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 Where An Adult Can Be A Kid Too, Elliot Young
Remie Sutton
Posted: Nov 14 2011, 05:35 AM


Ball pits. Ball pits everywhere. Getting invited or ‘forced’ along for the ride anywhere where there was a slide that led into a massive ball pit was a-okay in Remie’s book. Hell, you could take away the ball pit and have a pit of snakes and Remie would probably find a way to make it fun for himself (while endangering himself and slash or others). That’s just the way it was when you had the mind of a six-year-old. But this time a certain adult with childlike tendencies actually had a reason to be out and about in a place he really should find himself at his age with no children of his own. After all, unless you were some kind of pervert Chuck E Cheese’s wasn’t the hotspot for adults. It was a good thing there was a party to attend! If not then he would have appeared like a massive creep. After arriving he gave a big hug to the birthday girl and plopped her present down on the table with the others. It didn’t take too long before Remie was laughing and acting like one of the other seven-year-olds, chasing them around the restaurant and play area. Was he even allowed in there at his height and age? Oh well if he wasn’t because, honestly, could you deny someone such happiness? It’d be a crime. And he only tripped over a kid or two... or three. Fine, it was five but none of them fell and everyone still had all their limbs intact. It’s not like he was skipping lines by taking off their heads. Alright, so he did get a few awkward stares from both friends and strangers alike but the day Remie fully cared what people thought about his ideas of fun was the day he dropped his carefree and aloof attitude. Suck it.Once he had successfully worn himself out (and received a few rude stares from some employees) after getting stuck in a slide he wandered back to the party table in time for the blowing out of the candles and opening of presents. Soon the table was filled to the brim with Polly Pockets, My Little Pony, Barbies, and video games and, yet again, Remie was wandering off. He coudln’t quite help it that his feet were constantly on the move. This time, however, instead of heading back for the play area he went for the prize counter to inspect the toys (that he didn’t need) they had to offer. Those stuffed animals were appearing quite tempting. Tapping his chin in thought, he waved off the employee who came to help him and suddenly swiveled around. He needed some other personal input. Oh, right there, young adult with a group of kids. “Hey!” He reached out to tug at the stranger’s sleeve. “Which is cooler? A Spongebob stuffed animal, or maybe that awesome blow-up chair? Oh, oh! They also have a model spaceship. That would be fun to build, I think. What do you think?” Run, run away while you still can.
Elliot Young
Posted: Nov 14 2011, 11:43 PM


Job description read insanely boring at first. Tail and chaperone some kids as they ran around for someone's birthday party. Elliot loved the little tykes, but sometimes the cake vomit and crying from clowns was a bit overwhelming. Wait, there's more - at Chuck E Cheese's?! Yes please, sign him up! Without a doubt, you haven't had a true childhood until you spent at least one day (or infinite days) in Chuck E Cheese's. Elliot pretty much still had the maturity of a five year old when it came to games with flashing lights and machines that burped out tickets to afford him shiny new prizes. He was working with about two other chaperones, more than enough to handle a measly group of about ten rugrats. The two older folks seemed like they had just been plunged into a technicolor hell. That was the only downer - he would be stuck with these sad sacks for pretty much the entire day. Hopefully he would be able to slip away from their judgmental gazes and just roll around on the slides with the other kids.The adorable runts clung to his legs, but only while Elliot was holding the huge stash of tokens. He was trying his best to evenly distribute them while their tiny hands grabbed and tugged at him every which way. Within seconds though, as quickly as they had horded him originally, they dispersed into a racing squealing mob into the wonderful depths of the games and fun. Breathing a sigh of relief, Elliot could not help but smile almost mischievously at their fleeing backs. Tucked into his pockets was his own stash of tokens that he could abuse to his heart's content. What was to be first? The skee ball machine or the basketball one? What about the air hockey game. Oh did they have bumper cars her-...Elliot's thoughts were cut off as he felt a tug at his sleeve to find himself facing a stranger who almost had a similar dilemma. Basically what childhood fantasy to indulge first? Sternly stroking his imaginary beard, Elliot gazed seriously up at wide array of tempting treats that the prize counter had to offer. Oh if only he could just go up and sweep away everything. He'd then bolt home and die a happy happy man - or at least that's what he believed. "Ugh that's such a hard choice. How can you expect me to decide?!" Seriously. He was being absolutely honest. Stick him in a lie detector test, I dare you. "How about this. I'll get the chair if you get the spaceship. Help me set up the chair and I'll help you build the spaceship. And then whenever you want - we can switch!" Quickly, he started pulling out tokens from every single possible pocket. He even pulled out a plastic baggy with a couple of coins from underneath his waistband. Yeah, he would stoop that low...but have you seen that spaceship? It looks pretty damn awesome. "Do you think we have enough? Or do you think we can try rigging the skee ball machine? If you pretend to toss them, I can make sure they get into the right slots! C'mon let's check it out!" Maybe it was a contact high from being around so much fun, but Elliot's hyper levels were shooting through the rough. With a grin and a bounce in his step, he made a grab for the stranger's wrist before racing off to find a machine. You can't get arrested for screwing with a game right? Let's hope not.
Remie Sutton
Posted: Dec 1 2011, 05:34 AM


