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King Richard ‘The Lion heart’ is dead and England suffered greatly in the wake of the crusade. The throne sat vacant, and all of England waited with anticipation for the next King of England to rise. The lands were in turmoil and times were hard. Yet none suffered so greatly as the shire of Nottingham. Their saviour, ‘Robin Hood’ and his most loyal friends have long since died, which left the people of Nottinghamshire to fend for themselves against harsh and cruel Lords. The Sheriffs death was still talked about among the poor folk, the last thing that Robin Hood gave them, their freedom from persecution against the harsh man that ruled Nottingham.

Yet hope remained!

Deep in the heart of Sherwood Forest a secret hid, a secret that bought the people hope once again. Robin Hood may be dead, but his legacy lived on. It was rumored that there remained a few, outlawed and banished, that dwelled within the boughs and strove to keep the legend of Robin Hood alive. Biding their time, preparing for that final battle to free Nottinghamshire once and for all! Only time would tell if ‘Robin Hood’ and everything he stood for lived on in the new generation!

But now, two years on, times were changing. The scent of succession grew strong upon the wind. Rumors were abound that a legitimate heir to the throne had been found. Somewhere in the holy lands a son of the late King Richard dwelled unknown and unknowing of the fate that awaits him. Youth sheltered him from the harsh realities of the world, as a dedicated group of men put every effort into making the boy obscure. But the secret became public and excitement thrummed through the country. Excitement and anger! For there were still those that benefitted greatly from the throne lying empty! Those that had pledged allegiance to the throne of England and its rightful ruler fought bravely against those willing to sacrifice the boy. And those that fought to keep a King on the throne were also those that had fought to keep Nottingham safe. Their Quest was an important one, one that saw the rise of not only Nottingham, but the entire country, and so they abandoned the internal wars that forever waged within the cities and towns of England, leaving them once more open and vulnerable to the harsh justice of the rich and powerful. Towns became ravaged with greed, the poor suffered greatly, and even those nobles with gentle dispositions felt the need to flee for their own safety. However, two years have passed since and those that sought to place the boy upon the throne, to save England, now returned with no head to wear the crown. Was their quest all for naught? Did they sacrifice their home, friends and family on a fool’s errand? Or is the secret of who the Boy King is still at large?

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 To pray and labour
Henry Winchelsey
Posted: Jun 9 2012, 09:02 PM

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((Open thread. Couldn't edit the subject line afterwards.))

By now the other people working at the church grounds had gotten used to the sight of the bishop getting his hands dirty with physical labour. Henry was thankful for that. It had been a minor scandal at first, the church officials feeling like they needed to figure out what kind of cloth it would be prudent for a bishop to wear while working the land and other such formalities. It could be quite amusing, but it was serious business for those who considered it their concern. In the end, Henry had convinced others that he would wear the same ordinary robes as everyone else.

During the summertime there was plenty of upkeep to handle with the crops. From a humble seed they grew, and needed to be nurtured and cared for so that one might reap a rich harvest. Someone more prone to poetry or philosophy would probably turn that into a metaphor for all life. Right now Henry was resting his mind while he worked his body.

The bishop blended in with the others while he traversed the garden, his eyes cast down upon the plants. Whenever he saw a weed or a dead leaf, he leaned down to pluck it out. The clouds occasionally blocked out the sun, keeping him from getting too hot underneath the robes. The weather thus far during the summer had been good for crops, neither too sunny or too rainy. Henry hoped that would continue, more for the sake of all the farmers than the church gardens.

While those who regularly worked here could easily recognize the bishop in this setting and getup, the common folk were much less likely to do that. They normally only saw Henry at a distance in ornamental robes. Thus far there had been some intriguing encounters when people had come to do business and ran into Henry without realizing his position. As it was, he was just passing the garden gate during his inspection, and likely to be the first person someone entering there would ask for further guidance.
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