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Title: Usa: 2.06
Description: Californication | Showtime

vilandra - September 28, 2008 06:16 PM (GMT)
Hank sleeps with sisters, which impresses Ashby. Hank goes to the house of Ashby's old flame in order to get some info about Ashby. There, he encounters her new husband. Charlie agrees to let the movie shoot a scene at his house when a location fells through. When there is a problem with the leading man, the director asks Charlie to step in and be a body double for one of the scenes with Daisy. Hank promises to bring Becca to Ashby's house for a sort of gathering. However, Mia wants to tag along and bring Alice, from Rolling Stone magazine, with her. Mia and Ashby get acquainted while Hank gets to know Alice. Marcy and Sonja also appear. Source:

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