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 Sheena Zan, bisexual
Sheena Zan
Posted: May 11 2012, 10:49 PM

Bisexual | Female | Cath
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Group: Citizen
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Sheena Zan





marital status:




Other characters:
Height: 5'4"
Build: Athletic
Hair: Long blond
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Tanned
Mods: Pierced ears
Clothing: A bit of everything really, Shizan feels good in both tomboyish clothes and a dress, she loves both skirts and shorts as well. She compliments both her feminine and masculine traits depending on how she feels, ranging from a leather coat to a bathing suit. She's also not afraid to look daring showing some cleavage and the lovely curves of her athletic thighs.
She is a strong and fierce woman that never sacrifices her gentle helping nature, always there to help others in a fix when needed. She has a big heart and will sometimes even go as far as forgetting her own self to shield others from harm, putting her own health aside.

If you're on her good side, she will greet you with a warm smile and a very charming personality, one that is easy to love and very hard to hate. But get on her bad side, and this small woman will show you just how grand her fiery temper can be. Indeed, she can be quite extreme and hard to handle at times, and her fist do tend to do the talking in those moments she's likely to burst in anger.

Impulsiveness is part of her nature as breathing is to humans. So in the end she can be very unpredictable but that's also what makes her so interesting to many people. Indeed, she tends to not always think before acting and tends to put herself in insane situations, but it seems that's were she feels the most alive. But trouble is indeed her middle name, as she can turn a bad situation into a worst one in a matter of seconds. As such, she's not always easy to be around despite her social personality, as her dangerous behavior will often have others need to worry more about her health than their own which can be very tiring for her friends. But that's how she rolls. A boring life would be worst than death for her.

Determination is one of her biggest strength. Some may call her crazy for sticking for what she believes in even if it means having to confront the whole world for it. But she stands firmly and never sways from her goals no matter the odds. More importantly, she doesn't give a damn what people might think of her. Most often this will cause trouble with the authorities whom she might end up defying to apply her own sense of justice on the world. She would soonest break the rules then betray her own beliefs. In a world where corruption reigns, some might say her ideals are naive or even childish. But in a way, it makes her pure, untainted, and she cherishes that quality of hers.

When it comes to love, she can be pretty naive as well and easily follow her heart faster then her own thoughts on the matter, ending mostly in troubled relationships. Sometimes, she will just end up falling for more than one person, which will complicate things even more. She will want to hurt neither being too "nice", and her compassion will make her lose both in the end, a dire climax she never wished for. Her romantic heart is the main cause of her love life problems. She will often feel swept by her own passionate feelings where she will lose all sense of rationality and often take decisions on the whim.

So as one can see, fiery passion is what fuels her whole life, a raging inferno which flames can easily bun her if she's not careful enough. It's in every aspects of herself and that can be both a good or bad thing. That blazing spirit that leads her every actions, thoughts and breaths is what Shizan, alias Sheena Zan, is all about.
Sheena Zan was born of Irene Zan and an unknown father. Not even Irene knows who exactly fathered Sheena, having one night stands regularly with little regard to protection. Sheena was an unwanted child and Irene spent every passing day making her life a living hell. Her skin was often found bruised in places, her face and stomach the main culprits of the abuse. She had burnt marks around her neck and limbs showing the forcefulness of Irene's handling. Her hair was either pulled out strands by strands or cut really short to humiliate her further. To top it up, the poor child had her share of verbal abuse, gratuitous insults and undeserved scoldings for the most part. In short, Sheena had a terrible youth, came to hate her only family and her very name.

Despite what one might think, all these hardships became the foundation of Sheena's strength. She learned to take blows without crying and stopped caring about the foul words her mother used to describe her. Other than that, she was forced to work around the house, clean up everything while Irene did nothing. That too served to make her a hard working individual. Even if this was the closest to slavery without outright putting a collar around her neck, Sheena just did her best outdoing herself everytime. Maybe this type of competitive mind helped her escape the harsh reality she was dealing with.

