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 Unbreakable Bond, Some Bonds Can't Be Broken
Posted: Feb 15 2007, 01:22 AM


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Chapter 1

Sam’s grip on the steering wheel tightened to the point that he thought his hands just might break under the strain. He shot another glance at his brother, who seemed to be sleeping in the most uncomfortable position known to man.

Dean was currently wrapped up in a small ball in the passenger seat. His legs were pulled in to his chest at an odd angle making his ankles twist awkwardly to get his feet in a comfortable position. Dean had one arm wrapped behind his neck as he leaned on the passenger door while the other was wrapped protectively around his abdomen. Small beads of sweat were running down his face and his eyebrows had a slight frown between them.

Sam winced as the impala hit another pothole, making his brother groan in his sleep and jarring his own aching injuries. Sam turned his attention back to the black night as the impala lit up the glittering asphalt in front of them.

They had been on the road for several hours now, stopping only once to grab a quick hamburger from Astro Burger. Dean had been complaining about not being able to get the taste of hospital Jell-O out of his mouth and Sam had tired of hearing about it. He had pulled over at the next fast food restaurant that had come into view and ordered Dean and himself a hamburger with fries and at Dean’s insistence a water and chocolate shake.

Dean had only taken a few bites out of his hamburger before wrapping it back up in the wrapper and throwing it back into the bag. He had shoved the straw into the chocolate shake and taken a few swallows before placing it in the cup holder and curling up into his current position.

The doctor had told Sam that Dean would probably not feel up to eating much. He had told Sam that Dean had turned down meal after meal at the hospital complaining that his stomach hurt. The doctor had sent a nurse to get Dean something other than hospital cafeteria food to see if that would tempt Dean into eating something.

The nurse had brought back a greasy hamburger from McDonald’s along with a large order of fries. Dean took one bite out of the hamburger and one fry before declaring that he was full.

This worried Sam; Dean had love for very few things outside of his family and the job. He loved to get as many girls as possible, and to clog up his arteries with as much junk food as he could possibly get his hands on.

Sam blinked his tired eyes rapidly trying to ward off his exhaustion and stifling a yawn behind his hand even though Dean was asleep and wouldn’t see it. He saw a sign indicating that Austin was less than half a mile away and he silently whispered a thank you to whoever might be listening and pressed on the accelerator a little harder.

Sam made the half a mile in less than a minute and started searching for the most decent motel that they could afford, right now Sam Jacobs had only eight hundred dollars left on his card; Dean Jones’ card wasn’t in any better shape.

Spotting a motel that looked halfway decent Sam pulled into the parking lot and was relieved that someone was still in the office so that they could check in. Casting one more worried look in Dean’s sleeping position Sam let himself out of the impala and went into the office to check them in.

“Hey there. Coming in a bit late are ya?” The man behind the desk smiled brightly revealing teeth yellowing and worn with age.

Sam stared at the man for a moment taking in his appearance, glimpsing from his balding white hair to his slipper covered feet. “Uh yeah,” Sam finally managed to croak out when he realized the man was waiting for an answer. “Yeah my brother and I have been on the road all day.”

“So you want two rooms or one?” The man asked grabbing a clipboard with a sheet for Sam to sign on it.

“One room, two singles.” Sam said filling out the form quickly and handing the man his credit card.

“One room, two singles.” The man replied typing something into his computer and sliding Sam’s card through the machine. “It is forty-five dollars a night here. How long you planning on staying?”

“Not sure yet a few nights at least.” Sam said pocketing his card while the man handed it back to him.

“Well just let me know and I can go ahead and bill you as need be. My name is Arthur buzz if you need anything.” Arthur said taking two keys off a hook and handing them to Sam. “You better get some sleep you look like hell.”

“Feel like it too.” Sam admitted with a small smile and accepting the keys. “Thanks.”

He got back into the impala and pulled into the spot as close to their door as he could so Dean wouldn’t have to walk as far. Dean hadn’t been complaining about anything since they left the hospital two days ago. He hadn’t argued with Sam about where they stayed or how long they were in the car for but Sam could see the toll it was taking on his brother’s aching body.

Dean slept more than usual and ate less. In fact Sam had almost dragged Dean down to the hospital the day before when Dean had slept for twelve hours straight, took one fry from a big pile on his plate and ignored his hamburger entirely. He complained that his stomach hurt and right after he finished his fry he took a few sips of a milkshake and went right back to sleep.

