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Christian Kirkwood - March 4, 2012 09:00 PM (GMT)
Christian had been a long time on the road in that RV camper of his. He had to be in L.A. tomorrow and he was coming from a job in Tennessee. He'd been on the road ever since they got the call. He and Nora had been taking turns driving, sleeping in shifts.

The call for the photo shoot had been a last minute one. The original photographer they'd had slated had come down with the flu and no one wanted a sick man working with models. They had tight schedules, as did the photographer. So, when his agent had heard they were looking for a last minute replacement, then she'd jumped at the chance for Christian and told him they said he could get in on this if he could get into L.A. by two o'clock the next day.

It was sometime after midnight and Christian found himself puling into a rest stop off I-40 W just past Albuquerque, New Mexico to stretch his legs. His sister was still asleep when he locked up the RV. He was walking around when he noticed a familiar-looking car. It was a Dodge Charger. He grinned and went back to the RV for two mugs of coffee and some sweetener packets. He then came back to the car and knocked on the window, grinning cheekily as he held up the mugs of coffee...

SARI O'CONNELL - March 5, 2012 08:53 AM (GMT)
Sari had left Virginia confused, and since then had just been driving. Sleeping on and off when she could with out her nightmares interrupting her sleep. Which is what she was currently doing at this little gas stop in New Mexico. Her Charger was off to the side, and out of the way. Only someone that knew what her car looked like would recognize it.

Perhaps that's why she jerked awake when the knock came. A gun quickly coming up to the window ready to shot should it be a threat. It took her a few moment's for the sleep to clear from her eyes, and she recognized who was on the other side of the glass. What were the odds she'd run into Christian in all places? Pretty slim as it was, and she kept the gun up as she rolled her window down.

"Christian?" Sari asked questioningly. Her caution clear in her voice, and she smirked a bit, "Promise you won't get offended if I test to make sure you are you?" Sari asked with that smirk still playing on her lips. Her purple hair framing her face, and falling over the straps of the red spaghetti strap shirt she wore. Her jeans tight, and surprisingly she was even wearing cowboy boots today. She pulled them out now and then when she felt like it.

The gun lowered, but only so it wasn't in easy view of others passing them by. No need to draw unwanted attention. Surely he'd understand. What with how these days were going. So many more possessions of late. It made one wonder what was going on in these times. What the demons were up to. One just never could be too careful.

Christian Kirkwood - March 6, 2012 06:44 AM (GMT)
Her reaction was a little off-putting, but well, not unexpected. Everyone had been a bit twitchy lately what with all the demons coming out of the woodwork. Measures had to be taken. Nora and him both had gotten the tattoos that would prevented demons from possessing them. It had taken a lot of convincing on his part towards his sister to get her to go under the needle. And even then, he'd had to get her drunk to get it done. Her's was on her right hip bone while his was on the right side of his chest.

Thinking maybe that this was what she was checking for (possession), Mr. Kirkwood nodded and said in calm soothing tones, "Sari..I don't mind showing I'm who I am..Just..Let me put these down on the hood of your car okay? I got a tattoo not just six months ago based on the ones the Winchester boys have..Its from that graphic novel that was written about them..," he said. He new he was rambling a bit, but well, he also knew that explaining went a long way. He didn't see the gun of her's anymore, but that didn't mean she wasn't pointing it at him. "Now don't worry, Sari," he said, his hands still up with the coffee mugs still in them, "I'm not gonna move until you tell me to and even then, will keep my hands where you can see them...Sound good?"

He didn't want bullet holes in him right then..It was messy and painful. Besides, then he'd have to throw away a perfectly good shirt or pair of jeans or both. So..he waited and hoped she didn't get trigger happy..

SARI O'CONNELL - March 7, 2012 04:03 AM (GMT)
Sari watched him carefully for a moment, the sleep quickly evaporating from her eyes, and Sari gave nod of her head. "Alright go ahead. I know you know I've still got this aimed at you," Sari said not saying gun out loud due to the people that would occasionally walk by. Though the smell of coffee was so good right now she was almost tempted to by pass the tests. If she did though, and he was possessed...well...she'd regret it later.

At the mention of the Supernatural books though caused her to quirk a brow, and she grinned some. "I didn't know you read those books too. Alright if you really do have that Tat I'll be convinced," Sari said. She couldn't believe she had forgotten about those tattoo's. She really needed to look it up to get the right image and get it herself.

What with the monsters she has encountered, and the demons with their weird phrases about her. She was surprised they hadn't tried to posses her or turn her or what ever. Maybe what ever she was prevented it? She doubted it. Best to get it done quickly. She nodded her head towards the hood of her dodge charger. Indicating he could set the mugs there. This way she could keep an eye on his hands as he did what ever he needed to do.

