours upon hours trying to piece it together. It was the only picture she had of them as her father wouldnít even take her by her house to get her things. He truly had not wanted to be bothered with her.

She ran away from them, as fast as her legs could carry her. She didnít have much on her. A few clothes, couple books, and a stuffed giraffe that was also something her mother had given her. It was a little ragged and worn, but it was valuable to her as it was the last item she had that her mother had given her.

She didnít know where she was headed, but she didnít care anymore. She would figure out something, she hoped. It was during this time she was hit with another vision again. This time it was of her running into something dark and evil. Little did she know it involved herself as she dove into alcohol and drugs, which was easy to come by when living on the streets. She noticed that they helped take away feeling any pain, which was what she had needed, at the time.

After months of this she realized where her life was headed, and she knew her mother would be so disappointed in her. Now she was trying to get help, to get a hold of this life and get her out of the mess she had created, but without going back to her aunt and uncle. She couldnít go back there. Plus, she had nobody to speak to about her powers, and they were starting to come on harder and stronger now. There had been a couple of times when she had a really strong or long one she would pass out. Also, she was being followed by some strange man that she kept shaking off only because her visions forewarned her each time. Little did she know she was being hunted by a demon.

It didn't take long for the demon to catch up with her. This demon, by the name of Nergal, abducted her. Sadly, she had no family or friends to even know that she was missing. She was stuck with him as he tortured her, wanting her to give him the visions that he needed. The more he hurt her though the less her visions came. Now, she is stuck with him, wishing he'd kill her. She tried to kill herself, only to be thwarted by him. She was tired of being hurt and wanted out before she completely lost her mind.. Four months under his capture was a little hard on her mind, body, and soul.

Sadie sat on the curb of a busy street. A cigarette was glued to her lips, hanging out as she looked around. People passed her by, not a single person offering to help a girl that was obviously homeless. She always thought when she got older if she saw a girl that was in trouble she would stop to see if she needed anything. Gone was the day that anyone cared Ė nobody did, and she had figured this out the hard way.

Standing up, she tossed her cigarette down and crushed it out with her boot. She moved along, passing restaurants as she did. She couldnít help staring in with a longing look as people stuffed their faces. Her mouth literally watered. She had to peel her eyes away and keep moving. If she was lucky she could meet someone that was having a party to go to later. It was at parties that she tends to look through fridges for some food.

Hitting the park, she wandered in and stuffed her hands into her pockets. It was starting to get dark, but it was this time of night that she found the younger crowd milling around. It was always the perfect opportunity to do a little flirting to get herself invited to a local party.

Tonight, she didnít feel like getting into something. All she wanted to do was eat and sleep in a bed. It didnít seem like a lot to ask for, but nobody would know that unless they were in her shoes. She was tired of this life, so tired of where it was headed. She had to figure out a way to fix this and fix it fast, before she ended up getting herself killed.

Little did she know that her powers were a hot commodity among demons. Hell, little did she know that demons even existed, but it appeared that she was being hunted by one. She had shaken the man (who she didn't know was a demon) off many of times now.


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*Credit goes to Ang for the awesome graphics!*
Posted: Feb 13 2012, 04:44 PM

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Group: Psychics
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I'm done with this.

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*Credit goes to Ang for the awesome graphics!*
Posted: Feb 15 2012, 07:42 AM

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Mmkay just a few edits.

In the powers section you need to let us know how those premonitions work, even if Sadie herself doesn't know. You glance past her powers in the history, telling us she had a vision about her mother's death, but before then she thought it was a dream. Why not then? Why did the visions stop then and come back when she was sixteen? At sixteen there's really no mention of her powers other than they're coming harder and faster.

So really I'd like you to just clarify on that and then we'll get her squared away.
Posted: Feb 15 2012, 10:33 AM

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Group: Psychics
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Member No.: 190
Joined: 13-February 12

I added a paragraph in history. I didn't mean to have her not having visions until her sixteenth birthday. I should have added that bit in there, but they did start to become clearer and harder after her sixteenth birthday.

Also, I added a bit to the powers part. I hope it works.


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*Credit goes to Ang for the awesome graphics!*
Posted: Feb 15 2012, 08:37 PM

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