Sam kept a constant vigil with his brother while they stayed in the motels; and when his exhaustion would finally claim him he would have nightmares about Dean being mauled by the skin walker they had just killed. He would wake shaken and sweaty and resume his vigil on his brother.

Sam killed off the idling engine and turned to Dean watching him for just a moment before shaking his brother’s shoulder gently. “Dean?”

Dean grumbled something but shifted deeper into his seat and continued to sleep. Sam shook him harder willing his brother to wake. “Dean.”

“What Sam?” Dean asked after a few more hard shakes. He opened one eye and looked at his brother with his unfocused vision.

“We are at the motel you need to get up I’m not hauling your ass in there.” Sam said reaching over the bench and pulling his duffel from the backseat. He got out of the car and slung his bag over his shoulder before going to the room and opening the door.

He flipped on the light and headed for the bed furthest from the door before tossing his duffel on it and heading back out to the car, just in case Dean needed help. Sam paused in the threshold as he saw Dean struggling to get out of the ball he had tucked himself into while he slept. Dean winced as he reached over the bench to retrieve his own duffel.

“Hey!” Sam yelled and making a dash for the car. “What do you think you’re doing Dean? The doctor said to take it easy.” He grabbed Dean’s duffel and shouldered it as well and watched as Dean managed to open the door and walk stiffly into their motel room.

Sam followed Dean closely watching him for any signs of unbalance, as he didn’t want his older brother to fall on his ass anymore than he knew Dean did. Dean swayed slightly as he trudged ahead but didn’t falter or pause. He made it to the closest bed and lay back down closing his eyes against the bright light in the room.

Sam kicked the door shut behind him, turned quickly to lock it before heading to Dean’s bed and dropping his brother’s duffel onto the floor and opening it up with haste. He tore through his brother’s unorganized possessions and finally found the prescribed pain killers that Dean was supposed to take twice a day. He popped open the lid palmed a couple of the pills before kicking his brother’s duffel under the bed.

Sam grabbed one of the motel’s offered Styrofoam cups from the table and went into the bathroom to fill it with cold water. Sam was more than a little relieved when the water came out clear as it should instead of the light yellow or brown that it had been in the last two motels they had stayed in. He filled the cup up and went back to his brother’s bed. “Dean you need to take your pills.” He held out the cup and the pills and waited for Dean to take them.

“No. I don’t want to my stomach hurts.” Dean grumbled not bothering to open his eyes. He wrapped both of his arms stubbornly around his abdomen and turned his head away from his brother.

Sam sighed, they had had this little disagreement for the past two days and frankly Sam was tired of it. “I don’t care Dean you haven’t taken your pills for almost a day now since you wouldn’t take them this morning either. Now take the damn pills or I swear I will shove them down your throat!”

Dean opened one eye halfway, turned his head to look at Sam and when realizing that his brother was serious accepted the pills and water. He swallowed them both quickly before turning away from his brother again. “Geez Sam get a grip will you?” Dean’s tone was light but Sam had been with his brother long enough to know when he was toeing the line.

Sam didn’t care he was tired after driving all day, he was on edge with worry about his brother and he was sick of the nightmares that constantly polluted his mind while he slept. Sam threw the Styrofoam cup into the garbage before switching off the light and made his way over to his own bed. He kicked off his boots before yanking the comforter down and settling himself as comfortably as he could between the sheets. He turned onto his side so that he was facing his brother. He watched as Dean’s chest rose and fell in a rhythmical pattern and after a few minutes Dean’s soft snoring filled the room.

Sam couldn’t help but smile and he closed his own eyes letting his brother’s steady snoring and heavy breathing lull him to sleep.
Posted: Feb 16 2007, 03:31 PM


Group: Members
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Chapter 2

Dean awoke to the sound of the motel door clicking shut and opened his eyes automatically. He saw Sam balancing two cups of steaming coffee and what looked like a box of donuts from the gas station down the street. Dean’s stomach twisted uncomfortably at the thought of even putting some of his favorite foods into his body. He twisted his head so that he was no longer facing Sam and closed his eyes. He didn’t understand why he had been so tired lately all he knew was that when he woke up he felt like he hadn’t gotten any sleep at all.

He listened while Sam moved around the small room and jumped slightly when he felt a warm hand on his shoulder.


Dean didn’t answer and squeezed his eyes tighter as if that would make him fall asleep any faster.

“Dean I have donuts and coffee I figured you might be hungry.” Sam said gently shaking his brother. Dean groaned in protest at the small movement but didn’t bother to open his eyes.