Christian Kirkwood - March 7, 2012 07:36 AM (GMT)
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<font size="1"><font color="756632"><font face=georgia>text text Christian grinned at Sari a little as she gave him the go ahead to show her and that he should put the coffee on the hood and she didn't know he read those novels. "<font color=ffff8f>Nora showed it to me..She's a big..uh Dean fan, you know, but no way is she coming within fifty yards of him.<font color=756632>" His lips quirked up as he said that, carefully placing the mugs upon the hood of the car. He kept his hands up where they could be seen the whole time.<br><br>

He reached over with his left hand and stretched the neck of his shirt until his tattoo was revealed in its entirety. He waited patiently for the go-ahead. One thing you definitely didn't do when someone had a gun trained on you was sudden movements. Nope, he was keeping his hands up where she could see them. "<font color=ffff8f>Of course, if you want to have a wet t-shirt contest, I wouldn't mind complying..So long as you go next,<font color=756632>"<br><br>

He definitely wouldn't mind that, obviously. He was a guy afterall, and Sari was a very beeeauuutiful gal. Plus, times like this, he needed her to show she was who she was too. If it took a wet t-shirt to do that, then he was willing to take one for the team..Chyeah, like he'd be suffering much at all.</font></color>

SARI O'CONNELL - March 7, 2012 06:49 PM (GMT)
His sister introduced him to the books? Well she definitely did not expect that in a million years. "Most people I run into seem to be Dean fans. Not me...for some reason I like Sam," Sari said with a slight grin, "Considering some of my past bed mates, I'm a bit surprised." she said as a light tease to Christian. After all appearances are everything to those that had no clue what was going on around them.

When she saw the tattoo, Sari relaxed, and she held up her gun in a 'here it is' fashion before putting it away. "Sorry about that. Just been jumped too much lately it seems. As for testing me...sadly I'll have to do all the old fashions tests. Holy water, salt, gods name and all," Sari said and sighed a bit, "Though I really should get that same tat. Save a lot of trouble," She grumbled a bit. Opening her door, she stepped out, and smiled; this time a genuine smile.

"So how has it been? It's been how long now?" Sari asked curiously and back to how she was when they first met. She had been more low key the last little while as she was earning her right to get the money to start the mobile store for Hunters. Which she ought to tell him eventually. Could come in handy for him she was sure. One of the few things to discuss while catching up.

"Did you make my coffee right this time at least? Or were you short on that Irish cream again?" she said as she moved to the coffee mug to see which one would be considered her's as she waited to see what tests Christian would put her through to make sure she was still who she was.

Christian Kirkwood - March 8, 2012 03:58 AM (GMT)
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<font size="1"><font color="756632"><font face=georgia>Christian relaxed visibly almost comically as he let go of his shirt and wiped his brow free of imaginary sweat. He then straightened his faded dark purple shirt and flicked imaginary dust off his black leather jacket. "<font color=ffff8f>'s alright. Can't be too careful these days..,<font color=756632>" he said with a grin as he stepped away from her door to let her out.<br><br>

"<font color=ffff8f>Glad to know that not everyone's a Dean fan..From what I've read in the books, the guy gets just about as much action as me..Nora just better stay in the RV if we ever run into those boys,<font color=756632>" he grumbled. The sad thing was he was absolutely serious about that. He'd rather lock his sister in the RV than let her meet the real live guy she's been crushing over in those novels. Frankly though, he thought the man had game, despite himself. There was a grudging respect for the Winchester boys in Christian. Not that he was going to say so though.<br><br>

He grinned as she asked him about how he was and how long it had been and she'd even ribbed him about his coffee. "<font color=ffff8f>Its been alright. Not much has changed..Been about 9 months, right?--Oi! I'm not psychic. I have to make due with what I've got..but if you want to come back to the RV to look for some Bailey's, then we can after this test..<font color=756632>" he said with a cheeky grin at her. It was true that in the beginning of their sexy fun timez, he'd made the mistake of not brewing a good pot of coffee for her and then to compound it, he'd ran out of his stash of Bailey's Irish Cream. He tried not to do that anymore and Nora had them scouring the country for flavored coffee like the type they'd gotten in a small shop in Montgomery, AL at the Coffee Scoop once. All it had taken was one taste and they'd bought as much as they could the few times they'd made it down that way. They'd not been in a while though and he fervently hoped the shop was still there. Otherwise, he'd be in huge trouble with his sister who'd been insisting they make a special stop there lately for her favorite stuff. <br><br>

Kirkwood took a silver flask out of his right breast pocket and gave it a little shake. "<font color=ffff8f>You know, you're lucky that its still more winter than spring. So, no wet t-shirts right now. Drink it or a bit on your hands, eh?<font color=756632>" he asked with a grin. Yes, this was serious, but he highly doubted that she was a demon. He just had to observe formalities right then.

SARI O'CONNELL - March 10, 2012 06:42 PM (GMT)
Sari rolled her eyes at his comical like relief. She left her door open as she let her legs hang out. Stretching them after sleeping in such an awkward position. She probably would have waken eventually with a muscle cramp of some kind. "Glad you understand. Activity has jumped in the last few months since I went...underground for a bit," Sari said not really saying what she had done as she herself still felt a bit off from it.

When Christian said that Dean reminded him of him, Sari laughed a bit. She hadn't even thought of that comparison until now. "Does that make me a hypocrite then? Enjoying your company, either way it goes, but favoring Sam?" She asked a bit mockingly as she then stood up out of her car. Leaning against the door with her arms on top of the door. She was still as slender and athletic looking as before when they last saw each other.

Nine months? Has it really been that long? Sari shook her head just slightly. "Damn...that long," Sari said more to herself then to him. While she was gone time sure did fly. Sari noticed that his face took on a slightly distant look. Like he was remembering something after her comment about coffee. A slight up turn of her lips came, and she was pretty sure he was thinking of when they first met. This time she let her chuckle escape from her lips. "Oh just to let you know. I have forgiven you for that very first time we met by the way," Sari assured him with a wink.

