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Sully - February 27, 2011 09:39 PM (GMT)

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oldiers of God, there are many different types of angels. Their vessels are often devout mortals. They generally have the abilities to heal with a simple touch, time travel, port at will, and thatís just to start. They can be contained in holy fire and killed with an angelic sword.
NOTE: We do not allow any arch angels that are not canons.
These would be people with no powers, who arenít hunters, but may or may not have knowledge of the supernatural. They could have encountered something and chosen not to become a hunter. They may never have been touched by the supernatural world and live in a safety bubble where they think monsters are out of movies and story books.
Black Eyed Demon<br>
These are the most common types of demon, but their power levels can vary. They usually serve a higher ranking demon or entity. Basically these are the footmen of the demonic armies. They are often out in the world doing whatever it is that they need to do to accomplish whatever their task is.
Red Eyed Demons<br>
These are crossroad demons. These are the demons that make bargains, granting any wish to a person in exchange for their soul. These agreements are usually made for ten years. At the end of that time hell hounds are sent to kill the mortal body and take the soul to hell.
White-Eyed Demon<br>
These are very powerful demons. They tend to be in the higher ranks of hells demon, examples being Lilith and Alastair. They are seemingly immune to holy water. Other than that, not much is really known about them.
Yellow Eyed Demon<br>
The only one known to date is Azazel, who was tasked with making the special children and guiding them towards their destiny. Yellow Eyed Demons are also immune to holy water and are very powerful in their own right.
NOTE: At this time we are not allowing white eyed demons. If you wish to app a Y.E.D. you need to P.M. an admin first.
HOUNDS: <br>
This is an elite unit funded and run by a powerful group of higher ups (The Powers That Be) that donít want anything like the apocalypse to happen again. The Big Dog is Lane ĎSullyí Sullivan Ė a knowledgeable hunter with eleven years of experience under her belt, and the scars to go along with it. The rest of the unit is made up of military personnel, others are hunters like Sully, and some are even magically inclined or go bump in the night. Each person is handpicked and at the end of the day, itís the Big Dog who has the final say in who joins her unit.
The powers that be funds weapons, supplies, and even gather Intel for the Hounds to go across the country and hunt down monsters. Sometimes the problem is on a big scale and the Hounds not only handle the problem, but play cleanup to it afterwards, calming down the civilians with a cover story. The Hounds do what they have to do to protect lives and take down the evil things in this world. As for anyone who had a record, itís been wiped clean. The Hounds have no need to worry about police or FBI or any other form of law enforcement. They have the freedom to do what they do without impunity.
The only person Sully answers to is General Alex OíNiell. The Hounds are his brainchild. He also has a personal investment since Sully is his daughter.
Humans who have knowledge of the supernatural and hunt down the nasty things that go bump in the night. Some have been raised in the life while others have just started learning. They may just be regular vanilla humans or some may be psychics as well. Not all hunters are boy scouts. Some of them walk the darker side of the job having long ago left their morals behind.
NOTE: If your character is a hunter who also possesses traits as a psychic, witch, etc, then please create your character as that species, even if they work as a hunter.
Psychics are people who have some sort of extra sensory perception. Clairvoyant, mediums, etc. They cannot cast spells which is why they are not witches or warlocks. Some are accepting of their gifts while others find it to be a burden or may have been driven insane by it.
Human Shapeshifters
This species has the ability to physically shed their skin and take on the appearance of any other human. Itís a very painful process. Eye color, teeth, height, weight, it all physically changes so that they can become a clone to whoever they choose. Like all various species of shapeshifters, the human variety can only be killed with a silver bullet to the heart.

Loup Garou<br>
Forms of werewolves that take on the full wolfen aspect. These sorts of shapeshifters can be cursed mortals or infected. Vulnerable to silver, but have heightened strength and stamina while in human form, as well as advanced healing.
Categorized as cousins of the werewolves. A person can become a skinwalker by killing someone close to them for the gaining of power or infected by being bitten. They are ravenous, blood thirsty beasts usually that usually take on the form of a wolf or coyote. As with all shapeshifters, they can be killed with silver.
The SPN version of actual werewolves is a bit different than others. They mostly keep their human form, growing claw like hands and wolf like teeth. They have enhanced strength and agility, but often donít remember their change or anything that happened during it. It only takes one bite for someone to become a werewolf. A silver bullet to the heart will kill them.

Uniques are anything that would not fall into the above categories. Now, just because you make a unique character doesnít mean it will be accepted. It would have to be plausible and somehow tie into the SPN verse. If youíre unsure feel free to PM an admin about it.
If you want to play some obscenely powerful character (anything stronger than a regular angel , red or black eyed demon) you need to PM an admin first. From there many things will be considered, including buy not limited to if we think the puppet master can play it, if we think the character would work well on the board, if we think there's too much of a potential of god modding etc. So one person may approved to make the character, while another is not. That doesn't mean the app will be approved. It still goes through the same process, so yes it can still be denied.
In the SPN verse, stakes do not work on vampires. The only way to kill a vampire is to cut off their head or burn them. They have enhanced attributes including strength and speed, sight, hearing, and smell, and they can also retract their teeth so their fangs donít show all the time. They are vulnerable to dead manís blood and the sun.

WITCHES/WARLOCKS: here are many varieties of witches and warlocks. Some are born with natural powers, others get their spell casting abilities from demons. They can be good or evil with a variety of powers and spells, but usually they are just as mortal as the next person. Most anything that will kill a human can kill them.



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