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Located in Curl Curl, Australia

Welcome to South Pacific Private! We are a comprehensive health center for the treatment of behavioral health and neurological disorders. We offer
*Behavioral Health
*Chemical Dependency
*Eating Disorders
*Depression Treatment
*Basic Mental Health Services
*Mild to Severe Psychological Disorders

List of Mental Disorders


This site is currently open and accepting members.

We now have Therapy Groups! The list can be found in the Staff Patient Relations thread in the Claims forum.

Year: 2014
Season: Fall

Total: 45
Males: 26
Females: 19

Doctors: 7
Nurses: 8
Guards: 1
Patients: 28


Site Staff

"Dr. Stevenson"


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 Guide To Getting Started/FAQ
Dr. Stevenson
Posted: Jun 21 2011, 04:13 PM

Warning: He's Faking It
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Group: Admin Doctor
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South Pacific Private

So you've had a look around and you've decided that you want to join. YAY! However, you may be a little confused as to how exactly you register. Here's a guide to help:

I. Register with the right name.
II. Submit an application.
III. Submit a mental health profile.
IV. Wait to be accepted.
V. Fill out the claims.
VI. Post in the personal storage forum. (optional)
VII. Roleplay!

I. Register with the right name.

Make sure you register according to the member group you want to be in. Doctors register as Dr. Lastname (Dr. Andrews), nurses as first name last initial (Cory A.), and patients as their full name (Cory Andrews). It does not matter if it is in caps or not. Please also remember that there is a Wait List for doctors, but nurses are always available!

II. Fill out and submit an application.

Well, this part is rather straightforward, isn't it? Go to Nurses Station > Applications and you will find templates. Any one will work for whichever character you have, but you MUST fill one of these templates out. When you're done, post it in the same Applications forum. Then immediately got to the next step.

Some things to remember:

    -A characterís history is really important, and in most cases defines them and explains how they came to South Pacific Private. However, childhood sexual abuse is overdone. Childhood sexual abuse is overdone. Childhood sexual abuse is overdone. If you insist on using that, remember that, depending on the age the abuse first started, there will be physical consequences. There will be injuries, there will most likely be hospital visits, which leads to child protective services getting involved and the like. So to sum it up, just make sure if you have something like that in your characterís background, that itís at least plausible.

    -Remember that your characterís life doesnít necessarily have to be full of drama to get them here. Not everyone has to have an abusive past. Thatís not to say that no one has one, because theyíre stereotypes for a reason, but not everyone has to have one. We leave it up to you to choose disorders, pasts, and everything else about your character, but we like to see creativity. So get out there, expand your horizons and get creative (but plausible)!

III. Fill out & submit a mental health profile.

In the Getting Started forum, there will be a subforum called Mental Health Notes. Within this subforum is a template that must be filled out and submitted before you can be accepted. The reason for this is simple: this is where you write down why your character is considered to have whichever disorder they have, and without it the admins can't be sure that your character is realistic. You do not have to fill out your patient number.

This is optional for all staff members (nurses, doctors, guards). However, should your staff member become a patient at a later time, you must fill one out. Should your patient become a staff member, this will not be deleted.

Some things to remember:
    -The more detailed, the better. Youíre going to want to research your disorder to make sure it fits. Psychology isnít the most exact science, so everythingís a bit relative. As long as whatever you say your character has can be explained by the DSM or some other type of article that gives criteria for the disorder and actually applies to your character, it will be fine.

    -For the purposes of this site, we will be using the DSM-IV-TR, as it is available online. Should you wish to use the DSM-V, please make a note of that somewhere on the mental health note.

    -Doctors can see this. So if something isnít supposed to be known (i.e. some type of violence, abuse, murder, etc.), donít put it on here. Thatís what goes in the Ďhistoryí part of your application. In addition, Doctors can update this with what they think your character has.

    -Remember that whatever you put on here is a preliminary diagnosis, meaning that itís what other doctors (aka you, in this instance) have diagnosed your character with. This also means that the name of the disorder and how it applies to the character may change as you roleplay here, and thatís perfectly fine. However, what you do put down needs to match up with the disorder. You canít put PTSD if nothing traumatic has ever happened to your character. This pretty much repeats the first thing we said, we just wanted to explain it differently.

