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JORDAN MAXWELL - May 27, 2012 01:58 AM (GMT)
Four weeks, that’s how long her adoptive father was gone. She couldn’t stand it anymore. Jordan left Marie, her adoptive mother in charge of the bar despite her cancer, and now she was going to go find out about Tom. He shouldn’t be gone this long! He was just on his way to Utah, why in the world would he disappear?

As Jordan walked her large canine companion walked next to her, she didn’t want to take Max, but he had refused to stay behind. Her having Max at all was a wonder, her father normally took the dog with him went he went out on “business”. That’s what this was, wasn’t it? He was out only doing God knows what with whom, and Jordan was trapped trying to wait for him. Not this time, he was late, three weeks late.

She walked slowly, adjusting her backpack as she moved. Even though she walked with a purpose, she had no idea what she was getting into. Jordan didn’t know that her father was already dead, killed by the monster he was hunting. She had no idea what she was up against, and she was walking in completely unarmed. Well, that wasn’t completely untrue, she did have her pencil sharpener. After all, sketching was the biggest thing she had to worry about right?

Walking along the open roads, time was slow, her father took the only car, and now, she walked, hoping for a glimpse, someone just nice enough to give her a small lift towards where she needed to go. After all, it wasn’t like monsters were real. Jordan turned towards the road once more and stuck her thumb out as she heard a car approach.

CYRUS ASHWOOD - May 27, 2012 06:18 PM (GMT)
Cyrus had always had a fondness for the open roads. During his time as the black dog he would often wonder lonely places of travel between destinations. There seemed to be an odd safety along them for him. He was never a creature who enjoyed the city and he often found it hard not to draw attention to himself. So when he hit the shores of America he found himself slipping into old habits. Though he felt comfortable in the routine it was beginning to pick at his mind, just a couple weeks ago a hunter had picked up his trail and came after him. He had skill and decent experience under his belt but had no idea what he was really heading into. It didn’t take Cyrus very long to turn the fight and take his life gaining a bit of a meal with it.

However while he was digesting the man’s fears over the night something seemed to stick with him. The man didn’t have the usual self preservation fears or thoughts of being deserving of the death. Instead the man’s only fear was in failing someone close, not coming home to see them. It was a thought that had been bothering him for some time, it wasn’t a thought of guilt though. He had fled from Lupari in hopes to gain a new life, a life that would provide more than just survival for him. The fear he had eaten made him realize that he wanted something to loose, he didn’t really know what just something, something worth living for.

It was his annoying mind and self reflection that had kept him up during the day. He sat at the side of the road, shading his eyes from the low hanging sun as he waited for its eventual setting hours away, staring down either end of the long highway as if an answer would suddenly appear on the horizon. He had closed his eyes for a few moments to keep the headache the sun was causing away when he herd the scuff of feet. This was rare, to find someone walking the roads. He opened one eye and looking in the direction of the noise.

The sight of a very tired and very determined young girl quickly came into focus a less than 10 meters away. Her gaze seemed locked somewhere within her thought a canine walked beside her. He might have thought her a quick meal for later and would have vanished into a shadow to stalk her until dark but he just wasn’t feeling the hunt today. Instead he did something different to break routine. Still sitting he gave her a wave and a bit of a shout hoping not to startle her.

” Hey, strange to find a road with more people than cars on it? Heading anywhere particular?” it was clear that she was but he played dumb, people trusted dumb. He slowly got to his feet and extended his hand as she approached. ”The name is Cyrus? And who do I have the pleasure of meeting? “

JORDAN MAXWELL - May 27, 2012 06:39 PM (GMT)
No one, she had been walking for hours and still no one would pick her up. She started to tease the idea that it was Max that was scaring them away, after all the large dog was black as night. She rubbed his ears at they walked. Max just panted happily, his tail wagging behind him. She loved her dog, he was her best companion. Pulling her purple cell phone from he pocket she decided to try and call Tom again. Though sadly, nothing, just one ring and straight to voice mail. She listened to his voice mail.

She walked looking at her phone for a couple of moments until she heard a voice. The sound made her jump, Max however, seemed to take offense to the person before her. She rubbed his head, then padded his side as she spoke. “Just tryin’ to get ta’ Utah. There is a small town, Whiterocks. I have family there.” She stopped a few feet away from the man, when she stopped Max did as well. She smiled to him and took his hand with hers. “My name is Jordan… Where are you headed?” There was something about him that she couldn’t put her finger on. Not that it mattered however, there was no such things as monsters.

