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Title: Ch 63: A question never answered

Lynet - April 6, 2008 01:43 AM (GMT)
It was a long, long day and I spent it thinking about Kate. I had so much to tell her, in particular that I’d never ever leave her again.

But I stopped thinking of Kate for a few minutes when the green haired lady waddled out of the back room looking as pregnant as Alka.

I grabbed Harcourt and pulled him aside, “She’s pregnant! How did that… I mean, she‘s a robot! Robots are built in a factory, right?”

“She is of a unique series of robot, designed for incubating certain types of cells and is usually to be found employed on farms where experiments on animal and plant genetics are conducted.”

“Do you see any farm animals around here, Harcourt? There are no farm animals around here anywhere. We’re a million miles from farm animals …“

“We are on average 238,856 miles from…”

“Put a cork in it, Professor. The mileage isn‘t important. The robots told me they found some old bones and they have no idea what kind of creature those bones were inside of. But they‘re going to grow some of those bony old cells to find out what it looked like.”

Harcourt smiled. He liked the idea.

“Think of Alka,” I said. “Is she safe?”

He stopped smiling and looked thoughtful. Then he said, “We should leave as soon as the mirrors phase.”

Which they did, dependable as always. And we were ready for them, standing right on the spot where we’d arrived in the closet. All three of our robot hosts were there for the send off.

“They won’t follow us, will they?” I said to Harcourt.

“It is not in their interests to do so. Their contract is to do research here.”


We waved goodbye and went into the mirrors.

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And in case you’re wondering what the lady robot was incubating, your guess is as good as mine. Whatever happened on the moon, stayed on the moon.

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Lynet - April 6, 2008 01:46 AM (GMT)
I apologize to anyone wondering what the green-haired lady gave birth to. I did not pursue that question, and the moon neighborhood, I'm sorry to say, is vaporized. :o:

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