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NEWS: 28 March 2013

We closed for a couple of hours in order to bring you a shiny site full of new graphics and prettier colors! Wooo! We've also updated the plot, and we're welcoming former Death Eaters into our characters. They won't stay free forever, so claim them while you can!

NEWS: 29 December 2012

Well, with the damp squib that was the Mayan "apocalypse" and the glittering mid-winter festival season out of the way, we should see activity perk back up here at SI. Between family events and shiny new gifts that need playing with over the holidays, everyone's been a bit distracted. The new year will see some amazing new plots, and the introduction of some new allies for the Tarot, and some new enemies for them too!

NEWS: November 2012


Salem Institute is now on Tumblr! We'll post graphics and ads for the site there, and maybe do a teensy bit of recruiting too. Follow us if you're on Tumblr!

Quick Start


Welcome to Salem! We are a literate, intermediate to advanced board set after the Wizarding War against Voldemort, located in North America. There is no wordcount, all we ask is that you strive for at least two paragraphs per post.

The current year is 2013, current season is Spring, and we follow what was canonically established in the Harry Potter books, while adding and embellishing the information J.K. Rowling has provided.

Please be warned, this site contains possible spoilers for all seven Harry Potter books (and the three supplementary books Quidditch Through The Ages, Fantastic Beast And Where To Find Them, and The Tales Of Beedle The Bard), and may contain spoilers for Pottermore. If you don't wish to be spoiled, we recommend you read the books, and register on Pottermore ASAP!

Please register with your character's full name, with proper capitalisation. Only staff can change your registered name after the fact, so it's easier to register properly straight off the bat.

Head Admin: Lulu
Admins:, Enna, Mads
Full rule list can be found HERE, but all our rules can be summarized as this:


Very simple, yes? This is a Harry Potter universe RP, so please keep in mind that here be spoilers, and it's generally recommended that you have either read the books or seen the movies before RPing here if you don't want a casual reference to spoil the story for you.
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Coming soon!

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Karmas A Witch

Rank Lists Beyond the Veil rpg War of the Pantheons Circus of the Damned Malfoy Mansion RPG Burnt Offerings Sorcery and Magic | a magical rpg

All credits go to staff for their diligent coding, graphics expertise and general awesomeness. Thank you also to our members for sticking with us, and being quite amazing in general.
Plot by Lulu, who will transform into CthuLulu if you steal it.
Stock images and some brushes and fonts found on Tumblr, DeviantArt and Google. If you want to be credited, please contact the site admin at hexonlegs[at]gmail[dot]com and we will add your name to the credits.
Skin by Novia of RCR, RPG-D, and SHADOWPLAY.
Tarot organisation idea Kaori Yuki, originally used in GODCHILD manga series. Harry Potter universe, characters and all related indicia are J.K. Rowling, Warner Brothers and Bloomsbury Publishing. We don't claim to own Harry Potter or Godchild, and this site is just for fun. We don't make money off any of this, so please don't sue us!

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