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Title: Griffin Arrives in Nottingham
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Griffin - May 16, 2011 12:02 PM (GMT)
Griffin had made it to the Inn in Nottingham late that evening. He had secured a stable for Cymro and a room for himself at the local Inn for the night. He was still unsure if he was going to stay longer than the one night or return back to his home in Ireland. A part of him wanted to leave thinking that it would have been best to just leave Eva alone and not try to win her back. Yet, that brought up another thought that if he did leave and not try than he was no better than the other nobles whom he was sure that was all Eva thought he was. To only use her like many other noblemen would just to warm their bed for the night.

That was for from the truth, he was not like the others and as much as it drove some that he had befriended nuts Griffin would not do such a thing. He knew that he had only known Eva in a short amount of time that they spent together earlier that afternoon, but everything about her attracted him to her. He was infatuated with everything about her. He had told Hugh that he loved her which he was sure that he did. However, it was not until he was sitting in his room at the Inn poking at the food that the Innkeeper wife had brought him that he realized that he missed her and he had fallen for her.

To Griffin there was no other that could take Eva’s place nor would he even care to look. He knew that he had to win her back and lord help any man get in his way. With that decided Griffin took some parchment and a pen and went about writing Hugh a message as he promised letting him know his intentions and asking for any advice and help he could give him to win Eva trust and love. With the note written Griffin rolled it up took some wax from the candle and sealed it with his ring. He would find a messenger in the morning to have it sent to Hugh.

[[The Next Morning]]

Griffin awoke the next morning rested and while the bed was not as soft as it might have been at McGabhann house. Yet that was something that he put out of his mind. It was a new day and it was time to get a few things set into motion. First of all he needed to get this letter to Hugh out right away. After getting cleaned up and dressed, Griffin headed downstairs to the main part of the Inn. Soon finding the Innkeeper Griffin walked up to the man and started inquiring about getting a messenger.

“Yes sir I can have my son take to Mr. McGabhann.” The innkeeper answered him.

“Thank you for your help.” Griffin said giving the man the letter as well reaching into his pocket and giving the man a couple of silver pieces. “See to it gets to him right away.”

“I will send him right away sir.” The older man said looking at the money in his hand and a happy smile on his face.

With that taken care of, Griffin headed out into town to see the place that he would be staying until he had Eva in his arms again and this time never letting her go.

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