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Title: Chapter 28: Dawn

Surprised_by_Witches - November 20, 2007 12:06 AM (GMT)
"We've got to call Nora," Juliet said. "She'll want to know. And we should call the police as well."

"And tell them what?" Romeo ran his hand through his hair. "They won't believe us, and besides, they're in your grandfather's pocket. My family doesn't call the police. They just cause more trouble than they're worth."

"We've got to find her," Juliet said.

"And we will. We need to look for the wolves. If we get too close they might come after us again."

"Now there's a comforting thought."

"Tell me those addresses again."

She did, and they sped off on his motorcycle.

It was nearly dawn when they reached the third address. The other two houses had clearly been empty for some time, but this one showed signs of life. There was a lamborghini in the garage and the furnishings they saw through the windows were nice. The door was locked and no matter how hard they knocked no one answered.

Romeo broke a window and had started to climb inside just as the police arrived.

"Hands in the air!" They yelled. Romeo and Juliet turned slowly to see at least twenty of Veronaville's finest, guns drawn.

"You don't understand," Romeo said, but the captain cut him short.

"Save it for the judge," he said. "Take them downtown."

Nora couldn't bear to stay at home, just waiting, so she dropped the girls at the Summerdreams and joined Tybalt in the hunt. Her heart felt like lead in her chest. If they just kept looking, she wouldn't have to face her fears about Eliza.

She's fine, she's fine, she's fine, she repeated in her head like a mantra. "I'm going to kill her," she said aloud, but her voice broke.

Oh, Eliza. Where are you?

Tybalt drove with a grim, set expression on his face, not saying a word, as they searched.

They finally had to turn for home, and were greeted by a sight that would haunt Nora's dreams for the rest of her life.

Her sister lay on the front doorstep, cold and dead.

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