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 "When You Find Love, Let Me Know!" (Lex/OOC), Lex is 'interested' in Clark's cousin.
  Posted: Mar 26 2006, 06:07 PM


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A/N: This was my very first non-slash Smallville fanfiction, so bear with me on it. I made this an alternate universe story, because I would like the show to go this way (however, I know this might never ever happen). So, I hope you like it, and tell me what you think of it. It does have Clana and is also basically Lex/OOC-centered. Happy Reading and enjoY! laugh.gif
-- Erynn. cool.gif biggrin.gif cool.gif

The sun rose slowly on another somewhat normal Saturday morning in Smallville, casting orange and yellow beams of light down upon the tall stakes of corn, almost full-grown, surrounding the farm owned by the Kent family. Jonathan and his wife, Martha, were up early as they usually were, making breakfast and readying themselves for a long day of work. Their son, Clark, lay sleeping peacefully in his rather large bed, snuggling underneath his warm blankets and enjoying the quiet of the premature daybreak. At that very moment, he had no worries about what was to happen later on, when he woke up; all he cared about was sleeping. Meanwhile, on the other side of Smallville, located on a large estate, there sat a large stone mansion, owned by the Luthor family. Inside of the manor, there was a buzz of activity with people doing their work, preparing the homeowner for the day. Pressing suits, making food and making sure schedules were set, these were just some of the things that the maids, butlers, cooks, and housekeepers had to keep a notice of for their boss: Lex Luthor. At twenty-six years old, Lex was a man of the world. With a tall stature and a bald head, he had an air of sophistication and wisdom. However, when he was around friends (i.e. Clark Kent, Lana Lang and Lois Lane, among others), he was like any normal guy: quiet, shy, loud, boisterous, fun-loving, and friendly. He was set in the ways, yet there was one key thing missing in his life: he needed someone to love, but no one was there. Lying awake in his king-size bed, Lex thought about all of his friends who were in love: Clark, Lana and their never-ending love story, and Lois, her secret Metropolis love interest, who remains nameless, and their mystery dating ritual. He needed someone; he could feel it deep down in his soul. Stretching all of the muscles in his body, hearing the bones crack and creak, he knew it was time to go out hunting for the right, sensible woman for him.

When 9:30 came around that morning, Clark woke up from his deep trip to Slumberland, eyes flickering as the sun hit his face. He glanced over at his cell phone, which sat on his nightstand, noticing that it was blinking rapidly. Clicking off the key guard and turning up the volume, he noticed that he had three new unviewed voicemails, one from each of his friends: Lex, Lana and Lois. First was Lois, and he knew what it was going to be about: she was enjoying Metropolis with her new man and she wished that he would come and visit her in town. He typed a message to her using his texting software stating, “Hi, Lo! Metro sounds fine. I’ll get there sometime. See you soon. -- Smallville.”
Deleting that voicemail, he went onto the next message, which was from Lex. His bald buddy rattled off an amazing list of why he needed a woman and how he needed Clark’s help finding one. Clark didn’t care about Lex’s love life, however he was going to be somewhat friendly, so he texted him back saying, “Lex, sorry about the girl probs. I’m no help with that. TTYL...Clark.”
The last message after erasing Lex’s voice note was from Lana. She called to ask him if he had plans for Spring Break, since it was coming around soon. She was also going to coming home for a weekend from Metropolis, where she was going to school, and wondered if he was be free. Happy that she’d be coming home, he messaged her back saying, “Hi, sweetie! No plans for Spring Break yet. I want you 2 come home soon. I love you. -- Love, Clark.”
Knowing that no one was awake at this time of day and seeing that the voicemails were from the night before, Clark got up from his bed and stretched out to his heart’s content. He knew that today was a new day and he was going to live it to its full extent, no matter what came his way.


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Posted: Mar 27 2006, 12:55 AM

Advanced Member

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ErynnGirl, this is an archive site, so the rule is that only completed stories may be posted. You need to post the rest of this right away, please. Thanks.
  Posted: Mar 27 2006, 02:57 AM


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Duelly noted...and I'll post as much as I can. (I lost one of my discs with all of the rest of the story on it, so I have to rewrite some of it). If you need to take it off the site until I rewrite the rest, let me know!


-- erynn. cool.gif
  Posted: May 30 2008, 06:58 AM


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Joined: 26-March 06

A/N: Sorry this took so long...a lot of new things are happening in my life...completed story coming your way now!! -- Erynn. smile.gif

Chapter Two

With a shower and a clothing change under his belt, Clark made his way down to the kitchen to find that his parents per their usual, were already awake, eating their breakfast.
“Morning, son,” Jonathan Kent stated. “Did you sleep well?”
“Yes, I did,” He replied. “Did you guys?”
“No, not really, Clark. I heard a familiar jingle coming from your room last night and it kept me awake.”
“Sorry, Dad; I didn’t think that Lana and Lex would leave me voicemails at that time of night. I didn’t even hear the phone ring. Sorry about not turning off my phone.”
“Don’t let it happen again, son. Just remember to turn off your cell before you go to bed tonight, or I’m taking that thing away, alright?”
“Got it. Mom, did you sleep well?”
“I tried to with your father moving around and about at two o’clock this morning. But, I got some sleep, thank you for asking. What would you like to eat, sweetheart?”
“How about my usual, Mom?”
“Your usual, son?” Jonathan wondered, not that he didn’t know what it was. “What would that be?
“Dad, what do I always eat?”
“You eat everything and anything, Clark.”
“Well, my usual is a blueberry muffin or two, scrambled eggs and toast.”
“D’ uh, Jonathan,” Martha retorted like a teenage girl would. “He likes my muffins, okay?”
“Very funny, dear, I know what my son likes.”
“Of course you do. Clark, are you going to get the stable clean today?”
“Yes, and I know what you’re gonna say next.”
“And, what would that be, sweetheart?”
“Something like: ‘You’d better do it before you go out with your friends’, or ‘You’d better do it before the sun goes down’. Am I getting close?”
“Amazingly yes, you’re right. Are you reading my mind, are you psychic?”
“I hope not,” Jonathan injected, giving a grin to his son. “Well, you two, I’m going to work.”

Just as he said that, the phone rang loudly, making all three Kents jump a bit. Jonathan answered it like he always did with a charming “Hello, Kent residence”, listening to the person on the other end of the line answer him, before putting the receiver on his shoulder to say, “Martha, telephone’s for you.”
“Thank you, darling.” She replied, as she moved towards the phone. Upon grabbing the handset, she spoke, “Hello, this is Martha. Oh my God, hello. How are you doing?”
As she continued to talk cheerfully, the two Kent men looked at each other, wondering the same thing.
“Dad, who is on the phone?” Clark questioned.
“I have no idea,” Jonathan replied. “I didn’t think it was polite to ask. Guess you’ll have to ask her when she’s done.”
“When do you think that will be?”
“I have no clue, but when it does happen, let me know.”
“Got it, Dad.”
“See ya, son.”
When Martha finally ended her phone call, it was almost time for her to go to the Talon. Getting her purse and car keys, she walked outside to the barn to let Clark know that she was leaving.
“Clark?” She shouted, not seeing him immediately. “Clark!”
“Yeah, Mom?” He questioned as he cleaned another one of the stalls.
“I’m leaving, alright? I’ll be back later.”
“Okay. Hey, Mom?”
“Yes, sweetheart?”
“Who was on the phone just now?”
“It was your cousin, Katie.”
“My cousin, Katie? I have a cousin Katie?”
“Yes, you do. You met her, when you were little. You were 7 and she was 14.”
“I don’t think I remember that, Mom.”
“Well, she’s going to be in town for a couple of days, interviewing for a teaching job at the high school, so I told her she could stay with us.
“So, that means I’m getting couch duty again, right?
“I know you two will get along. Anyway, she’s gonna be here this afternoon, so you’d better get your work done by then.”
“Alright, Mom, I will.”
“Tell your dad that I left lunch for him and for you in the refrigerator. I taped a small piece of paper with your names on them to the plates, so you’ll know whose food is whose. Okay?”
“Alright, Mom. Bye.”
“Bye, hun.”

As Martha drove away from the house, another person was driving up to it. Clark heard the rumble coming towards the home and figured it was his cousin, but to his interest, it wasn’t. A brand-new silver 2006 Jaguar XKR roared to a stop in front of the barn, where Clark stood in awe. He knew immediately who was inside: Lex. Hearing the car shut off, he moved to the driver’s side to see his friend disembark from the vehicle. Lex Luthor, dressed impeccably in his pink-striped gray suit with a white shirt and a pink-patterned tie, exited the sports car and gave his friend one of his trademark smiles.

