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King Richard ‘The Lion heart’ is dead and England suffered greatly in the wake of the crusade. The throne sat vacant, and all of England waited with anticipation for the next King of England to rise. The lands were in turmoil and times were hard. Yet none suffered so greatly as the shire of Nottingham. Their saviour, ‘Robin Hood’ and his most loyal friends have long since died, which left the people of Nottinghamshire to fend for themselves against harsh and cruel Lords. The Sheriffs death was still talked about among the poor folk, the last thing that Robin Hood gave them, their freedom from persecution against the harsh man that ruled Nottingham.

Yet hope remained!

Deep in the heart of Sherwood Forest a secret hid, a secret that bought the people hope once again. Robin Hood may be dead, but his legacy lived on. It was rumored that there remained a few, outlawed and banished, that dwelled within the boughs and strove to keep the legend of Robin Hood alive. Biding their time, preparing for that final battle to free Nottinghamshire once and for all! Only time would tell if ‘Robin Hood’ and everything he stood for lived on in the new generation!

But now, two years on, times were changing. The scent of succession grew strong upon the wind. Rumors were abound that a legitimate heir to the throne had been found. Somewhere in the holy lands a son of the late King Richard dwelled unknown and unknowing of the fate that awaits him. Youth sheltered him from the harsh realities of the world, as a dedicated group of men put every effort into making the boy obscure. But the secret became public and excitement thrummed through the country. Excitement and anger! For there were still those that benefitted greatly from the throne lying empty! Those that had pledged allegiance to the throne of England and its rightful ruler fought bravely against those willing to sacrifice the boy. And those that fought to keep a King on the throne were also those that had fought to keep Nottingham safe. Their Quest was an important one, one that saw the rise of not only Nottingham, but the entire country, and so they abandoned the internal wars that forever waged within the cities and towns of England, leaving them once more open and vulnerable to the harsh justice of the rich and powerful. Towns became ravaged with greed, the poor suffered greatly, and even those nobles with gentle dispositions felt the need to flee for their own safety. However, two years have passed since and those that sought to place the boy upon the throne, to save England, now returned with no head to wear the crown. Was their quest all for naught? Did they sacrifice their home, friends and family on a fool’s errand? Or is the secret of who the Boy King is still at large?

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Posted: Apr 29 2011, 02:11 PM

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29/4/2011England now has a new Princess, and Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Congratulations to Prince William and Princess Kate on their big day!! (She looked fabulous). Now I know that this may not be of great importance to any of you (unless you’re English) but it’s a big day over here. I’m not a Royalist, but I did find the whole thing made me feel quite patriotic. Now onto Sherwood related things… I have made a sub-board in the General Chat to place all the old updates, so if you are ever unsure what has been said, they are all still there for you to read. I am getting around to that list, please forgive my slowness, my course is taking up a lot of my time right now. sad.gif Don’t forget to keep voting, and of course keep having fun. All the best, Kim <3

24/4/2011 Happy easter everyone, I do hope that your holiday is going well. Just a small update this time. You will notice that there have been new forum markers put up, this was due to a suggestion made by a member of Sherwood. Please feel free to contact me if you have some suggestions for the site. Also, I have registered Sherwood at a voting site, please make sure you click on us and vote, vote, vote. wink.gif I shall also be adding a new thread, a register of sorts. Just a list of players and the characters they Role-play. This way new members will not get so confused, hopefully. Until next time, enjoy your Easter <33 Kim

19/4/2011 Spring has come to Sherwood Secrets!! Take a look at the weather section on the sidebar for a brief outlook of this season and make sure to add it to your new role-plays. Please remember to tell your friends about Sherwood, I am advertising the site as much as possible, but word of mouth is always good wink.gif . Carry on role-playing, carry on having fun and remember I am always only a PM or IM away if you want to ask questions. Until next time, Kim <3

9/4/2011 There has been a few amendments to the rules, I encourage you ALL to take another look at them please. They are there for a reason, and that is to keep Sherwood Secrets running as smoothly as possible. Thank you, Kim <33 <br><br>

5/4/2011 Hello again my fair friends of Sherwood. This is your friendly Admin speaking, Kim. I trust that everyone is doing well? Ok, enough of the pleasantries, and down to business. First things first, I’d like to welcome all the new members to the site, and of course welcome old members back wink.gif. We are slowly growing in numbers, and there are some fabulous characters already on here. I hope we can keep this up. Now onto something a little more serious (not much I promise). It has recently been bought to my attention that certain encounters between characters have not been ‘played out’ ICly due to the adult nature of said meetings. In the light of this I have decided to make a 18+ board where all of these things can go. This is a password protected board, and you will need to PM or AIM me to get it. And now I’m going to get tough… If I find out that you have given the password to someone else without my approval you WILL get a discipline. This may sound sever, but I will not allow those of a younger age to be subjected to that. If you wish to speak to me about this, or indeed anything else, then feel free to PM or AIM me. Ta ta for now Sherwood, Kim <3 <br><br>

27/3/2011 Please be aware that some of the layout of the board may change over the course of the next few days. I am trying to make the boards a little more organized, and of course easier to navigate for the members. Please bare with me but don't stop RPing!! Thank you , Kim <br><br>

22/3/2011 Sherwood Secrets is now officially OPEN!!! Yes thats right, you're eyes are not decieving you, it is indeed open. Old and new RPers are more than welcome to join. If you have any questions what-so-ever, do not hesitate to contact me (Kim) and I shall do my best to help.<br><br>

After a fairly long break in which a lot has happened, I now feel as though I am in a place in my life that I can once again manage to run this site. That, and I miss it like crazy!! I have seen a few people interested, and hope they come back. All old threads have been moved to the Archives, in time they may be deleted, but for now they will remain. No characters have been deleted, so if you are a previous member, your stuff should still be there. Now the big question is... should I start again from scratch or carry on maybe a year after it 'closed'. Opinions please smile.gif I hope to see many old faces and lots of new. Happy posting people <3 <br><br>
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