It would have been much more entertaining if Elliot had just thrown the tokens onto the floor and watched as the little pipsqueaks fought to the death for that last one. An adolescent cage match would be awesome. He should also use several of his tokens on those basketball games meant for kids. The ones where an adult could just stand there and literally drop the ball into the hoop and let the machine vomit out the maximum amount of tickets it could. Could be one of the better ways to enable a shot at all the expensive prizes behind the ticket counter. The ones that Remie had been eyeing up before he even had a handful of tickets for himself. If he was going to scope out the prizes then he better make sure he had enough cash to spend on tokens to spend on games. Those big ones didn’t come cheap. “Ugh that’s such a hard choice. How can you expect me to decide?!” As much as someone could expect Remie to decide. “Exactly!” It was almost amazing that the person he had stopped actually did stop and started talking to him. Most would have given him the “are you crazy?” glare and walked away. This was a nice change of pace. “How about this. I'll get the chair if you get the spaceship. Help me set up the chair and I'll help you build the spaceship. And then whenever you want - we can switch!” How could an absolute stranger have such an absolutely wonderful idea? It was the perfect plan and nothing was going to ruin it. Except for the fact that the two of them didn’t even know each other’s name and here they were expecting to share a children’s toy. Who knew if that inflatable sofa would even stand up to their weight. Sure enough though, Remie would find out. If not then he was just going to spend his money on some other toy. “That sounds perfect!” Here’s to hoping the kind stranger didn’t live a million miles away. “Or we can try to get two chairs and a spaceship and play,” musical chairs, “board games on an inflatable table.” Now if only there was an inflatable table to be purchased here. “Do you think we have enough? Or do you think we can try rigging the skee ball machine? If you pretend to toss them, I can make sure they get into the right slots! C'mon let's check it out!” This was almost strange--but not unwelcomed--him getting dragged off by someone who was clearly entering their adult years. Not to mention he was being dragged off to children’s game. “We can make enough.” Or steal from the machines. Just kidding, Remie had more morals and sense than that. “Oh, that one, that one!” His free hand jabbed at one of the free skee ball machines all the way in the corner. “It’s perfect.” For doing the naughty and cheating. “It’s cool that they changed their games to one token for them all because now you can get more tickets and more games each trip. Maybe we’ll be able to get more than we think.” Back in his day they used to cost multiple--okay, not going there.
Elliot Young
Posted: Dec 16 2011, 01:34 PM