“Clark,” he started up. “What do you think of my new ride?”
“Wow, Lex,” Clark responded with less than stellar fervor. “It’s ah...great?”
“Oh, show more enthusiasm than that. It’s a 2006 XKR, only the finest of cars.”
“Why did you buy another one?”
“I didn’t; I traded two cars in to pay for it.”
“You traded something in to get this immaculate piece of car? Wow, Lex, I’m totally surprised.”
“And, why may I ask are you surprised?”
“Lex, your cars are like your children. When I asked to drive your Ferrari and you let me, with you riding shotgun, you about had a fit and fell in it, when I brought it back with a small bit of dirt on the tires.”
“I did not, and my cars aren’t my children. Besides that, the two cars I traded in were gifts and I hadn’t driven them in a while.”
“Hey! Why didn’t you just give me one?”
“Well, Clark, I would have for a small price. No freebies.”
“But, what about the time when I saved your life?”
“That’s the only time I’ll ever give a car for free.”
“Funny. So, tell me something about this new baby of yours.”
“It’s silver, but of course you know that, and it’s a Jaguar, which you already know too. It has a 6-Speed electronically controlled adaptive manually interactive Automatic Transmission with overdrive and J-Gate floor mounted shifter.”
“Quoted it verbatim from the manual, huh?”
“Nope, got that off Yahoo!® Autos right before I left my place.”
“Very. Moving on, it has a 4.2 liter, V8 engine, which purrs like a kitten and is so perfect. There’s an Alpine® AM/FM radio CD player with a 6-disc changer, mounted in the back of this beauty with an equalizer, two subwoofers, and nine speakers all located inside. There are alloy wheels, a rear spoiler, along with many other things. Need I go on?”
“No, enough said right there.”
“So, I saw your mom leaving. Was she heading to the Talon?”
“Yep, like usual. So, what are you up to today?”
“I’m about 6 feet the last time I checked. Only kidding, Clark; I’m just driving around, trying to get my mind out of the working gutter, so I thought I could con my best friend a.k.a. you, into having lunch with me and taking a spin in my new ‘precious angel’.”
“I’m sorry, but I can’t; I got tons of stuff to do.”
“Awww, you’re breaking my heart. Come on, live a little.”
“I can’t, Lex; I wish I could. Maybe later, I’ll come & hang out with ya.”
“Alright, but you’re gonna miss out.”
“That’s quite alright; I’d rather not. Thanks anyways.”
“You’re welcome. Hey, I got some time to kill; do you need me to do anything?”
“You wanna help me out? Aren’t you going to ruin your suit?”
“This thing? Heck no, I have other clothes in the trunk of my ride here. You never know when you need a change of clothes. So, if you don’t mind, I’m gonna go inside to your bathroom, transform and I’ll be right out to help you.”
“You got it, but first, move your car before we get it dirty.”
“Good plan.”
As Lex moved his sports car out of the line of dirt-fire, Clark moved back to the barn, continuing his cleaning job. He surprised that Lex wanted to him; it was weird that the rich boy wanted to get dirty. It was kinda cool at the same time that he would be so friendly to assist him in his outdoor work.
About an hour & a half after the boys started cleaning and clearing the barn, another vehicle softly rumbled up the road to the farm. Both boys heard it, and as a result, they stopped what they were doing and went out to greet the new arrival. A camouflage green Jeep Wrangler stopped & parked before them with black soft top and tinted side windows. Without warning, the driver’s side door opened and out stepped a semi-familiar face to Clark and to Lex, someone new. With flowing red hair and dark eyes, she was shorter and chubbier than the two young men. She smiled at them sweetly, before moving in their direction.

“Ahoy, gentlemen,” she spoke up. “Would either of you like to help me with my stuff?”
Clark was about to say something, when Lex interrupted him, stating, “Miss, we aren’t a valet service; you’ll have to do it yourself.”
“Alright, I will then,” she turned around like she was going to head back to her SUV, but curled back to the two men and stated, “Excuse me, Senor Baldy...can I ask you a question?”
“What do you want to ask?” Lex wondered, trying not to get mad at her.
“I was wondering ‘who in the Hell are you’?”
“I’m Lex Luthor, and now, it’s your turn. Who in the hell are you?”
“I’m Kathryne Vermagnussen, but everyone calls me Katie.”
“You’re my cousin, Kate?” Clark questioned, not believing her.
“That I would be, Clark; it’s good to see you again.”
“You two are related?” Lex wondered, amazed by this revelation.
“We are. You look surprised, Mr. Luthor, how come? Does it astonish you that Clark could be related to such a b**ch like me, or are you always such an ass to new people?”
“I think the answer is a little of both.”

Just as their conversation started to get heated, Jonathan Kent made his way over to the group, noticing that they were standing around doing nothing.
“Hey, you two,” he started up. “It doesn’t look like you’re getting any work done. What’s the reason for the stop?”
“She is.” Clark responded, pointing to the redhead to him.
“Hello, Uncle Jonathan.” She spoke lightly with a smile.
“Kay-Kay,” the older Kent retorted, as he moved to give his niece a hug. “Oh, you haven’t changed a bit.”
“Oh, don’t say that, when I know that I have. How have you been? Where’s Aunt Martha?”
“I’ve been good, just recovering from some heart ailments, and your aunt is at her new job, running a coffee shop in town called the Talon.”
“Wow, she’s a busy lady, but she’s always been like that, ever since I’ve known her.”
“That’s definitely true. Are you hungry, because I could fix you something up?”
“Actually, I’m famished; thank you, Uncle Jonathan.”
“Well, let’s go inside and get something.”
“That would be great. I’ll see you later, Clark, and Mr. Luthor...”
“Yes, Kate?” Lex inquired back.
“Do the girls flock to you like a Greek god, because they do, they’re crazy?”
“Why do you say that?”
“Those girls must be idiots, because with that charming wit and cavalier nature of yours, you can’t be a Greek god,” she paused and smiled at her before ending her statement, “you have got to be the spitting image of the Devil.”
Turning back to her uncle, the two walked into the house for their lunch, leaving the men to stand there in awe of her statement.
“Did she just say that to me?” Lex wanted to know, stunned by Kate’s declaration.
“I think she did,” Clark replied. “Come on, let’s get back to work.”
“She called me ‘the Devil’; how juvenile is that?”
“Very juvenile, Lex; can we go please?”
“I’m just, wow. I still can’t believe she’d call me that name.”
“You want her, don’t you?” The younger man wanted to know.
“I do not want her,” he replied defensively. “That’s ridiculous. Why in the Hell would I want a woman who just labeled me Lucifer?”
“Because you’re seriously demented, maybe? I have no idea, Lex.”
“Well, I’m not demented, Clark. We’ve got work to do, let’s go.”
The two gents were walking to the barn, still conversating, when Lex blabbed, “Clark, why didn’t you tell me that Katie was so hot?”
“God, there’s no hope for you at all.”
“What? What’s wrong with me getting some of that? Tell me what’s wrong with it.”
Clark said nothing. All he could do was smile, not believing what he was hearing. Lex had the hots for his cousin, Katie. It was too much to handle in one day.

Chapter Three

As the sun started to go down in the distance, Clark and Lex finally finished, cleaning the barn. Gritty and grimy for a day’s work, the two men made their way up the house, taking off their shoes before entering. Clark moved towards the living room to find his father and cousin still in the room, chatting about everything. Lex was close behind, seeing the two as well.
“Hey, you two,” Jonathan spoke up, turning to them. “Finished out there already?”
“Finally…” Clark responded, as he washed his hands in the sink. “Did you guys leave anything to eat?”
“Yes, we did,” Katie announced to him. “Your mother is a wonderful cook.”
“She sure is, right, Dad?”
“Right, son, so Lex, how would you like to do that kind of work everyday?” Mr. Kent wondered.
“I would feel tired and sore, and I would smell worse than a gym locker,” the younger man answered. “I haven’t had this much fun in a while.”
“I think everyone should do a little hard work, at least once in their lifetime. It shows character and personal strength.” Katie retorted.
“Yeah, but you’d still stink to high-heck.” Lex stated in return.

The two adults smiled at each other, saying nothing to another though. There was some-thing beginning to happen between them; neither knew what yet.
“Well, guys, I smell horrible,” Clark announced to the group. “I’m gonna take a shower. Dad, can I use your bathroom, so Lex can use mine?”
“Sure. Lex, there should be towels in the bathroom closet. Clark, will you show him?” Jonathan questioned.
“Sure. Come on, man.”
“It was nice meeting you, Kate.” Lex spoke up.
“You, too, Lex,” she replied, smiling again at him. “Have a good shower.”
“Thank you.”

Lex gave her one last smile before heading upstairs with Clark. Seeing the two of them acting weird around each other, Jonathan curved back around to his niece and inquired, “So, Katie, what’s going on between you two?”
“When you say ‘you two’, whom do you mean, Uncle Jonathan?” She asked back to him.
“You and Lex, that’s whom.”
“We hardly know each other. Lex and I just met before you came up to us outside.”
“Well, how much does he know about you?”
“I assume nothing, unless Clark has told him some things. I highly doubt it, but if he did and it was something bad, I’d pound him.”
“No, I don’t think you’d be able to do that.” He mumbled under his breath.
“What did you say? I couldn’t understand you.”
“I said, ‘I don’t think you’d be able to that”, Katie. Clark has gotten stronger, sine you last saw him. He’s a helluva lot stronger than everyone.”
“True, very true...”
Continuing to speak with one another, the two finished their cups of coffee and waited for the two young men upstairs to finish their cleaning routines.
Lex finished with his shower first and put his suit back on sans sweaty boxer shorts. He went back to the mansion, enjoying his day of hard work thoroughly. At about 4:15, Martha arrived home in her maroon 4-door sedan, noticing a Jeep® Wrangler still parked near the house. She exited her car and traveled up to the residence, finding a dirty pair of shoes on the porch, to be freshened up.

She could hear chatter coming from the living room; it was hard to miss. Whoever was talking obviously was making everyone else laugh. As she got closer to the space, she recognized all but one of the voices. She knew Jonathan and Clark’s voices, but the last person, which was clearly a female from the voice, eluded her; she had never heard before, or so, she thought.
“Hi, everybody,” Martha spoke up with a bright smile. “Did you get the stable finished, Clark?”
“I sure did, thanks to Lex.” He replied, turning to his friend.
“‘Thanks to Lex’, what did he do?”
“He actually got some work clothes on and helped me clean the stalls out.”
“Well, that’s a first,” She answered. “You should thank him for helping you, but next time, do it yourself please.”
“Alright, Mom...”
“So, you two, wasn’t there someone else here with you? I could have sworn that I heard a woman’s voice.”
“You did, Mom,” Clark quickly added. “Katie’s here.”
“Katie? Katie who?”
“Katie, as in me...” A voice said from behind her.

Martha turned around slowly to see her niece, standing there, giving her a soft smile.
“Hi, Aunt Martha,” She stated. “Surprise!”
“And, what a great one you are,” Mrs. Kent responded, moving to give her a hug. “It’s so good to see you.”
“I knew you’d be happy.”
“I am...very much so. So, has your uncle shown you where you’ll be staying for the weekend?”
“No, he has yet to do that. I guess he was waiting for you. Togetherness, right, Uncle Jon?”
“Oh, definitely...” Mr. Kent spoke up.
“Well, why don’t we show you to your room? Come on, Jonathan.”
“Coming, dear,” he spun around to the guys and stated, “You have fun, Clark. We’ll be but a minute.”
“You hope, right, Dad?” Clark commented sarcastically.
“Yeah, I always hope.”