Jordan shifted her weight around on her feet, though she liked meeting new people, they always made her a little nervous. She didn’t want to sound as though she didn’t know what she was speaking about, well, not that Jordan knew a lot she supposed. After all, she only barley finished highschool. “OH! This is Max..” She had completely forgotten about her dog for a moment, but she looked down at him, and his large brown eyes looked back up at her, before he wondered off a little to find a place to… Do his business.

CYRUS ASHWOOD - May 27, 2012 08:32 PM (GMT)
Cyrus gave a bit of a smile to the large dog as she introduced him. Hey gave a slight wave and a ”Hey max.” As the dog lumbered away sniffing at the side of the road. ” Beautiful dog you got there.” He tried to avoid her question. He didn’t really have a destination in mind. He was simply wondering the road and hunting when the opportunity showed itself. He looked up to the sun for a few seconds wincing at the light, he was never particularly good at telling a lie, nor was his head in the right place to attempt to conceive one. It was much easier to tell the truth and just keep the details to himself. Besides if she caught on it wasn’t like he’d be losing anything.

He smiled a bit looking back to her. ” Honestly I don’t really know. Lost family so I’ve kind of just been wondering the roads since then. I figure one day I’ll find a good reason to stop.” he thought about his words for a moment finding them oddly accurate to his situation. Satisfied with his answer he bagan wondering why she had decided to walk so far. If she was just traveling why would she not simply take a bus?

” So you planning on backpacking all the way to Whiterocks?’ He let the question hang in the air for a moment before speaking again ” I know you got Max there for company but if you want someone to talk to I could come with? It’ll be dark soon and roads are never a safe place alone.” He probably sounded like a weird creep but his question was genuine, it had been a long while since he had a decent talk with anyone and his mind had become to filled with his own words. ” Only if you want though, not trying to creep you out.”

JORDAN MAXWELL - May 27, 2012 08:54 PM (GMT)
“Yeah, I got him just before my parents passed away. Max, Come.” She patted her leg, Max finished watering a tree and trotted over to her. She rubbed his ear again and pulled a small treat from her pocket and gave it to the lumbering beast of a dog, she always thought it was funny. He was almost the size of a pony, but she wasn’t sure he could actually protect her if things went south.

When he asked about her travel plans she just smiled a little and nodded. “I don’t really have to many other options. Max decided he was coming. Tom took the only car.. The bar can’t support me to take a plane or the train, so… To find him, I guess I’m walking unless I can find a ride.” She smiled at him, she was innocent in her own way in that. Though something pulled in the back of her mind, she would ignore his answer and just file it away. Jordan was like that, she would ignore the flaws or short comings of others just for the sake of making friends. That, and the girl was a little too comfortable around strangers. A habit that no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t break.

“Well, we have six more miles before the next turn off to a town where there might be a motel, so, lets get going.” She smiled at him again and wrapped her arm around his and began walking towards her intended destination. After all, why not? Jordan had no reason not to trust the man. Sure, he could be a murder or rapist, but chances were if he was either of those things, he would just follow her and do what he willed regardless. So, she might as well be friendly. Besides, she didn’t know he had eaten Tom. After all, to her, this was a mission to scream at the man for being late.

As they walked a little she looked up at him. "So, I’m a waitress. I was going to go to school this semester. Art Theory, but Tom didn’t return home for his latest business trip so I guess I need to go collect him again. Marie, she’s worried that he’s out lookin for a new woman. She had been worried about that a lot since her cancer hit. I’m not sure, Tom and Marie took me in after my parents died…” Jordan rambled on for a moment, but sighed and looked away from him, she just wasn’t sure what to talk to him about. After all it wasn’t as though he would be interested in Tom’s journal, or his crazy stories.

CYRUS ASHWOOD - May 27, 2012 09:47 PM (GMT)
Cyrus was more than a little uncomfortable with her sudden eagerness forcing him to tense up a bit when she took his arm. He was not particularly used to positive human interaction even for as long as he has lived. Primarily keeping to himself and using his human for to simply fade into the background. However her voice seemed sweet if not a bit rushed and it helped to push his own voice away from his thoughts which was rather enjoyable so he went with it. She didn’t’ seem to pose much of a threat at the moment anyway.