Then it was back to business, and Sari straightened up. Best to get it over with. Sari took the flask, and opened it up. "Mouth is a bit dry. I'll take a swig," Sari said and did just that. The water was cold and refreshing to her dry mouth, and she could instantly feel the water re-hydrating her mouth. Swallowing the mouthful she returned the flask to Christian. "Did I pass?" Sari asked all in a slightly mock tone. Attempting to keep it light with Christian as well.

CHRISTIAN KIRKWOOD - March 12, 2012 01:20 AM (GMT)
Oh Christian understood alright. He and Nora had had to hightail it out of a few too many sketchy situations as of late. Nora had to be back up on a few and he had not liked that. Oh she could take care of herself, but well, he just didn't like her being out in the field. She would always be that little girl who had held his hand crossing the street in a purple leotard and a tutu with pig tails in her hair. That's the way he liked to think of her. Not an almost grown woman who thought she was taking care of him, not the other way around.

Christian grinned at Sari then said "I only said that he got just as much, if not more, action than me..Not that we were a lot alike..So I think you're safe," He winked at her then nodded as she cursed about how long it had been since last they'd seen each other. Nine months could be a long time, but well, they'd been busy on the road and it seemed she had too.

He wiped his forehead of imaginary sweat then and grinned as he said, "Phew! Glad that's been cleared up then.." He then leaned against her car as she took the bottle of Holy water and took a swig while he muttered Jesus Christo. He eyed her with a grin and said, "Weeeeell, it'll do, I guess." He hands her the coffee cup then takes his own. He wasn't sure if her preference had changed, so its black right now.."We can head to my RV for something to add to that, if you like, now..," he said, a bit unsure if she would like that or not, "You can tell me what you've been up to for so long."

SARI O'CONNELL - March 13, 2012 07:38 AM (GMT)
Sari just grinned in that mischievous way she did when she thought one thing, but he thought another. One of those 'ok sure I won't argue 'cause you're cute' sort of look. Sari couldn't help it. Christian was confident of himself, if an ass sometimes, but she knew how to handle that. It helped that she knew him and her weren't serious. Friends with benefits was a wonderful thing.

Sari barely heard the Christo part, and even then she was not one hundred percent he said it. If he did then hey no reaction. No harm, and no foul. Not to mention she would have done the same thing. Closing the flask up, she handed the container back to him. In exchange she got coffee. Sweet, glorious coffee. Sari breathed in the scent deeply like she was one of the Greek goods that was breathing in the sweet scents of burnt offerings.

Her brown eyes moved to Christians when he offered to go back to the RV for some additions for the coffee. A smile turned her lips up a little as she started to walk past him. Turning as she was right in front of him so that their bodies brushed from a moment, and she leaned in to brush her lips against his as if she were going to kiss him. "I'd like that. Gotta have my cream," Sari said before pulling away with out giving him any more contact.

Sari knew just how to tease Christian to make him want more, with out having him react too much in public. Her boots clicked on the pavement a little, and her hips swayed a bit in her walk. That natural little sway that most females had in their stride. "Better catch up handsome...I might raid more then your fridge for sweeteners if you don't catch up," she called back teasingly as she was half way to the trailer already.

CHRISTIAN KIRKWOOD - March 14, 2012 05:16 AM (GMT)
...Oh Heaven help him, but this girl was trouble. Only, she was the type of trouble he loved to get into. Now that he knew she was who she said she was, he could fall into their normal cadence. What was their normal conversational cadence? Well, hey, you never could tell. One minute it could be joking, the next it could be flirty or dirty. The gal was a firecracker. She was unpredictable and Heaven help him, but she was actually incredibly sexy.

So when she brushed past him and turned around to brush her lips against his; man, it was almost all he could do to keep from picking her up and throwing her over his shoulder and sprinting to the RV. Instead, he breathed a shaky breath in and looked down at his pants. "Woo boy..keep it together," he told his man-parts, sternly as he adjusted his pants.

He paused for only a moment for that whole thing. Then he was sprinting after her, mentally chastising himself as she called for him to keep up. Greeeat, he can look as though he's a lovesick puppy-dog, trailing after her. What fun! When he finally had caught up to her (it wasn't that long), he had a grin on his face as he said, "Well, wouldn't that be have you raid more than just my fridge." He moved quickly then, reaching the RV and unlocking it.

Ever the cheesy gentleman, he opened the door with a flourish, bowing as he said, effecting his best French accent, "Entre-vous, mademoiselle,"

SARI O'CONNELL - March 14, 2012 08:37 PM (GMT)
Sari smiled as she heard Christian start to catch up to her. Yeah she had played him right she was sure. Now to debate on going through with that silent little possibility, or to make him suffer a bit. When it came to Christian Sari was sometimes conflicted on that matter. She composed herself before Christian caught up to her. She then chuckled some.

"I wasn't talking about you either," Sari said after he opened the door. Get his hopes up, push them down a bit, and then well...for them they never knew, " are you and Nora? You are still being the over protective brother aren't you?" Sari asked with a grin. She had seen him around his sister. He was a good brother, even if he could be a little too over protective. She had seen how he was on a hunt.

Looking around the RV that the two normally lived in, Sari noticed it hadn't changed much. So she moved to the fridge, and clucked her tongue. "Not even half-half. I'm disappointed Christian," Sari said and turned to face him after closing the fridge, "Please tell me you at least have sugar," Sari pleaded with a small smile on her lips.