As the Kents moved into a different wing of the upstairs of the house to give Katie the tour, Clark was left to his own devices in the living room. He pulled out his cell phone and dialed a number swiftly, getting an answering machine.
“Hey, this is Lana,” the message started. “I can’t get to your call right now, so leave a message and I’ll call you back. Bye.”
Following the beep, Clark started to leave his note, saying: “Hey, Lana. It’s Clark; just wondering how the European tour went. Did you get me anything good? Ha-ha, just joking with ya. You didn’t have to get me anything, unless you really, really, really wanted to. Well, I’ll call you tomorrow sometime. Love you. Bye.”
For the rest of the day, Jonathan, Martha and Clark gave Katie the Smallville tour, meeting people and helping her take in the farm town lifestyle.
The next morning began like every other Kent family morning. Martha and Jonathan were up first; she made breakfast, as he read the newspaper. Soon after that, Clark’s alarm blared, waking him up and sending him promptly into the bathroom for a shower. As Clark showered, Katie awoke to singing. Clark’s singing at that, to songs on the bathroom wall radio. Groaning as she stretched, the young lady stood up feeling every bone in his body creak and crack. She heard the shower cut off, figuring that Clark was finished, so she could use the space. Knocking on the door softly, she heard a voice from within speak up saying, “I’m busy. Go away.”
“Clark, don’t be a shower hog; my interview is today. Let me in, please.” Katie pleaded.
“You move your meat, you lose your seat, Kate.”
“Oh, whatever, Clark; you are juvenile! Truly childish, you’re worse than my brother!”
“Jeez, Katie, don’t have a cow; I’ll be out a little bit.”
“Thank you, Clark.”
“You’re welcome.”

After about 5 minutes in the bathroom, Clark emerged fully clothed and hair dried. He was perfectly perfect in every way, much to Mary Poppins standards.
“Shower’s free.” He commented jokingly to her as he gave her one of his million-dollar smiles.
“Thank you, Mr. Observant.” She replied sarcastically, throwing the dirty towel he previously used back at him.

He grabbed it with a smile, taking it with him downstairs to the laundry room, along with his other dirty clothes. After starting a load of colored clothes, he walked back upstairs to find a familiar face in his family’s kitchen. It was Lana; she was sitting with his mom and dad, talking about something.
“Hey, you three,” he stated to them. “What are you talking about?”
“Morning, son…” Jonathan responded, taking a large swig of his coffee.
“Morning, sweetheart…” Martha added with a smile.
Lana got up from his seat and walked over to Clark. She put her arms around his neck, pulling him down to her level. She placed her lips on his and kissed him lovingly.
“Hi…” she whispered.
“Hi,” he answered just as quiet. “I missed you.”
“I missed you, too.”
“I wish I could’ve gone with you to Europe.”
“Same here…”

They kissed again sweetly as Jonathan and Martha sat, eating the rest of their breakfast and admiring the two lovebirds. About 10 minutes before Clark and Lana were to leave for their busy day together, Katie finally emerged from the bathroom for breakfast. When she walked into the room, she noticed Lana, and Lana noticed her.
“Morning, everyone,” Katie spoke up, before turning to the young lady next to Clark. “So, are you Lana, or are you Chloe?”
“I would be Lana,” the young brunette replied. “And, you are?”
“Katie Vermagnussen…I’m Clark’s cousin.”
“Well, it’s nice to meet you, Katie.”
“Same with you, Lana...”
“Are you going to be in town long?”
“Only long enough to have my interview at the high school, and then, I go back home.”
“And, where would ‘home’ be for you?”
“Newton, Kansas; it’s on the other side of Metropolis.”
“So, it’s like almost 6 hours away?”
“More like 6 ˝, 7, but yes, it’s a long way from here.”
“So, Katie, are you married?”
“Nope; no kids either. Just an annoying older brother, who acts like somebody else we know.”

Kate winked and smiled at her cousin as she sarcastically ended that statement.
“Speaking of that, Katie, how is Danny?” Martha wondered.
“Danny is…well, he’s going through a bad time right now.”
“Oh, what’s wrong? Is it something to do with his marriage?”
“Yep, it seems Miss Candice thinks she’s better than him. She wants more from him, a.k.a. his money, and Danny said ‘no’. So, she’s going to court; she’s petitioning for a divorce, full spousal support, and full custody of the baby. Candice is a maniacal wench. I could say something a whole lot worse, but I won’t say it in front of the children.”

Both Clark and Lana gave an unimpressed glare to her sarcasm, before going back to listening to the conversation.
“So, do you think she’ll get Keane?” Jonathan inquired to his niece.
“I doubt it; she’s always leaving the country with her job. She’d get shared custody at the most.” Kate responded.
“How old is Keane now?”
“10 months. He’s so adorable; he’s a Vermagnussen all the way: dark hair and eyes, chunky little legs, big feet, and a huge smile and laugh. He’s too cute, Uncle Jon; you’d be impressed.”
“I bet I would…”

Glancing at the clock in the house, Katie knew it was time to leave.
“Okay, y’all,” She spoke up. “It’s time for me to go. Wish me luck.”
“Luck...” Clark and Lana answered with a smile.
“Good luck, Katie.” Jonathan and Martha said as well.
She gave them a wave, exited the house, and made her way to her Jeep® Wrangler, where she found something sitting on her windshield. A card and a single red rose sat there, surprising her a bit. She didn’t expect anything to be there, and since she didn’t know anyone that well in town, she figured it was from her aunt, uncle and cousin. Opening the envelope, the front of the card read, “Welcome Home…from me to you,” and the interior read, “Katie, I acted like an idiot to you and I’m sorry. I hope we can be friends. Good luck on your interview. – - Lex Luthor.”

She smiled as she smelt the sweet scent of the rose, knowing that she had accomplished something: she had gotten Lex to apologize for being an arse.

Chapter Four

She kept reading the card over and over again, as if there were more written on it, but sadly, there wasn’t. Just the same three sentences like before and his crystalline signature at the bottom: “Lex Luthor.” The rose he gave her sat sans stem in a small Tupperware® bowl, covered with a lid, in her freezer. She took it out occasionally, engulfing the sweet scent that it now faintly emitted. She had only been gone two weeks; however, to her, it felt like an eternity.

She loved being in Smallville for as long as she was there, and she especially liked meeting a certain someone. Clark gave her daily ‘Lex’ updates, when he called her at home, yet that wasn’t enough. She didn’t know how he felt about her; she wanted to find out, but she didn’t want Clark to think she was desperate or actively seeking out Lex. She made herself wait until the right moment or until he mentioned something along those lines.

So, she sat in her apartment that sunny Thursday afternoon, awaiting either a phone call from Clark, Lex, or the Smallville School District Board of Education. Soon enough, on a day when she was out during her grocery run, such a phone call came. Hearing the phone ring, she opened her front door quickly, dropping the food sacks on the kitchen floor, before racing over to the receiver.

She grabbed it, hurriedly stating, “Hello, hello...”
“Well, ‘hello, hello’ to you, too, little sister,” Danny retorted, killing her hopes that it was someone important. “Whattcha up to?”
“Nothing...I just got home from the market. What do you need?”

Danny Vermagnussen, her much older and only brother, was the king of submission. Ever since they were little, he could make Kate do anything and everything that he wanted. Nothing disturbing, mind you, but stuff that any parent would be mad at and punish someone for. As adults, they became more of respective allies and more than just siblings; they became best friends. He worked for LuthorCorp, ever since he got out of college, and is still there as one of Lionel Luthor’s many business engineers, and supposedly, one of his favorites.

“I need a small favor from you, if you aren’t too busy.” He asked of her.
“I have all the time in the world, Dan-Dan,” Katie responded. “Spring Break started, when I left school today, so shoot.”
“I have a meeting in St. Louis, and I need someone to watch Keane for me. Do you think you can do that for me?”
“I would love to watch the Keno for the week. But, what about Candice? Won’t she get pissed off that you have me watching him, instead of her?”
“What would she care anyway? She left for Fiji yesterday with on a ‘business trip’ with her ‘manager’, and they will be incommunicado for about a week, or whenever they are able to come back.”
“Doesn’t that go against the court order of her leaving the city, let alone the country, without the judge knowing?”
“He does know; she called him earlier in the week. She let him know about this trip and he okayed it.”
“But, what about your trip? Did you let him know about it?”
“Yes, Mother, I did. I told him about it a week before she left him know about her trip. He said ‘okay’ to my trip, and now, I need your ‘okay’ to watch Keane.”
“Danny, I already told you ‘yes’; I’d love to watch Keane. What more do you want: my first born son?”
“If the kid’s born with Lex Luthor as its father, hell can keep him.”
“Oh, what’s wrong with Lex?”
“So, you’re on a first name basis with him now. Getting a little hot and heavy with him yet?”
“We are nothing to each other, bro, so get off it. When do you want me to pick up Keno?”
“Is tomorrow morning alright?”
“Yep, that’s cool with me. Just have him ready, okay?”
“Gotcha. Well, I’m gonna get back to packing, girly…have a good day.”
“You, too, bye...”
Hanging up with him, Katie went back to her groceries, which were now partially scattered upon the floor.
At about 8 o’clock that evening, while she was in the shower, Katie’s phone rang, and again, she raced out of the bathroom, hair still lathered in shampoo and body covered in a heavy towel, reacting to the caller swiftly, “Yeah?”
“Do you always answer a phone like that?” A familiar voice questioned.
“No, Clark, you just caught me at the wrong time, okay?”
“Sorry. What were you doing anyway: shampooing your hair?”
“God, are you psychic or something?”
“I was right? Ha-ha, I’m awesome.”
“Yes, okay, you are; so, what’s up?”
“Nothing, just wondering how your break is going…”
“It just started, Cuz, so I won’t have a chance to revel in it yet though.”
“Why’s that?”
“I’m watching Keane all this week for Danny, so I guess I won’t be coming out to see you guys.”
“Well, why not bring him with?”
“Do you think your parents want a sometimes-screaming kid in their house for 5 or 6 days?”
“I dunno; why don’t I ask them?”
“Clark, no, you don’t have –-”

Before she could say anything more, Clark set the handset down on his shoulder and walked into the kitchen, where his parents were sitting, eating their dinner. She could hear them talking in the background.
“Hey, Mom…” the young man started. “Would you care if Kate came back here to stay during her vacation?”
“No, honey, we wouldn’t mind,” Martha replied, finishing her chew of sandwich. “She knows that. Why do you ask?”
“Because she has a problem…well, it’s not a problem…well, I dunno what you’d call it…”
“Just spill it, son,” Jonathan stated lightly as he wiped his mouth free of salad dressing. “What’s going on?”
“Katie has to watch Keane this week.”
“I don’t know. She didn’t say, but I assume Danny’s got a business trip, so she didn’t think you’d want her to come here with Keane. She didn’t think you wanted a screaming kid around the house at all points of the day & night.”
“Here, hand me the phone, Clark,” Martha responded, and as she got the receiver, she spoke up, “Katie, it’s alright to bring Keane here; I bet he could use some fresh air and I think he’d love to see the animals.”
“Aunt Martha, I don’t want to put you and Uncle Jonathan out with both me and Keane. Are you really sure you want me to come back to Smallville with him?” She wondered cautiously.
“I’m positive; Jonathan and I would love to see that beautiful angel.”
“Alright then, it’s settled. Keane and I will be in town tomorrow afternoon. Just be ready for us.”
“We will, sweetie…give Danny our love. Bye.”