Any cynic would not hesitate that any inflatable toy would not be able handle the pressure of two physically full grown adults messing around on it. Ew, get your nasty thoughts out of the gutter - not that kind of messing around. Point is, that thing would be popped in about five seconds, but that's not going to stop Elliot from trying everything in his power to grab the largest and bounciest of all the prizes. Instantly his eyes widened with delight when his new best friend pointed at an empty machine. Without skipping a beat, he subsequently marched right over to the aforementioned machine and finally releasing his grip on the other man's wrist. Studying the machine, he tapped his chin thoughtfully, trying to come up with the grandmaster scheme in order to win all of the fantastic delightful tickets. He could just break open the machine, and take the entire roll of tickets right? Looking around, he instantly vetoed that idea. The place was bustling with too many witnesses. He would be caught in a heartbeat, and he had no intention of having robbing a Chuck E Cheese on his criminal record. Oh...and it was morally wrong. Yeah almost forgot about that issue.Pulling close to his new companion, Elliot dropped his voice, looking around suspiciously to make sure that no one suspected a thing. Luckily the employees were either deadbeat, hating their minimal wage jobs, or high as kite to really care that two grown men were messing around. Probably not that uncommon of a sight. With the hundreds of screaming kids flooding the place, it wouldn't be hard to not draw too much attention. "Alright. Here's the plan. We'll put in the tokens, and as soon as the balls appear, we're gonna run up and dump them into that middle slot." Basically run between the ball slot and the circular goals like a mad man. It had to be fool proof. "And we're split collecting the tickets. That way if one of us is caught, we still have the other half!" Elliot felt awfully proud of himself when concocting this plan. He thought he had absolutely all the angles covered and was starting ot believe there was no way this could fail."But don't get caught." He really couldn’t shut up, breathlessly spilling out words in the same hushed tone that threatened to drowned out by the ringing bells and tones from all of the other games. Elliot started to press a couple of bags of tokens into the other's hands, trusting him completely to not just jet right out of this wonderful electronic playground. "Do you think we should have an escape plan? Like if you think someone's starting to notice?" Got to make sure to cover all of his bases. Also, he kind of felt like an evil mastermind plotting the doom of the Powerpuff Girls, but shit needs to get done if he was to have that spaceship! "We can't leave without a prize. Agreed?" Elliot stuck out his hand, holding up his pinky asking for the highest of all pacts and swears. A pinky promise is a bond that should not be taken lightly. :|
Remie Sutton
Posted: Jan 26 2012, 04:42 AM


Well, Remie could say that becoming a cheat wasn’t on his to-do list for today. Although at the time it didn’t fully register in his childish head that this was cheating and they could probably get yelled at for trying to gain a few extra tickets on a child’s game machine. Oh well, as long as they weren’t caught then he wouldn’t end up losing any sleep over it. He waited, with widened blue eyes, as thoughts seemed to be swirling in his acquaintance’s scheming mind. They weren’t going to end up in jail for whatever it was they were going to do, right? Replying to “what’re you in for?” with “I rigged a Chuck E. Cheese game, yeah, you heard me” wouldn’t make you the biggest man on campus. As Elliot wiggled closer Remie raised a brow, taking in the new information that was trying to process itself in his small mind. This stranger was dead serious, wasn’t he? Here they were - two grown men not having known each other for ten minutes - scheming up ways to actually cheat in a children’s game. All in order to acquire a handful of tickets to spend on some cheap plastic that’ll just break in a week anyway. And that’s if they’re lucky. “But don’t get caught.” Generally that was the idea when you’re doing something bad; darn you, peer pressure! “You can count on me.” He gave a salute just before he was handed a bag of tokens. Well, he had some of his own even if he spent the majority of them already, but he wasn’t going to deny tokens from someone just as enthusiastic as himself. “Do you think we should have an escape plan? Like if you think someone’s starting to notice?” Did employees at Chuck E. Cheese even care so long as machines weren’t getting smashed to bits and pieces? Come on, those toys had to cost, like, what, five cents from China? “Maybe we could say we didn’t know how to play.” Anyone who didn’t know how to play Skeeball was insane. “Or we could just run and hide in the ballpit.” He glanced over to the mentioned area as if he were trying to calculate how long it would take to make a mad dash towards it if he needed to do so. “Or up one of the tubes.” And get stuck. But hey - not getting caught would be worth it. “We can’t leave without a prize. Agree?” He wasn’t planning on leaving at all. Couldn’t you live here? “Of course! You can’t go home empty-handed after going to an arcade.” At least come back with a stuffed animal or something. He gladly lifted his free hand to loop his pinky with the stranger. “And maybe we’ll have more leftover to get something else as well! Like... a Frisbee or those little army men with the parachutes. Ohh, ooh, or candy!” Mmm, teeth-rotting goodness. “What’s your favorite candy? I tend to like everything,” he gave an emphasis on that, “even those black licorice sticks that no one else seems to like.”
Elliot Young
Posted: Mar 9 2012, 08:04 PM