Leaning against the counter, she took a sip of the black, and winced a bit. Yeah...even just plain sugar would help ease the taste. She didn't mind it black, but the taste was normally too bitter for her to drink it like that for a full cup. Then she looked at the counter, and smiled a bit as a few memories came to mind about the two of them, and that counter.

CHRISTIAN KIRKWOOD - March 15, 2012 06:52 AM (GMT)
Christian couldn't help but clench at his heart comically when she said she wasn't talking about him with that earlier comment. He grinned though as he followed her inside, happy to watch the sway of those hips of her's from his vantage point behind her. He almost didn't hear what she was asking. It caught up to him though in his brain, the words seeping in slowly through the lusty haze of his thoughts.

He gave her a sly grin then and said, "Just keeping her safe from the one track minded. Do you know she actually got hit on by a lesbian and didn't even realize it until the girl got in real close and got blunt with her?" He chuckled at that, "I'd never seen her blush so scarlet and she even went between sputtering and gaping. Had to step in and rescue her and tell the gal, she was straight as an arrow. Girl took one long look, shook her head, and moved on." He sipped his beer coffee as he stood, looking over her shoulder. He winced as she took a good long look at their fridge.

"Sorry, Nora took the last bit this morning and all we have is the powdered creamer..," he got that down from one of the cabinets and pulled the sugar packets from his pocket that he'd swiped at the last stop. They were free, alright? He then pulled a spoon out of a drawer and handed it all to her. Kirkwood then leaned against the counter next to her. Oh he remembered many a time on that counter with her. His eyes glittered with the memory as he sipped his coffee, a grin on his lips as the cup pulled away from his lips. "You remember the last time we were together?," he asked as he gave her a sideways glance, a smirk on his face.

SARI O'CONNELL - March 15, 2012 07:28 PM (GMT)
"Over protective brother," Sari said with laughter in her voice despite no smile on her lips. Her eyes sparkling in that mischievous way that made one wonder what she was up to. Hearing there was sugar, and at least powder creamer, which she wrinkled her nose at, she sighed in that exasperated way to show she wasn't really upset.

"I guess I can survive off of that. So long as you plan on making up for it," Sari said pointing a finger at him as she started to find a good blend of powder creamer and sugar for her coffee. Having simply turned around to use the counter space there. Taking a testing sip of flavor of her coffee, Christian's mind seemed to have followed her's in the thoughts of that counter. Or at least the last time they were together.

A smirk crossed her face as a curtain of purple hair, once brown a while ago, fell forward to give the image of a back drop behind her face. "Yeah...we uh...had an adventure around the RV I believe," Sari said in that teasing mocking tone, "Then...wasn't it at the table, or the couch where Nora walked in us?"

At this point there was a full on smile on her face. Yes it had been embarrassing, but at the same time the incident had been damn funny. Then things had started to get busier for her, and for Christian. Then well...the last few months where she had just disappeared from the grid. After everything she had seen...gone through, and did; Sari was afraid to commit to anyone now. Afraid to get them stuck in the cross fire of this battle that no one knew about.

Christian...well there she could admit at least to herself, that seeing him helped with all that dark stuff. Seeing him made her feel...more at ease. That was the good thing about friends with benefits. Christian and Nore were probably, at the moment, the only people she could call friends in this business of theirs. Maybe that's why she felt like she could be herself. Why she could act the way she was now with out worrying about an attack.

CHRISTIAN KIRKWOOD - March 17, 2012 06:15 AM (GMT)
"It is my right," Christian said with a chuckle at her apt remark regarding his attitude about his sister. Yeh, he was protective. Maybe a bit overprotective. But he was a guy and he knew exactly what all those fellas thought about when they looked at his sister. They saw an easy target that they could manipulate into bed with them faster than she could blink. She might as well be wearing a stamp on her forehead saying 'Do me' for those guys that made her smile.

Now, he knew she wasn't like him in that he'd gladly go off somewhere and have that random hook-up. She was more of a slow burner rather than the firecrackers that he liked. Which was good! But that inability of her's to tell when someone's flirting was just the thing that made him want to jump on any number of the guys that chat her up.

"Oh, I'll make up for it alright," he said with a cheeky grin and a wink before he pulled down a brand new bottle of Bailey's Irish Cream from a top cabinet. He shook it and grinned, "I told you I'd not be caught without this, missy," he said as he broke the seal, twisting the cap off and handed to her for first pour.

He grinned at her question about the last time they'd been together. "Oh, if I recall correctly..It was the table..Though I think we did manage to christen the couch too before that..," he said, waggling his eyebrows comically at her, "Her face was priceless..Though I could have done without the shriek. And she came after us with gloves and Lysol three times. I think she even threw away the brush she used," he added, chuckling.

SARI O'CONNELL - March 20, 2012 05:59 AM (GMT)
Sari gave a roll of her eyes with a grin on her face. He was right about being the protective brother. "Alright...but some advice," Sari said and cleared her throat some, "Speaking as a friend and the firecracker that I am...." Sari said and indicated to him with her cup of coffee, "Don't suffocate her. You do she's going to rebel worse, if she's not already, and you'll lose her." Sari said. She remember that herself. How her parents had tried to hide her adoption. It only drove her to find out more. Needless to say, Sari wasn't sure how she felt about the people that raised her.

Then he pulled down the Bailey's, and her face lite up like a candle. "Now that is much better then sugar or cream. Why hold out so long sugar?" Sari said with a wink to him as she took the bottle from him, and worked the lid off. Once it was off, she poured a good amount into her beverage. Stirring it in as he re-called the last time they were together, a chuckle escaped her before taking a sip of her drink. A sigh escaped her as that was like...heaven now.