Turning the phone off, Martha turned to her husband and son, retorting, “It looks like we’ll be hearing the pitter-patter of little feet.”
“Well, good...” Jonathan answered back. “It’ll be nice to have a baby in the house again.”
“Yeah, it will,” Clark added. “I’ve never really been around a baby before, so this might just be fun.”
The next morning was a blur to Katie. She had woken up quite early and got the rest of her stuff together for her week-long trip. After packing everything she needed into the trunk of her Wrangler, she drove to the gas station & filled up the tank. Getting her money’s worth of petrol, she headed up to Danny’s house in the richer part of Newton called, Saturn Hills.

Thanks to the job at LuthorCorp, he was finally able to afford the place without Candice’s help. She wanted the dwelling for herself and told the court that she assisted Danny in some of the payments by getting a job as a secretary; however, without proper evidence, she got nothing but some of the living room furniture that he didn’t want or need. As Kate approached the entry gate, she took a deep breath, readying herself for the guards’ inquisition by rolling down the driver’s side window.
“Good morning, ma’am,” He stated lightly with his uncommon southern accent. “How can I assist you?”
“Officer, I’m here to see Daniel Vermagnussen,” she replied, pulling her driver’s license out of her wallet. “V-E-R-M-A-G-N-U-S-S-E-N...I’m on his pass list.”
Handing him the i.d. swiftly, he checked her name on his computer. Noticing that her name was on Danny’s permanent pass list, he came back to her car and answered, “Here’s your card, ma’am…you have a nice day.”
“Thank you, officer. You do the same.”

She placed her license back in her wallet before putting her car into ‘drive’, making her way through the gate and up the small hill to where other houses were located. When the road went back to being flat, she drove up the driveway of an eggshell white residence and parked next to a small black Lexus with the license plate number: “DVERM 17”. Leaving her purse in the car, she stepped out the vehicle, moving to the front door.

She rang the doorbell swiftly, hearing people walking around inside, and after about a minute, the door opened & two familiar faces stood before her.
“Well, hello,” she said to them sweetly. “Did you two just wake up?”
“No, I’ve been up since 6 this morning,” Danny replied. “Keane is the one who just got up. Sorry, we aren’t ready yet.”
“Oh, that’s fine. Don’t worry, Danny; I can get the Keno feed, cleaned & clothed. I’ve done it before, remember?”
“Yes, I know you have. Do you remember where everything’s located?”
“Yep, get your stuff done. Go, Dan-Dan, go!”
“Alright, alright…Mom.”
“Hey now! I am NOT your momma…”
“Nor would you wanna be, right?”
“Danny, I know how much you love Mom & all, and I know you want me to go and see her, but I’m not going to.”
“She’d really love to see you, you know that?”
“I don’t want to see her like that, okay? She doesn’t deserve to see anyone in her condition.”
“Katie, I know her disease is bad…”
“Her ‘disease’, Danny? She’s a bi-polar alcoholic, who’s hopped up on drugs all of the time. Don’t you remember what she did, or are you too naďve?”
“Katie, I forgave her and I think you should too.”
“Danny, I’ll forgive her, when she admits what she did and she pays for it. For now, she gets nothing from me.”
“Suit yourself; however, she’s our mother and she’s never going to be anything else but what she is.”

As he went back to finishing his housework, Katie sat at the breakfast nook in silence, knowing he was right about her statement. She didn’t like being around their mother and no force in the world, other than her death, was going to get anywhere near her again.
After getting everything of Keane’s ready for the trip, Kate put his car seat in the backseat of her Jeep®, securing it with the seatbelt. Setting his travel crib, stroller and suitcase in the trunk, and his diaper bag in the front seat, she moved her bags underneath all of the seats. When that was finished, she went back into the house to get Keane, who was sitting his playpen, snuggling his stuffed elephant a.k.a. ‘Gus’.
Picking up the little boy & his buddy, she grinned at them and spoke up, “Are you ready for a week with me, Keno?”
The baby gurgled some noises and smiled at her with his big blue eyes, acknowledging that he was all set to leave. Katie walked over the staircase & yelled, “Danny! We’re leaving!”
“Okay, hold on!” He stated back, moving down to the stairway.
All three of them made their way outside to the Wrangler, which was still next to the Lexus. Katie got her nephew ready in his seat, strapped him in properly, and after shutting his door, she entered the vehicle herself, putting her keys into the ignition & starting the car.
“We’ll call you, when we get there, alright?” She spoke up loudly.
“You better, or I’ll have the dogs on you both.” Danny responded with a smile & a wave.
“Have fun in St. Louis. Bring back lots of souvenirs.”
“If I get a free day, I will, but don’t quote me on that.”
“Do I ever?”
“Bye, Kate! Bye, Keno!”
“Bye, Dan-Dan!”
Waving at him gingerly, Katie and Keane started on their way to Smallville for a week of interesting developments and strong revelations.


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A/N: Chapter five to the ending...there will be a sequel...look for it when it ends and I start a sequel to that time frame yet on that...enjoY! -- Erynn. smile.gif

Chapter Five

Driving to Smallville felt like an eternity for both Katie and Keane. As they reached the beginning of town, they were ready to relax and take a long nap. At least, Katie was ready for that. Keane had started his R & R, when they reached Granville. She looked at him in her rearview mirror and smiled, knowing he needed some quiet time after all of the stuff happening with his parents. Meanwhile, at the Kent farm, Martha and Jonathan were anxiously awaiting their arrival. Martha nervously stood at the sink, cleaning a small plate that had been used at breakfast over and over and over again, worrying Jonathan.

“Sweetheart, are you gonna rinse off that plate sometime soon?” He questioned jokingly.
“Huh...what was that, hun? Did you say something?” She answered back, confused by his question.
“Honey, they are gonna be here soon. Don’t worry about it.”

Martha said nothing back to him, but she did rinse the plate that she had in her hands. Jonathan glanced out the window and saw a familiar car roaring up the drive at the entrance of the farm. He moved out the back door and awaited the vehicle’s arrival. As it rolled up to him, the car’s horn honked, alerting Martha to its presence as well. She dropped another plate back in the wash water in the sink, wiped her hands dry with a dish towel and made her way outside. With the Jeep® parked, Katie emerged from the SUV with a smile on her face and a wave for the both of them.

“Hi, guys,” she spoke up loudly. “We’re here.”
“Need any help?” Jonathan wondered, walking towards her.
“Yeah, that’d be great. Can you get the things out of the back for me? Some of Keane’s stuff is jammed in there too, so be careful, alright?”
“I think I can handle it, Katie, but thank you for the warning.”
“Okay, suit yourself; don’t take my advice.”
Just as she said that, everything fell out of the boot of the SUV and onto the ground, waking up Keane in the process.
“You okay, Uncle Jon?” She wondered.
“Yeah, I’m fine,” he responded. “Sorry.”
“Well, don’t tell me you’re sorry; tell Keane that. You just woke him up.”

Kate opened the back door of her Wrangler and crawled onto the seat, unfastening her nephew form his safety chair, cradling him in her arms, as she got back out of the car. Rocking him back and forth, she soothed his tears to some extent.
“It’s okay, buddy,” she said softly. “It’s okay. Aunt Katie is here for you.”
Keane opened his big blue eyes and looked at her. He saw her face and his cries came to a stop. She wiped his face and smiled at him.
“There now, Keno, you okay?” She questioned. “You look okay now. Hey! Let’s meet someone, huh? Keane, meet your aunt Martha; Martha, meet Keane.”
“Hey, little guy,” she stated to him, before looking to Katie to ask, “Katie, do you think I could hold him?”
“Sure. Here you go,” she handed the little boy over to her aunt, not hearing him squeal at all. “See, he’s perfect with you; you’re a natural, Martha. Maybe we should get Uncle Jonathan to hold him next.”
“Yeah, maybe we should.”
“‘Maybe we should’ what?” Jonathan wondered from behind the Jeep®.
“Maybe we should help you out with that,” Katie answered lightly. “But, on second thought, it looks like you got everything covered.”
“Yeah, I’m fine.”
“Alright, suit yourself.”
“Come on, Katie, let’s go into the house.” Martha added.
“Good idea.”
Both women laughed jokingly, before moving into the house. Jonathan followed behind, carrying a majority of the stuff with him.
With Keane asleep again, Katie made a trip into town, stopping at the Talon for some refreshment. She walked in and was happy to see that the place hadn’t changed. Staring straight ahead, she saw someone that she hadn’t seen in a while.
“Lana,” she spoke up, as she moved to where she was seated. “How are you doing?”
“Katie, hi, I’m great,” she responded to her with a smile. “You’re back? Did you get the job?”
“No word on the job yet, but I’m back in town for Spring Break.”
“Sounds like a lot of fun. I wish our Spring Break was longer, but no chance of that happening, I guess. So, what would you like to drink?”
“Nothing, I’m fine.”
“It’s my treat, so what would you like?”
“Umm, do you guys make a caramel cappuccino?”
“We sure do. One of those coming right up; be right back.”