Elliot was fairly certain this was how you started a serious life of crime. Yup, even those badass Italian crime families probably started off trying to swindle a crane machine or something equally notorious. Elliot would not be so easily foiled if he could have his way. They may be cheap plastic molded into weird shapes, but they would be HIS bits of cheap plastic whether anyone liked it or not. Tapping his chin thoughtfully, Elliot looked as if he was seriously contemplating the escape plans...and he was for a minute there! He had a spotless record thank you very much, and he would not like to tarnish it with a felony! I mean this had to be at least be a second degree misdemeanor or something? Ooohh they so bad. "Ballpit! They'll never be able to follow us in there. That stuff is impossible to catch anyone in. Brilliant." Whether this guy knew it or not, he was now in it for life as soon as their pinkies sealed the deal. Wait candy? Oooh maybe they should just raid the junk food instead of trying to score toys. Elliot felt hit with a sudden craving to consume cotton candy topped with chocolate syrup and sprinkles - the perfect mix for cavities. Pausing his current diabolical plan, he threw a longing glance at the rows of colorful candy boxes that stood out calling to him. "I don't think it's possible for a candy to exist that I don't like." Yes. He was very serious. He took trick or treating seriously, so if you better have treats for him if he's knocking on your door Halloween night. "But...you know I've never actually had black licorice? I've definitely know what it smells like...from those markers! But what does it taste like?" Those smelly markers were definitely an essential part of everyone's childhood, no denying that. A genius idea just kicked Elliot in the brain. Unlike kids, they were adults with this weird thing called money. Why don't they just go buy a crap ton of sweets and call it day? There had to be a candy shop around here somewhere. Oh my god...if he could own his own sweet shop, he might as well die from the sheer happiness of the concept. Whoa, catch your breath there before you get ahead of yourself. "Dude...you just wanna buy like a ton of candy...and cupcakes? I don't really want to get banned from here after all, and I could really go for an icing score right now." Imagine being banned from Chuck E. Cheese? I would not even be able to handle that shock. Neither would Elliot. Wait, but what about the pinky promise to not leave without a prize? But, but, he really wanted a cupcake right now. :c such a dilemma!
Remie Sutton
Posted: Apr 9 2012, 01:36 AM


Just think about; if they were sent to jail for this. What kind of story would that make for the other inmates? They’d be the bitches in three seconds flat. Remie, personally, already had one negative experience with men and he didn’t need any more. He also didn’t need to go to jail because he was overall a good man. Elliot was just so darn persuasive with his ideas in obtaining a child’s toy. “Ballpit!” Ballpit it is, good sir. “They’ll never be able to follow us in there. That stuff is impossible to catch anyone in. Brilliant.” Aww, he was going to make Remie blush. “Alright then, we have the plan all set.” All this for a few extra tickets - when these men meant business, they meant business. And he’d never break a pinkie promise, he saw that episode of My Little Pony. “I don’t think it’s possible for a candy to exist that I don’t like.” Elliot needed to stop staring at the candy portion of the prize wall because Remie’s eyes traveled there as well and he was already starting to decide which kind he might want. Of course, when they’d finally get up there he’d be unable to decide again. “But...you know I've never actually had black licorice? I've definitely know what it smells like...from those markers! But what does it taste like?” Ah, those scented markers. Wonder if anyone attempted to find out if they tasted like they smelled. “Well, they don’t taste like those markers, that’s for sure.” Apparently Remie attempted to. “It tastes like,” his eyes tilted up, head following slightly in thought. Watch closely and you might see a bit of steam escaping his ears. “Like licorice, but black?” How could you describe something exactly? It obviously didn’t taste like chicken, so it ruled out using that over-used explanation. “I’ll have to let you try some so you can find out.” If Elliot wanted to hang out with the strange man after the day’s escapades. And considering they weren’t thrown into jail. “Dude...you just wanna buy like a ton of candy...and cupcakes? I don't really want to get banned from here after all, and I could really go for an icing score right now.” But then they wouldn’t have won it and convincing Remie to do it all in the first place would have all been wasted. Although the younger male did bring up a great point; getting thrown out forever from a Chuck E. Cheese shouldn’t be on anyone’s agenda. He glanced longingly at the prize wall, unsure of what to think about the new situation he was thrown in. To buy the candy and miss out on prizes, or cheat at a kid’s game and win prizes and candy (and possibly get tossed out)? And what abo--wait, had he said cupcakes? “We can’t win cupcakes here...” He forced himself to look away from the wall and towards the machine they were going to abuse, his face twisting into heated thought. There comes the steam. “Let’s get cupcakes! Think we can find those toys in the store later?” They could always try Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart sold everything.
Elliot Young
Posted: May 5 2012, 04:54 AM


