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 Charlie Fox, Heterosexual
Charlie Fox
Posted: Oct 6 2011, 04:38 AM

Heterosexual | Male | Natalie
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Group: Citizen
Posts: 309
Member No.: 544
Joined: 5-October 11

Charlie Daniel Fox

Fox or Foxy


September 20th 1978


marital status:

English & Drama teacher at Mariet High School

Smokes: Never
Drinks: Socially
Drugs: Never


Other characters:
Height: 5'11"
Build: Slim/Average; he's toned up and fairly muscular from visiting the gym regularly
Hair: Scruffy light brown hair which he really doesn't do much with, it's neither long nor short but he tries to keep it in a trendy cut
Eyes: Hazel; often mistaken for being green though
Skin: Fair-ish but he tans well
Mods: None
Clothing: Outside of work he's usually in jeans and t-shirts whereas at work he'll dress smartly with a shirt and a tie; although most of the time he'll have his top button undone. Looking perfect really isn't his thing.
Charlie just so happens to be one of those insanely happy and positive people; there's not enough people like that as far as he's concerned. He has a very positive outlook on life and believes that everything happens for a reason, he would even go so far as saying that he believes in fate. He's not a big risk taker as such, he's just happy enough to find out for himself what's around the corner; he'll take it as it comes and will try not to worry too much.

He's very laid back and doesn't take life too seriously. But having said that, he can be serious when he has to be. If someone gets to him then he'll tell them exactly what he thinks, but he tries not to hold grudges against people. If someone upsets him then he may feel quite down for a while but he soon picks himself back up again and gets on with things. He does hate arguments and does his best to avoid any kind of confrontation which is clearly one of his flaws; of course he will stand up for himself and get his point across, but when he gets into bad situations he has a habit of trying to find the easiest way out possible, whether that means walking away or letting other people win. He knows it's an issue that he needs to sort out and he will in time, but right now he just has to accept that that's the way he is.

He certainly has a flirtatious side that will come out at the right time, either when he's around someone he really likes, or he's just had a bit too much to drink. Although he's really not the kind of the guy that just hits on random women; he has to get to know someone well first before he'll even consider making a move. He's always been a one woman kind of guy and stays away from having one night stands. He's had flings in the past that haven't meant anything, but nothing beats having proper relationships. And when he is in a relationship he can be quite the protective boyfriend, perhaps because he was brought up with two younger sisters; it is just a natural impulse for him to act in this way. It's not often that he will fall in love though, in fact it would have to take someone pretty special to win his heart. He's a bit unlucky in love although he's not quite sure where he's been going wrong. Being single really doesn't seem to bother him though, he functions well by himself and is happy enough being unnattached.

He takes his job as a teacher very seriously and tries to remain professional at all times even though his days can be rather stressful to say the least. He's a good teacher and whilst he can joke around and laugh with his students, he can be strict with them when he has to be and won't refrain from punishing them when it is necessary. But he likes to think that he's one of those teachers that students actually like, which is why he pushes himself to be the best he can be.

Generally, Charlie is very friendly, approachable and will rarely say a bad word about anyone. He can be very sarcastic at times, it probably won't take long for you to realise that either; he's always dropping in sarcastic comments here and there. He's a loyal friend to have and can be a whole lot of fun, he's just an easygoing guy with an uncomplicated life. He couldn't be nasty if he tried.
On the 20th September 1978, Charlie Daniel Fox was born to his parents, Anna and Liam in Melbourne, Australia. Two years later, Charlie was blessed with a little sister named Natasha. Family life in Australia was happy and Charlie has many fond memories of growing up. A full nine years passed, before his Mother unexpectedly fell pregnant for a third time. His parents had only planned on having two children so this came as a bit of a shock, but nonetheless when his new sister, Lucy arrived any fears about having a third child in the family were soon put aside, and they soon adapted to being a family of five.

Being a teenager in Australia couldn't have been better for Charlie. Living close to the beach meant that after school he could head down there with friends and generally have a good time. He loved the outdoor life, swimming and surfing for example. Although during school time you would have been more likely to find him in the library than on the school field. It wasn't that he didn't have many friends, but he just liked to keep himself to himself. He had a tight group of friends at school, but was not one of the popular guys. He never really got into trouble, he never had a problem following rules.

When Charlie was twenty, his Dad lost his current job and shortly after made the decision to move his family out of Australia. Charlie could have made the decision to stay in Australia, but having always been so close to his family he decided to go with them. That was when they ended up here in Mariet and have been here ever since.At twenty-one Charlie started training to become a teacher. He'd always been a very intelligent young man and had a passion for reading and writing, so he decided he'd use his own skills to help out other children. After three years of training, he successfully qualified as an English teacher and has been working at Mariet High School for the past eight years.

You're probably wondering about Charlie's lovelife. Well, let's just say he's never really been lucky in love. He's been in a few serious relationships however, his longest one lasting for three and a half years. He's had his heartbroken more than a few times, but he just gets on with it. But all in all, Charlie has had a fairly simple life. He's a pretty lucky guy and intends to stick to the easy life.
his girlfriend, australia, coffee, books, reading, teaching, being an uncle, driving, weekends, vacations, playing the guitar, chocolate, kissing, social networking sites, the beach, hot weather, walking, swimming, the gym, cosy nights in, scary movies asthma attacks, rain, rude and arrogant people, failing students, students that cause trouble, shopping, slutty women, tattoos, piercings, chick flicks

The beautiful brunette that somehow managed to steal his heart. He met her in the summer of 2009 at the Attic. She caught his attention when she stubbed her toe against his table and he asked her if she was alright. They soon got talking and when he found out about some short stories she'd written, he offered to read them through for her and give her some guidance. It made sense, him being an English teacher. They became friends after that and even though they didn't realise it at the time, they both started developing feelings for each other. Then one night, they shared a kiss on the beach which they'll both agree was rather epic! They started dating after that, but three months later they broke up, deciding it just wasn't working, although they were both devastated to have ended things.

Of course, that wasn't the end of things and when Erin found herself in hospital to have her appendix out, Charlie realised how much he really loved her. They finally admitted their love for one another and agreed to give things another go. Things were great for a long time and they soon became steady, meeting each other's family and going on vacation in the summer. In October 2010, things turned sour again and Charlie had a brief moment of doubting his feelings for her and worrying about where their relationship was headed. The truth came out after he'd had a drunken night out and before it was too late, she'd ended things with him again. Yet again, he was devastated and it wasn't long before he realised how stupid he'd been. But they stayed apart this time and even when they tried to be friends they just ended up arguing. But his feelings for her never changed and he was still convinced that she felt the same way about him.

Eight months later in June 2011, he finally opened up to her and told her how much he loved her and wanted her back. To his delight, he realised that she really did still feel the same way and decided to give him another chance. Now he has his favourite girl back, he couldn't be happier. She's more than six years younger than him, but he's come to realise now that it makes no difference, there's never been any pressure for anything and he wants things to stay that way. He absolutely adores her and having spent so much time apart, he realises now that he really can't imagine his life without her in it.

Update: As of April 2013 they have split :(
Family: Anna Fox - Mother (62), Liam Fox - Father (65), Lucy Fox - Sister (26), Natasha Fox - Sister (33)
His youngest sister, Lucy currently lives in California whilst Natasha lives in Melbourne, Australia - she has a four year old daughter which makes Charlie an Uncle.

Has suffered from Asthma since he was about seven years old. He's learnt to deal with it over the years but he still panics everytime he has an attack.

He taught himself the guitar when he was in his teens and he can sing a bit too, but that's not something he's ever made a big deal out of.

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