A couple of minutes later, Lana came back to their table, hands full of warm beverages.
“Here you are, Katie,” she spoke softly. “One caramel cappuccino, made with real caramel.”
“Awesome,” the other woman retorted, taking the drink from her friend’s hand. “Thank you again.”
“Oh, you’re welcome.”
“I figured Clark would be here with you, but I don’t see him. Where did he disappear to?”
“He went to Metropolis to pick up Chloe and bring her home for the break.”
“Ahh, and are you okay with that?”
“Yeah, I’m fine. We’re friends, so there’s nothing to worry about. Let’s talk about you now. How’s everything going on the Lex front?”
“Not well.”
“And, why’s that?”
“Truthfully, we haven’t spoken since the day I left.”
“Ouch. Sorry.”
“It’s alright, Lana. I mean there aren’t a lot of guys who want to get involved with me, so I understand.”
“But, don’t you wish something would happen between you and him?”
“Lana, it took you five years to get Clark, right? So, what if it takes that long for me to get with him?”
“You’ll just have to wait, I guess. I had to hang around, and it was the best decision I ever made.”
“Well, a toast then: to the women who would have waited for their men and to the women who are learning how to do that now.”
“Cheers to that.”
The girls tapped coffee cups and kept talking about everything under the sun as they drank their beverages down.
When she was done with her coffee, Katie walked down the street to the local flower shop. Stepping inside, she saw a sea of colors and designs sitting everywhere inside of refrigerators and out on the sales floor. A tall blonde headed over to her with a smile, stating, “Hello, I’m Tarrah. Can I help you find something today?”
“Yes, you can, Tarrah,” She replied. “I need to create a floral bouquet for a guy.”
“Alright, I can help you with that. Who’s it for: your dad, brother, boyfriend, husband, or boss?”
“Let’s just say it’s for something who I’d like to get to know better.”
“Ahh, I fully understand. So, has he given you any flowers yet?”
“Yes, he has. He gave me a single red rose.”
“How very sentimental! Well, if he’s that good of a man, he needs daffodils.”
“Daffodils for a guy, are you sure?”
“Oh, most definitely; yellow daffodils represent chivalry.”
“No, no ‘thank you’. He’d think they were too girly.”
“How about some of these beautiful gladioli? They are for people who you admire or who you would like to admire.”
“No, not what I’m looking for.”
“Okay, how about peonies? They say ‘love’ and they say ‘don’t tell anyone I told you that I love you’.”
“I don’t even know if he loves me yet, so no.”
“Okay then. Carnations and roses are always a great choice.”
“Tarrah, how bout I look around and pick out something myself?”
“Sure. Just let me know, when you’re finished.”
“Thank you.”
The young woman left her to her own devices, but not for long. Katie thought of what she wanted and practically waltzed over to Tarrah, excited by an idea.
“Tarrah, I think I know what I want.” She spoke up.
A floral delivery truck stopped swiftly at about 2:45 that afternoon, near the back door of 2116 – Beresford Lane, the home of Lex Luthor. The young gentleman made his way to the back of the vehicle and retrieved a beautiful glass vase of flowers, carrying it into the kitchen.

“Delivery for Mr. Luthor,” the man retorted to one of the staff members. “Who wants to sign for it?”
“I will,” the housekeeper replied, taking the pen and signing her name on the order. “Thank you, young man.”
“You’re welcome. Here’s the card that goes with it.”
“Thank you again. Goodbye.”
“See ya.”

Softly, the housekeeper slid the card onto the flower prong placed in the vase, before taking it to Lex. One of Lex’s bodyguards opened the door for her, letting her walk inside of his library/office. She moved some of the magazines on his coffee table, before placing the container on it delicately.
“For you, sir,” the housekeeper spoke up. “Enjoy them.”
“Thank you, Marian.” Lex answered, as he looked over the flowers.

Peach gerberas, light pink and purple larkspur, white lilies and red roses sat beautifully in a clear translucent vase with a beautiful fuchsia and silver ribbon tied around it. Opening the envelope on the floral prong slowly, he found a card inside saying: “Remember me?? Talk to you again soon. – Kate V.”
Smiling to himself gently, Lex knew what he had to do: he had to call her. He had to see her, but he didn’t want to seem desperate. He wasn’t really desperate; he was just eager to see her again.

He dialed ‘411’ and got the operator quickly.
“KanTel Communications…this is operator 2496. City and state please?” He questioned.
“Newton, Kansas, please…” Lex responded.
“Connecting you now, sir.”
A couple of seconds later, he got the next operator, who retorted, “Newton, Kansas…how can I assist you?”
“Yes, I need the phone for a Kathryne or a Kate Vermagnussen.” He replied.
“Vermagnussen, spelled ‘V-E-R-M-A-G-N-U-S-S-E-N’?”
“Yes, that’s correct.”
“I have a Kathryne Vermagnussen, at 4415 – Octavian Blvd. Apt. 202. Is that the person?”
“Connecting you now, sir…thanks for calling. Have a nice day.”

The phone system linked and the line rang lightly. Suddenly, an answering machine clicked on with the message: “Hi, this is Katie. I’m currently visiting my family in Smallville, so if you need to get a hold of me, call my cell phone or leave me a message here. I’ll be home, when Spring Break is over. Bye.”
Lex hung up his phone and knew who she had to call next. He dialed the number to the Kent farm hoping to find her there.
That afternoon on the farm was going well for Jonathan, who was trying to feed Keane. The adorable 10-month old kept trying to grab the spoon out of his hand, like it was a game or something and the spoon was a toy. Katie looked on with a smile on her face as she connected the baby gate to the wall in front of the staircase.

Jonathan continued to give food to Keane and he didn’t even stop to the ringing phone.
“Katie?” He questioned loudly.
“Yeah?” she answered, coming over to him and Keane.
“Can you answer the phone please?”
“Sure, I can. Is Keane enjoying himself with that food?”
Jonathan turned to his nephew, seeing that all of the food in front of him, not inside of him.
“Oh, Keane…” He stated, seeing him all messy. “Time for clean-up, buddy…”
“Have fun with that, Uncle Jon.” Kate replied.
“I’ll try. Now, please, get the phone.”

Getting the handset and pressing the ‘talk’ button on it, she stated, “Hello, Kent residence. This is Kate.”
“Well, you are the last person that I’d expect to be answering my call,” the voice responded. “How are you, Kate?”
“Lex Luthor…I’m fascinated by how you found me here in Smallville. Coincidence or is there a tracking device on my Jeep®?"
"Neither...called Kan-Tel and 411-ed you. Got your answering machine at your apartment, and I heard the machine on it."
"Wow, you did all that to track me down! I’m impressed, Lex.”
“Yeah, I can be impressive sometimes.”
“I bet; so, what was the reason for your call?”
“I wanted to tell you that I got the flowers you sent over today. They are very nice, thank you. But, there’s one thing that don’t understand.”
“And what, oh wise and hairless, is that?”
“Why would you send me flowers?”
“You apologized for being an ass to me, and I just thought that this could be a ‘get out of jail free’ card for me, if I ever acted like a bitch to you. Is that a deal?”
“No, no deal.”
“And, why is that not a deal?”
“Because, Kate, it’s not enough. I need more than just flowers and your word.”
“What would like from me then?”
“I’ll think of something and get back to you. Have a nice day, Kate.”
He hung up on her softly, leaving her confused and silent. She was scared to find out what she’d have to do to get a ‘deal’ of Lex Luthor.

Chapter Six

Kate and Keane spent the most of the time in Smallville, going to the park & playing on the playground, walking around the farm & seeing all of the animals, and going to all of the stores in town, trying out all of the cool & neat stuff in each one of them. Each afternoon, however, was quite different from the next. One afternoon in particular, Kate took her young nephew into the Talon for a late morning snack and noticed a group of gentlemen sitting at one table, conversing on their cellular phones.

Heading up the counter, she noticed Martha busily moving around, trying to get orders ready for the waitresses to take out to the tables.
“Hey, Aunt Martha,” Kate spoke lightly. “It looks like it’s going to be a busy day here.”
“Oh, Katie, it’s a busy day everyday in here.” She replied, as she put money on the cash register and giving a customer a receipt. “So, what are you up to?”
“Well, we just go done with the park, and I thought we could use a little snack.”
“That sounds like a good idea. One tall caramel cappuccino with whipped cream and a splash of cinnamon and one oatmeal raisin chocolate chip cookie...coming right up, you two.”
“Thanks, Aunt Martha.”

Katie pushed her little nephew over to a small table swiftly and just as she took him out of his stroller, a familiar person entered the café, smiling at her and the little one.
“Hey, Clark…” she stated lightly. “Who was class?”
“It was boring, like it always is.” He replied, as he sat down next to her. “So, how’s the little buddy doing?”
“He’s good; we just got done playing at the playground in the park. I thought we needed some nourishment, so we stopped here before heading back to the farm.”
“Good idea. We can have some food together. Have you ordered yet?”
“Yeah, do you want me to get you something?”
“Naw, my mom usually knows what I want and she usually has it ready for me, just before I arrive.”
“Oh, lucky you are. Hey, you want to hold Keane?”
“Sure. Hand Keno over to me; we need some male bonding time.”

Katie gave Keane to Clark gently, hoping he wouldn’t start to cry. As soon as the little boy saw Clark’s face, he cooed sweetly and smiled at him, like he was no one strange at all.
“Hey, Keane…” Clark said to his 2nd cousin softly. “How are you, buddy? Did you go on the slide and have fun? I bet you did. With a cute face like that, I know you did.”
Keane cooed and gushed for Clark happily, as Martha arrived to the table, with the beverages and snacks. She handed Clark his usual: a tall half-caf double latte with extra foam and a chocolate blackberry muffin.

