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Title: Ch 64: Harcourt's big (very big) house

Lynet - April 6, 2008 01:57 AM (GMT)
We stepped out into the smell of fresh air. Too fresh. We were not in my basement. The moon was where it should be, though, up there in a nest of stars. Down here was the normal sound of crickets. But it wasn’t home and I groaned.

Harcourt and Alka, on the other hand, were laughing and hugging.

“Let me guess,” I said. “You live here.”

“Yes,” Harcourt said. He was grinning wide enough to split his face in two.

“I am not home, Harcourt. I am not happy.”

“You will be. I regret the slight delay, my friend, but I needed to be sure Alka got home as soon as possible.”

“So she remembers who she is and where she comes from now? Didn’t the old lady at the castle say Alka had forgotten all that.”

“She remembers now. Come rest with us for the night. I will be sure that you are here tomorrow for the mirrors.”

I looked around us. “What’s the name of this town?”


“And is that thing up on the hill a museum?”

user posted image

Harcourt put his arm around Alka and looked up at the huge gloomy structure on the hill. “No,” he said. “That is Harcourt Castle. That is where Alka and I live. Come now and meet the family.”

How could anyone live in a place so huge? It would take half an hour just to get from the front door to the mail box. Even so, two residents of the castle knew we were trudging up the endless staircase and came hurrying to meet us. An older woman flung herself at Alka and they sobbed in each other’s arms. It was her mom, I figured.

user posted image

Later on, after a shower, a shave and a fresh set of clothes, I had dinner at the kitchen table with Alka’s baby brother. Everyone else was down the hall being entertained by Harcourt’s tales of our adventures.

user posted image

“So, are you glad your big sister’s back?” I said.

“Sure. She’s OK. And I’m real glad she married King Iven. I like him a lot.”

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muffin-tacos - May 10, 2008 07:32 PM (GMT)
KING Iven? Now, this aught to be interesting. Great twist.

Lynet - May 11, 2008 01:47 AM (GMT)
Yup. King Iven of Harcourt.

I have a few more pictures of King Iven's Castle. It was a huge and impressive lot. Unfortunately, too huge. *sigh* It is now "among the things that were."

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

And a view of the main hall...
user posted image

And for this story, not only did I have to build the castle, I had to build the village at its feet. Here we have another view of Royden from the castle...
user posted image

muffin-tacos - May 11, 2008 10:20 AM (GMT)
Bloody hell! How can one live in such a place? I would get lost all the time!

It is very impressive indeed. It must have taken a long time to build as well. Well done. It really does look like a castle.

Hmm, I wonder if they have heating in that house, or if it's as cold as castles usually are? The main hall looks pretty cold. :eek: The floor is pretty amazing to look at too.

Roux - May 12, 2008 08:14 PM (GMT)
Wow. Just, wow. I play on a laptop, and my game gets laggy on large lots, even EMPTY large lots. I can build/furnish them okay, but forget actually taking sims there. Pretty much anything over 4x4 is just there for neighborhood/lot view deco only.

[insert drooling/jealous emotie here]

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