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 About me, again.
Posted by 1009delta - 05-6-15 02:48 - 9 comments
So, I'm gonna kinda turn this in to my blog. Because at one point in time the people who might read this now I considered close friends. We didn't actually know each other, what we looked like, what we did. But we all gathered here from vari more
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 New Year
Posted by 1009delta - 02-7-12 03:09 - 3 comments
It's now 2012, and the amazing thing is that some of us still stay semi active and at least check the forums. Even though nothing actually happens. Its been a long time guys, (and girl) and its been a great run. I'm happy that we keep in tou more
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 Update on me.
Posted by 1009delta - 10-19-10 01:20 - 5 comments
So I've been kinda shady and non existant here lately. I miss y'all and figure I oughta give an explanation to my absence. Well long story short i got a job in the movie business. They started shooting a movie in my area and I got a part tim more
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 Week Night Chats
Posted by 1009delta - 11-7-08 00:57 - 11 comments
Let's see if we can still get some participation.

So from somewhere between 4-8 CST(Conversions please) we need to get a chatroom going. We have had it forever, but haven't used it lately, lets fix that.
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 New banner/Skin
Posted by Pit_is_Reborn - 11-2-08 18:21 - 4 comments
Well, we have had our current banner/skin combo for awhile now. So i was thinking that i should make a new one, if you have any idea please pm me.

Banner: Current ideas(so we can have a vote eventualy)

Characters: Marth/ike
read more
Read 158 times - last comment by Pit_is_Reborn   Print email

 I miss Yall.
Posted by 1009delta - 03-28-08 00:10 - 3 comments
Yall Pm me. I miss talkin to yall... I know I aint around much. But I'm tryin...
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 New Nintendo Nsider Forum
Posted by Sanji07 - 11-3-07 23:23 - 7 comments
In the latest issue of Nintendo Power, we were told that there would be more details on the new forum in January. This means that either people will stay at Nsider2 and not bother coming back, the new forum will draw people away from Nsider2, or peo more
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Posted by - 01-1-70 00:00 - 0 comments
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 2nd annual SON Prom 2007 date official.
Posted by Dr. Dollaz - 10-14-07 19:42 - 2 comments
The Soldiers Of Nintendo Prom of 2007 will take place on Friday October 26th 2007 from 7:00 PM to 12:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time.
Please advertise for the event any where you go,but also make sure the persons can be trusted to come and behave.
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 An Important Safety Announcement from Nintendo!
Posted by Dr. Dollaz - 10-2-07 21:22 - 3 comments
Nintendo has recently announced that yet another safety will be added to the Wii. This time are Wii Remote Jackets! user posted image This items will slip ov more
Read 189 times - last comment by Pit_is_Reborn   Print email