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Hey there, and welcome to Shady Grove, California--home of Shady Grove Academy for the Advanced and the Fightin' Squirrels! Why don't you hang out a while, take a look around, and acquaint yourself with some of our friendly students, staff, and town residents? 'smile.gif'

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Welcome to Shady Grove Academy, home of the Fightin' Squirrels!

We are a private boarding school for the supernaturally gifted located in Shady Grove, CA, outside of San Francisco, near Walnut Creek.

We are currently accepting applications for students, staff, professors and residents, so jump on in and explore our world! We'd recommend taking a look in the Student Handbook first! ^_^

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Headmaster Rory Dawson
(Earth Science/Astronomy)
Played By: Ems
Ems also plays: William Harrington, Carrie Monroe, Colton Grey and Lenora "Peaches" Murdoch

DH Grace deWitt
(Home Ec.)
Played By: Emmy
Emmy also plays: Emory Sayre, Sam McLean, Mike Oh and Connor Jackson

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Professor Emilia Devereux
Played By: Lil
Lil also plays: Persephone St.Clair, Jonathan Porter,Cassandra St.Clair

Professor Gerard Calgary
Played By: Teague
Teague also plays: Raider Hall and Kurtis Ferguson


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April 21st, 2011

Who's got huge announcements? WE DO! Go check the notice board for a full update about advancement and what's going down on June 1st.

April 1st, 2011

The Founders Day Festival is officially open! While the actual event isn't until the weened of the 15th, the forum will be open and usable for the entire month of April. Make sure to have fun and check the Festival schedule for event times and days.

March 28, 2011

Check out the new News Sources forum under Communications! Check back for news relating to gifted society in the US--and to follow Darwin's investigation into what, exactly, causes gifts.

And don't forget to check out the new forums and the new usergroup!

Update:March 5th, 2011:

New layout, new graphics, new groups and tons of new things to do. Check out the extended announcement here for a full rundown of the new forums and Resident groups.

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 Painting Pretty Things (Ceramics Lesson Two)
Imogen Mackenzie
Posted: May 14 2011, 04:24 PM

Adoptive Muscle Memory
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Group: Sophomores
Posts: 56
Member No.: 110
Joined: 12-March 11

Even if Dallas was going to be a total stick in the mud there were other familiar faces that walked in. She wiggled her already paint covered fingers at Mallory and Bristol, Artistically Mack wasn't feeling to focused or ambitious today; she had all this energy just coursing through her veins. She didn't really want to be inside - and she really didn't want to listen to Dallas growl and whine about being in Ceramics. More and more lately...but still only sometimes she really wanted to hit the other girl upside the head and tell her to quit being such a whiny brat. Then she remembered that Dallas hadn't gotten to choose SGA, or being away from her dad - even if he was some what neglectful. Dallas was like a caged animal an still adjusting to the ever inexplicably changing environment around her.

When Birdie finally made it to their table Mack looked between her roommate, her professor, and her pot. She tried to stifle a giggle as she wiggled her eyebrows at Professor Burke. The thing about the booty dance was that it was both hysterical and helpful. It mortified Dallas but she also found it impossible not to laugh. "Somebody gimme a beat, YO!" Mack was an evil little munchkin but she was a hilarious evil little munchkin. Hopping down from her stool she laughed out loud as who ever was closest to the iTunes put on White & Nerdy. "Y'all are just haters, that's thats what you are mmkay," she gave her ponytail a sassy flip and then busted out with her best Stanky Leg (which was actually pretty accurate but nonetheless lilarious).

She made sure her butt made several contact moments before she cabbage patched away from Dallas and tried to get Darcy then Professor Burke to dance with her. Acting an ass like this was the best part of Ceramics. Burke was so laid back - the most she cared about was that you finished your projects on time and had fun doing them. Going back over toward Darcy she grabbed the other girl's arm, "Come on, I have seen you whip yer hair back and forth, I know you can bust it out," she would goad someone into getting up with her and dancing. Though, while she was indeed whipping her hair back and forth, she also threw in several pirouettes for good measure - though she had moved to the center of the room to avoid breaking anything important. That was the last thing any of them needed. Talk about a mood killer!
Jared Garretty
Posted: May 15 2011, 02:55 PM

Accelerated Healing
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Group: Juniors
Posts: 11
Member No.: 159
Joined: 8-May 11

Academics were never really Jared’s strong points in life, although he had hoped that taking Ceramics would be a lot better than any other class. He was sort of hoping for an easy A, but so far he had only found out that he should stick to athletics. Taking his sad looking pot off the shelf he brought it back to his seat next to Mallory and Bristol. At least there were cool people in this class, and Professor Burke didn’t have a problem with talking.

He grabbed a couple of paint brushes off the counter, as well as a couple different paint colors. He wasn’t really sure what exactly he wanted to paint onto his…flower pot? It was supposed to be some sort of pitcher or something like that, but looking at it now it kind of resembled a slightly deformed flower pot. Sitting back down on his stool, he stared at his pot trying to decide what the theme would be. Most of the flower pots that his mom had had a flower scheme painted onto him, an idea that Jared thought was a little too girly and cliché. He stared his pot down for a couple minutes before deciding on some sort of frog theme; Lucy loved frogs, and he knew his little sister wouldn’t make fun of the sad looking creation. Giving it to her would probably be the best thing to do because at least then he wouldn’t be constantly reminded of how much he sucked at sculpting.

Dipping his paint brush in some green paint he started forming the outlet of a frog. It didn’t look half bad, but Jared knew that he wouldn’t be winning any art contests with it. “What do you think, Mal?” he asked, as he turned the pot in her direction and started a new one on the other side. “Think Lucy will like it?” he added with a chuckle.

He looked up as he heard the music change, and set his paintbrush down as he saw Mack dancing across the room. He let out a laugh as she tried to get some other people to join in with her. Yeah, this was definitely a pretty awesome class, regardless of whether he could sculpt or not.
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