He mostly listened surprised she would pre-emptily answer any question he could think about. He let out a heavy sigh as she continued to speak trying to keep his strength in the sunlight and one step ahead of her with question so it wouldn’t appear to terribly lop sided. He gave a nod as she mentioned someone having cancer ” Sorry to hear about that.” Though as she continued the story he began to be a bit less convinced, finding it odd someone would miss school and challenge many humans aspired to complete to see if an adopted father was cheating on his terminally ill wife. And if she was worried about safety because of his absence then police would probably be a better choice than a young girl, unless she knew where to look. It wasn’t much of his business though and didn’t say anything about it.

” It sounds like you spend more time looking after them then they do looking after you.” He could sense that she was running out of things to say and wanted to avoid the questions to himself. He thought about what she said earlier ”So in school for art theory, so what is art theory then?.” he couldn’t help but be a bit intrigued about the topic.

JORDAN MAXWELL - May 27, 2012 10:11 PM (GMT)
When he spoke she smiled up at him. Then looking down to Max that walked at her side she reached over and scratched the top of his head. He was a good companion to have, he was always there, no matter what. “Yeah, I lost everyone once. I don’t want to lose anyone else. Tom normally takes Max with him, but he left him behind this time. It’s hard to explain. I’m just worried about him.” She dropped the subject and walked silently for a long moment until he asked her about art. The one subject the girl knew more than enough about.

“Art is kind of my thing. When I was a kid one or both of my parents were gone, and since I never did sports, I did art.” That wasn’t entirely true, she still had a gymnists body, and she was still far more graceful that the after woman her age or size. Not that her height was all that impressive. She only stood 5’2”, but that with her mixed martial arts, she was small, thing and fit.

“It’s the philosophy of the nature of beauty, art, taste and the creation and application of those things that we know of as beauty.” She looked up at him and moved her other arm to wrap around his, her eyes moved to the setting sun, the colors were beautiful. “I draw, I have sold a few pictures but nothing really wonderful yet. Tom uses me for illustrations for his book he’s writing.” She shouldn’t have said that and she knew it, but what was said, was said, there was no point in trying to take it back now. “I normally draw people and animals. People are my specialty though. Tom use to love it, he said I could capture people in my pictures, I have some with me if you wanted to see.” She looked back to where they were going, it was getting darker and harder for her to see.

Jordan always hated the dark, since she was a kid, seeing glowing eyes through her bedroom windows. Though her parents assured her there were no monsters, no real one anyway. She took that to heart. There were no monsters, everyone was just people. Crazy people that lost who they were. “I have more than a few drawing of Max, Tom, and Marie. As well as some creatures for Tom’s books, but I doubt you would be interested in them… I could draw you if you wanted, after all if you are going to be walking with me for a while then I’ll have the time.” She kicked herself as soon as she spoke. Sure, he might have said something creepy in the beginning, but she was becoming the creep now. A sigh escaped her lips frustrated with herself as she blushed.

CYRUS ASHWOOD - May 28, 2012 02:16 AM (GMT)
He let out a long breath at her words of loss. He knew that feeling very well. In a way he was stalking these roads hoping one day to find one of his kin. Perhaps he and this human were not so much different. That feeling she explained he had felt many times when his mind wondered to the possibility that he was the only one left. He didn’t say anything though, just listened and let her words carry him somewhere away from the past.

Her spirit seemed to lighten when she spoke of art. He couldn’t help but smile not really being aware of it. ”To understand the nature of beauty seems like an endless task. It has seemed to change so much over time.” He made a bit of a face at his own slip but doubted that she would jump to the conclusion that he was older than his appearance. It was often hard for people to pinpoint his age, his predatory and supernatural nature kept his body in good physical condition but his light English accent and the confidence in which he held himself made most people question his age between 25 and 30. If she asked about his knowledge in art he would only seem like a historian which was far better than a 5 century old creature, not that it mattered to him so he told himself.

