Star Wars: Age of the Sith is a new play-by-post Star Wars role play taking place in an Alternate Universe, 22 years after Episode VI. We are a beginner-to-advanced role play.

Current RP Year: 28-29ABY

Emperor Skywalker and his royal consort secretly leave the Empire, to face the threat that has been plaguing Luke's dreams for months. Unbeknownst to them treason has bred and due to an insane Sith Lord, things change drastically after they left.

Chaos and flames cause huge changes in the Galaxy's frail power balance.The Rebels become the New Republic and the old Sith Emperium, becomes two different new factions: The New Galactic Empire and The New Sith Order.

But a new threat arises from the corners of the known galaxy and now threatens all. The Yevetha return after years of preparation and their numbers are able to swarm the new factions...will the New Republic and New Empire survive due to their frail, oh so weak Alliance?

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May 7, 2012
Unfortunately, the site has died a year after it's birth. On May 9, the site will be definitively closed down. We apologize to all who recently joined or were considering joining. We hope to see you around or on the sister site, Star Wars: Galactic Conflict. We bid you all not a goodbye, but a see you later.


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 Sith - Non Force Sensitive - Missions
Luke Skywalker
Posted: May 18 2011, 03:58 AM

Advanced Member

Group: New Sith Order
Posts: 34
Member No.: 6
Joined: 30-April 11


Sith missions are missions dictated by the Dark Lord of the Sith to give to loyal Sith & it's members to increase their standing within the Sith Order, rewards are given to Sith who complete their tasks, and failure of not completing the mission may result in punishment, which may be severe.

The system of prestige is basically how it is in KotOR II, as you go through missions you can prestige, prestige is an optional thing but will influence how you advance. Prestige can make you fly through the ranks, while it can always negatively afflict you.

Their are 2 types of missions. "Ongoing missions" - Which are missions which can be repeated and really have no end, they are mainly to keep Sith busy. "Story missions" - Which are missions that are given with a certain goal or certain objective, they have an end.

Ongoing Missions

Coruscant Patrol: Lower City
Type of Mission: Patrol
Location: Coruscant
Mission Specifics: Crime in the lower city has began to rise again, with the wars waging on, and storm-troopers being sent off planet to fight in the wars. Clone Troopers have now begun taking their place. Patrol the more dangerous parts of Coruscant, the lower city, arrest any criminals you come across. Aim for at least five criminals during your patrol time slot. The more you get the better off you will be.
Mission Objectives:
  • Patrol the crime infested streets of the Lower cities of Coruscant.
  • Subdue and arrest any criminals you come in contact with over your patrol.
Special Requirements:
People Involved: 2 Clone Troopers + 6 Clone Troopers (npcs) (2 groups of 4 troopers)

Coruscant Patrol: Mid City
Type of Mission: Patrol
Location: Coruscant
Mission Specifics: Patrol the mid city of Coruscant, arrest any criminals you come across. Aim for at least five criminals during your patrol time slot. The more you get the better off you will be.
Mission Objectives:
  • Patrol the Mid Cities of Coruscant. Keep an eye out for any criminal activities and keep the peace.
  • Subdue and arrest any criminals you come in contact with over your patrol.
Special Requirements:
People Involved: 2 clones (pc's) + 2 clones (npc's) (2 groups of 2)

Story Missions

Flashback, pt. 1 (Geonosis)
Type of Mission: Skirmish / Battle
Location: Information from the Imperial Intelligence have tracked The droids that were used by Gardulla the Hutt back to the droid factories on Geonosis, that have long been believed to have been non-functioning. The sith have a suspicion that the Geonosians are back up to some old habits that they picked up during the clone wars. Head to Geonosis and launch a re-enacted assault on Geonosis. The LAAT/i-II's, LAAT/c-II's, LAAT/v-II's, Sith Command Gunships, and MAAT's have been prepared for a ground and aerial assault on Geonosis. Your main objective, fight your way to the spire, destroy the command complex, and kill all the Geonosians you can.
Mission Specifics:
Mission Objectives:
  • After the Orbital bombardment of the planet takes place by the Imperial Navy, the ground attack will commense. Land the soldiers outside of the genosian hives, and begin the ground assault.
  • After fighting through the hives, and reaching the subterranean droid factories, destroy all opposition that stands in the way. Capture any high ranking geonosian or Baktoid Armor Workshop officials that may be there, and place them under arrest for later interrogation.
  • Destroy all remaining Battle Droids in the Factory, before destroying the factories as well.
Special Requirements: All Droid factories must be destroyed.
People Involved: 4 or more clones (pc's) + 1,500,000 clone troops (npc)