“I’m not hungry Sam.”

“Dean you have to eat!” Sam almost sounded like he was pleading with his big brother now as if to make him see reason.

“Sam just back off. I’ll eat when I’m hungry!” Dean snapped finally opening his eyes and turned to face his brother. He was so sick of Sam playing the mother hen, as if he couldn’t take care of himself. Sam had been at his side constantly for the past two days; Dean couldn’t even go to the bathroom alone anymore.

“You have been saying that for…”

Sam was cut off as Dean angrily inserted his two cents into the conversation. “Yeah for the past two days now, you have only reminded me a thousand times Sammy! Just back off ok my stomach hurts like hell and when I eat anything it just makes it feel worse.”

“We should have stayed at the hospital like the doctors’ recommended.” Sam said not bothering to hide the irritation he was feeling. He was sick of Dean’s ungrateful attitude. Dean kept telling him that he would eat but whenever Sam got Dean something to eat after being told that he was hungry he only took a couple bites before declaring that he was full.

“I don’t need any freaking hospital or doctor to tell me what I can and can’t do Sammy!” Dean snapped he struggled his way into a sitting position so that he could stare more defiantly at Sam without being looked down upon.

Sam shot his brother a glare but clenched his jaw in an attempt to bite back the smart ass remark he wanted to shoot out at Dean. “Whatever I’m going for a walk.” He grabbed his semi-warm coffee from the table, grabbed his motel key, stormed outside and slammed the door behind him.

Dean glared after his brother but didn’t make any attempt to stop him. He couldn’t believe that his baby brother was treating him like he was two. He was so sick of this that he could scream. Dean grimaced as he slowly rose from the bed and made his way over to the window and peeled back the curtain. He saw Sam’s retreating back storm across the lot and disappear around the corner. Dean shut the curtain again and sat down at the table realizing that he needed to cool off as much as Sam did.

Dean drummed his fingers on the table top with one hand while he held his head in the other. He couldn’t help but smile as the thought that if their positions had been switched Dean would be doing exactly what Sam was doing right now. Worrying to death over his little brother and getting irritated at his little brother’s attitude.

Noticing that Sam left the laptop on the table Dean pulled it closer to him and flipped it on figuring that he could at least try to figure out what they were supposed to be hunting here in Austin.

After a few minutes of scanning through local newspaper articles and coming up empty handed, Dean was getting irritated. “Why the hell would you send us here Dad if there isn’t anything worth hunting!” Dean yelled into the empty room to let out some of his built up frustration.

Dean decided to check one more newspaper and his jaw almost dropped in shock as he scanned through the article that he was sure, was the reason that their Dad sent them here.

Mysterious Deaths Continue To Baffle Local Officials

The body of Amy Michaels was found today three miles away from home after a desperate two day search. Police and paramedics are stunned as to the girl’s death. “It would seem that she has been electrocuted,” Amanda Poles was quoted. “It just doesn’t make sense though it doesn’t appear as if her body has been moved but she was no where near any power poles or buildings where she could have received an electric shock.” When reporter Sarah Nielson asked Amanda how she knew that the body hadn’t been moved Amanda replied without hesitation. “It seems the electric shock was powerful enough to cause her to bleed from her nose, and mouth. She banged her head really good when she fell down and there was a puddle of blood pooling beneath her when her body was discovered. The thing I can’t understand is she would have had to gotten this electric shock directly to her head or even her face to get her to bleed like that. What kind of insane person would hold something electric to someone else’s head?” Amy Michaels body was later examined and the doctor that did her autopsy was in shock after he opened her up and said it looked like her insides had been melted. She was declared to have died from unknown causes. The doctor can’t figure out if she died from heart failure, brain damage or the melted internal organs first. This is the third case in which these deaths have occurred. Residents are getting worried and cops are up to their elbows in details but no clues on who is behind these devastating murders.

Dean quickly saved the page to the favorites so that Sam could take a look at it when he got back. Dean stood and stretched letting his aching back stretch as far as he dared to let it. His stomach pulled against his still semi-fresh forming scar and he winced and pulled up his shirt to make sure he hadn’t accidentally tore it open. Relief washed over him once he realized that he was still in one piece and he rubbed his abdomen absent mindedly.

Deciding that he could take a shower while he waited for Sam to return Dean walked back to his bed and tugged at his duffel; which was right in the middle of under his bed. Dean struggled with all his upper body strength and paused when he felt a sharp stinging rip across his scar and once again lifted his shirt.