His curiosity peeked when she mentioned a book. Literature was his first good human experience and something he had always kept a fondness for. He would have quickly asked her however she seemed quicker than him and was already on the next topic another thing that made him smile. He couldn’t help but follow her eyes to the horizon and frown a bit. Once the sun went down his eyes would begin to glow and she would probably guess his nature. It was a shame he thought for he was beginning to genuinely enjoy her company. Though he was not used to having an arm in his nor was he used to a person looking up with a smile to him, or the pace of her quick words. He found it all an enjoyable change from his everyday life style.

When she began to talk about capturing a person he showed his interest. Wondering what she would draw if she decided to illustrate him. Would she reveal a dark creature or something different? He smiled when she offered to draw him on their journey. Quickly replying to her ”Yes, to both, I would love to see your art and I have never had anyone draw me before.” He gaze flickered once again to the brightly lit horizon, there was still time he thought.

JORDAN MAXWELL - May 28, 2012 02:33 AM (GMT)
“Exactly, that’s why we should never stop looking at it. Things from the past and things that happen now. Everything changes over time and I think a lot of us, don’t really notice the subtle changes. I mean, several hundred years ago, how they painted, what they used for colors.. We can’t really achieve the same textures or looks because of how we make paints now. If we blended there would be something amazing.” She laughed a little and shook her head. “Sorry this must be awfully dull for you.”

“Oh well here.” She was surprised that he wanted to see her work, but she stopped along the side of the road and set her bag down. Max stretched and yawned as she dug in her bag, pushing Tom’s journal deeper in her bag, she pulled out a warn sketch pad. Each page had three to four different things on it. “This is a…” She stared at the picture squinting at it and her notes that were next to it. “Vampire? I can’t remember half these things. Tom always wanted me to draw the strangest stuff you know?” She handed him her sketch book and slid her backpack over her shoulder. Wrapping her arm around his again she walked with him pointing out different things.

“He would come home with these descriptions, I think he just liked seeing what I could come up with half the time… That’s a Werewolf, and a Demon… Oh here..” She took the book from him and flipped through the pages, she found one with her real parents and Max on it. “There is a good picture of Max. The handsome devil..” She looked down at Max and smiled at him, the dog only wagged his tail in response. She turned the page one more time. “That’s Marie, Tom, and Max.” She pointed at Tom and Marie as she spoke their names, then smiled up at him softly.

CYRUS ASHWOOD - May 28, 2012 08:23 PM (GMT)
Once again he found that his words we to slow to keep up to her, he had always found it difficult to speak human even with centuries of practice. It was always unnatural to him since he spent so long as wolf and learned to communicate to the world this way first. He often had to think about his words first and make sure they would communicate his thoughts. This left him a bit at a disadvantage with the relatively quick spoken and upbeat girl who clung to his arm now. She seemed to jump from one thing to the next without pause or question. Before he knew it he was holding a sketch book in his hands as she pointed out what he looked at.

It was interesting to see the brief glimpse of knowledge she had in the field of art. He didn’t find it boring. He often enjoyed the thoughts that people had about the past. He was raised in those times and to listen to another’s interpretation of it was often interesting. Though he was never greatly into art or its process he enjoyed the end result and the memories old paintings could hold. His mind went back however to what was in front of him. He tried his best to hold back a frown as she pointed out a vampire. He was never fond of their kind or their self loathing nature. As she flipped through he found it fairly odd at the accuracy of the drawings. These were not artistic interpretations of the creatures but accurate and detailed sketches of their features and traits. She had mentioned that Tom would give her depictions and wondered if perhaps her life wasn’t as simple as she thought if her adoptive father was a hunter than he might have to find a way to end the trip sooner than he’d wish. He didn’t much fear hunters but if they managed to get onto a net and Lupari found their encounter, well then he would have something to fear and no chance of changing his life.

He was lost in thought for a moment, he didn’t want to harm the girl and that would only cause a trail for this Tom to follow however he was enjoying her company. Perhaps he would just break of at the motel or at some cross roads and say his farewells. He was brought back by her charming voice and his face went solemn as he looked over the page.

”This is Marie,Tom, and Max”

He watched as she pointed to Tom. The face he saw was of the man he killed 3 weeks ago the hunter who came after him. He couldn’t help but feel guilty knowing that her journey would end in sorrow, something about this girl that he didn’t want to see hurt. Perhaps she reminded him of when he was a young pup and the world was simple and full of family. Now he had taken some of hers. His guilt was quickly replaced with anger towards it. The man came after him, he had the right to live and if he cared about her then he wouldn’t have left to hunt him in the first place. His eyes reflected his brief spike of emotion before he put a cap on it. He let out a sigh and made his lie, the reason for the lie would however remain uncertain to him.