Flashback, pt 2 (Saleucami)
Type of Mission: Skirmish / Battles
Location: Saleucami
Mission Specifics: The Dark Lord wishes the sith clone army to go to Saleucami, as he has felt that the cloning facilities have come back online and feels the life pulsing from clones there. He is unsure when it was rebuilt, but he wishes it to be conquered and captured without much major damage to the complex itself, or any of it's equipment.
Mission Objectives:
  • Fight your way into the cloning facilities, and take out any and all opposition that stands in the way.
  • Arrest all High ranking officials that are left alive after the facilities are secured, for transport back to the star destroyers.
  • Deactivate all cloning equipment.
Special Requirements: At least one or two of the Officials overseeing the cloning facility must be captured alive.
People Involved: 3 or more Clones (pc's) + 500,000 clone troops (npc)

Hunting a Traitor, pt. 1 (Mynock Squad)
Type of Mission: Tracking + Skirmish
Location: Dantooine
Mission Specifics: -SC-0100, SC-0104, SC-0109, and SC-0110, otherwise known as Mynock squad have gone awol after presumably leaking information about certain sith locations, which they should not have known about in the first place, to Rebel Intelligence. Hunt them down, show them no mercy. While they may be your brethren, they have betrayed you and the sith order, for that they must be punished by death. Our spies report that the four were last sighted on the steppes of Dantooine.
Mission Objectives:
  • Travel to Dantooine and search for the camp of Mynock squad.

Special Requirements: Bring back any survivors of the skirmish, alive for interrogation and to face their punishment.
People Involved: 3 or more clones (pc's) + 4 squadrons of Clone Troopers (npc)

Hunting a Traitor, pt. 2 (Dealing with Rebels)
Type of Mission: Skirmish
Location: Dantooine
Mission Specifics: Though the fighting was fierce, you were able to successfully capture 3 of the 8 troopers in Mynock squad, the rest of them killed in the firefight. After escorting the prisoners through the steppes of Dantooine, towards the transport that will take you back to the starships, Your group is ambushed by a group of Rebel Troopers.
Mission Objectives:
  • Fight off the Rebel Troopers.
  • Keep the prisoners Alive.
  • Get as many of your troopers out of there as you can.
Special Requirements: at least one of the prisoners must be kept alive.
People Involved: 3 or more clones (pc's) + 2 remaining squadrons of Clone Troopers (npc)

Out with the Old, In with the New
Type of Mission: Diplomatic + Skirmish
Location: Donovia (EXPANSION REGION)
Mission Specifics: Head to Donovia, dissolve their current government to let another rise in it's place. It is felt that this government is too corrupt for their own good. Now while many sith throughout history have been corrupt with power, many of the age are not and do not feel that the galaxy always needs to be under one control. However, the sith now use their power for the bettering of the galaxy to create true stability.

Many believe that Donovia has been harboring Rebel Spies and troops, and has been plottin with the rebels in overthrowing the emperor. A meeting has been set up with the Leader of Donovia, with one of our own Sith Lords, a skilled diplomat, to ensure their loyalty to the Empire. However, since intelligence has already confirmed that he's a supporter of the rebellion, you are to remove him from power, and to assume control of the planet.
Mission Objectives:
  • After landing in Donovia's capital, under the disquise of escorts for a Sith Diplomat, head to the Palace, where the meeting is to take place. When Donovia's ruler is in your sights, blast him.
  • Fight off any palace guards that stand in the way of getting out of the palace.
  • Leave a planetary force of troopers behind with the Sith Lord who is now under control of the planet.
Special Requirements: Do not allow the Sith Diplomat to die during the firefight, and secure the palace.
People Involved: 2-3 Clone Troopers (pc's) + Sith Lord/Diplomat + 1 battalion of Clone Troopers (npc's)
Luke Skywalker
Posted: May 18 2011, 04:59 AM

Advanced Member

Group: New Sith Order
Posts: 34
Member No.: 6
Joined: 30-April 11

To request a mission copy+past the following form and past it into a new reply. The Form MUST be filled out completely otherwise the request will be considered VOID. You must have 2 different character to request a mission, and only 1 request per Mission.

Request Form

[b]Name of Character's Involved:[/b] (minimum of 2 Full Names per mission. seperate with commas. Only Names of PCs.)
[b]Mission Name:[/b] (must be taken 1 at a time)

Upon completion the following form must be filled out, otherwise there will be no payment for the mission. Copy+past the following form and past it into a new reply.

Mission Completion Form

[b]Mission name[/b]
[b]Mission Status:[/b] (Completed, Failed *will be filled in by staff*)
Posted: Jan 12 2012, 06:05 AM


Group: Emperor
Posts: 251
Member No.: 61
Joined: 18-June 11

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