Blood was oozing from a small tear he managed to rip into himself in his effort to get his clothes. “Damn it!” Dean said and grasped his stomach and forgetting about his clothes. He reached into the supply duffel that his brother had left by the door and found the first aid kit and locked himself in the bathroom.

Dean pulled the toilet seat down and situated himself so that he could see his oozing wound effectively for cleaning and stitching. Dean poured peroxide onto a small washcloth and gently rubbed his wound not wanting to agitate or tear it even more. After making sure that he had cleaned it up as best as he could Dean sewed himself back up quickly and left the bathroom with his slightly bloody shirt in hand.

Dean froze when he saw Sam had returned from his walk and was sitting at the table clicking rapidly on the laptop. “Enjoy your walk?” Dean asked as casually as he could covering his freshly stitched abdomen from view by covering it with one hand while hiding his shirt behind his back with the other.

“It was ok. I stopped by the mini mart down the street and found out about a strange death that happened the other day. It seemed as if people around here are getting electrocuted away from power lines and buildings. The police don’t know what to make of it.” Sam said casually pausing in his typing to glance at the favorites and noticing a new addition. “Did you find something Dean?” Sam turned to look at his brother and was shocked to find him without a shirt on. “Dean why’d you take your shirt off?”

“Wanted to take a shower.” Dean said shortly but offering no further explanation than that.

“Oh, you need your duffel then.” Sam replied shortly standing up and retrieving Dean’s bag from under the bed with little effort. Dean tried to smile at his brother but his frown seemed to be pasted on his face with frustration that he couldn’t do something as simple as getting his duffel out from under the bed so he could get some clean clothes.

“Your welcome.” Sam said simply heading back to the table but paused as Dean quickly pulled something from behind his back and shoved it into his bag. Dean pulled out a pair of clean jeans and a semi clean shirt. “Dean what did you just shove in your bag?”

“Nothing just my shirt that I was wearing.” Dean said casually making sure that his abdomen was still well hidden.

“Right. Well go grab a shower but be gentle you heard what the doctor said.” Sam said raising his eyebrows skeptically.

“Dude I don’t need to be reminded I heard him!” Dean’s face almost turned purple with frustration. He stormed to the bathroom and slammed the door behind him.

Sam waited until the door was lock and the shower was running before shuffling to his brother’s duffel and pulling out the shirt that his brother had been wearing for the past day and half now. It was his favorite AC/DC shirt, the one that Sam had gotten him for his birthday. ‘I don’t know why he felt like he had to hide that from me.’ Sam thought but a second thought crossed his mind and he examined the shirt more thoroughly. Anger boiled up when he saw a large red stain that was relatively fresh almost at the bottom of the front of it. “Damn it Dean!”

“Can I help you find something or do you just go through my bag for kicks while I take my showers?”

Sam stood up accusingly and held his brother’s now ruined shirt in front of him. “You tore it open didn’t you!”

Dean’s face turned from one of amused to angry in the blink of an eye. “What’s it to you?”

“Damn it Dean what were you doing? Working out or practicing your hunting skills? You’re supposed to be resting for the love of Pete you just got out of the hospital! What the hell were you thinking?” Sam’s voice rose an octave in his anger but at the moment he didn’t care.

“I was thinking I haven’t had a shower in two days and wanted some clean clothes to change into!” Dean snapped back tossing his jeans into his duffel before grabbing the shirt from Sam’s hands and threw it in there as well. He crossed his arms over his chest and glared at his brother as if welcoming the challenge of fight.

“How bad did you rip it open?” Sam questioned fiercely narrowing his eyebrows.

“Not bad it was just a scratch.” Dean said glaring back at Sam.

“Fine as long as I don’t have to drag your ass back to the hospital.” Sam spat and turned back to laptop. He did some fast clicking looking for any deaths that involved electrocution ignoring Dean completely.

Dean lay back on his bed, the shower seemed to have drained all of his energy. He let his eyes close as he listened to Sam clicking furiously at the keyboard keys as if taking his frustration out on them. He couldn’t believe how tired he felt. He hadn’t even done anything. He let the clicking of the computer keys lull him back into an uneasy sleep.

Is it ok? If you want me to keep going let me know.
Posted: Feb 19 2007, 02:28 AM


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I am going to go ahead and post this next chapter. Let me know what you think.

