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Title: Beat That Block!
Description: How To Help Get Past Writer's Block!

Sully - September 24, 2011 05:52 PM (GMT)
Here is a list of ways to get around and/or beat back writers block. I hope youíll find it helpful.

-Go through and write everything that the character wouldn't do or just something random and pointless. It's nothing that has any point at all other than to get you past the stuck point.

-Watch some TV; sometimes a quote or a situation, or even a commercial would inspire a topic or some writing..

-Go to word, words processor, anything you have. pencil ad paper work too. Type "There." or another starting word(s), such as "it was. "
From that word or phrase, you can get almost anything.
"There was a great moon on the night that they met"
"There was a large lump in her throat"
"It was late that night when the chills began, despite the tropical climate."
"It was this that made him so alien, so unreal."

-Listen to music or read a book

-PUSH yourself to come up with interesting ideas

-Join more threads. You can't dismiss any possibilities until you're in the middle.

-As you go--from the day you create your character, keep list of 'key words' that you'd love to do a thread on. This can be added to as you go, and tackled whenever you feel at a loss. It's really, really important to keep talking about your characters and keep pouring over your ideas. Do it ANYWHERE, but keep on going so that when/if you do hit a wall, you have some ways to get around it or break through it..

-Don't think too hard. Go do something else that's completely unrelated, like physical activity to distract yourself. If you think too hard you're going to just mentally over0exert yourself and you will not have much good to show for it. Brain storming can work, depending on the Mind of the person.

-What you won't write. Look back at your last few posts- especially the narrative monologues, and if it seems that you keep rambling about the same topic in all the narration, ban it from your writing to force yourself to think of new ideas.

-Go through and make a list of all the topics you want to cover, the things or situations you need a character to respond to or act on, what you want them to do, anything

-Try really hard to just put yourself in the shoes of your character. Imagine yourself (as them, that's important, don't break character!) in their situation; what would be going through their head, how would they feel, etc. Sometimes looking at it from that perspective helps, but ALWAYS make sure the character STAYS the character, in other words, don't let it turn into YOU.

-Keep away from distractions. Other windows, sometimes music that is very loud or music you are SINGING to. Maybe you have a million windows open on your computer at once. Try to shut them out. ALL of them.

-Challenge yourself to write a set amount per day/post.

-WRITE THROUGH THE BLOCK. write something you aren't happy with. Write a one-liner. just write SOMETHING. force yourself, no matter how long it takes.

-Try eating almonds and blueberries. Thinking food.

-Meditate and stretch. Calm your thinking down to a manageable output, some people have too many ideas that they donít realize they have, and so it seems that they have none.

-Look for a photograph/draw the scene your characters are in for inspiration.

- A writing ideas website.

-Try playing some executive games, drive a car in someoneís office, or pop some balloons.

-Laugh. Go look at something funny, or try to think of a funny way for you to proceed in the roleplay.

-Think back to things that have happened in the past week, or longer, than really have sparked your emotions.


-Write often and exercise the creative part of your mind, do some art, or sculpting, or something hands on. that can help.

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