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Hey there, and welcome to Shady Grove, California--home of Shady Grove Academy for the Advanced and the Fightin' Squirrels! Why don't you hang out a while, take a look around, and acquaint yourself with some of our friendly students, staff, and town residents? 'smile.gif'

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Welcome to Shady Grove Academy, home of the Fightin' Squirrels!

We are a private boarding school for the supernaturally gifted located in Shady Grove, CA, outside of San Francisco, near Walnut Creek.

We are currently accepting applications for students, staff, professors and residents, so jump on in and explore our world! We'd recommend taking a look in the Student Handbook first! ^_^

Quick Log In:


Headmaster Rory Dawson
(Earth Science/Astronomy)
Played By: Ems
Ems also plays: William Harrington, Carrie Monroe, Colton Grey and Lenora "Peaches" Murdoch

DH Grace deWitt
(Home Ec.)
Played By: Emmy
Emmy also plays: Emory Sayre, Sam McLean, Mike Oh and Connor Jackson

Global Mods
Professor Emilia Devereux
Played By: Lil
Lil also plays: Persephone St.Clair, Jonathan Porter,Cassandra St.Clair

Professor Gerard Calgary
Played By: Teague
Teague also plays: Raider Hall and Kurtis Ferguson


Please refrain from advertising here. It's really friggin' annoying.


City Of Angels
Bitter Charlie


The Fightin' Squirrels skin was custom coded for SGA by Ems. All site graphics are also by Ems.

The writing on this site is property of its author and if you can't figure out that stealing is wrong, gtfo the internet.


April 21st, 2011

Who's got huge announcements? WE DO! Go check the notice board for a full update about advancement and what's going down on June 1st.

April 1st, 2011

The Founders Day Festival is officially open! While the actual event isn't until the weened of the 15th, the forum will be open and usable for the entire month of April. Make sure to have fun and check the Festival schedule for event times and days.

March 28, 2011

Check out the new News Sources forum under Communications! Check back for news relating to gifted society in the US--and to follow Darwin's investigation into what, exactly, causes gifts.

And don't forget to check out the new forums and the new usergroup!

Update:March 5th, 2011:

New layout, new graphics, new groups and tons of new things to do. Check out the extended announcement here for a full rundown of the new forums and Resident groups.

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 We're All Mad Here., Plotting for Emerson's Kids!
Kasey Abbott
Posted: Apr 22 2011, 05:38 PM

Group Icon

Group: Freshmen
Posts: 27
Member No.: 138
Joined: 19-April 11

Quinn&Mike; I honestly don't know how Mike would feel about Quinn, considering she's not what anyone would consider 'serious' or 'quiet', although she's not really perky or peppy either. He'd probably get annoyed with her because she's kind of a procrastinator and always leaves things to the last minute. Quinn could probably get along with just about anyone as long as they aren't too snobby.

Quinn&Sam; Quinn would probably adore Sam, and think she's hilarious! Sam's a bit more outgoing and loud than Quinn, but Quinn grew up with two obnoxious older brothers, so she wouldn't mind at all. She would probably think of Sam as a little sister, if anything.

Kasey&Mike; I think that Kasey and Mike would probably get along. Kasey isn't really 'perky' or particularly cheerfuly, but he's friendly enough once you get to know him. They might hit a rough patch at first because Kasey can be pretty abrasive, and Mike's snobby attitude might annoy him at first, but they might be able to get along eventually.

Kasey&Sam; Kasey could easily get along with Sam. Her cheerful and loud personality would make him adore her even after their first conversation. They could probably be great friends, and Kasey might even develop a small crush on her after a while.

user posted image
By Jayce!
Deputy Head Grace deWitt
Posted: Apr 29 2011, 02:02 PM

Psychometry/Home Ec/James' Princess
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Group: Admin
Posts: 248
Member No.: 2
Joined: 23-December 10

Augh, late! <3 Sorry about that.

Quinn & Mike -- I can't promise too much about his snobbiness--it comes out at random times!--but I do think he'd like Quinn, since she's not all silly. I think there's potential for a friendship here!

Quinn & Sam -- Sam is always up for more friends, and she'd think Quinn was awesome and gorgeously pretty. She'd probably try to get Quinn to help her convince her roommate (Keegan Parhar) that Kee's just as beautiful, too, and maybe assume that since Quinn's a pretty girl, she knows about all that girly stuff that Sam's oblivious to!

Kasey & Mike -- Ha, Mike definitely needs more friends--or rather, interaction of ANY kind with other guys. I'd love to thread these two out sometime in the future and see what goes down!

Kasey & Sam -- SO CUTE. PMing you now with an ideeea.

Grace's baby is due September 24, 2011. :3
Alexis Porter
Posted: May 3 2011, 06:53 PM

Group Icon

Group: Sophomores
Posts: 5
Member No.: 148
Joined: 30-April 11

Posting again. Because I can. And because I have a new character.

Alexis&Mike: Well, for all shes a cheerleader, she isn't really perky, peppy, cheerful, or loud. Since they're in the same grade, I can see them knowing each other, or at least knowing of each other, as she usually doesn't get up the nerve to socialize in class. As for him being an intellectual... well, she's kind of dumb when it comes to anything but languages, literature, and the arts (such as music and painting), but she knows that, so isn't offended when people point out that she's relatively unintelligent. If they were to socialize, she might develop a crush on him, but she's too shy and would be too fearful of rejection to really do anything about it.

Alexis&Sam: They're not exactly opposites - they're both generally optimistic/nice people - but Aly is very quiet/shy/do-not-invade-my-personal-space-or-I-shall-most-likely-explode-and-sorry-but-that-gets-messy-honey. So she'd be very confused at to what to do with Sam. If the freshman decided to befriend her, she'd be fine with that (Aly's shy, not necessarily antisocial. She does like people. And Aly would very much appreciate Sam filling up the awkward silences caused by Aly going into shock from overexposure to overly energetic humans), but affection... isn't her strong point, unless it's with her family. so she'd be all 'what is going on with this chick...?' But if Sam doesn't drive her insane, I think they'd get along!

Alexis&Mo: Well, they're both sweet, and kind of dumb, so I can see Aly relating to him. She'd probably find him very interesting, and would perhaps latch onto him. And since she likes anyone who is nice, and willing to deal with her being all quiet and introverted, I can see them getting along. She'd probably have a crush on him, but just in the way that people get crushes on celebrities: More admiration than anything else.

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