Chapter 3

Sam leaned back in the chair and rubbed his eyes, he had been doing research for two hours now. He glanced at his watch, 2:00pm. He had found a couple possible hits for their ghost. He decided that they should check them both just to be safe. He glanced towards his brother’s bed and noticed that Dean still hadn’t moved from the position he had taken two hours ago.

Sam closed his laptop and went to his own bed deciding that a nap sounded good. He sprawled on top of his comforter not even bothering to pull down the covers. He closed his eyes and turned so that he was on his side facing away from his brother.

Sam was pushing as hard as he could against the accelerator of the impala. He had to get to his brother before it was too late. He pulled into the motel parking lot and raced to the spot in front of their door grateful that no pedestrians were out walking around in the dark. In his current state of panic he probably would have hit them.

As soon as the car was parked he killed the engine and got out of the car but paused when he saw the motel door was open. “No! Dean!” Sam ran to the door but stopped in the threshold a large wolf was standing on top of his brother’s lifeless body crunching on bones, tearing open vital organs, and swallowing huge chunks of flesh.

Sam wanted to reach for his shotgun but found he couldn’t as if he were a statue just forced to watch his brother’s demise. He watched for several more horrifying moments before the wolf seemed to realize he was in the room and turned it’s large shaggy, blood-covered face towards him. It growled at him menacingly and before he had the chance to react it lept at him.

“No!” Sam sat up in bed covered in a cold sweat, trembling slightly. He met his brother’s familiar hazel eyes watching him with concern less than an inch away from his own face.

Dean jerked back instinctively as Sam bolted up in bed. He had woken to his brother mumbling and tossing in his sleep. “You ok Sammy?”

“Yeah. Just a nightmare.” Sam said lying back down onto his pillows. His head was still swimming and his heart was still racing.

“Like a monster in the closet nightmare, or pack up your bags I had a vision nightmare?” Dean asked as casually as he could while his concern continued to build.

“More of a this is what almost killed your brother a few weeks ago nightmare.” Sam said not bothering to look at Dean. He hadn’t wanted to let his brother know how much these nightmares had been bothering him.

“How long have you been having these nightmares Sam?”

“For the last week at least.” Sam admitted seeing no point in lying to his brother. Dean would find out the truth eventually, it was what he did.

Dean seemed to consider him for a moment before rising from Sam’s bed and going into the bathroom. He came back a minute later with a cup filled with cold water. “Here you go Sasquatch.”

“Thanks.” Sam mumbled and took a sip.

“So did you find anything besides porn on while you were surfing the web?” Dean asked raising his eyebrows several times suggestively. “Something that will help us during this hunt to be precise?”

“You’re the one who goes looking for porn Dean. I’m surprised we don’t have pictures saved to our desktop.” Sam teased back happy that the tension between them was coming down.

“Oh man now you ruined your birthday present I was going to surprise you with a picture. Since you can’t get any of the real action”

“Well I don’t think you’re going to be getting any for a while either Dean considering that your stomach is still extremely sore.” Sam said sarcastically sitting up and folding his arms across his chest.

“Dude chicks dig scars, just not the new ones.” Dean said shrugging half-heartedly. “Speaking of stomachs lets go grab some food I’m hungry.”

“Are you going to eat more than one French fry this time?” Sam asked rising from the bed trying not to sound too excited that his brother wanted to go out to eat.

“Definitely two fries sounds really good!” Dean shot back a large Cheshire cat grin covering most of his face now.

“Ha ha very funny Thumbelina.”

“Whose Thumbelina?”

“This little short chick that gets into a lot of trouble. Sounds like you doesn’t it?” Sam couldn’t hold back his hysterically laughter at the look on Dean’s face.

“I’m not a chick and I’m not that short you’re just a freaky giant.” Dean grabbed his leather jacket off the end of his bed and pulled it on. “Bitch.”

“Jerk.” Sam smiled back and followed Dean out of the motel room.

Sam and Dean sat in a small booth at Denny’s because Dean wanted pancakes despite the fact that it was almost 6:00pm. Sam had ordered a garden salad with grilled chicken on the side. After the waiter dropped off a coffee for Dean and a beer for Sam they decided to get down to business while they waited for their dinners.

“So I did find a couple of hits that I think may be our ghost.” Sam said popping the top off his beer and taking a swig.

“Ok lay them on me.” Dean said blowing at his coffee to cool it slightly before taking a hesitant sip.