Still she had some sort of respite when school came along, as Irene abuse became more subtle, no more hair pulled out or marks in any apparent places. She still cut Sheena's hair very short, boyish and sent her to school in near rags like clothes. The young girl would have stunk if it wasn't for the fact that she self learned to clean herself, since her mom wouldn't bother to teach her. School also meant less work at home, but to say she had enough time to do her homework would be lying. She was still stuck with doing everything back at home, so her homework had to be done at school. For any other person this would have been harsh, but Sheena had such energy that she could manage. However this didn't solve the fact that the young girl was bad at studying. Too much rules, too much linearity, she wanted freedom.

With how much of a rag doll she looked, she wasn't popular with the girls and even less with the boys, who spent their time trying to beat on her. But contrary to her mom, she could fight back, and when she got enough of the bruises and blood, she did.. It was violent, savage and boy did she love it. She imagined doing this to her mom, and felt a rush of satisfaction. She felt alive. It wasn't because she couldn't take the pain, those boys certainly hit less harder.. it was the principle of being beaten up that she hated and why she revolted. This behavior got her in much trouble and she nearly got expelled. It was a miracle that she passed middle school with everything she had to deal with and her mediocre grades. Even all her energy couldn't give her a good scholarship. She was too split up between fighting, trying to study, doing her homework, and being forced to work her sweat off at home.

High School wasn't much different, the same short hair, the same hidden bruises. What was different is that Sheena could now put up a way better fight, getting rarely hurt. Still, she had no friends, the girls wanted nothing to do with her, the boys still mocked her for her looks.. even the curves of her well grown breasts didn't give her an ounce of respect. She grew as an independent teenager who could only rely on herself, and just gave up trying to meet anyone.

As the time went, Irene gave even less attention to Sheena.. just giving her responsibility to babysitter. It was a wonder why the young girl even ate, with how much she didn't care about her.

That's when Sheena met with Katerina Dimov, one of her babysitters, who had just gotten married. Katerina was the first woman that showed some care to Sheena, this confused the young teenager profoundly. She didn't know how to react even seemed reluctant as some form of love was shared with her. She had never knew those feelings and never thought she would knew them. This caused her heart to open up to Katerina. At first wanting to hide the bruises that her uncaring mother still laid on her, but then deciding against it. She would still not tell the reason, but as the days passed she knew Katerina was beginning to understand.

School did not get better, her grades went worst.. but somehow just meeting this woman and sharing this bond was enough to push her forward. As much as she could ignore the pain and those meaningless insults.. Not seeing a future when she gazed forward made all her efforts seem worthless. Now she had someone to share her life.. someone to live for. The shackles of her mother's hate were slowly pulling off. Not only was Irene not giving a damn anymore but Katerina was there to save her.. like a prince. A prince? No this was a woman, why did she felt this way toward a woman. It was then that Sheena realized she was crushing over her babysitter.. Another complication to her life.. She always knew she liked men, for she had feelings for some of the high school boys.. if only they weren't always trying to hurt her.. But this was new.

She decided to deny her feeling. Days passed, she reached the tender age of 16, where her mother decided to pull the plug completely and emancipate her. Now Irene's responsibility toward her child was over, she was freed. She kicked Sheena's out of the house with glee, finally happy to get rid of that unwanted child.

For the first time in her life, Sheena felt free, even if her situation was worst as she was now homeless. Fortunately for her Katerina, her prince charming, had just gotten an apartment.So she moved in with Kat, which was how she called her now, having grown quite attached to the woman. The feelings were still weird to her, torn between love and friendship, but mostly agreeing with the latter to avoid complicating things between them. Kat made sure that Sheena still went to school, despite her hating it. She shared her time between work and school, having the right age to fend for her own. It was less exhausting to the teenager to say the least, less time to split in her days. Eventually she grew her hair back and bought clothes that she really liked, starting to look normal. Her reputation at school still didn't help with making friends, but at this point she didn't care, she was happy. But what made her even happier is when Kat accidentally uttered her full name and but pronounced the last part of her first name quietly. It sounded like "Shi-zan". She liked it, she was no longer Sheena Zan, daughter of Irene Zan, but Shizan, her own person. That nick stuck, and she asked Kat to never call her Sheena again. She was rid of her mother, and now she was rid of that name.