Next, she gave Kate hers with a little extra: a tall caramel cappuccino the way she wanted it (with whipped cream and a splash of cinnamon) and a pumpkin cream cheese scone, because she knew that Katie loved them. Lastly, she set down Keane’s cookie snack and a covered cup of unsweetened apple juice, cold and ready for the little boy to devour.
“I thought you could use a snack, Katie, and I thought a cool drink for Keane would make him happy.” Martha spoke up.
“Thanks, I know I know it’ll help. I don’t know how Danny deals with it. Keane can be finicky with his eating habits. I guess he just needs a female touch, that’s all.” Katie responded in return.
“I guess so. He loves you, Katie, and he loves it here. I wish you two could stay longer.”
“Yeah, I wish we could, too. Thanks, Aunt Martha.”
“You’re welcome. Clark, did you remember what I asked you to do today?”
“I did it already, Mom. That’s how I go here so fast.”
“Oh, thank you, sweetheart...”
Martha went back to the counter, ready for the next order to come up. Clark, Katie and Keane sat together, munching on their treats, sipping their beverages, and enjoy one another’s company. Katie glanced over at the businessmen’s table, and she noticed that they were busily typing away on laptops, Blackberry® PDA’s and Nokia® Sidekicks. They weren’t conversing with each other; they were in silence, total silence, and all that could be heard was the noises of fingertips and pointer sticks hitting keys.

She was under the influence of the sounds. So much so, she didn’t notice, when Lex entered the café. Suddenly, something shocked her back into the real world, curing her of her intoxication.
“Katie...” The voice stated softly.

Unexpectedly, a hand came down the side of her face, tracing her cheekbone and landing on her chin, gently raising her face up. She was forced to look and see the face that went with the interruptive voice. Lex stood before her with his hand still on her face, occupying a worried look on his own facade.
“Katie, are you alright?” He questioned lightly, knowing he needed an answer.
“Yeah,” She replied to him, in awe of his actions. “I guess I was distracted by the hustle and bustle of life, that’s all.”
“You really miss working, don’t you?”
He let go of her chin, allowing her to move around freely, before he sat down at the table with her. She looked over to see if Clark was still there, but he wasn’t and neither was Keane.
“Where did everyone go?” She questioned.
“Clark is up at the counter with Martha and that cute little boy of yours. Why didn’t you tell me that you had a son?” He wondered in return.
“I didn’t tell you, because he’s not my son; he’s my nephew. He’s my brother Danny’s son, and his name is Keane.”
“Keane is a good Irish name; who thought of that one?”
“My brother chose it. It was either that or Miles, which my ex-sister-in-law wanted.”
“Miles Vermagnussen? I think they made the right decision with Keane.”
“I totally agree.”

The two of them smiled at each other, before starting into another conversation.
“So, have you thought of what you are going to do about the ‘deal’ yet?” She questioned lightly.
“‘Deal’, what ‘deal’? I don’t remember any deals we had with each other.” He responded coyly.
“Sure you don’t, Lex. Just remember one thing: nothing too fancy please. I’m not really a ‘fancy’ chick. A tomboy, that’s me all the way, but dressing up, I don’t do it a lot.”
“Don’t you dress up, when you teach?”
“That’s different, its casual business attire. I’m not dressing up to go to dinner and dancing with my students.”
“‘Dinner and dancing’...I never thought of that; I’m gonna have to use that.”
“You want to take me to dinner and dancing?”

Suddenly, Lex stood up from his seat and stood before her. He gave her a soft smile, before turning towards the door and walked out of the café, leaving Katie to wonder what he was going to do. Just as he left, Clark came back to the table with Keane in his arms.
“Well, what did Lex have to say?” He wondered.
“He was telling me that he thought Keane was adorable.” She responded.
“Wow, Lex being sentimental for an the national authorities.”
“Clark, come on. Lex is allowed to be ‘schmaltzy’ once in a while.”
“Yeah, ‘once’ in a while; well, I’m going to head home. You want me to take Keane with me?”
“Naw, I’ll follow you; I need to get some laundry done anyway.”
The three of them made their way out of the coffee shop, heading to Katie’s car to load Keane inside. Instead of running home like he usually would, Clark let her drive him home.
That evening, everyone sat in the living room, talking about what each did all day, while Keane slept upstairs in Clark’s room. Jonathan talked about how one of the cows gave birth and there was a new calf, a baby girl, to be named.

He started a list for names in the kitchen, and everyone voiced their opinions on the name: Clark wanted the calf to be named ‘Belle’; Katie wanted it to be named ‘Glenda’; and, Martha wanted it named after her, since it was her cow that had given birth. Later, Martha spoke about the businessmen, who drank and worked at the Talon until nearly 4 o’clock that afternoon, and when they finally did leave the place, they left her a huge tip.

She was excited and told them that they could come back anytime they wanted to. Clark talked about how his classes went and then, how he, Katie, and Keane spent their lunchtime at the shop.
“Even Lex was at the Talon today.” He stated lightly. “And, he even spent time talking with Katie...alone.”
“God, it’s like having a little brother, who tattles on you all of the time, don’t you think?” She replied to the group. “It was just some coffee and a talk, no big deal. I could say the same about you and Lana, Narc.”
Clark threw a bolster at her, starting a pillow fight with Martha and Jonathan in the middle.
“Whoa, calm it down, children,” Jonathan piped up, just as someone knocked on the back door. “I have to see who’s at the door.”

When he reached the entrance, he opened it swiftly to see a man in a black suit and tie, standing before him, holding a rather large white box with a bright red bow on it and a good-sized blue & green bag in his arms.
“Can I help you?” He questioned inquisitively.
“Yes, you can, sir.” the suited gentleman answered. “My name is Jensen and I work for Mr. Luthor; these gifts are for Miss Kate.”
The man handed the box and the bag to Jonathan, leaving just as fast as he arrived. He closed the door, behind him, standing there
“So, Dad, who was it?” Clark wondered loudly.
“It was one of Lionel Luther’s associates.” He replied.
“Who are those gifts for, Jonathan?” Martha inquired to her husband.
“They are for Miss Kate. Guess someone is special in Lionel Luthor’s heart.”
“Not Lionel, Dad; she’s someone special to Lex.” Clark quipped.
“Thank you for that, little brother.” Katie stated back her cousin rather snarky.
She threw a pillow back at him, before turning the presents before her.

Opening the small bag first, she found three boxes, all of different sizes and shapes, wrapped for her.
“Is it my birthday and I forgot, or something?” She questioned to everyone.
Noticing no answers, she continued on, opening one of the boxes, discovering a pair of black heels in it, the ones that she had seen & tried on at her favorite shoe store in Metropolis.
“Wait, these are the shoes I wanted from Metropolis. I put them on and walked around the place; they were perfect, but way too expensive.” She responded, as she slipped them on.
“How expensive are we talking about here, Katie?” Jonathan questioned back.
“As in hundreds, even thousands of dollars, Uncle Jonathan; these are Christian Loubouton’s.”
She turned the pair of heels over and showed him the red bottoms and the designer logo imprints.

Setting them down on the coffee table, she went to the next two boxes, opening them quickly. One box held a diamond necklace, while the other held a diamond tennis bracelet. She beamed as she placed them around her neck and wrist. As she cleaned up the paper mess, she found the last gift, the big white box with a red ribbon on it. She unraveled the tie and grasped for the sides of the package, pulling the lid off, to reveal a card, which was laying on red tissue paper. The tissue paper was covering something up, but she wanted to see who had sent her the presents first. She stood up and walked into the kitchen to read the tag alone. She ripped a straight line through the envelope and pulled out its contents, seeing a beautiful card inside. She smiled, noticing that there was no writing on the outside, just a hot pink foil heart with pale pink ribbon around it.

Opening it, she read the words inside out loud to herself:
“I carry your heart with me (i carry it in my heart)
I am never without it, anywhere i go you go, my dear;
And, whatever is done by only me is your doing, my darling.
I fear no fate (for you are my fate, my sweet)
I want no world (for beautiful you are my world, my true)
And, it's you are whatever a moon has always meant
And, whatever a sun will always sing is you.

Here is the deepest secret nobody knows
(Here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud
and the sky of the sky of a tree called life, which grows
higher than soul can hope or mind can hide)
And, this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart.
I carry your heart (i carry it in my heart).”

It was her favorite poem from her favorite poet, e.e. cummings, but how did this person know one of her favorite things? She continued to read down the card to find the salutation at the bottom. Finding it, the phrase stated: “Clark told me that you liked e.e. cummings. Enjoy the gifts; there are parts of the ‘deal’. Yours Truly, Lex...”

She walked into the living room slowly, sitting back down in her seat on the couch, next to Martha. She opened the rest of the present, showing everyone its contents. It was a dress, but not just any dress; it was a dress she had tried on in a dress store in Newton.

It was long and green with intricate sequin work all around the body of it.
“How in the hell did he found out what dress I tried on?” She spoke out loud. “I tried this one on, like 2 weeks ago.”
“Maybe, he went into the store, and asked if you tried out that dress.” Martha wondered.
“Maybe, but what if he had me followed? What if he’s stalking me?”
“That sounds more like Lionel Luthor than Lex.” Jonathan retorted, as he read his book.
“Well, I hope he wasn’t stalking you, because I know he knows better than to do that.” Clark added.
Kate hoped Lex knew better as well. She was scared to know why he would buy her clothes for their ‘deal’, but she was soon to find out what his real intentions were.

Chapter Seven

It was Sunday and it was time for Kate and Keane to head back to their lives in Newton. She wished that she would’ve heard from the Smallville school district before she left, but fate played its hand and showed her nothing. Martha showed Keane the cows one last time, as Jonathan helped Kate pack up the back of her Wrangler.

After that, the two of them went back inside the house unhurriedly, stopping in the kitchen for a last chat.
“Do you have everything?” He wondered.
“Yeah, this should be all of it.” She replied. “Uncle Jonathan...”
“Yeah, Katie?”
“Where’s Clark?”
“He’s finishing them as we speak.”
“Oh, I forgot.”