“Well first there was a girl named Mandy Wilkes police never found her killer but her body was found two miles outside city limits. She was covered with a tarp and when she was discovered there was a dried puddle of blood underneath her as well as lines of dried blood running down her face from her nose and mouth.” Sam paused as the waiter came back and placed both of their dinners in front of them.

“Can I get you anything else right now?”

“No we’re good thanks.” Sam smiled politely while the waiter walked away.

“Ok so that sounds like it’s our ghost. I say we salt and burn her bones and get out of this place.” Dean said pouring syrup over his pancakes and eggs.

“Hang on there was also a guy named Tim Pierce. He was discovered in an old abandoned building and was the same story. No electrical appliances around but a large puddle of blood underneath him and dried blood lines running down his face from his nose and mouth.” Sam picked up the cup of diced grilled chicken and dumped it on his salad before covering it in Thousand Island dressing.

Dean stopped shoveling large spoonfuls of egg into his mouth and chewed thoughtfully. He swallowed and Sam was surprised that he hadn’t choked when he saw how far Dean’s neck had to stretch in order to allow it to all go down. “Ok so how about we burn both their bones and call it good?”

“Are you sure you’re up to this Dean? I don’t mind doing both if your not.” Sam didn’t want to push his luck but he didn’t want Dean ripping open his wound again either.

“I’m fine dude we’ll go after we’re done here it is getting dark anyway.” Dean said finishing his eggs and starting on the bacon.

“I’m glad to see your appetite is finally back.” Sam nodded towards Dean’s almost empty plate.

“Tasted good to me.” Dean said finishing his bacon and leaning back against the cushioned seat.

Sam took one last bite of his salad before pulling out his wallet. “I guess I’ve got it this time.”

Dean nodded his head slightly and closed his eyes while Sam placed three dollars on the table for their waiter and slid out of the booth. Dean reluctantly followed letting his feet drag slightly. His stuffed belly felt very good and made him very drowsy.

Sam walked up to the cash register and handed them his credit card. Dean stood next to Sam and grabbed a complimentary toothpick and shoved it into his mouth rolling it around with his tongue.

“You guys have a great night and thanks for coming in.” The lady behind the register smiled broadly at them and handed Sam back his card.

“Thanks.” Sam said and followed Dean out into the ever darkening night.

Sam threw another bucket size pile of dirt over his shoulder onto the ground. He was almost at Tim’s coffin he could feel it. He had his burning supplies at the ready and knew he could be done within half an hour. Dean was on the other side of the cemetery digging up Mandy’s bones. Sam had objected to splitting up at first insisting that they could get it done twice as fast if they dug and burned together. Truth was he was worried about the strain that digging up a corpse would cause on his brother’s aching body.

Dean had seen straight through him and told him that he could manage a little digging and burning some bones. He had picked up a shovel and stalked off into the night and called Sam’s cell when he found Mandy’s bones. It had been an hour and half now and the brothers hadn’t talked to each other since being too busy with the task at hand.

Sam’s shovel hit something hard and solid that echoed with a dull thud. “Bingo.” Sam brushed the dirt from the top of the coffin before hitting the wood with the end of his shovel as hard as he could. His efforts were rewards with a sharp snapping sound as the wood gave way exposing a large white skull. He opened the coffin a little more exposing more of the skeleton before scurrying out of the hole and throwing salt and lighter liquid on top of the corpse. “See you pal.” Sam lit a match and tossed it into the hole lighting up the skeleton and coffin at once.

After several minutes had passed the flames died and Sam began piling the dirt back into the hole as quick as he could. It took him less than half the time he thought it would. With one final pat onto the freshly disturbed dirt Sam pulled his cell phone out of his back pocket and pushed the familiar speed dial button for Dean’s cell.

One ring. Two rings. “Come on Dean answer your phone.” Three rings. Four rings. A small tingle began to creep up Sam’s spine something was wrong.

“Hey this is Dean. Leave me a message and I’ll get right back to you.”

Sam didn’t bother to leave a message but ended the call and quickly called back. Once again he got Dean’s voice mail. “Damn it I knew we shouldn’t have split up!”

Sam ran in the direction that he knew Dean was supposed to be. ‘I should have trusted my instincts and not let us split up!’ Sam couldn’t help the feeling rising inside his chest that Dean was in big trouble he had to get there before it was too late.
Posted: Nov 10 2007, 02:41 PM


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Hey, this is really good rolleyes.gif There's nothing that I like more than a wounded Dean, struggling to pretend to Sam that he's fine. I'm really intrigued to hear more, please write so'more! Birdie x
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