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 Face Claims
Celeste DeWitt
Posted: Dec 1 2007, 08:24 PM

Admin, Transfiguration Professor
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Group: Admin
Posts: 1,557
Member No.: 1
Joined: 1-December 07

Claim your character's PB here.

1. Reply to this topic and use the following format: Actor name (Last, First) - Character name (First then last). Like so:

Cook, Rachel Leigh - Celeste DeWitt

2. If you are changing your PB, state which celebrity you are releasing.

3. No claiming PB's for others.

4. If the PB you want to claim is already taken, resolve the dispute with the person who already has it. If the person is inactive, say so in your post. Do not PM Admin/Mods about PB claims.

5. If you do not know the name of your PB, then don't post in here. The likelihood of your PB being taken is very slim, and we will know who had it first.

6. Once your avatar claim has been entered, your post will be deleted.


[*CODE][color=deeppink][b]Last Name, First Name - Character Name[/b][/color][/*CODE]


[*CODE][color=lightblue][b]Last Name, First Name - Character Name[/b][/color][/*CODE]

* please remove the asterisks


Alexander, Jaimie - Willow Russak
Allman, Layla - Krystina Jordan
Amuro, Namie - Axaelia Demitrious


Badgley, Penn - Penn Monroe
Bardem, Javier - Julian McHale
Behr, Jason - Max Cordell
Bell, Jamie - Dash Connors
Bellisario , Troian - Melissa Weatherby
Benson, Ashley - Cloe Asan
Bentley, Wes - Calum Darrow
Bettany, Paul - Alec Ravenoff
Biersack, Andy - Augustus Austerlitz
Bloom, Orlando - Shamus Brodie
Booth, Douglas - Edwin Kelly
Bradford, Jesse - Christian Badica
Breslin, Abigail - Emalea Radley
Brie, Alison - Aria Rose


Caestecker, Iain De - Evander Dunn
Campbell, Danielle - Reanna Sage
Chabert, Lacey - Celestine De Villeray
Chambers, Munro - Ansel Austerlitz
Collins, Lily - Ruxandra Solo
Cook, Rachel-Leigh - Celeste DeWitt
Cooke, Olivia - Harlow Hill
Crawford, Chace - Owen Johnson
Crew, Amanda - Kia Alexis Xandra
Criss, Darren - Axel Monroe


Daddario, Alexandra - Quinn Harley
Dallas, Matt - Alexander Merton
Dancy, Hugh - Andrew Greenwood
Daugherty, Brant - Peter Russak
DeBerry, Allie - Lights Crawford
Depp, Johnny - Dante Lorenzo
Deutch, Zoey - Elaina Lindsey
Dobrev, Nina - Carmen Gabol
Dormer, Natalie - Ylva


Efron, Zac - Llewellyn Ifans
Elgort, Ansel - Kristopher Heidrich
Englert, Alice - Venus Holcombe
Evigan, Briana - Darcy L. Eastwood
Fassbender, Michael - Lucian Bovender
Fox, Megan - Alyssa Marshall
Fox, Nicole - Lovella Argus Stone
Fry, Lucy - Jordan Ozera


Garfield, Andrew - Nathan Reynolds
Grande, Ariana - Magdalena Barros
Green, Eva - Evoria Grimlock
Gillan, Karen - Virginia Weatherby
Gordon-Levitt, Joseph - Revan di'Ambrogio
Groves, Cady - Aubrey Welles


Hartnett, Josh - John Moore
Haynes, Colton - Aiden Highland
Heady, Lena - Salem Hauxwell
Hemsworth, Liam - Harris Andrews
Henry, Theirry - Thierry LaFleur
Hiddleston, Tom - Liam O'Brien
Highmore, Freddie- Cormac Macarthur
Hirsch, Emile - Junius Delmar
Hudson, Kate - Alec Ravenoff
Hurn, Brock - Landon Blake
Hutcherson, Josh - Alexander Drake


Jardine, Taylor - Eden Beckett
Jenner, Kylie -Emma Washington
Johansson, Scarlett - Yelena Valdicar
Johnson, Aaron - Gideon Pratt
Jogia, Avan - Samuel Hendricks
Kane, Adelaide - Amalie Austerlitz
Knightly, Keira - Fiona Cullen


Lawrence, Jennifer - Henrietta Andrews
Lee, Gressa - Jacqueline Weathers
Lefevre, Rachelle - Elesia Drake
Lerman, Logan - Ducky Rose
Levine, Adam - Nik Fitch
Liberato, Liana - Chalmers-Adams, Jane
Liboiron, Landon - Fox Argall
Lima, Adriana - Alistrina Alexandrescu
Lively, Blake - Frances Adler
Fuentes, Vic - Theodore Thacker


Maslany, Tatiana - Irene Kinlain
Matts, Aaron - Jackson Marks
McGowan, Rose - Basha Argeneau
Meester, Leighton - Katie Callahan
Miller, Ezra - Cory Rose
Miyavi - Maaku Batsu
Momsen, Taylor - Dylan Clifton
Moretz, Chloe Grace - Nora St Claire
Morgan, Joseph - Klaus Vaunstrum
Morgan, Lindsey - Ivy Bordeaux
Mosely, William - Ryan Simons
Mosh, Miss - Franchessa Stark
Mulligan, Carey - Alex Kensington
Murray, Chad Michael - Draxas Thermstrum
Murray, Clifton - Duke Clifton


Nagra, Paraminder- Pram Naruvalla
O'Brian, Dylan - Noah Jackson
O'Donoghue, Colin - Vince Harper
Offerman, Nick - Charles Andrews
Olsen, Elizabeth - Katka Jukic