After this happened, Shizan and Kat finally talked about their pasts. Kat now knew about Shizan's mother. Whether she had suspicions or not, nothing could prepare her for everything that Shi had endured.. It was clear now that Irene should have never been born with ovaries, with how much of a bitch she was to the poor girl. The emancipation was a godsend, simply put. Shizan also knew why Kat had divorced.. she always wondered why the woman didn't wear her wedding ring or why she was found alone in this small apartment. It seemed Kat's husband was the worst of scum.. Both girls had suffered much because of one particular person in their life.. Both had lived thought wars..

But one person would not ruin her best friend's love life, and as Kat started dating again, Shizan proved to be supportive and encouraging, not without showing slight hints of jealousy. A feeling that completely dissipated when she realized that Kat was calling from a police station, saying that her date had just been killed.. She could not believe this.. like a horror film.. shot before her very eyes. Who would do such atrocities. A bad feeling crept over Shizan, but she ignored it, caring too much for her friend's safety. She immediately ran out of the house and headed for the police station, luckily it wasn't that far. The mystery of who did this remained in both of their heads as they returned home. And to think this was only the beginning of their predicament..

A year later, Kat would try herself again.. And as she was just recovering from the horrors, it happened again.. this time as she was exiting the bathroom. The killer was once again never found. Shizan began to worry more and more about her friend.. what if she was next. But she was wrong, even if Kat was the target, she wasn't the one on the slaughter board. It was after they found the last body in Kat's car, butchered, that the two roommates decided to ran away. Nothing held them here anymore.. And now they knew who was doing this.. A stalker, but not just any stalker, one that wanted to control Kat's life to satisfy his crazy lust for power.. Kat's ex husband. He was jealous.. and this was his message, this shredded body.. And so Shizan, with Kat, finally left her hometown of Daytona Beach, parting with the rest of her old self.

Taking the strict minimum of things, not even bringing the car with them, the two women took a bus away from their former apartment and called the authorities. It was hard to tell were they both ended, just heading as far away as possible. In the end, they were both put under protection in a safe house were they were given new identities and places to work. This was hard for both of the friends but Shizan having only Kat for a family and no other friends, handled the situation better. Kat's mental health was deteriorating as the days passed, but Shizan was there to keep her spirit up. You could say they were equally supporting themselves in the end.

Meanwhile,Kat's Canadian friend, Molly, whom she met online, seemed to be having troubles of her own. She was trying to run away from her parents and her country. The plan was to marry an American so that she would get her citizenship. She was also not alone, having a newborn daughter named Elizabeth whom she was trying to keep by her side. Kat would not stand by that awful plan and drove to her with haste, almost screaming in protest at her friend. Soon Molly was part of the group, another woman that was a victim in a certain way. With Kat and Shizan's help, Molly obtained her citizenship without having to sell herself short. Shizan felt more and more part of a family, she learned to appreciate Molly's company and that of her daughter. Molly despite not being the oldest acted a little more like a mom to both Shizan and Kat, but one that was just. Shizan envied Elizabeth for having such a nice mother, and despite hating to be told what to do, listened to Molly without too much complaint.When it came to Elizabeth, she was such a good child that even Kat couldn't help but grow to love her, normally being hesitant with these things. Shizan started treating her like the little sister she never had. She unconsciously felt the need to prove the world that she wasn't like her mother, like if she wanted to get rid of a horrible stain on her heart. She even promised herself that she would never let anything happen to her. Beth, her precious sister.

It was during that time that Shizan began to yearn for something that was missing in her life. Action. Sure her life hadn't been quite normal or boring, but this wasn't the kind of action, she was looking for. Having lived most of her life in Daytona Beach, she had often heard of the motorcycle races, the city was famous for them and Nascar racing. Shizan was only interested in the bikes however, cars weren't her thing. Having gained alot of money herself with the multiple jobs she had to do, she decided to pay herself a little gift. She of course consulted with Kat to see if they had enough money for the rent, as they all had to work extra hard with the amount of people in this small home. Kat agreed, Shizan needed her freedom, he lively nature was bottled up. Ever since the murder, the teenager now turned adult had never gotten to enjoy herself personally.After the bike was bought, the young woman quickly found a way to bring pleasure and money together, through illegal racing. While she had earned a permit legit, betting on the races was not. Kat was not too against the idea as she was the only one in on it, but she asked Shizan to keep herself anonymous.While she agreed to this, Shizan still wished for glory so she decided on a nickname that wouldn't blow their cover, GreyClaw. As GreyClaw she won many races and much money, finding out she was a natural at biking quite quickly.

