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theexxs - October 23, 2009 12:33 AM (GMT)
[spoiler]Spoilers **Se revela posiblemente quien mató a Violet**

The CW confirms to Zap2it that the two cast members who star in the revamp of the original "Melrose Place" are off the show.

Ashlee Simpson, Colin Egglesfield off 'Melrose Place'

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"Melrose Place" has sent an eviction notice: Ashlee Simpson and Colin Egglesfield are out.

The CW confirms to Zap2it that the two cast members who star in the revamp of the original "Melrose Place" are off the show.

Both actors will appear in episodes through January, a month after the Sydney Andrews (Laura Leighton) murder mystery will come to a close, in episode 12. Hmm, does that mean that one of them might be the killer?

Simpson plays Violet Foster, the newest resident at Melrose Place who is convinced that Sydney was her mother, despite the landlady's insistence that she never had a child. Violet's obsessive nature and penchant for staring wordlessly has earned her the nickname "Crazy Eyes" (well, at least at Zap2it) and makes her a suspect in Sydney's killing.

Apparently, it was always the plan that Violet would be a temporary resident at MP, her character written to leave after 12 episodes.

Egglesfield's character Augie is a motorcycle-riding chef who helped Violet get a job as hostess in restaurant where he works. He's also been played as a prime suspect because of his alcoholism and a scene in which he burned some bloody rags.

With the exit of the two characters and the conclusion of the heavy mystery storyline, the producers want the show to shift to a lighter, happier tone. They're already on their way. Heather Locklear's Amanda will be visiting just in time for November sweeps, and more characters will be added.[/spoiler]

Me interesa eso de "lighter-tone", a lo mejor cuando ya termine lo del misterio la vea!

Torchwood_fan XD - October 23, 2009 12:51 AM (GMT)
Armando, TODO tiene q ir en spoiler, ya me spoilereaste q mataron a Violet ¬¬

Iwal, voy sacando a Melrose de mi lista, dudo q la x Billy Campbell.

josefco - October 23, 2009 12:58 AM (GMT)
creo que debería decir a Sydney

sobre la noticia pues [spoiler]EXCELENTE! Ashley es terrible, ojala sea ella a la que matan y que sea una muerte rapida por favor!

Sobre Auggie pues x la verdad

Sobre el misterio si me gusta pero tal vez si necesitan la serie mas light, tal vez cambie para mejor[/spoiler]

theexxs - October 23, 2009 01:00 AM (GMT)
hahaha es como dice jose era a Sydney lo que pasa es que como no veo la serie confundi los nombres xD

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