    -Be careful of writing down symptoms instead of a disorder. Things such as flashbacks and delusions are only symptoms of a bigger disorder, and youíll need to do a little research into the disorder your character has. If your character has a few of the symptoms of a disorder, but not enough for it to be classed as the actual disorder, then you can write Preliminary Diagnosis on your MHP. This means it will change as you roleplay, though that change may be only to confirm the preliminary diagnosis.
    Example: PTSD requires one stressor, one intrusive recollection, three avoidant/numbing and two hyper-arousal criterion, not to mention a duration-specific criterion. If your character only has two avoidant/numbing and/or one hyper-arousal criterion, it would be a Preliminary Diagnosis, because that means more research is needed in order to properly diagnose. This is an acceptable reason to come to South Pacific Private.

IV. Wait to be accepted.

This part is possibly the easiest. During this time you may fill out the claims, but you cannot actually roleplay until you have been accepted. This may take up to 24 hours.

V. Fill out the claims.

Also rather self-explanatory. Go to Room 382 and reply to the claims posts in code. You do not have to reply to the Staff Patient Relations thread; this thread will give you ideas for you to ship with, however, as each character is assigned a nurse and a doctor.

VI. Post in the personal storage forum. (optional)

If you wish to post thread trackers, journal templates or shipping plots, now would be a great time to do it!

VII. Roleplay!

Welcome to South Pacific Private! Feel free to post anywhere, and remember that we have an open thread directory, too!


Q. What kind of disorder do I have? Is this really a disorder?
A. Check out BehaveNet's online DSM-IV-TR HERE. If it's not on here, just contact an admin about it.

Q. What about the DSM V? Are we just pretending this does not exist?
A. Since there is not a copy of the DSM V readily available on the internet, we are using the DSM-IV-TR. If you have a copy handy, feel free to use it, just make sure to include a link so we can verify.

Q. My character is actually possessed by a demon from an alternate dimension. Do you accept that kind of thing?
A. Not at this time. While the hospital itself might have some sort of darkness about it, the characters are human and should remain human. If you have a plot, however, feel free to ask an admin and we'll see what we can do.

Q. My character is transgender/bisexual/pansexual/gay/lesbian/etc. Do you accept that?
A. Yes. We accept all sexualities here...yes, even bestiality. In fact, maybe your character is here because of that. It wouldn't be fair to discriminate, would it?

Q. there a ban on males? You have a LOT.
A. Nope. We strongly suggest making females at this time, but you should play what you're comfortable with. There's nothing wrong with stretching your limits, though!

Q. My application got pended/denied! Why did you do that?
A. If you get a 'pending' or 'denied' post on your application, it's because there's something we're not comfortable with on the application. Check your inbox for a PM. If it's not there within 10 minutes, contact an admin.

Q. Where do I get a doctor and/or patient number?
A. You make up your patient number, or leave it blank. It's up to you. You will get a doctor/nurse when you've been accepted, and the admin will assign it to you. If you haven't been assigned one in 24 hours, contact an admin.

Q. My character is from a different country. Can I have the staff from SPP pick him up from [insert country here] or the airport?
A. Well, it depends. If your character is not an citizen/resident of Australia and are not currently institutionalized, you will need to have a plausible reason for them to come to Australia for treatment, and they will need to provide their own transport to the hospital. Tickets to Curl Curl can be bought from the main bus station in Sydney. Generally speaking, an escort may be required.
If your character is a has been institutionalized elsewhere (regardless of where), SPP Staff will pick your character up at the airport/train station/bus station/etc. However, they will need to be accompanied by staff from the previous institution or an officer of the law. This applies to asylums, mental hospitals, prisons, medical hospitals, or rehabilitation centers.
If your character is a citizen/resident of Australia and is not currently institutionalized, they will need to provide their own transport to the hospital. Tickets to Curl Curl can be bought from the main bus station in Sydney. Generally speaking, an escort may be required.

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