"I agree on the shriek. Needless to say, I'm grateful you didn't take offense when I just booked it out of there," Sari said. Despite it being amusing she was pretty sure that Nora was dead serious about using the cleaners on her. She didn't really feel like feeling burning sensation of cleaners on her. Then she smirked some, "How long did she keep scrubbing the table?" She asked Christian curiously.

CHRISTIAN KIRKWOOD - March 21, 2012 06:53 AM (GMT)
Christian frowned at her advice, eyebrows raised with an expression that said that maybe he'd brew on that for a bit, nodding. "To me, she's still that little girl in pigtails in a purple leotard and tutu with a crown on her head and fairy wings on her back.,,," he said in a reminiscent tone of voice, remembering Lenora at that age. She'd always insist on being a fairy princess each Halloween. Simply refused to be anything else at times all the way up until she was eight years old. Only then did she start dressing up as a witch from Hogwarts (in House Ravenclaw or Gryffindor) or something else.

He shook his head out of his own personal box of memories of years gone by and sipped his coffee. Nora preferred tea to coffee, but Christian always insisted on the stuff. She always did like to play tea time when she was little. He grinned as he shook the bottle of Bailey's, enjoying the woman's reaction to its sudden appearance. "Wanted to see you squirm a bit, darlin'," he said with a cheeky smile as she seemed to snatch the bottle from him and open it before she poured it into her coffee. He watched her intently as he did with her every move really.

"No problem..The shriek really did kill the mood," he said shaking his head, "She really should have known better.." He grinned at her next question. Nora was always a stickler for sanitation and since there wasn't a way to scrub her brain of that memory, he was pretty sure she'd tried it nonetheless by scrubbing the table clean. "I'm pretty sure she did it only..five times. She kept muttering about wishing she could scrub the image out of her head," he said with a smirk.

SARI O'CONNELL - March 26, 2012 05:41 AM (GMT)
Sari smiled in that amused way she gets when Christian went down memory lane, but at the same time there was that...touch of sadness. The fact that she didn't have the same family memories he had. Then again she was an only child to a Mormon family who..since she started her talk of odd things, have stopped talking to her. Not ignored her full out, but didn't start conversations either. " careful ok. You never know when you'll lose them," Sari said simply in that tone of voice that said she knew, but she wasn't going to talk about it further.

At the comment of making her squirm only got a cluck of her tongue and a playful shake of her head as she passed the bottle back to him. Taking a sip of her new mixture, she almost slide down to the floor. Instead she pushed herself off from the counter, and moved to the couch. She didn't mean to sound like some lecturing female to him. Or a nagging girlfriend. She just knew how hard it could be just by themselves. Taking a sip of her coffee, she patted the cushion next to her, and propped her feet up on a table.

"So...that everything new with you two then?" Sari asked. Best make sure one side was done spilling everything before it was her turn. Sari had a lot. Did a lot of things she regretted, and...out of all the connections she had made in her life he was the only one she felt confident she could tell anything to and he wouldn't judge her. At least...that's what she was hoping for.

Then she rubbed the side of her head as that odd sound penetrated her skull again. It had been happening more and more often of late. Every now and then she thought she heard something, but it had to be from the pain of the headache. She had been cured of that illness years ago. The doctors said so. Shaking her head some she then looked back to Christian as if nothing were wrong or had just happened.

CHRISTIAN KIRKWOOD - March 28, 2012 04:40 AM (GMT)
Christian nodded at Sari. He knew she was right, but well, it was a hard pill to have to swallow was all. Lenora was his little sister and he sometimes forgot she was so grown up. It was something she had to remind him many times. He was finding himself close to coming to a compromise with her about the bed in the back. Maybe they could alternate each month. It was something to think about.

He grinned over at her to indicate no hard feelings for her advice and keep the good feeling vibe going. Sari and he were close enough that he felt she could actually throw out some advice if she liked. She certainly was close enough to Nora to know her well enough to approach him about something like this.

The brunette male sat on the couch opposite her. He wanted to sit next to her, but wasn't sure of how she'd receive that; her sprawled and all that. He continued to sip his coffee and shook his head, grinning, "I'm on my way to L.A. for a photo shoot. May keep me there for a while if it goes well," he said, "...there I think that's all the new news for us." He grinned a bit then, itching to know what it was she was sitting on over there, news wise. "..What about you? What was it that kept you so busy?," he asked, curiosity getting the better of him.

SARI O'CONNELL - April 2, 2012 07:25 AM (GMT)
"You know...having a normal job is damn rare for people like us. I envy you sometimes," Sari said with a grin on her face. Though she was a bit disappointed he didn't sit next to her. She hadn't had the company of an attractive man for a while, and what ever gods would listen to her, he was a fine one. Once admitting that to herself she turned to how she was going to answer his question.

Sari took in a deep breath, and her face gained a thoughtful frown as she took a sip of her drink. Setting it down on the coffee table, Sari picked at her clothes as she debated on what to say. "Oh...things. I mean...still getting random attacks by the supernatural for...what ever reason that still baffles me," Sari answered him before reaching for her cup again. She held it like it was a life line to the here and now as her mind retraced the last few months.

"Did some things that...I'm not sure how to feel about," Sari said and an unwanted lost tone crept into her voice, and her hands tightened around the cup. Then her face seemed to clear up as if it wasn't dark a moment ago, and she turned to look at Christian more directly.