Hang out with a stranger all day or hang out with the kids he was supposed to be looking after? Well they were surprisingly over staffed for the day so Elliot couldn't really fool around with the kids (in the most non creepy way ever, I swear). Glancing over, the others really didn't even seem to notice his distraction or disappearance from his duties. He was pretty sure they would forgive him for playing hooky for once day. Besides, this guy spoke of wonderful tales of cupcakes and splendor that were not services offered at this reputable establishment. Chuck E Cheese was certainly a wet dream for any child, but when you're pretty much a grown adult, the whole world could act as your personal playground! Also there were no diapers to clean up if he decided to slip away, so that was a definite plus on that end. "I don't even know why were still even thinking about this." Grabbing the other man's arm, Elliot started to march right out of the store with the sole mission that promised of frosting and sweets. Actually lucky for them the Chuck E. Cheese was in one of those strip plazas that contained gigantic super stores in a row broken up by smaller businesses. You know what that means? Gigantic ass Wal-mart just inches away with shelves begging to be pilfered! Also there was a smaller chance of getting thrown into jail and being labeled as a sexual predator for frolicking around in a ball pit. Next time they would definitely do a deep dive excursion into the delightful depths and wonders of colorful balls, but right now Elliot craved the instant gratification of smooth frosting atop a cakey rich goodness. Yumm!Not really pausing as he hauled ass out of Chuck E. Cheese, Elliot realized had not even introduced himself. If he was going to keep dragging this poor unfortunate soul around with him everywhere, he might as well at least identify himself so it eliminates the whole stranger danger aspect of this. "I'm Elliot by the way. If you want though, we can come up with code names. I'll accept Mickey Mouse, Toucan Sam, or Sergeant Sprinkles." Um, yeah he was completely joking. Code names by definition are badass and therefore require a badass name. Then again Sergeant Sprinkles was a pretty appropriate moniker for a heist involving the identification and retrieval of cupcakes. Yeah, Elliot should not be allowed within ten feet of any military service. "Now you have to agree that we need funfetti cupcakes. Nothing else will do. Anyone who gets in our way will be taken care of." Dead serious. Not going to lie, whoever started the whole 'Don't talk to strangers' shpeal clearly was thinking of Elliot. How do people trust him with their kids now? It's still a mystery.
Remie Sutton
Posted: Jun 9 2012, 03:48 AM


More like: potentially cause trouble in a children’s play area with a stranger or look after the kids he was supposed to look after. Normally Remie would rather be with the kids, (since he had the mind of one), but he couldn’t pass up the opportunity for sweets. Cupcakes with delicious frosting and possibly sprinkles, and all the candy their little hearts could handle for one day. All that sounded much better than watching over a bundle of brats. Of course he was supposed to be here for a birthday party, but they seemed to be doing fine without him as well. It seemed like neither of them were necessarily needed for this outing. Fine, cupcakes win after all. “I don’t even know why we’re still even thinking about this.” Remie was thinking? Oh man, he was! And it didn’t even involve something completely insane. It’s a miracle! Just as his arm was snatched and he was forced to follow the other out of the establishment, he gave a wave and an, “I’ll be right back!”, to those he was previously hanging out with before following.Delightful depths and wonders of colorful balls. Not quite the picture one would immediately imagine when thinking about a Chuck E. Cheese. At this point it was painfully obvious that Remie was far too trusting for his own good. “Don’t take candy from strangers” seemed the more important bit of information for this particular case, but it was obvious that Remie ignored that as well. The elder male stumbled a few times but somehow managed to keep himself from face-planting into the concrete. “Aww, I wanted Sergeant Sprinkles.” He wasn’t really all that serious, even if his saddened voice would say otherwise, but he still glanced over to Elliot with a frown that lasted for about two full seconds. “As long as mine isn’t, like, Commander Cauliflower. Yuck. Oh! Name’s Remie. Like,” like Phlegmy? Oh! “Like on The Fairly Oddparents. That mean kid. Though I don’t think I’m mean so you don’t have to worry about me taking away any god parents you might have.”Remie eyed the other male in a mockingly suspicious manner, although that lasted for about two whole seconds as well before he had to drop the act as they hobbled down the sidewalk and into the store. The greeter, that time, was the one who greeted them with suspicious and awkward glances before welcoming the two of them with a slow wave. “With chocolate frosting? I love chocolate frosting! Well, I love any kind of frosting as long as it’s frosting, but chocolate tastes so delicious right now. Over there!” He pointed to the grocery area, and where they always had out that selection of cupcakes, muffins, cookie cakes, and all sorts of other assorted, small treats. It was like they wanted you to drool over the selection while you shopped for some peas. “We should also see if any new toys are in.” You know, to bring back for the kids.
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