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Title: Public Contest of Drink Concotions
Description: Fun

Luke - October 18, 2009 09:48 PM (GMT)
Heres a contest i came up with. Kinda corny but hey its something to do.

The goal is to come up with the best mixed drink in Valorn using drinks found in Valorn.

For an example: Lemonale which is a concoction of lemonade and ale. This contest is open to anyone who want to place there drink here. Just leave your Character number so i may contact you. Please one entry per person.

1.) 500 plat plus 3,000 potions of your choice

2.) 250 plat plus 1,500 potions of your choice

3.) 100 plat plus 500 potions of your choice

It will last for two weeks. Its up to the people who read this to spread the word.

I'll be judging by creactivity, originality, and of course taste.

Luke - October 22, 2009 01:44 AM (GMT)
Well if there is more than five people who take a shot at this there wont be any prizes because otherwise its not really a contest. Well i hope i see some take a shot at it so go on!!

Luke - November 1, 2009 02:10 AM (GMT)
Well I am quite suprised that no one tried at this. even people in SR. But in any case it is over.

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