" remember that business idea I wanted to get started?" Sari asked changing the subject from the darker memories she didn't want to share, though perhaps she needed to. Sari just didn't know how to get started on that ball of crazy.

CHRISTIAN KIRKWOOD - April 5, 2012 05:52 AM (GMT)
Christian saluted Sari at her comment about his job by toasting her direction with his coffee cup. He knew he was a rare hunter indeed to have a photography job as an excuse to roam the country as he likes. He had an RV unlike most hunters and could write this all off legally on his taxes and not have to resort to scams or hustling.

He got up then, feeling a bit restless, stalking over to the table next to her couch, He leaned against it, regarding her as he sipped his coffee. He listened as she told him about how she was still a supernatural magnet of all things that go bump in the night. He wanted so badly to ask her to stay with him. He'd watch her back easily and take whatever came at her and break its neck. Or shoot it..or something. Kill it, mainly...or interrogate it if she wanted.

He wanted to ask her what those things were that she wasn't sure how to feel about, but the words died on his lips. He knew she'd have let him know if she really wanted to talk about it. So he nodded and listened, watching her as she asked if he remembered the business idea she'd had. "Yeh, yeh, did you get that off the ground yet?," he asked before going over to her couch and sitting next to her.

SARI O'CONNELL - April 6, 2012 05:21 AM (GMT)
Sari watched as Christian moved from his spot on the couch after saluting her with his cup, to the coffee table near her. He watched her intently, and there was like...Sari swore there was a silent promise in his eyes of something involving her. She wished she could understand it. She wished she could throw her trust completely in it. Most of all...Sari hated that she couldn't. Couldn't risk that security again. Couldn't risk she might endanger him and Nora because she didn't know what she was yet.

There was one thing she was grateful for. He didn't ask verbally. She didn't want to hurt him that way. She was also grateful he didn't push on the matter of the things she had done. That gratefulness reflecting in her eyes as she met his own. With him this close, it had her heart pounding in her chest, and made her feel as light as a feather. Then he asked if she got that business going, and here she smiled.

"You know...I could tell you about it," Sari said and then leaned forward so she was only about two inches away from him, "But I bet you'd rather see it wouldn't you?" Sari asked him. Confirming that yes she did get it going, and if he wanted he could see it. Maybe even be the first one to see it officially if he wanted to. Her eyes had a gleam of mischief in it as if she were challenging him to turn down the chance.

CHRISTIAN KIRKWOOD - April 13, 2012 04:03 AM (GMT)
Christian licked his lips then as she leaned in close. He thought she was going to distract him or something with her deliciously naughty mind. It was a combination of her flirty self and his being the horn dog that he was and thinking it something else. Ah, she knew just how to lead him on, that sexy, sexy girl.

His jaw worked for a moment without any sound before he said, "Uh, yeah--Of course!" He leaned back and waited to see what she had. Honestly, he didn't know what the heck she had up her sleeve. He could be in for a wild night of passion or she could be pulling his chain. He never could tell. It drove him up the wall at times..but in a fantastic way.

The young Mr. Kirkwood sipped his coffee as he let her get ready to do the whole big reveal. He'd always liked surprises. Well, good surprises, that is. He'd always loved Christmas for that reason alone. The thrill of the surprise of Christmas morning. Now, granted, he and Nora didn't make it easy on their parents and later, their dad. However, the old man had had a lot of tricks up his sleeve and was very good at being sneaky-sneaky!

SARI O'CONNELL - April 14, 2012 05:05 AM (GMT)
Sari smiled in delight. Oh she had a good idea of what he was hoping for. What with her moving in as she had. He probably thinks it's going to be some kind of lead up to a fun night between the two of them. Oh how wrong he was. Standing up, finishing her drink as she did, and set her glass down. "Well get your ass off that couch and come on. I am not going to carry you like a baby," Sari said with a smirk.

With that said, Sari headed for the door of their RV, and once more stepped outside. Sari breathed in deeply, and looked around for a moment before she started towards her car. Her hands slipped into her pockets to reach for her eyes. Purple hair fell forward to frame her face. A curtain of purple that actually looked good with her skin complexion. Sari had once been worried it wouldn't go well at all.

"Come on slow poke! You'll miss your chance!" Sari said laughing a moment as she pulled her hand out of her pocket with her keys in hand. Finding her car key, she moved it to slide inside the lock, and then waited. Leaning against her green vehicle as she looked at her nails like there was nothing better in the world she could be doing. Tucking a particularly annoying strand behind her ears, Sari glanced in the direction she expected Christian to come by, and gave an encouraging smile.

CHRISTIAN KIRKWOOD - April 15, 2012 08:32 PM (GMT)
Christian chuckled at her entreaty to get up. He made a show of sipping his coffee before getting up and following her out the door. He made sure to slowly close the door as he didn't want to have an earful from Nora. She was a pretty hard sleeper, but sometimes she'd get woken up if she was in between REM cycles.

He followed the purple-haired beauty back over to her car, careful not to jostle his cup of Joe. He had to admit that she had great taste in cars. He'd always admired her car. He probably could have had a car like that if he didn't enjoy the fact that his SUV could go off road without a problem. He may have grown up in Savannah for a good many years, but there were still areas around that were country enough to get into some trouble.

