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Title: No. 116: Back seat driver

Lynet - May 12, 2008 01:18 AM (GMT)
On the back of the horse I discovered I could see Hector climbing the tower. I could also see the Queen. And fire.

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Sparks from the fires that had been started around the lower castle walls had jumped up and found fuel somewhere in the material of the tower.

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Hector reached the top and gathered up the Queen in his arms, but he couldn’t carry her back down the walls. He had to find another way. The two of them disappeared for a long time. Too long, it seemed to me, when they suddenly appeared through a door two stories down, a door that opened onto the walls, and soldiers.

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Hector was in a fight again. I started worrying about his power supply. How long had he been going? How long could he last? He had used up so much energy already tonight and it was a long time before sunrise.

My horse was moving. Kate was pulling on the reins, forcing him around toward the gates where she expected Hector and the Queen.

And there she was. Without Hector. He was apparently busy running interference to allow her escape. A few soldiers got past him, but with Kate’s help, the Queen got up behind me. I looked around and yelled out, “Kate!”

“I’ll see you later, Lover. Take care of the Queen.” She smacked the backside of the horse with the flat of her sword, then turned and ran through the gate, gone in an instant. The soldiers ignored her because they wanted us. Too late. Still stinging from Kate’s sword, the horse took off so fast he almost left me and the Queen in the road.

Alka said, “That leg looks bad, Errol. You’re certainly not fit to do anyone any good so don’t look back. If you turn your head the horse will turn his head because he knows what you’re thinking and we don’t want him to turn. We have to get out of sight. Over the rise, Errol, over that rise. Then we’ll take a look at your leg and make sure it doesn’t go all gangrene on you.”

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She beat her hand on the horse’s butt a couple of times to emphasize her words. The horse moved faster, taking me further away from the castle and from Kate.

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