” He looks like a caring man, I’m sure he’ll be fine. Perhaps he just got sidetracked or lost. We’ll find him don’t worry” Cyrus was sure that she would here of his death on the news somewhere, but right now they were on the road and he didn’t need to look into remorseful eyes. He would have to part ways with her now, just to keep sanity. His gaze flickered again to the horizon and the lowering sun. Perhaps his nature would answer the difficult questions.

JORDAN MAXWELL - May 28, 2012 11:50 PM (GMT)
As darkness set in, Jordan’s grip on the man’s arm tightened slightly. She always hated the dark since she was a small child. She hated the chill in the air, and the smell as the sun went down. It wasn’t so much the darkness really as much as it was what she had always seen. Eyes, glowing in the darkness just outside her window. Or a shadowy figure just inside of her door. Her parents never believed her at first, until she could have sworn her mother saw the figure as well. That’s when they started moving all the time. Well, it wasn’t what Jordan had seen more like he father had found a new job, he was always on the move and they were always right behind him. “Tom use to work with my parents before they died… I hope he did just get side tracked… Though I somehow don’t think he got lost, he’s a walking map…”

Jordan took her book and put it back into her bag, holding onto him as she did so, she didn’t want to let him go, not yet. She needed the comfort of having someone with her. They took up to walking again, she rambled on almost endlessly about art, how the colors had changed, how the textures looked. However, once the sun was completely gone she couldn’t move from his arm. Though when she looked up at him, and saw the glow her breath was taken away. She took a step back, still holding onto him. Contacts, that had to be it, how in the world had he gotten flowing contacts. She moved forward and stood on her toes to look into his eyes better. “That is by far the freakest thing I have ever seen… How do you get them to glow like that? Contacts? Mirrors? Well Mirrors wouldn’t make much sense but… No, don’t tell me, I would rather not know… That is really neat though…”

Since there was no such thing as monsters, well then, there was nothing to fear from the man with contacts that seemed to glow. After all people were using more and more movie props out in the real world to stand out weren’t they? She smiled at him, and stood on her toes her hand reaching up to touch his face with her free hand. Though he jumped she pulled her hand away a little and tried again, just trying to get a better look at his eyes. Hers full of wonder and excitement. She was so lost in his eyes for a moment, she forgot how dark it was around her.

CYRUS ASHWOOD - May 29, 2012 03:13 AM (GMT)
He was a bit lost in thought when she spoke about Tom, still thinking of the fight they had not so long ago. He had managed to track him down to this road as Cyrus had taken prey earlier in the area. He remembered the surprise when he found someone on his trail as Haunts are not an easy creature to find. However he managed to find his feeding grounds and from luck he spotted his eyes from the road. The chase was short however. The man…Tom didn’t know what he was up against and even if he managed to fire off the silver rounds in his gun it wouldn’t have tipped the balance. Cyrus couldn’t have let him live though in risk of Lupari, which combined with his need for a meal sealed the Fate of the man Jordan Cared so much for.

He shook his head a bit to get the images out. In his eyes he deserved it for trying to kill him. There was only the right of survival. When he realized she had changed the subject back to art he let her words take him back to the present. He began to realize that her fast speaking was her nerves as she spoke about her subject. It was clear to him that she was intelligent and wondered if he would have the chance to engage in good debate with her. For now however he let her fill the air with her voice listening to her opinions and facts of the debatable subject.

He felt her cling closer and began so smell the fear in her as the night began to set in on the lonely road. He gave out a sigh as the sun set knowing the inevitable outcome. However what happened next he could not have ever anticipated. As the sun set and his eyes illuminate she turned to look at him for a moment. He met her gaze and with amazement she had no fear anymore. Then she spoke and he nearly tripped over her own feet. He would have expected her to be an ancient deity that knew of his species long before he would have expected those words.