He grinned over at Sari at her slow poke comment. "Yeah, yeah, yeah..Eager like a squirrel, aren't ya?," he teased with a chuckle. Oh he was curious to know what it was she wanted to show him, but he was enjoying making her wait. You always had to wait on a woman and it was nice to have the tables turned. He smiled back at Sari as he got closer to the car and kept on smiling right up until he got to her side. "Alright, Missy, what is it that's got you so excited to show off, eh?," he asked as he stood back away from her to let her have her 'Ta Da' moment.

SARI O'CONNELL - April 30, 2012 07:11 PM (GMT)
Sari had been debating on how to show him. Open it and just go straight for the good stuff, or build it up. Let him see the innocent and simple things and then show the big awesome stuff she kept locked up. She decided to go with the later in the end. Sari was sure he'd be like 'uh...ok' on the first display. After all what person would be excited to see the generic salt, goopher dust, dried herbs, and the like?

So when he got there and asked what all the excitement was, Sari unlocked the trunk, and pushed it open of her charger. Then she took a step back, and folded her arms over her chest. With that way she had her arms positioned, Sari was unaware that it had pushed them up a bit. Making them more prominent or obvious. The one down side of being a female and folding their arms. Just made them seem like they were trying to advertise themselves.

Realizing this, Sari cleared her throat a bit, and quickly unfolded her arms and shoved her hands into her pockets. She didn't want to seem like she was trying to distract him from what she was trying to show him. Granted distracting him at times was nice. A smirk crossed her face as she re-called the few times that Christian had NEEDED a distraction when she had run into him. Those were fun times. Maybe after showing him the good stuff they might consider the fun stuff too. This only caused her to smirk more as she waited for his reaction.

CHRISTIAN KIRKWOOD - May 4, 2012 04:23 AM (GMT)
Ah, Sari. She was a wild one that one. Unpredictable. It was..exciting and a huge turn-on for him. Right then though, he wanted nothing more than to see what all the big fuss was about. She'd talked his ear off practically about her idea to be a traveling shop of little horrors against that which went bump in the night. He figured that likely her idea was to have a cell phone just for hunters to call to have access to her little car of weapons. At least that's what he was going to suggest if she didn't say anything about it.

Now that he was over at her car, he stood back to see what all the fuss was about. When she opened the trunk he leaned forward to see...the usual suspects. He quirked an eyebrow at Sari and tilted his head in question, noticing how enticing her chest looked when she folded her arms before shaking his head out of the gutter that it had been heading towards as she put her hands in her pockets.

"Sari, darlin', no offense, but is that the starter-kit for newbie hunters? Does it come with a manual too?," he asked, trying hard to keep his tone a bit light to indicate that he was just teasing, but he realized he was coming off as a major arse at the last minute and closed his mouth with an audible snap before clearing his throat. "I don't mean to be harsh or anything..," he said as he scratched the back of his head, wondering where the blow was gonna come from if this was it...

SARI O'CONNELL - May 4, 2012 06:27 AM (GMT)
"You know if you weren't such a good friend and good in bed I'd do a Gibbs on you," Sari said as she watched NCIS when ever she could. Not to mention reading the Supernatural books. She couldn't help it. Someone writing about the stuff she really hunted...the details sooo clear. It was amazing. Also Sari would privately admit she had thing for the fictional character Sam. Sadly he wasn't real, she was a commit-o-phobe, and well she'd have to miss out on Christian company. For some reason that really hurt. Like she was almost breathless for a moment.

"Instead...I'll show you the good stuff," Sari said moving on quickly so that he wouldn't notice anything off from her thoughts. Moving to a small panel looking area of her trunk, Sari flipped the cover off, and here Christian would see a hand scanner. A smirk crossed her lips as she wiggled her fingers on a hand all dramatically as if like 'the big surprise now!'. Placing her hand on the scanner, there was a pale blue light that scanned her hand to make sure that it was indeed Sari asking permission to get in.

A beep was heard before there was a click and hissing sound. Sari stepped back, and waited. Watching Christian out of the corner of her eye. What would have appeared to be the bottom of her trunk, started to rotate up. The lighting was pale whitish blue so that no one could see the full details inside with out being next to them. There the dim light would reveal the weapons. Guns of a varying types, knives, swords, pieces of wood that would no doubt be deadly to be locked up, and nearly a wide variety of other useful weapons for hunters.

Sari then leaned towards Christian, and a smug tone was in her voice. "That...Christian darlin' the good stuff," Sari said and started to chuckle almost in his ear before she was pulling away from him so he could go and look everything over.

CHRISTIAN KIRKWOOD - May 7, 2012 04:01 AM (GMT)
Sari's words about pulling a Gibbs on his head made him grin. He knew what she was talking about and she knew that he knew that. Nora and him had quite a few seasons of NCIS on DVD. It had been one of the shows that they all would watch as a family when their Dad was alive. Christian would get care packages of the seasons to help pass what little free time he had. Not all of them liked watching the show, but well, the thing about the show was that the characters were like old friends to Christian to the point that he didn't mind if he saw some gooey corpse on there even after seeing a live one. It was just nice knowing that if something happened to him outside of combat, then someone like Gibbs' team would be there to solve the mystery and go to bat for his family too.

That was neither here nor there for Christian now though. Sari was just getting to the good stuff. He knew she wouldn't be silly enough to think that putting together a newbie pack would be her only business. No, there were plenty of hunters out there who would pay for specialized crap that they couldn't make themselves out of odds and ends. His eyebrows went up to practically his hairline as she did the scanner deal with her hand as he whistled appreciatively. "Dayum, girl! High security!," he said as he watched all the goodies come up.

