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Title: Ch 59: The Sparrow Legacy

Lynet - December 17, 2007 01:44 AM (GMT)
Once upon a time a man named Duke Sparrow arrived in our town and married a local girl named Andrea Hogan. They had two boys, Marlon and Wynter. The staid Marlon pursued medicine, setting an example that later generations of Sparrows would follow. He married an unimaginative young woman, settled down quietly and raised three daughters. His brilliant but impulsive brother, Wynter, on the other hand, married the flighty young blond who had delivered the mail to his front door for many years. Eccentric and unpredictable, Wynter explored the wildest theories of science regarding life and death itself, and although there is a tombstone in the church yard with his name on its face, no one is certain that Wynter is really there where he should be.

As for the two baby girls he brought into this world, they grew up to be earnest, hardworking women. The youngest, Elizabeth, raised six kids on a farm where she still resides with her husband Phineaus. Wynter's oldest daughter, Sybil, married a popular local boy, George MacCarthy. The two of them also raised six children, including one that belonged to George but not to Sybil. The complicated lives of these six children, laid out in letters sent back and forth over the years through Baltimore's remarkably efficient and speedy postal service, have finally settled down into the comfortable and boring routine they have all been so anxious to achieve. They are living happily ever after now---

Sheila Mae married the boy she met in college, Marcel Mace, and achieved her lifetime dream of becoming General in the Armed Forces. She sits, pictured here, with her husband Marcel and son Corbin who is about to head off to college.
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Griffin, a medical researcher, has made peace with his wife, Felicia. The stress of Griffin's trial on murder charges shows in their graying hair and lined faces. But they are happy now with their quiet life. Sons Matthew and Gavin are away at college.
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Emmeline and Alon relax over a simple dinner of spaghetti. Emmeline is studying to become a surgeon, and Alon has reached the top of his career in science. Alon's late night hours allow him to be home during the day when their twins, Edda and Lang, return from school.
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Dalila leans up against her husband Colin Hurt. Through wit and bravado she has become a widely respected business tycoon. Colin, meanwhile, is happy in his job as an ambulance driver. He likes the look of his own broad shoulders in the uniform (as does Dalila.) But he would also like to see his shoulders inside a doctor's white coat. Time will tell. Dalila and Colin are well suited to each other. Since escaping the scheming and manipulative vampire Quinn, Dalila is thrilled with the companionship of an uncomplicated man.
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George rests for a few moments before fixing himself a lonely dinner. As a doctor in a city clinic, his pay is low and he sees the worst of man's inhumanity toward man. He can only look forward to the graduation of his darling Adriana. She's almost finished college. One semester yet to go and then she joins him here where they will work side by side toward a brighter future.
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Esther is CEO of a publishing company. Outgoing and adventurous, she has taken an interest in a cat burgler who prowls the neighborhood, fascinated by a way of life she cannot imagine. Who knows? If she gets bored with publishing books, maybe she'll join her new friend on his nightly pursuit of jewels in their rich neighborhood.
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Peati - April 3, 2008 12:26 AM (GMT)
I finished! I know, it took me a while, but I finally did it! :P

That was a masterpiece, Lynet, I enjoyed it immensly! Who knew that Dagmar was destined to have such interesting descendants?

Lynet - April 3, 2008 01:14 AM (GMT)
Thank you, Peati. Thank you for reading it. This was the first story I wrote. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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