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King Richard ĎThe Lion heartí is dead and England suffered greatly in the wake of the crusade. The throne sat vacant, and all of England waited with anticipation for the next King of England to rise. The lands were in turmoil and times were hard. Yet none suffered so greatly as the shire of Nottingham. Their saviour, ĎRobin Hoodí and his most loyal friends have long since died, which left the people of Nottinghamshire to fend for themselves against harsh and cruel Lords. The Sheriffs death was still talked about among the poor folk, the last thing that Robin Hood gave them, their freedom from persecution against the harsh man that ruled Nottingham.

Yet hope remained!

Deep in the heart of Sherwood Forest a secret hid, a secret that bought the people hope once again. Robin Hood may be dead, but his legacy lived on. It was rumored that there remained a few, outlawed and banished, that dwelled within the boughs and strove to keep the legend of Robin Hood alive. Biding their time, preparing for that final battle to free Nottinghamshire once and for all! Only time would tell if ĎRobin Hoodí and everything he stood for lived on in the new generation!

But now, two years on, times were changing. The scent of succession grew strong upon the wind. Rumors were abound that a legitimate heir to the throne had been found. Somewhere in the holy lands a son of the late King Richard dwelled unknown and unknowing of the fate that awaits him. Youth sheltered him from the harsh realities of the world, as a dedicated group of men put every effort into making the boy obscure. But the secret became public and excitement thrummed through the country. Excitement and anger! For there were still those that benefitted greatly from the throne lying empty! Those that had pledged allegiance to the throne of England and its rightful ruler fought bravely against those willing to sacrifice the boy. And those that fought to keep a King on the throne were also those that had fought to keep Nottingham safe. Their Quest was an important one, one that saw the rise of not only Nottingham, but the entire country, and so they abandoned the internal wars that forever waged within the cities and towns of England, leaving them once more open and vulnerable to the harsh justice of the rich and powerful. Towns became ravaged with greed, the poor suffered greatly, and even those nobles with gentle dispositions felt the need to flee for their own safety. However, two years have passed since and those that sought to place the boy upon the throne, to save England, now returned with no head to wear the crown. Was their quest all for naught? Did they sacrifice their home, friends and family on a foolís errand? Or is the secret of who the Boy King is still at large?

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 Khal Drogo, Calanta's husband
Posted: May 2 2011, 09:39 PM

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Full name :: Arytiss Fallon Versvesh
Age :: Twenty-six
Gender :: Male (obviously xD)
Rank :: Noble

Appearance :: Upon his birth one thing was obvious, and that was the fact that the new born boy looked exactly like his father, Sammael. The young son of Ava and Sammael was strong from the time of his birth. When he was a child and gripped onto his parentsí fingers he nearly broke them. As each day came to pass during his aging, he looked more and more like his father. Short stumpy legs became elongated. Now they are two toned pillars, sturdy and strong, holding up Arytiss. His bones are dense, muscles hard and rugged, making him seem like he was carved by the gods themselves. With his rigorous training, he has hardened his muscle mass, toning it well. He towers at the full height of rarity, which is five foot eight. The heathen weighs in at about two hundred pounds, but he is not fat. Everything is evenly proportioned, and due to his astounding height he appears to be slender. The weight consists of mainly muscle, with small amounts of fat. As for the flesh that coats his body, it is a light caramel hue, a supple tan that looks very inviting. Lengthy fibers are stained different shades of brunette and ebony. The base is a deep hazel, while the streaks that run through it are a stunning hue of ebony. As for the manís eyes they are a vibrant hazel.

Persona :: Tenderness is something that does not exist in this manís vocabulary. Frigged, cruel, and malicious the man hardly holds regard for anyone else but his family, wife, and himself. The man is ruthless, and his cold demeanor relentless. Many times he will have a blank expression upon his features. When he was a child if he showed emotion he would be beat for it. Wishing to continue to uphold his teachings from his parents, he does not show what he truly feels. So often no one will see anything flicker across rugged, but handsome facial features. Does Arytiss have feelings? Yes, but do not expect to see them unless you are very close to his heart.

Nerves of steel come in handy as well. Hardly does the man let on if something is bothering him. Keeping a level head was something precious and valuable when growing up. He had to endure beatings, emotional and mental abuse, when training as a child. Back talking, rebelling, was something that was unheard of by the boys born into the house of Versvesh. Weakness was not tolerated, so flinching when beat, only meant a more severe lashing. It hardened Arytiss Versvesh, teaching him how to stay calm even when things do get hard.

Intelligence is something he acquired not only through the genetics of his parents, but through his extensive training. Cunning, and witty, the man shows his intellect by the way he speaks. Logic is an asset of his, and he always tries to remain several steps a head of everyone. He isnít some blood thirsty barbarian bent on killing, and maiming. Heíd rather think of life as a game of chess. This being said, he doesnít act before thinking things through thoroughly.

No one is perfect, and Arytiss admits that. Being his fatherís child, brings certain aspects to his personality. Such as his short temper. The brutish man is quick to aggravate. Generally he does not show any forwarding signs of rage. Merely a grunt or a huff, but that is about it. He appears to be collected, and calm. While most would lash out in anger, he simply bides his time. Thinking, waiting, before he strikes. Arytiss is not a blood thirsty barbarian, but rather a malicious man who is cunning, and lethal when he wants to be. When one manages to see his rage, it generally does not end well.

Bio :: Arytiss Versvesh was born near the white, sandy shores of Spain. His father a Lord, his mother a Lady, in the Spanish political world. His father was also the head soldier for the army of Spain. While he was away on battles and wars, his mother was at home helping king Zurich. Not only that, but she raised her sons and taught them how to fight, constantly putting them through relentless training. Doing all of this, she also tended to their farm land and house. He was raised in a political, but harsh environment, and it shaped him into the man he is now. When Calanta's mother came into power along side of the king was when Arytiss first met Calanta. The two met, and talked, but it never went any where. Secretly though he desired to make her his own, to have her in his bed each night, to have her love him and want him in return. Near the middle of winter, his wishes were answered, and the two were wed. Now they returned to England.

Interesting facts :: x - He is very possessive over Calanta, and when she talks to other men he gets very jealousy.
x- He is protective over Calanta, and Krixx, and is weary of strangers and others that come near the two.
x - While he desires her, love is still blossoming between Calanta, and him. It wasn't love at first sight, but the more time passes, the more they fall in love with each other.
x - Arytiss enjoys doing things for his wife, and step son. Such as hunting, gathering, getting fire wood, etc. He doesn't depend on anyone, and would rather be a provider and protector for his family.
x - Arytiss's English is very...poor. He is fluent in Spanish, but Calanta is teaching him English.
x - He doesn't care much for Sean because of Calanta's past with him, and Arytiss wanted to be her first. So there are some major jealousy issues there.

To adopt :: Please keep in mind I do not want much changed with him. I spent time typing all of this up, and I would like it if someone who will want to keep all of this the way it is, to adopt him. Also I would love it if someone who is active to adopt him as well. As for trying to adopt him, please post a role play sample here, at least 200 words long. It can be at their wedding, when Calanta and him are in bed, or any type of interaction.

Credits :: Pictures are credited, and made by the creators of 'Game of Thrones'
Posted: May 4 2011, 01:18 AM

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Group: Noble
Posts: 41
Member No.: 4
Joined: 22-March 11

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