This girl seemed to surprise him every minute. No sooner was he composing himself that his eyes didn’t scare her, nor that she even came close to thinking he was some monster but instead thinking he had contacts that she reached for him. His head instinctively jerked away at the touch not being used to the attention. However when she reached up again he didn’t pull back. It was strange that he found himself relieved in the girl naivety. It would seem that he could enjoy her company for a bit longer.

He couldn’t help but smile a bit ”Oh yes, friend of a friend got them for me. Don’t know where he found them but it’s funny to see the looks on people’s faces when they drive by.” He let the moment last for a few breaths before returning to their original pace. However this time it was him her kept her close as he put an around her shoulder. ”It’ll be a bit of a cold night, though we should reach the town in a couple more hours if we keep this pace.” He looked up at the night sky and smiled a bit. This was his time, and his element his headache started to fade and his mind began to clear. Looking back at her he was glad to have the company. ” Your pictures were good by the way, so other than art what else to you like?” He couldn’t help but want to know a bit more about this human.

JORDAN MAXWELL - May 29, 2012 03:51 AM (GMT)
Jordan smiled as he put his arm around her, she wrapped one of her around his waist and leaned a her head against his arm. She was getting tired, more tired that she should have been but night did that to her. She had had no real plans when she started this trip to find Tom, and had spent two nights in cheap motels as it was, it was just nice to finally have someone to talk to. Someone who wasn’t a truck driver trying to grab her.

She was a little disappointed he didn’t know where the contacts came from, but pushed that aside as they walked. “Let me see, I LOVE being a mechanic. I use to do it all the time when I lived with my parents, but it’s been a while since I had the chance to really play with a car, other than Tom’s truck that is. I have a classic car truck back home… But she’s completely torn up right now I’ve been spending most of my time fixing her…” Jordan looked back up to him and smiled a little she loved that truck but she kept talking, after all, it was what she did.

“I’ve taken gymnastics and several different forms of martial arts. Mom and Tom both felt that I needed the skills, just in case something happened, but I have yet to really use them, though I still practice them every day.” She paused to think for a moment, did she want to bring up… “I use to dance when I was in highschool, we did half time at the basketball games… Tom also taught me to make different munitions. Shot gun mostly, but I think he just liked to challenge me, because the things he asked for made no sense. It was just nice to do something with him other than draw in his blood book… I don’t really have a whole lot else, I hate being a waitress, all those guys grabbing at you when they are drunk… It’s not how I really want to spend my life, you know?” She looked away from him and back at the road, they were walking a slightly quicker pace than before but she didn’t mind. She could keep this up until they reached down.

“There isn’t really a whole lot left to me. I moved around a lot as a kid, Dad kept finding work in different cities, states, and we just moved where he found work. Mom would go with him sometimes… We didn’t stop until I freaked out on them about all the movies… They died after that...” She let out a laugh, remember how her father had laid salt on the ground on at her doorway to her room. The cops found it on all her windows as well. She didn’t understand it at the time, but her father had saved her life with that salt, but to this day, she thought it was just him going crazy. “You keep letting me ramble on like this and you are never going to get a word in edge wise..”

Jordan found herself comfortable with this man, but she couldn’t tell why. There was something about him that reminded her of, well she couldn’t put her finger on it. Perhaps it was Tom, a figure that was there to protect her, or perhaps it was just a simple companion. She didn’t know, but she felt safe around him. She was enjoying his company. Though now as she waited for his response she allowed herself to sigh. The night was darker than normal and she was relieved that there was something with her. No moon, or new moon as other people called it, seemed to haunt her, she knew it was simply the lack of the moon that bothered her, it was just so dark, so very dark.

CYRUS ASHWOOD - May 29, 2012 03:56 PM (GMT)
As he listened to her words his interest of her grew. There was much more to her that met the eye it seemed and her life seemed to mirror a collage of different experiences. He was a little bit surprised that she had a background in martial arts and dance however when he took in her form her began to see it. At first her stature and eager politeness seemed to give her a delicate image but as he took a closer look he realized his first initial impression of her was off. She was slender and toned form. Her legs carried the rest of her with steady grace as she kept up with his pace. However now he was staring and quickly turned his attention back to the horizon and the destination that lay ahead of them. He could understand her not wanting to be a waitress anymore. The job seemed far beneath her and her current interests and skills. Seemed they both were looking for a bit of a career change.

