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Title: Second Generation

muffin-tacos - January 27, 2009 09:30 AM (GMT)
NOTE: The eldest of the sibblings are listed first!

Aidrielle and Rafael Ivanova's children

Teyla ran away when her father started taking over Widbode with his new vampire plans, only to return years later to help Arabella in the battle of taking back the town.

Teyla is a very thoughtful person who had a few one night stands with Armin Zograf. She found her love in Sage Summerdream and had a child with him. They got married in the beginning of Widbode II.

Teyla used to be a vampire and carries the scars on her face from an unfortunate accident.

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Chase is Teyla's younger brother, who is the only one remaining still baring the Ivanova name. After the chaos during the Vampire Meet, he decided to travel the world, but some day he hopes to return to Widbode and pay Teyla's new family a visit.

muffin-tacos - January 27, 2009 09:31 AM (GMT)
The Zograf children

Ilsa Vella is the most beautiful, twisted, evil vampire you've ever laid eyes on. Ilsa Vella is willing to do anything that can work as an advantage for her. She adores being a vampire and would never dream of being any different after all these years. She is like the Black Widow. Beautiful and after using her men, she eats them.

Ilsa Vella is trying to take back Widbode again.

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Armin dreams of becoming a vampire again. He's into drinking at the moment and has lost the will to live without his fangs.

Armin has a big grudge against Sage Summerdream because Teyla chose him over himself.

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(Old pic of Armin as a vampire)

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muffin-tacos - January 27, 2009 09:46 AM (GMT)
The Lurraxols'

Lola and Gray are actually twins, believe it or not!

Lola is a frisky, stubborn lesbian who used to be a vampire. She used to be engaged to Darsideria, but her beloved Darsy died in the fire during Vamp Meet. Lola is having a hard time getting over her loss. When the pitbull dog, Lucy, popped up on her doorstep, Lola took her in and her private life is now a little happier with her pet.

Being the godmother to them, Lola spends a lot of time with Teyla and Sage's children.

Lola hates Gray's guts, but feels extremely guilty for letting him be chow-food for Ilsa Vella.

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(old picture of Lola... she has red hair now)

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(the dog is Lucy)

Gray Lurraxol is sloppy and loves women. He is afraid of homosexuals, hence him giving Lola the cold shoulder. Gray used to be a vampire, got turned back into a human, and then got bitten by Ilsa Vella again. His main want in life is to be known as the player on the block and he loves sabotaging Ilsa Vella's plans of a new Widbode.

Gray is best friends with Don Lothario. During the Vamp Meet, Rafael ordered him to burn the place to the ground with everybody locked inside.

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(Gray used to have long, manky hair.)

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Darsideria was a cheerful person with a lot of energy. She loved Lola with all her heart. She was her soul mate. Darsideria died in the fire during Vamp Meet, causing Lola a lot of grief.

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muffin-tacos - January 27, 2009 09:47 AM (GMT)
Mar and Ovivil Vellous's daughter

Sybell Vellous likes expensive, trendy things. She was Ilsa Vella's closest friend back in the day when she was still a vampire. However, she didn't like being bossed around much. She knew her best friend had somewhat of a crush on Don Lothario, and when Ilsa Vella turned her back on them, Sybell decided to go for the thing that would make Ilsa Vella the most jealous of her. She fell in love with Don and is now hoping to spend the rest of her life with him.

Sybell still feels guilty for treating her parents the way she did when she was a vampire, but her pride gets in the way of apologizing to them.

Sybell got pregnant with Don's child before the Vampire Meet in Widbode I. She was afraid of asking anyone for help and it was obvious to her that she could not take care of a child. So she dumped the child on Teyla and Sage's doorstep, knowing they would take better care of him than she ever would. The memory still upsets her a decade later.

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muffin-tacos - January 27, 2009 09:47 AM (GMT)
Don Lothario

Don was known as Pleasantview's hot studd for years. He became besotted with his ex, Cassandra Goth, when she chose another man over him. He was mad with jealousy, up until he met Sybell. Sybell changed his perspective on life. He kicked his habbit of being unfaithful when the two of them started going steady.

Don has a son, Aidrian, who lives with his mother, Cassandra. Don rarely pays him a visit.

Along with Gray, Don helped set the fire to the castle during the Vampire Meet.

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muffin-tacos - January 27, 2009 10:32 AM (GMT)
Sage Summerdream

Nobody knows exactly where Sage came from, but he was hired by Arabella to help take care of the vampires in Widbode. Along the way, he unexpectedly fell in love with a vampire (Teyla).

Sage is now a great father and has been happily married to his wife for a very long time. He still loathes vampires -- even though his wife used to be one -- and he hasn't forgotten how to fight. He is still prepared to do whatever it takes in a fight (like kissing the one he is fighting with, which he did when in a fight with Ilsa Vella in Widbode I ;))

Sage feels very guilty for Teyla's scars, knowing that it was his fault that she got them.

Ilsa Vella nicknamed him 'Hero' because he kept destroying her plans in Widbode I by saving people all the time ("acting a hero").

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(old pic)

Old pic of the hero and Teyla (and Arabella, but she still looks the same)
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muffin-tacos - January 27, 2009 10:33 AM (GMT)
Goth and Dreamer

Cassandra Goth and Darren Dreamer got married and now have three children together, plus Aidrian, whom Darren treats as if he were his own son.

Cassandra is a doctor. She is very neat and takes good care of her children. She has a good relationship with Teyla and Sage, since their daughter is best friends with Cassandra's. When Cassandra isn't working she's at home with her family.

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user posted image
(old pictures -- last one is of Cassandra and Aidrian)

Darren is a police and is getting on in his years. He loves spending time with his family, but feels like he doesn't get enough time with them due to his shifts. He's been longing for a good, long family vacation for a while now.

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(Darren and his daughter Lissa)

muffin-tacos - January 27, 2009 10:34 AM (GMT)
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