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Title: Page 13
Description: Detective Sidewalker's notebook

Lynet - November 28, 2007 02:57 AM (GMT)
Tuesday morning, I cruised around the Valley, including the hospital district, looking for the mail carrier, Dagmar Bertino. No sign of her. I tried Downtown with the same result. Ran into Sheldon Hanby who said the Valley was now his assignment because Bertino had requested a change. Off hand, he didn't know where she was delivering mail now, but he could find out for me. I asked him why she wanted a change. He said he didn't know, that he hadn't talked to her recently. Maybe I should try over at the Oldies' house, where she lives.

I did. She's moved and did not give her new address to either her landlords or her boss. Or even her friends.

I called in an APB, and not because I think she's done anything criminal. Her boss says she hasn't shown up for work in two days and that's why Sheldon has her assignment, although he did not tell Sheldon the real reason. Personnel issues are confidential. What issues? I asked him. Late for work, quarrelsome with customers on her route, mail delivered wrong. Stuff like that. Who reported her as quarrelsome? Her boss got nervous and asked that I leave the man alone and not to pester him. He's a big shot. His name is Landgraab, and he lives in Bluewater Village. Pester? I don't pester the big shots. I bring 'em in and grill 'em until they sweat and tell me everything I want to know.

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