Star Wars: Age of the Sith is a new play-by-post Star Wars role play taking place in an Alternate Universe, 22 years after Episode VI. We are a beginner-to-advanced role play.

Current RP Year: 28-29ABY

Emperor Skywalker and his royal consort secretly leave the Empire, to face the threat that has been plaguing Luke's dreams for months. Unbeknownst to them treason has bred and due to an insane Sith Lord, things change drastically after they left.

Chaos and flames cause huge changes in the Galaxy's frail power balance.The Rebels become the New Republic and the old Sith Emperium, becomes two different new factions: The New Galactic Empire and The New Sith Order.

But a new threat arises from the corners of the known galaxy and now threatens all. The Yevetha return after years of preparation and their numbers are able to swarm the new factions...will the New Republic and New Empire survive due to their frail, oh so weak Alliance?

Welcome to
Star Wars : Age of the Sith!

May 7, 2012
Unfortunately, the site has died a year after it's birth. On May 9, the site will be definitively closed down. We apologize to all who recently joined or were considering joining. We hope to see you around or on the sister site, Star Wars: Galactic Conflict. We bid you all not a goodbye, but a see you later.


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 Responsibilites & Duties of the Members
The Living Force
Posted: Jun 11 2011, 12:47 AM

NPC Administrator

Group: NPC Admin
Posts: 116
Member No.: 1
Joined: 27-April 11

The Responsibilities of Members:
  • To suggest promotions/warnings for other members as well as new additions to the Forum (eg: categories/boards, Parties/Factions, Banishments/Offences/Merits) should they be needed and be seeing as raising the quality of the site.
  • To bring to the attention of other Staff any corrupted/unacceptable behaviour from a Staff Member, or breaking of any rules.
  • To actively adhere to all the rules that are set for the board.
  • To be active in a part of the site, more if possible and be partially aware of new trends, changes, ideas and directions the forum is going in.
  • To be a role-model for new Members.
  • All members must be aware of major changes to the site.
The Rights of Members:
  • To voice an opinion in the removal of powers from a Staff Member should it be necessary.
  • To have an influence but only a minor say in any major change to the forum the other Staff decree, unless totally unreasonable in which an appeal can be made.
  • To freely appeal for or against Offences and Merits.
  • To discreetly (PM a Staff Member) suggest immediate Bans, Temporary only, to members that require it will the Staff discuss.
  • Have the right to be a Party Leader/Deputy Leader if skilled enough and may Role-Play with as many as 10 accounts at a time, more requiring permission from an Administrator.
  • To have an influence in the direction of the Role-Play forum.
Note: These may change with each member depending on situations that occur over the lifespan of the site.
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