When the shelf came up with all the goodies, his jaw dropped and he leaned forward, hands behind his back, to look closer at the merchandise. Rule number one with hunters was you don't touch their stuff without asking unless you and them are in danger or they've given you prior permission. He spoke really fast at her then as he turned to her, still leaning over, "CanItouch'em? PleasesayIcantouch'em, huhhuhuhuhuhuh?" He was like a kid begging pleeeease to touch a toy with puppy dog eyes and tears at how beautiful it all was!

SARI O'CONNELL - May 7, 2012 06:12 PM (GMT)
Sari watched. Just watched as his face went from one of puzzlement, to curious and impressed, to little boy in a candy store. The whole thing was priceless. She had him hooked, and knew she probably had a client out of him at least. Considering she didn't have many of them. A smile spread over her lips. "See...I have a lot of awesomeness packed into the bad ass car," Sari said with a smile to him. Part of her getting an investor was that her car was completely redone under the hood. No more break downs which was a relief for her.

Sari rubbed her nails on her shirt, and then blew on them as if saying 'yes I know...I'm the best you'll ever anything.' Moving brown eyes to him she smiled as he asked if he could touch. "Yeah. None of them are loaded. I make sure of that," Sari said as she knew that always led to bad things. Not that she didn't trust Christian. He was probably the few people she could trust with her life...even if she hasn't told him that yet.

She hated knowing she couldn't just come out right and say anything. It just made it sound too....permanent if that made any sense to anyone else. In their line of work one never knew if the job they took was going to be their last. That should make it easier to confess things. Yet for Sari it was harder because in her mind it meant that it would only cause the person pain should she die. "In fact do you need anything?" Sari asked him curiously as she stepped up near him again. Almost brushing shoulders with him as they were now both looking down at the items.

CHRISTIAN KIRKWOOD - May 8, 2012 09:35 PM (GMT)
Christian grinned at Sari's comment about her little car of awesome. It was true. This really was pretty awesome. After all, hunters liked their toys. And since they weren't able to get anything like a big screen television, then hunting toys was just as good a substitute as any. He suddenly realized that most of the hunters out there were men and put two and two together and came to the realization that many of the said male hunters wouldn't mind having a purple-haired hottie like Sari close at hand. A flare of irrational jealousy flared up within him of the thought of some other hunter touching his friend, but he managed to cool his jets before any of that showed. Sari was a big girl and a scary fighter. If she didn't want someone touching her, then she'd have no trouble discouraging even a hunter from trying something on her. That made him feel better.

A bitter thought reared its ugly head. It was more like an accusation that said 'You two aren't dating and she can warm the bed of anyone she likes, Kirkwood.' He had to admit, he didn't like what that thought implied. He'd have thought more on that, but his brain was also struggling to push him off track with the awesome shiny new toys in front of him. In the end, the distraction of the shiny new toys won out and as soon as she said none of them were loaded, he went and snatched up the nearest pistol. What? He was a sniper, but a sniper had a lot of smaller guns too!

He turned the pistol over in his hands as he looked it over, feeling the weight of it, feeling the grip. It was a nice gun, that was for sure. He gently put it back before pulling out a sword and turning it over and over in his hands as he examined it. He'd never done any sword fighting before, but a weapon was a weapon..and plus, swords were cool! It was then that he realized that Sari had said something about if he needed anything. This made him pause for a moment to think over just that. "Huh..Oh, well, you'd have to ask Nora about her weapons cache..I think she said she wanted a small little gun that could fit in a teeny purse that you women like to carry on hot dates. I think I'm good for now--Waaaait, is that a Gurkha knife there?," he asked, pointing at a wicked blade off to the right as he looked over at her. He hadn't noticed how close they were until then and grinned at her as he waited for her to answer his question.

SARI O'CONNELL - May 23, 2012 08:39 AM (GMT)
Sari watched as it seemed Christian hesitated on the diving in further of the weapons. She had never seen him hesitate before. The hesitation wasn't even that long, and most wouldn't have noticed it. Sari wasn't most. She knew Christian and Nora pretty well. She considered them family and probably knew quite a bit of dirty little secrets of them. Maybe she could find out why he had hesitated. To her the thought of warming other hunters beds, or any other males bed to cover some of the price of weapons hadn't even crossed her mind. She was going to need solid cash if she was to keep supplying after all.

When he finally did get into the weapons, a slight smile of amusement crossed her lips. Sari couldn't help but think he was like a kid in a candy store. Wanting to try everything, but just drinking up the sight with just as much pleasure. When he mentioned a small gun to fit into a tiny hand bag, Sari started to lean forward and seem to feel her way through the rows of smaller guns she had on a rack. "I might have one..." she said thoughtfully as she was now bent over pretty well inside her car. She then stopped as Christian asked if she had Gurkha knives, and looked under her arm to look back at him.

Then she looked to the knives he was talking about, and then smirked some. "So it seems. I tried to get a good variety when I bought things. Never know what may be needed or what someone would prefer," Sari said as she then grabbed the smallest gun she had which would fit into those tiny purses Christian had described, "This should do for what Nora is looking for, and I do have ammo for it. Lead, silver, and rock salt. Though..." Sari said and looked Christian over a moment, "It is late...and you have a nice bed. Maybe we should sleep, and do business in the morning when we're both rested?" Sari asked as she did still feel tired herself. Sleeping in a car wasn't exactly comfortable after all.

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