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Hello and welcome to Swan Song! We are an advanced Supernatural roleplay set in season five. We have an awesome member base, a friendly staff, and are always eager to greet guests and new members.

This community is rated R, as such all members must be eighteen and over to join. Please read over the plot and the rules before joining.


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EMAIL: SPNTrifecta@gmail.com

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Sully Posted on Dec 15 2011, 02:14 PM
  SWAN SONG F.A.Q.'S!BEFORE READING THIS PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU READ THE RULES/PLOTDo I Need to Watch the Show to Know Whatís Going On?We are an AU season 5 Supernatural RPG. The lore and the events leading up to now are based off the show. That being said it would definitely help to have at least seen to season four as we pick up and go AU from the beginning of season 5.Can I Be Related to Dean or Sam?Unless youíre playing a Cambell, John or Mary the answer is no. No long lost siblings, cousins, or other family that hasnít been mentioned in the show before or after season 5.Can I Be Related To Other Canons?That depends on who is playing the canon. If the puppet master playing Rufus wants to bring his daughter back, or have a long lost son, thatís up to the player. The same goes with most other canons. However if they donít want to do it, youíre S.O.L. Do not argue, do not complain. It is up to the puppet master playing the canon.Can I Bring Characterís Back From The Dead?Some yes, some no. It depends on the character and if you have a plausible reason for bringing them back. It will be taken on a case by case basis and the puppet master should PM an admin before starting the application process.Can I Play a Canon Whoís Still Alive But Not On The Canon List?Absolutely. Keep in mind the application has to fit the canon you want to play. If it doesnít it will be denied. If it is approved you will have a one week trial basis like everyone else who plays a canon.How Many Characters Can I Make?As many as you can keep up with. There are no character limitations on Swan Song. However if youíre not posting with your characters you will be warned and notified that your character is in danger of being deleted. Well How Often Do I Have To Post?Some people post once a day, others once a week, others once a month. If youíre waiting longer than a month to post thatís really a bit much, unless of course you have an away up. The general rule is if you havenít posted in over a month Ė in an IC thread (not games, requests, etc) with a character they will be in danger of deletion.I Want To Make A Unique Character But It Hasnít Been Mentioned in SPN?Thatís okay. We have plenty of unique characters on the site. We donít mind them. Any species from the fandom must be based on that lore. Anything weíve not heard of yet, well if it fits the fandom and isnít uberly-godlike powerful, odds are weíll consider it. Are There Any Species Youíre Not Accepting?We donít put caps on the species we currently have, however there are a few species weíre not allowing at the moment.- Half demon children (A.K.A. The Antichrist)- Demon/Angel Hybrids- The Horsemen (As theyíre going to be NPCíd for boardwide plots)- Special Children (Like Sam)- Teenagers. (We got too many too fast and this is not a high school board - Non-Canon Arch Angels- Nephilims Can I Have A Powerful Character As My First Character?New members can create any character from normal angels and demons down for a first character. This means no YEDS, no WEDS, no Seraphim's, Deities, etc. For a first character it needs to be something more common in the SPN verse. Something that can't blow up the world on a whim, and we can watch to make sure there's no God Modding going on. Okay, I Made My First Character. Can My Second Character Be a Powerful One?If you want to create anything stronger than a normal angel or a black or red eyed demon an Admin must first be PM'd.about what you want to create. The admins will then decide if they think it's a good idea for the application to be made. Several factors will come into play on this, and if the puppet master is allowed to proceed, the application will still be gone over just like all the rest, which means if it's a badly written app or not a balanced character, yes it can still be denied. Can My Character Have a Specialty Item or Magical Weapon?Yes and no. All specialty weapons have to go through a request form in the Artifact Archive. If it is allowed it will be on a trial basis. Admins reserve the right to revoke use of said magical item/weapon if the puppet master is godmodding/power playing/or just plain acting a-fool.No one will be allowed to have Rubyís Blade, or the Colt except the Winchesterís. A character must have a very good reason to have an angel blade, as angelís arenít going to be giving them up left and right.Can I Create Characters From Other Fandoms?No. If itís not a Supernatural canon then we wonít accept it. For example if you use Johnny B as a faceclaim from Awesome TV show, and have the character name different, but the history the exact same, itís not gonna fly. We prefer original characters to be original and not copies of characters from other TV shows Ė especially with the same playby. I Canít Get My Paragraphís To Space in the Application?The application is in Dohtml format. In order to break up your paragraphs you must put except without the * to break them up.i.e.Paragraph One (without the *)Paragraph Two.Obviously you wouldn't use the * as I've mentioned. You'd simply < p > and put it all together.Can I Put Up An Advert if It's Not InvisionFree or Proboards?Absoluately. Just put your forum in the appropriate section to the match the codes. For example if you have to do you would post in the IF forum. If you have to do than you would post in the PB forum.Still have questions? Feel free to pop into the cbox using ((brackets)) or PM an admin.MADE BY RACHEL OF SO DAMN SHALLOW AND CAUTION

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