Just as Jonathan poured some coffee for himself and for Kate, the man-in-question entered the room swiftly.
“Hey, you two...” Clark spoke softly. “Is everything in the Jeep?”
“Yep, it’s all packed and set to go when Keane and I are ready.” Kate responded.
“Are you gonna go into town and tell everyone ‘goodbye’?”
“I was thinking about it.”
“Well, I’m going to the Talon to meet Lana and Chloe, so I can take you, if you want.”
“I don’t want to put you out, Clark.”
“You wouldn’t be, me.”
“Alright, Clark, I’ll take you up on your offer. Thanks.”
“You’re welcome. Is Keane comin’ along with us?”
“No, I think he’s enjoying Shelby, the cows and all the other animals a little bit too much to leave right now.”
“Yeah, I guess that’s more exciting. Dad, I’m gonna be in the town for a bit. Do you and Mom need anything?”
“Nope, we are good where we stand. You two have fun.” Jonathan retorted with a smile, before talking another sip of coffee from his cup.
Kate and Clark made their way out of the house and both gave a ‘see ya… be back later’ to Martha and Keane, who were heading to see the horses on a different part of the farm. Entering the truck, they buckled in and got set for the drive.
The main street in Smallville was busy as usual. People making their way from place to place quickly made the town seem full of hustle & bustle for no apparent reason. Clark parked the truck near the Talon swiftly, noticing how busy the road was. The two entered the café to see Lois, as busy as usual, scurrying about with orders. Lana and Chloe stood at the counter, awaiting their turns to order their beverages. The two relatives approached the girls, standing behind them quickly to see if they would notice that they were there.

Chloe dropped her wallet, and before she could say anything, Clark retrieved it for her promptly.
“Thanks, Clark.” She said to him. “You finally got here.”
“Yeah, I had to finish my chores and Katie needed to tell you guys ‘goodbye’.” He answered.
“Oh, Katie, you’re leaving us?” Lana wondered, sort-of sad to see her go.
“Yep, my time here is up. I just wanted to tell you girls ‘bye’ and ‘thanks’ for being such good friends.” She responded.
“Awww…you’re welcome, and you have to keep in touch with all of us.”
“Yeah, Katie, don’t forget about us here.” Chloe added. “I know that one person in particular won’t forget you.”
“And, who would that be?” Katie questioned.
“One Alexander J. Luthor…”
“Chloe! I told you to keep that a secret!” Clark sounded.
“Hey, when someone sends you or me gifts like that, then I’ll keep it a secret.”
“Look, you guys…I didn’t keep the gifts.” Kate interjected.
“What?” Lana stated lightly.
“Why not?” Chloe wanted to know inquisitively.
“I didn’t keep them, because I didn’t deserve them, and if Lex really cared about me, he’d know that he didn’t need to buy my love with fancy gifts and beautiful clothes. All he needs to do is be himself and treat me as I am, no matter what I look like or how I dress.”
“I sent you those things as a sign of friendship…” A strong masculine voice retorted.

All of them turned to see Lex Luthor himself. He stood there in his traditional black trench coat with black pants & shoes and a long-sleeved plum-colored dress shirt, unbuttoned at the top.
“Well, I guess we can’t be friends then, because I don’t need stuff like that.” Kate stated to him.
“I guess not.” He returned softly.
“I’m gonna go across the street to the flower shop, Clark, to say ‘goodbye’ to some people there. Just let me know, when you’re ready to leave.”
“Sure…” Clark answered back, as he turned to his tall bald friend, “Be nice to her, Lex.”
“Aren’t I always?”
“Yeah, and that’s what scares me!”
“Trust me, Clark. I would never hurt your cousin. I like her, and the sooner she sees that I’m not a threat, the better this whole thing will be.”
“And, what’s ‘this whole thing’ supposedly?”
“The whole thing is that I like your cousin.”
“You ‘like’ my cousin?”
“Goodbye, Clark.”
“Lex, where are you going?”
“I’m going to get her back.”
”You never had her in the first place.”
As Clark said that, Lex turned and walked out the door of the Talon.

He walked across the street to the flower shop, which was quite busy from the looks of it through its front windows. He entered the store, trying to find Katie. As he leisurely strolled through the place, a young saleswoman stopped him in his tracks.
“Good morning, Mr. Luthor. What can I do for you today?” She inquired.
“I need to pick out a bouquet of flowers…ummm, Jillian.” He stated to her with a smile as he looked at her name-tag.
“Alright. What flowers would you like?”
“I’m not for sure. They are for a very special woman, who’s in the shop right now.”
“She is in here? Where is she?”
That’s when he noticed her. She was in the back of the store, browsing the plants with a saleswoman.
“She’s right there.” He pointed out to Jillian.
“Oh, the young lady with Maureen?” She wondered. “Oh, she’s quite beautiful, sir.”
“I seem to think so...very much. I think she’d love roses.”
“Oh, that’s a very good choice, sir. What color would you like them to be?”
“Actually, I think I only really need one.”
“‘One’, sir?”
“Yep, just one...”
“Exactly right, sir. Let me show you to the single roses.”
“Thank you.”

As Jillian showed Lex to the cooler, Katie was busy making up a bouquet of flowers with Maureen, the head associate.
“Miss Vermagnussen, your floral choices are marvelous. Have you ever considered a career in floral design?” The woman questioned.
“Oh, no… this is just a hobby. Teaching is what I do for real.” Kate responded.
“That is an excellent profession, ma’am. Kids must love you.”
“They do, and I love them.”
“That’s very good, ma’am.”
“Well, Maureen, can I get my total so far? I just want to know where I’m at monetarily.”
“You sure can. I’ll tabulate it with the vase and the delivery fees.”
“Thank you.”
“You’re welcome. Be right back.”
“Take your time.”
Katie browsed the flowers in the back, making sure that she got to see every one, not wanting to miss anything.

Meanwhile, Lex discovered a perfect flower for his lady love: a light orange rose. Taking it in his hand, he moved to the back of the shop to surprise Kate, who was so busy smelling and browsing flowers that she didn’t even notice that he entered the room with her. Just as Lex was going to surprise her with the flower, he heard something familiar behind him.
“Maureen, hello...” a soft feminine voice stated lightly. “How are you?”
“I’m fine, Lana. How are you? How is your aunt doing in Colorado?” The other woman inquired.
He looked around the corner slightly to see Lana standing there, chatting with the floral shop worker. He had to get out of the shop and fast. He didn’t want Lana to blab to Clark about him practically ‘stalking’ Kate.

When Lana moved with Jillian to another part of the store, he moved out of the backroom and into the front section, finding a small card & envelope to put with the rose. He stood at the front counter and jotted down something for Kate.
“Are you ready to pay for that, Mr. Luthor?” A voice questioned.
He looked up to Maureen, the head associate, standing before him with a smile on her face.
“Why yes, I am...’Maureen’.” Lex answered, after seeing her name-tag. “Maureen, I would like this flower and its delivery charged to my business account.”
“I would love to do that for you, sir.”
“Thank you.”
“You’re very welcome, sir.”
Maureen glanced at the name on the flower as Lex left the shop, heading to his car to drive away. She smiled to herself, as she saw the name on the envelope: “Kate Vermagnussen”. She knew that there must be something going on with her best customer and the richest man in town. She took the flower into the backroom, where Kate was standing, contemplating the other flowers she wanted.
“This came for you, Miss Vermagnussen.” The associate spoke to her client softly.
“Awww, Maureen. You didn’t have to get this for me.” Kate responded, as she smelled the rose.
“I didn’t, ma’am; a very nice & very attractive gentleman did however.”
“Was this man tall, bald and very charming?”
“Maybe...I think you should read your card, ma’am. Maybe he wrote you something very nice.”
“Maybe… you never know with Lex.”
“Oh, I just love seeing the reactions of people, when they receive a flower.”
“Here...hold my flower, so I can give you a reaction.”

Kate opened the envelope swiftly, finding a card inside that had a white rose petal background and read it aloud.
“My card says: “‘I want to see your face in every kind of light
In fields of dawn and forests of the night
And when you stand before the candles on a cake
Oh, let me be the one to hear the silent wish you make . . .’

Don’t ever forget me and call me when you get home, so I can know that you’re safe. -- Lex.”
“Oh, how beautiful that is. Mr. Luthor certainly knows his Sinatra; in my book, that’s always a good trait.” Maureen responded to her.
“Yeah, a very good one . . .”
Clark and Katie said their goodbyes to friends and made their way back to the farm. Clark noticed the rose immediately, but he didn’t want to question the motives of one Lex Luthor, even if he was in love with Kate. Upon entering the house, they noticed Jonathan and Martha sitting in the living room, smiled as they watched Keane play with some toys on the floor.

Kate sat the rose on the kitchen table as she got a soda out of the refrigerator. As she browsed the shelves for a 12-ounced pick-me-up, she heard footsteps enter the room. She figured that they belonged to Clark; however, they didn’t.
“So, who’s the flower from?” A deep masculine voice questioned.
Finding a can of pop in the back of the fridge, she turned around and answered, “It’s from someone.”
“Someone, huh? Who would this someone be?”
“That’s none of your business, Uncle Jon.”

Jonathan set the flower back down, just as someone else entered the room.
“So, sweetheart, what do you have there?” Martha inquired.
She saw the rose and smiled at her husband. Taking the flower in her hands, she smelled it, devouring its scent.
“Jonathan, is this for me?” She wondered to him.
“No, sweetheart; this flower was given to Miss Katie over there.” He answered smiling at the young girl.
“Wow, lucky girl. Who is the lucky gent?”
“Katie says he’s ‘none of our business’.”
“Oh, well then… So, when did you get the flower, Kate?”
“I actually got it this afternoon, when I was browsing around the flower shop.” She responded, smiling coyly.
“Oooh, very nice…this guy must be a charmer.”
“Oh, he is, trust me.”
“Well, good…another good man to follow in the footsteps of my man.”
“Awww… Well, thank you, honey.” Jonathan piped up.
“You’re welcome, sweetheart.”
Martha scooted up closer to her hubby and kissed him sweetly, causing two voices to state, “Ewww!”
Letting each other go, they turned to see Clark & Keane standing in the entryway, watching the action happen.
“‘Ewww’? Who said ‘ewww’?” Martha questioned, moving towards her son & the little boy he’s holding. “Did you say ‘ewww’, Keane?”
The little boy giggled lightly as she came near him. She slowly tickled him, making him laugh even more. Clark smiled at his mom, before looking up and smiling at his cousin. She beamed back, happy to know that they were there for one another… not just as family, but as friends.
As the family walked out to the Jeep®, they talked about things that had happened that week. Martha put Keane into his car seat and gave him one last kiss on the cheek, before moving to the side were her husband and son were standing, hugging Kate one last time.