He listened closely when she began to talk about her parents, and he wondered if they too were hunters or if it was only Tom. If they were he was a bit amazing that she didn’t know about the supernatural being surrounded by it her whole life. He gave a bit of a heavy sigh when she mentioned their death, he wasn’t responsible for that one but he knew the sting of loosing family all too well. He gave held her close for a moment when the silence hung for a moment and gave a chuckle when she mentioned rambling.

” I prefer to listen. Besides my life isn’t very interesting, after I lost my own family I kind of just wondered.” He let his words hang in the cooling air, not really wonting to talk too much about it fear that he would reveal a bit too much. Instead he focused on the night and the road. There was no moon to illuminate their path but his eyes saw through the veil are darkness without any trouble. In fact he couldn’t help but think at what a perfect night for hunting this was. He senses cough her fear long some time ago and it didn’t take long for him to deduce it’s cause. ” You don’t need to fear the dark.” He said softly, and it was true he was the only thing worth fearing right now and he had no desire to hunt her. ” It truly is another world. But not one that needs to cause worry. You should think of it as a new form of art to explore with different senses. You cannot see the world but you can experience it. Let your other senses provide you with an image and you will learn that the paints used in this world are much different than the paints used under the light of day.” He smiled to her hoping his words would give her comfort.

JORDAN MAXWELL - May 29, 2012 04:45 PM (GMT)
When he held her close she leaned into him, her head resting on his chest. Though when he loosened she stood back up straight, she was enjoying his company more and more as they walked. “Well then, I shall grant your wish and ramble… It’s something that I am actually quite good at… Tom always hated it, he hated how I could just keep on talking, but what can you do right?” She smiled again and her eyes looked around the darkness. Then he spoke again, though she was a little surprised by him bringing up her fear, well, it was quite obvious she guessed. After all, Jordan wore her feelings on thoughts on her face most of the time.

His words made sense to her in a way. The fact he brought art into only made her blush a little, he had been listening. She had spoken about her art and her thoughts so many times in the past, but then again, it wasn’t as though drunken bar patrons were the best talking about anything besides her butt. “I know you are right… I just always have this feeling that I am not really catching onto something sometimes you know? My parents, all four of them…” After all even though she had only known Tom and Marie for the last couple of years, they felt like parents as well. “They just have always seemed like they were trying to hide some big dark secret of the world from me. I’m not sure how to explain it, but I feel as though one day, I’m going to be in a situation, where I am not going to be aware of what is really going on… Like I’m going to be… Lost, you know? I guess that doesn’t make any sense.” If only she knew.

Her eye looked back up at his glowing ones, the contacts that, if she had been trained, she would have known were signs of something other than a human. She was indeed in that situation now, not realizing that a supernatural creature had his arm around her and hers around him.

CYRUS ASHWOOD - May 29, 2012 11:38 PM (GMT)
What she spoke of made perfect sense, she should have those feelings her perception was sharp enough to send her the warning but her conscious seemed to deflect them into more rational and accepted thought. He watched as she contemplated her reasoning for her fears, all the while her arm wrapped around him, a creatures that spread the fear of the dark so long ago. He found it interesting the pair of them, almost poetic. It was like one of the fiery tales he used to read when first in human captivity. How they would often start with a young naive girl and end with her meeting the bad wolf of the story.

He found those stories amusing to see how humanity viewed creatures of his like. Was he the big bad wolf? He certainly could be. But there was also another nature to the beast. He gave her a warm smile and held her close again. ”Sometimes I feel the same way, the world is a secretive place. But each dark secrete has its bright side. “ He let out a sigh not wanting to go to much further into it or else risk revealing to her that he knew much, much more than he was letting on.

It wasn’t too long before he spotted the dim glow of a town on the horizon. ”Fret not the lights of our destination is coming into view, and until then I promise to protect you from monsters in the dark.” He smiled at her jokingly but in reality he was serious. If anything decided to attack her on this road they would quickly regret their decision. Though he doubted anything else was around. In the meantime he wanted the company of her voice again. ”So you said you were helping with a book? What was he working on?” He enjoyed her voice as it filled the usual quiet night air. Left alone to his thoughts often only made him frustrated or lonely. Association with a human was a new experience. He only ever really saw them as food and an irritating meal at that always complaining about something and accusing everything around them. Cyrus had no hatred left for what they did but the reasoning they give behind it. All prey may defend itself but each predator may also hunt. He let out a heavy breath as his mind began to twirl thoughts and focused on her words again. Letting them show him a place he’s never been before.