So things were going for the better it seemed, with the four of them sharing the same home.. It was quite small thought, so Molly had an idea of the four of them gathering enough money to get a house. Everyone agreed, this was a nice idea.

While Shizan continued working in the day, she also continued racing at night. Eventually Molly discovered Shizan's secret and scolded her in worry. She did not agree with the risks Shizan was getting herself into, but eventually let it go knowing that Shizan was capable of getting herself out of the worst trouble. She also knew in the end that she couldn't change the young woman's mind even if she tried.. Shizan could be very stubborn at times, putting as much energy in standing firm as she did in racing.

Just as the future was looking brighter, things decided to go grim again. The murders which had stopped ever since Kat and Shizan had moved had started again.. They were more frequent now.. and all of them were men that Kat had met. It was obviously a threat for her psychotic ex husband, he wanted her to notice him, a killer's greeting. But it was just the beginning of the horror itself..

One night, Kat came back with frightened eyes.. She told Shizan everything she had seen, not just murder but torture.. Three men that suffered and died because of her, she was on the verge of losing it. Molly overheard the two best friend talking, and both her and Shizan tried to calm Kat who's mental health was fleeting.. Without them, they knew that the poor woman would have been lost, they had just stopped her from falling into dementia. This had to stop.. A naive idealistic plee, but one that came from Shizan's heart. She wanted the four of them to live happily away from this horrid nightmare.

Live happily away.. Both Molly and Shizan decided on the same thing, they both knew what they had to do. Poor Beth would be the most affected with school, but their decision was made, they could not stay here anymore. So they bought an RV , knowing that if it happened again they could just head out. It would be their new home until this mess cleared. By the time they left the state and fled 3 states away, it was official, they were living like nomads. They had brought only the strict necessary and Shizan's bike, which plaque was changed as soon as they arrived in their new state. Kat had not been much help, it was hard to tell if she was still amongst them sometimes.

Law was not on their side, Kat lost all hope trying to sort this with the police.. not enough proofs, too many holes in the stories.. Shizan felt like the justice of this world was total crap at this point. They were on their own. The so called protection program would not help them either. This was a never ending nightmare.. No matter where they went, kat's ex husband was keeping on their tail like some sort of sick joke..

Eventually they met another woman with problems, Josephine. She was in a relationship with a pig who literally owned her, controlling her future and life. It was the worst form of sexism, the power he held over her just because she was a woman. Kat had seen Josephine cower to the man more than once, it burned her from the inside and she grew red with rage each time it happened. Shizan was unaware of what was happening because she would have burst a vein just as much.

One day Kat eventually cornered Josephine and slipped a note in the scared woman's pocket with the number of the RV. Only a few seconds later and there was a call for help, the group drove off to Josephine's house on the intent of saving her. Everything went so fast, Josephine's things were almost all loaded in the RV, when her slaver returned home, with the group trapped inside. He yelled and looked like he wanted to beat everyone to a pulp, but Kat would not have that, this man would not win.. no man would. The barrel of a gun clicked slightly, as Kat held the weapon infront of her ready to shoot. The power she felt was exquisite. Shizan felt like she was losing a friend.. as Kat's expression was not her own.. it reminded her of her crazed husband. But Kat did not shoot.. they just ran out, the threat being enough to clear the way. Shizan sighed in relief.. she didn't want anyone to die.. especially if it cost her best friend's sanity. Back home.. well the place they parked the RV, Shizan and Molly tended to Josephine, or Josie as they now called her. She was one of them now and she was frightened, in shock, unable to reply. Kat wasn't the comforting type and stayed on the side pondering over that man and her gun, and how easy it would have been.. But no she wasn't like her ex husband.. She would never do this, she was better.