She entered the car, shutting the door behind her.
“Hey, you three… don’t look so sad. I’ll be back this summer, you can count on that.” She stated with a smile.
“Don’t forget us, city girl.” Jonathan retorted. “We won’t forget you.”
“I won’t, Uncle Jon. That’s a promise.”
“Bye, Katie… call us when you get home, alright?” Her aunt stated to her.
“I will, Aunt Martha… no worries, okay?”
“Hey, Clark?”
“Yeah, Kate?” He answered back.
“You keep cool, Smallville.”
“Isn’t that Lois’s line?”
“Well, she said I could use it, while she’s gone.”
“I bet she did.”
“You be good, alright?”
“I’ll do what I can. You do the same.”
“Oh, I will.”
“We’ll miss you, Kate.”
“I know. I’ll miss you guys, too.”
She turned the key into the car’s ignition, put the vehicle into ‘drive’ and drove off, heading home to discover her fate in the real world. She wasn’t going to forget her Smallville experience and she has a feeling that someone wasn’t going to let her. She turned on the radio in her Wrangler, finding her favorite channel swiftly.

“Alright, guys & girls… let’s slow it down just a bit. We have a request for a classic from a young man, who wishes to remain anonymous. He said that this song is for a young woman, who he wants to tell ‘I like you’. So, to that young woman, we wish you and the young man well. Here is your ‘Sinatra Sunday’ request -- 'What Are You Doing The Rest of Your Life?':

‘I want to see your face in every kind of light
In fields of dawn and forests of the night
And when you stand before the candles on a cake
Oh, let me be the one to hear the silent wish you make

What are you doing the rest of your life?
North and South and East and West of your life
I have only one request of your life
That you spend it all with me

All the seasons and the times of your days
All the nickels and the dimes of your days
Let the reasons and the rhymes of your days
All begin and end with me

I want to see your face in every kind of light
In the fields of dawn and the forests of the night
And when you stand before the candles on a cake
Oh, let me be the one to hear the silent wish you make

Those tomorrows waiting deep in your eyes
In the world of love that you keep in your eyes
I'll awaken what's asleep in your eyes
It may take a kiss or two

Through all of my life
Summer, Winter, Spring, and Fall of my life
All I ever will recall of my life
Is all of my life with you…’


The summer came quickly in Kansas, causing everyone to head on vacations sooner than expected. For the month of June, the people of Smallville were just about the same. Many people went on vacations out of state, sending sounds of silence throughout the town.

Jonathan & Martha were ready to welcome Kate back into their home for the summer, and Clark was all set to hang with his ‘cousin’ at the Talon, chatting about college and what classes he should take his next semester at Central Kansas University, among other things. (After all, it was the first week of summer). Sadly though, they’d have to put their plans on hold.

A phone call from Kate that first summer morning would change their schedules for a while. The family was busily doing their normal routines, when the kitchen rang suddenly.
“Kent residence...” Martha stated into the handset.
“Aunt Martha,’s Kate.” She replied lightly.
“Hi, hun... are you all packed up & ready to come here?”
“No, Aunt Martha, I’m afraid I’m not going to be able to come to town for the summer.”
“Oh, no, what happened?”
“I got a job offer to teach at a great school and I have to take it immediately.”
“Oh, well, that’s good. Where is the job at?”
Martha’s outburst got the attention of Clark and his father. Both men made their ways into the kitchen quickly to see what was wrong.

Martha spun around to see them enter the room, as she continued talking to her cousin, “How in the world did you ever find a job there?”
“Well, in January, I applied for an international program that teaches American school curriculum, never thinking they would ever get back to me about it. But, a couple days after returning home, I got a phone call from the program director and a representative came to Newton to interview me. 2 weeks ago, I got a letter telling that I got the job, so I told the school that I was at that I was leaving, and now, here I am. I’m leaving Thursday morning.”
“Oh, Kate, that’s sounds exciting.”
“What is wrong?” Clark mouthed softly.

Covering the mouthpiece of the phone, she turned to her son, retorting, “Kate found another teaching job.”
“In Switzerland?” Jonathan asked.
“Yes, you two, ‘in Switzerland’...there’s an American school there.”
Martha uncovered the phone and began her conversation to Kate again, knowing her cousin was waiting for her.
“So, what time does your flight leave, Kate?” She inquired.
“6:55 in the morning...” She responded. “I fly out of Kansas City International Airport. Martha, I’m so thrilled about this. I have to let you go.”
“Oh, alright, Kate. We love you...”
“I love you guys, too. Bye.”

Hanging up the phone, Martha looked at her family, not pleased with Kate’s sudden choice.
“I just don’t get it. One minute, she’s gonna come to Smallville for vacation. The next minute, she’s going off to Switzerland to teach. What did we do wrong?” She questioned them.
“Martha, we didn’t do anything wrong and I don’t get it myself either, but we have to respect that Kate is an adult and we aren’t her parents. She makes her own decisions; we’re just spectators in her show.” Jonathan replied.
“We need to say ‘goodbye’ to her.” Clark piped up. “We can’t just let her leave.”
“I know, Clark, but we don’t have time to go out to Kansas City.”
“I can take you two there.”
“No, Clark, you aren’t.” Martha answered.
“Mom, come on. You and Dad love Kate just as much as I do. We need to show her that we support her decision by being there for her.”
“Clark, your mother has gone through this...” His father spoke up.
“Jonathan, maybe he’s right.” Martha interrupted.
“Maybe we should let Clark use his super-speed to take us to see Kate. Jon, she’s like a daughter to us; we have to at least tell her that we love her before she’s gone maybe forever.”
“Alright… Clark, just this once, you can use your power to take us to Kansas City.”
“Yes! This is gonna be great! Thank you...” The young man replied gladly.
“You’re welcome, honey.” Martha replied with a smile.
And, that was that. The Kents went back to doing their daily routines.

Days later, Thursday arrived and the three woke up bright & early at 5 a.m. to get to Kansas City. After taking showers & eating some breakfast, the three were off, faster than a speeding bullet to the airport. Upon their arrival, they noticed that they were the only people there. Minutes passed, and Kate arrived, walking through the day moving to check-in. Clark snuck up behind her, tapping her shoulder and stating in a deep voice, “Excuse me, Miss?”
Kate turned around and was shocked to him standing there.
“Oh my God, Clark…you scared the living crap out of me.” She stated to him.
“Sorry, I didn’t mean to. You were zoning, so I had to do it.” He answered.
“I don’t ‘zone’, Clark; I’ve never zoned in my life.”
“Sure, Kate. Keep telling yourself that.”
“Really charming, Clark… Now, what are you doing here?”
“I came to see you off.”
“How did you get here?”
“I ran…”
“Clark! You know you aren’t supposed to do that. Do your parents know you’re here?”
“Yes… they came with me.”
Kate turned to see Martha & Jonathan standing there. She waved, just as it was her turn to go to the automatic check-in machine. Clark went up with her and watched what she was doing.

As soon as she checked in her baggage, she was ready to go. She moved to where her aunt & uncle were standing, waiting for her.
“Oh, why didn’t you tell me that you were coming?” She questioned as she hugged both them.
“We wanted to surprise you…” Martha started up. “And, tell you that we loved you and we’ll miss you.”
“Oh, I’ll miss everyone, and I love you guys. Look, I have time before my flight, so let’s go sit down and talk.”
The three Kents walked with Kate down to a group of chairs near the security entry for a chat.
An hour after Kate left town, the Kents returned home. Clark left his parents to do their own thing, driving to the Talon, where he knew he’d find Lana and Chloe. When he arrived there, he found only Chloe.
“Hey, Clark…what’s up?” She questioned as he sat down at the table with her.
“Not much, Chloe; I just saw Kate off at the airport.” He retorted, looking around for Lana as he continued to talk with his friend.
“Oh, was she going on vacation?”
“No, she got a new teaching job at an American school overseas.”
“Oooh, a school overseas…that sounds fun. Where’s it at?”
“Wow. That sounds really cool.”
“Yeah, it does.”
“Are you okay, Clark?”
“Yeah, I’m fine. Why?”
“No reason…just the fact that you can’t focus on talking to me without looking around for Lana.”
“I’m sorry, Chloe.” He stopped, looking her straight in the face. “I just figured that she’d be here, that’s all.”
“You know how Lana is, Clark. She likes to finish things and not leave them undone. She told me that she had to finish some stuff at school. Don’t worry; she wouldn’t not come home without telling me.”
“I know, Chloe; you’re right…you’re always right.”
“That’s because I’m a very smart best friend.”
“Yeah, you are. Now, what shall we have to drink?”
While Clark & Chloe decided their orders, Lana was still in Metropolis figuring stuff out. When she finished up, she left her dorm room and headed downstairs to an awaiting black car. Two gentlemen stood outside the vehicle, dressed in black suits and trench coats with dark sunglasses and walkie-talkies placed secretively in their ears.

As she approached the automobile, one of the men opened the door, allowing her entry. She made her way inside, sitting down swiftly. She looked over at the man in the car and smiled, just as the car began to move.
“Did you get everything finished?” He questioned.
“Yep, it’s all done. How ‘bout you?” She inquired in return.
“Oh, yeah, I’ve got freedom for a week.”
“Good… then, what are we waiting for? Come over here and kiss me.”
“I’d love to.”
The man moved to her and the two had a romance interlude of kissing. Suddenly, Lana pulled away from the man, confusing him.
“Lana, what’s wrong?” He wondered awkwardly.
“Are we wrong for doing this?” She asked him.
“No way. You and Clark haven’t been together for a while, and you said it yourself, you need a break from him. We are doing the right thing.”
“What about you? What about Kate?”
“Kate and I, we didn’t even date. She has her life and I have mine. And, I have you, Lana.”
“And, I have you, too, Lex…”
“Let’s go somewhere special…”
He dialed the front of the car and stated, “Take us to the airport please.”

With that, Lana and Lex made their way to their own destiny, leaving Kate & Clark in the dust.

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