JORDAN MAXWELL - May 29, 2012 11:52 PM (GMT)
She couldn’t help but giggle at his words that he would protect her. It wasn’t that he said it that truly made her giggle, but that deep down she believed he would. He had that quality about him, that made her believe that he was going to keep her safe no matter what. It was a quality that very few people had, or could inspire her to feel. As they walked she leaned her head back on her chest a little and listened to his heart for a moment as her mind drifted off, it didn’t snap back until he brought up Tom’s book.

“Well, when I was about 17, I brought home a Dungeons and Dragon’s Monster Manual. He took an interest in it, wanted to see the images and wanted me to talk to him about the creatures. The more I spoke to him about the vampires and the ghosts and haunts, he became increasingly upset. Not that I was interested in the stories, but he felt as though the makes of the game got it all wrong. Like Vampires… Not the cute two fangs, but the second row of almost shark like teeth. Things like that…” She smiled a little at remembering that talk with Tom, though it wasn’t much of a talk as it was an argument, though looking back, there was humor to be found. “He was mad, so I issued him a challenge that if he truly wanted the book to be right we should make our own. You know what, he already had been working on one. Even though he said he never heard of D&D I think he was working on making a book like that for some time. Though judging by his stories, it was really so he could remember how the monsters were suppose to behave. Anyway, that’s when he started having me draw in his book. I worked on the sketch pad first, to make sure I had it right, then transferred the picture over, inked it in, and added color. I can show you when we get to the motel if you want…”

After all why not show him? There was something about him that she trusted, and more than that, it would keep him busy while she figured out how she wanted to draw him, and she was already getting an vision within her own mind of how she saw him. Though she was going to try and keep it a secret for now. After all, she enjoyed seeing their face when the work was complete and his was going to take some time, more than what she was going to have tonight. “Would you like to continue on this journey with me tomorrow? I mean, I have a long ways to go, and if you have no place to be… It would be nice to have someone with me…”

CYRUS ASHWOOD - May 30, 2012 03:06 AM (GMT)
She now wondered into the area were Cyrus had no knowledge. He had never bothered much to get into the popular culture of this era. His focus more set to avoiding detection from the ever growing eyes of the public and Lupari. He still paid attention however, and as she explained the book and what Tom had told it became apparent that she was unknowingly making a hunters journal. He wondered for a moment if he had Haunts in there, but he doubted it as this Tom was ill prepared to fight him when he decided to hunt him. Also Lupari had the only existing records of them, any others being whipped out nearly 5 centuries ago when his race was declared extinct. A bit of a smile appeared in the corner of his lips. If she did draw him it would be the first recording of a haunt in over a few hundred years. He wondered then if one day he would end up in that book. The smile quickly faded at the thought.

He nodded when she mentioned showing him the book when they got to the hotel. He was still interested in what it had to say, how accurate it was and was genuinely interested in seeing more of her work. He could now start to make out the features of the small town they were approaching. It would only be about an hour tops before they had reached there. He was a bit surprised that she offered him to stay with her the night, she didn’t even ask the question though. Just mentioned that she could show them while when they got there. He gave a chuckle wondering how he got himself roped into this but he wasn’t putting up a fight.

When she spoke about continuing on with her he had to think for awhile. He had only assumed up until now that they would eventually go their separate ways somewhere before daybreak hit. This was a bit of a tough question for him knowing the reason for her being out here and knowing its inevitable conclusion. That and though he enjoyed her company he was not accustomed to sticking around people, it tended to make feeding hard. He let out a bit of a sigh as he though and ran his free hand over his face in contemplation. On the other side he really had nothing better to do and leaving would only be him returning to a path he was attempting to stray from. For the first time in a long time Cyrus was truly at odds with himself not knowing what to do. He figured though eventually that merited to her favor. He eventually looked down at her and smiled ”It would be my pleasure miss Jordan to accompany you on this journey.” what indeed was he getting into, if anything though it wouldn’t be hard to disappear into the night if he needed to.

JORDAN MAXWELL - May 30, 2012 11:12 AM (GMT)
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