Panettiere, Hayden - Marie Johnson
Parker, Mary-Louise - Savannah Harvey
Patterson, Merritt - Freya Darcy
Pettyfer , Alex - Mads Wichfeld
Phoenix, Joaquin - Andreas Largo
Piper, Billie - Niamh Cullen
Portman, Natalie - Rosemary Moon
Prescott, Megan - Gail Oleander
Prescott, Kathryn - Dove Oleander
Prosperi, Cristine - Iris Ingalls
Quinn, Kellin - Oliver Barlow
Quinn, Molly - Marigold Belet


Radke, Ronnie - Jack Chalmers-Adams
Reed, Nikki - Ashton Thanewulf
Ricci, Christina- Victoria Sutton
Rickards, Ashley - Clara Cleatherow
Roden, Holland - Claire Hawthorne
Ronan, Saoirse - Julianna McClaire
Rossum, Emmy - Maria Kyle
Ryan, Debby - Frances Mase


Saint, Scarlet - Saffron Woodhull
Salih, Atesh - Nathan Carrington
Salling, Mark - Lawrence Lee
Savage, Ben - Anthony Elie
Schumer, Amy - Valentina Klutch
Seyfried, Amanda - Agatha Gewissae
Short, Ramey- Hazel Chase Dean
Smith, Spencer - Colin Chapman
Snowdon, Hannah - Arizona Grey
Somerhalder, Ian - Jeremy Kyles
Song, Brenda - Georgette Hayes
Speedman, Scott - Kyle Bannister
Steinfeld, Hailee - Anneliese Austerlitz
Stewart, Kristen - Analyse Bradley
Stone, Emma - Fallon Cain
Strong, Rider - Nicholas Elie
Swanepoel, Candice - Portia Montague
Swift, Taylor - Shiloh Abraham-Thacker


Tatum, Channing - Gregory Katona
Tautou, Audrey - Pepper Wright
Temple, Juno - October Sinclair
Thorne, Bella - Ashleigh Jae
Tipton, Analeigh - Claudette Dubussy
Torresani, Alessandra - Carson Dunn
Vandervoort, Laura - Aydan Stonewood
Van Violence, Victoria - Bernadette Barton


Way, Gerard - Laird Underwood
Weaver, Sigourney - Lestra Torent
Webster, Victor - Aquileo di Ambrogio
Westwick, Ed - Frederick Auttenburg
Williams, Hayley- Avalon Brennan
Winstead, Mary Elizabeth - Anya Lazari
Witt, Alicia - Saraid Cullen
Witzigreuter, Jordan - AJ Peterman
Wolff, Nat - Felix Underwood
Wood, Evan Rachel - Delilah Rowan
Woodley, Shailene - Stella Jones


Zeta-Jones, Catherine - Margaret Sangmort
Zuehlsdorff, Cozi - Sophie Lawler

The following list of names/Face Claims have been listed as retired and CAN NOT be used.

Burton, Hilarie - Angie Phoenix
Damon, Matt- Eric Johnson
Fuller, Drew - Warren Banks
Ledger, Heath -Tristan Cale
Mara, Kate - Abigail Ivanov
Moore, Mandy- Celestia Troy
Reynolds, Ryan - Jared Cervantes
Welling, Tom - Landon Terrence
Wood, Elijah - Shawn Doman

This post has been edited by Augustus Austerlitz on Dec 10 2014, 01:05 AM
Charlotte-Mackenzie Moore
Posted: Dec 18 2014, 02:10 PM

Fourth Year
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Group: Gryffindor
Posts: 26
Member No.: 8,644
Joined: 18-December 14

[color=deeppink][b]Stenberg, Amandla - Charlie Mack Moore[/b][/color]

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Rosemary Moon
Posted: Dec 19 2014, 12:13 AM

Sixth Year, Seeker
Group Icon

Group: Slytherin
Posts: 94
Member No.: 1,778
Joined: 23-June 14

Releasing Natalie Portman, and claiming:

[color=deeppink][b]Marano, Vanessa - Rosemary Moon[/b][/color]

user posted image
David Underwood
Posted: Dec 19 2014, 12:17 AM

Fourth Year
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Group: Gryffindor
Posts: 31
Member No.: 8,642
Joined: 18-December 14

[color=lightblue][b] Wolff, Alex - David Underwood[/b][/color]

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Laird Underwood
Posted: Dec 19 2014, 01:17 AM

Magical Historian
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Group: Wizard
Posts: 6
Member No.: 3,888
Joined: 1-September 14

Releasing Gerard Way, and claiming:

[color=lightblue][b]Brody, Adam - Laird Underwood[/b][/color]
Iris Ingalls
Posted: Dec 21 2014, 03:30 PM

Fifth Year
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Group: Gryffindor
Posts: 70
Member No.: 5,789
Joined: 7-October 14

releasing Cristine Prosperi, and claiming...

[color=deeppink][b]Henley, Georgie - Iris Ingalls[/b][/color]
Charlotte-Mackenzie Moore
Posted: Dec 23 2014, 09:30 PM

Fourth Year
Group Icon

Group: Gryffindor
Posts: 26
Member No.: 8,644
Joined: 18-December 14

releasing Hannah Snowdon for Arizona Grey, claiming...

[color=deeppink][b]Hayashi, Wylona - Arizona Grey[/b][/color]

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Ethel Merricks
Posted: Dec 25 2014, 11:38 PM

Fourth Year
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Group: Gryffindor
Posts: 3
Member No.: 9,133
Joined: 22-December 14

[color=deeppink][b]Murray, Laoise - Ethel Merricks[/b][/color]

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