And then the worst happened.. Molly died.. even Shizan's positivism wasn't enough, she was crumbling like the others.. it was clear who did it.. The group carried the body of Molly in the RV wishing to give her a proper burial away from the persistent bastard that had ended her life. But would they ever find such a place.. Nowhere seemed to be safe.. And now that Kat's husband also aimed for women.. No one was safe, period. Not even Beth who was approaching her teens.The poor girl was an orphan now.. But Shizan would keep her promise, she would protect Beth as if she was her own child, as she was no longer the big sister now, she was the mother. Despite feeling like her world was breaking apart she would try and stay strong for the others, not just Beth.
all likes here in: Excitement, danger, fighting, loyalty, honesty, her justice, racing, winning, her best friend Kat who is like the sister she never had, Josie who's a good friend too. Elizabeth whom she protects with all her heart like a real daughter. all dislikes here in: Their laws, sexism, people who think highly of themselves but have nothing to back them up, lies, infidelity, losing, Kat's ex, her mother.
Katerina: Her best friend, secret crush

Josephine: The new girl, also a good friend

Elizabeth: Her "daughter"

Molly: A deceased good friend.

Alexandre: Kat's ex-husband, hated enemy
Anything else you want to add. I.E. pets, family, fears, etc.

Roleplay sample:
Almost at the stop of the vehicle itself, Shizan's pale blue eyes pulled opened slowly to gaze around her reality once more, a nightmare she would have rather forgotten. She felt a familiar weight just as she was waking up slowly, sad memories returning, as she felt her hand laying on top of Elizabeth's head who was cuddled against her. Molly's death still felt fresh.. it was the second lifeless body she saw.. she remembered it like if it was yesterday, those eyes opened in terror.. who knew what that fiend had done to her friend before ending her life just like that. All this for power, it was disgusting.. a profound hate grew inside her heart every passing day. Her courageous soul wanted revenge, and she didn't know what would happen if she met the man. So far she had only seen him from afar. But what if she was killed.. who would take care of Beth, and what about Kat.. Kat would lose herself if she was to die, you knew of this. No, everyone needed her.. Josie wasn't that stable either, she couldn't risk her life knowing this. Just looking down at Beth, she felt her warm breath as the poor child finally slept peacefully after crying for so long. She was relieved of that.

It was hard to tell how long it had been.. them riding amongst many roads and states. Never in her youth would she had predicted that she would be traveling this far. She vaguely remembered her home town, most of it was a pain to remember, physical wounds that seemed to never disappear even thought she had no scars of them. Everything was just written in her brain, the suffering, the emotions.. and yet somewhere inside her mind she knew that this life was worst then all of her past combined. The only satisfaction she got out of this, was them.. her friends.. her daughter, if she could call Beth that way. She had certainly grown closer to the little girl since Molly had perished. Still her feelings were just confusing when it came to Kat.. a best friend or an impossible love. During all these adventures.. if one with sadistic morbid humor might call them that way, she had put aside her own feelings, not wanting to complicate things further.. But somehow, inside of her she knew the slight flirting probably had made Kat suspicious.. then again she probably had other things to think about..

Shizan tried to stir some of her muscles that were tired after laying in this way for so long; they were on the road for quite a while.. barely stopping to replenish gas every once and then. She carefully tried to pull away from Beth but the child clung to her in her sleep like her life depended on it. She sighed some and eased her way out of the seat, being very gentle as to not wake her up leaning her down on the seat and heading for the door, she could see by the window that they had stopped at a rest area. She wondered how Kat was doing, she had driven for a long time and was probably tired.. She seldom saw her sleep lately.. who could blame her.. She pulled herself up and walked between the aisle to come to the front of the vehicle. She turned to Kat and said in a soft but low voice as to not disturb Beth and Josie, who was also sleeping. "Hey Kat , are you okay?  You should get some rest. I'm starting to worry you'll go insane with all the shit that's been happening and your lack of sleep."
Sheena Zan
Posted: Jun 7 2012, 08:50 PM

Bisexual | Female | Cath
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Group: Citizen
Posts: 68
Member No.: 854
Joined: 11-May 12

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